Cathy’s Debasement

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Cathy lived in the suburbs of Boston and decided to visit the big city on Saturday. The slender blonde eighteen year old girl was in her senior year of high-school and decided she needed a little adventure in her young life. As she strolled through the Boston Commons she thought what a beautiful April day it was and enjoyed walking off the fatigue from the bus ride. Suddenly she was bumped into from behind and fell forward on the ground. Cathy looked up to see a voluptuous black young lady standing over her. Cathy was shocked when she noticed that the up- skirt view revealed a black bald pussy. Cathy tried but she couldn’t take her eyes off of the fleshy dark vulva. Much to her surprise she was somehow strangely aroused seeing the black womanhood. This did not go unnoticed to Nadine as she lingered over the white girl before offering her hand and lied, “Oh my dear I am so very sorry that I bumped into you and knocked you down. Please forgive me and let me make it up to you sweetie.”

While being pulled to her feet Cathy’s face landed between two huge breasts. It seemed to her that the sensual black girl held her there too long but decided that it was just her imagination. Nadine told her that she was in a hurry and didn’t look where she was going. The buxom black bombshell helped Cathy to a nearby bench and apologized once more saying, “I’m so fucking clumsy and you look hurt. Come home with me and I will make it up to you.”

The white girl replied, “That won’t be necessary. It’s very kind of you but I’ll be alright. Didn’t I see you at the bus station?”

Nadine was at the bus station looking for easy prey. She was talking to a would be new victim of her dominating lesbian seduction when she spotted the tiny tit blonde and ditched her new friend to follow Cathy but once again she lied saying, “Why yes I was there to meet a friend from out of town but she didn’t show up. Oh my look at your leg. It is cut and another spot is bruised.” Long black fingers caressed Cathy’s legs as the sultry seductress pleaded, “Please come home with me so I can clean you all up and make sure that you don’t get an infection. I am responsible and would never forgive myself if you got an infection. Besides Mom is going to prepare a great meal for me and my friend but she didn’t show up so instead of letting my mother’s cooking go to waist you can join us. Please say yes and let me play nurse to you sweet girl. Let’s go. It is only a short walk across the park.”

Naomi put her arm around Cathy and held her hand all the way to the house. The white girl found this strange but reasoned that Nadine was only being helpful because she was injured. They arrived at the modest home and Naomi sat the girl on the sofa and hurried to get a wet washcloth and washed her skinny legs. The lascivious young woman rested her other hand between the legs of the white girl and spread them more. Cathy felt uncomfortable but at the same time it felt so good. Nadine noticed the submissive nature of her new friend and knew that this would be an easy conquest.

Cathy sat back as the black girl continued administering to her legs. With her skirt hiked up Cathy was startled when the wet washcloth joined the other hand on her now purring pussy. Cathy tried to protest but not a word came out as the aggressive black girl pulled down her baby-blue panties and fingered the trembling girl’s aroused pussy. Nadine knew she had the white girl right where she wanted her and boldly stood up and dropped her mini skirt to the floor and let her humongous tits loose. Cathy just stared in awe at the ebony raving beauty and couldn’t understand her overwhelming lust for this breathtaking knockout. Sure she was sexy in a slutty sort of way but Cathy had never been attracted to another female before. The sultry aggressor renewed her assault on the inflamed slit of her prey and stated, “Your little pussy is glad to see me! The motherfucker is flooding. Remember how turned-on you got back at the park when you couldn’t pull your pretty blue eyes from lusting after my chocolate cunt? I’m sure you recall how good it felt to rest your face on my big boobs. Well now you are going to get a real closeup look at all my sexy charms little girl. Now suck on my bit tits while I finger fuck your slutty pussy.” Cathy went from one breast to the other and sucked like a little baby seeking milk.

Soon the white girl was screaming out as a rolling orgasm rocked her entire body. Naomi pushed the girl to the floor, sat on the sofa with her ebony legs spread lewdly and invitingly offered, “Now is the moment you have been waiting for. I want you to feast on my juicy black cunt and gobble it all up. I know you want it and I’m sure you’re gonna love it. All white sluts go crazy over black cunt so enjoy yourself little girl.” Have you ever tasted a yummy black cunt before?

The frightened white girl replied, “I’ve never tasted any other female before but yes I do want to but what about your mother?”

The ebony seductress Casibom stated, “Don’t worry darling she won’t be home for a couple of hours so we can have some fun and enjoy dinner when she comes home. Now get that pretty face between my legs and eat my horny cunt out.” Cathy stuck out her tongue and tasted her first pussy. Much to her delight she found the taste and smell heavenly. She offered absolutely no resistance when her face was pulled into the smoldering slit. Naomi held her face tightly to her delicious delicacy moaning, “That’s it baby. Suck, kiss, lick, and gobble it all up. Oh my God! Ar you sure you’ve never done this before? What a fantastic tongue! Just like that yesssss! Chew on my clit and put your whole face in my cunt. Oh yesssss! Here it cummssss, lick me clean and don’t spill a drop. Fuck yeahhhh!”

The black bombshell heard her mother enter the house but knew that Cathy didn’t hear a thing with her face being held tightly to the erupting volcano and strong hands holding her by the ears. Nadine smiled at her mom and watched her go into the bedroom. She had little doubt that her mother was getting naked for their guest. Mom came back wearing only her stockings and asked, “Well girl are you going to share the little white pussy licker with your horny mom?”

Cathy panicked but was held firmly with her face buried in the black cunt. The chunky forty-two year old black woman sat next to her daughter and spread her fat legs lewdly. She was eagerly anticipating the sublime pleasure the skinny blonde’s mouth and tongue could give to her clammy cunt. She played with herself while watching the white girl clean out her daughter’s cunt and ass-hole. Mommy was thrilled when Naomi lifted the girl’s face and roughly pushed it into big black mommy’s hairy cunt, The older woman grunted as she fucked the white girl’s face frenziedly. Naomi yelled out, “That’s it bitch. Eat my mother’s fat cunt and make her cum just like you did to me. Oh hell yeah just like that. Here it comes so lick it all the fuck up and do her smelly ass real good. Mom simply adores a probing tongue fucking her shit-slit. Good girl!”

Cathy was kicked to the floor and was titillated at the touch of mom’s fat long tongue entering her inflamed pussy. Naomi sat on her face as mom’s mouth and tongue assaulted the pink pussy with great vigor. Just as she was experiencing the most powerful orgasm in her young life she exploded when she heard the older woman declare, “Mmmmnnn, I just love eating out a tender young white girl’s creaming pussy. The taste is so fucking divine. There is nothing quite like it. This girl cunt is simply yummy.”

In the afterglow of their wild and electrifying three-way sex romp the three sat naked on the floor and mom learned that the white girl’s name was Cathy and Cathy found out that mom’s name was Betty. Mom joked, “You can call me Betty Big Boobs or Momma Mouthwatering Muff. I’m a little too weary to cook tonight. How about I send out for some pizza?” They all agreed.

The doorbell rang and Betty opened it. Betty was surprised to see a white and a black girl leering at all the nakedness and sniffing the smell of sex that filled the room. Naomi questioned the two young women in their twenties asking, “How come it takes two of you to deliver the pizza?”

The heavy-set black girl answered, “My name is Helen and this is Amber. She is new and I am showing her the ropes.”

Betty asked, “How much is the pizza?” When told the amount she propositioned the ladies offering, “I’m getting horny again and by the look of your wide eyes and open mouth’s there’s nothing you would like more than to join us in an orgy for the price of the pizza. Are you two lovers?

Helen replied, ” No but it sounds like a wonderful idea.” Amber looked worried but did not speak.

Naomi blurted out, “Very good then so strip down for some sizzling action. Helen this is our slut Cathy and she was just introduced to black muff diving and can’t get enough so feed her your dripping cunt. Amber get over here and scoff up some juicy black cunt. By the time we are through with you chocolate cream pie will be your obsession and you will be begging Helen to let you eat her and more than likely she will be happy to oblige your cravings. So let the orgy begin!” Cathy was engaged in a slobbering sixty-nine while Amber was busy kissing big black butts and licking slushy cunts. Before the pizza girls left Amber was told to eat out Helen. She gladly complied.

As they went out the door Helen told Naomi and Betty. “Thanks for the best time of my life and just think now I have my very own white cunt lapper. Every chance we get her face will be between my legs. Anytime you want us to bring more pizza just ask for me. The food is on the house. This time of the day is perfect as we finish up for the day and can party with ya all.”

When they were gone Betty said, “Let’s eat our pizza then all collapse on my big bed and feed Cathy her some slimy dessert. Casibom Giriş I want some more of that yummy white pussy too.”

Cathy said, “I really hate to go but my mother is expecting me home today and it’s late already. Maybe I can visit again next week.”

Naomi cursed and said in a very demanding tone, “No fucking way slut. Get your bony ass on the phone and inform mother dearest that you will spend the night with your new friend and her mom. Do it now!”

Cathy called home and explained that it was getting late and she wanted to stay overnight and would see her the next day. Her mom asked to speak to the girl’s mother. She handed Betty the phone and told her what her mother’s name was. Betty spoke, “So nice to speak with you Ms. Laura Cummings, Your daughter is a very lovely girl and my twenty year old daughter is quite fond of her and I am as well. They have had a very exhausting day and are tired. We will take her to the bus station tomorrow and see that she gets off alright. Your daughter is always welcome to visit and stay with us and it would be wonderful if you could come visit us too.” Betty hung up the phone and announced that she could stay overnight and that Laura would think about a visit.

As the three naked females ate pizza Betty announced, “We told your mother that we would get you off and we will keep that promise in more ways than one. Cummings huh? Does that mean she cums a lot? Your mom sounds sweet and sexy. How old is she anyway? I can’t wait to feed her my fat cunt. They always say like mother like daughter. Think she will enjoy my juicy cunt as much as you do my little pet?”

Cathy could only mutter, “I uh she is very conservative and would never do such a thing. She is thirty-seven and I can’t even imagine her doing that.”

Naomi added, “You won’t have to imagine a thing just leave it to us and you will be watching her worship black cunt close up and in person. All white sluts are so fucking easy to seduce because we give them what they truly desire. They all crave delicious chocolate pie but don’t know it until it’s in their face. Then they can’t resist it and don’t even try. Talk her into coming with you next weekend. You will both be happier for it. Now let’s go to bed and fuck!”

They didn’t get much sleep but had plenty of raunchy sex. Cathy squealed like a pig when her pussy and ass were ravished by two black strap-on dildoes. The savage attack was brutal and with both fake cocks assaulting her at the same time it was so painful at first but soon she was humping back wildly and pleading for more. As they escorted the girl to the bus the ebony mother and daughter were amused at the funny way the girl walked knowing that both holes were stretched wide. The ebony duet laughed when they kissed her goodbye and the girl quipped,”I’m going to need a sling for my tongue! It is so sore and is hard to move. You two have worn me out but I’m still looking forward to seeing you again. It was truly worth it and then some.”

The young girl sat by a window on the bus and was reliving in her mind all the erotic events of her trip to Boston. A slender black woman with short hair and a beautiful face asked the girl, “Do you mind if I sit next to you? The trip is so boring and I figured it would help to have someone to talk to. You look so nice and I was hoping you wouldn’t mind some company. Is it alright?

Cathy was embarrassed being awakened from her dirty daydreams and wondered if the woman could detect her arousal but mustered the words, “Sure have a seat. Don’t mind me I was just deep in thought.”

The woman slithered in the seat next the hot and bothered white girl and stated, “I couldn’t help but notice your two lady friends kiss you passionately before you boarded the bus. With their hands on your ass and their tongues in your mouth it is clear that they are far more than just friends. I wished that it was me instead of them. I don’t bring this up in judgment but rather in envy. You see I am a butch pussy hound and it turned me on more than you know. I can see the submission and craving in your pretty blue eyes and it is driving me insane with desire to possess you. My pussy is leaking just looking at you. Please tell me you feel the same attraction to me and we can do something about it.”

Cathy couldn’t believe it was happening again. She had never even thought of being with another female before and now here she was lusting for another black beauty only hours after her sordid sexual encounter with Naomi and her mother. Cathy mumbled, “I am so tempted but I’m totally worn out and my tongue even hurts when I speak. You are a beautiful woman but I’m in no shape to fool around right now.”

The woman put her arm around the trembling girl and whispered in her ear, “Feel my tongue in your ear and know that it is not only exceptionally large but I know how to use it too. I have the skills to launch you into orbit and bring you more pleasure than you ever knew existed. Casibom Güncel Giriş Come home with me and let me take you on a trip to the stars.”

Cathy answered, “I really want to but I am too tired and my mother is waiting at home for me.”

The ebony seductress told her, “I am very disappointed but I do understand. Perhaps another time.” They exchanged phone numbers and Cathy learned that she was twenty-six, bar tended at a lesbian bar, her name was Lavern, and lived only three blocks from her home. They vowed to keep in touch and meet just as soon as Cathy recovered from being used and abused.

Cathy’s head was spinning from the recent events and hugged and greeted her mother when she got home. Her mother told her that she wanted to wait until June when she graduated to visit her friends in Boston and added that Cathy should wait a few weeks herself before traveling to Boston as it was too much of a distraction right now in her final days of high-school. Cathy was disappointed but understood. She was in touch with Naomi and her mom and looked forward to being with them again. They let her know just how much they wanted to see her again and how much they looked forward to meeting Laura in June. It had been over a week since Cathy had been home and she was getting horny so she called Lavern and agreed to met her Saturday morning at the woman’s apartment.

Cathy arrived at ten in the morning and knocked at the apartment door. Lavern pulled her in a greeted the girl with a big hug and passionate kiss. The hostess had made a pitcher of whiskey sours and poured them both a glass. They sat on the sofa and enjoyed the drinks and conversation. Cathy announced, “Oh my the drink is great but I can’t let mom catch me drinking so I’ll just have one or maybe two at the most.”

Lavern stated, “You’re not alone baby. I have to tend bar at the club tonight and have to stay sober too. We don’t need to get drunk baby just a little glow will do. That’s a cute dress you have on but I’d rather see you without any clothing in the way. I intend to keep my promise to you and fill your day with sublime rapture and endless ecstasy. I’m going to eat you all up and make you tingle all over. You’ll have a big smile on your face and feel more satisfied than you ever dreamed you could. After I’m finished with you this old world will seem new and exciting to you. You will beam with total satisfaction” Lavern opened her robe and stuck out her long tongue and asked, “Do you like what you see little girl?”

Cathy simply replied, “Oh my, yes I do.” Lavern relieved the white girl of her dress and under garments, tweaked the girls tiny nipples, spread the creamy legs wide and dove right in. Cathy squirmed and moaned out in rapture as the talented tongue snaked its way deep up her flooding love tunnel. The long and thick intruder brought the girl to one magnificent climax after another. When the endowed tongue entered her anus and skilfully fucked in and out of her ass Cathy totally lost it. She had more orgasms than she could count and this one quaked and shook her frail frame until she passed out.

Lavern guided the helpless white girl to her bedroom. They cuddled and the black woman tenderly ran her fingers through the blonde hair while Cathy’s face rested on the heaving black bosom. When Cathy finally came to Lavern said, “So good to see you back with me my love. How was your trip?”

Cathy answered, “It was fucking unbelievable! Thank you so much for sending me to paradise. How can I ever repay you?”

Lavern smiled and offered, ” You can start by nursing on my breasts then kiss your way down to my chocolate delicacy and gobble it all up. How does that sound to you darling?”

Cathy murmured, “Sounds divine. I want to taste you and bring you half as much pleasure as you gave me. My tongue is not as big as yours and I don’t have your skills but I will put my heart and soul into it and give it my all.”

Lavern joked, “It ain’t your heart and soul that I want in my juicy cunt it’s your lips and tongue I desire. Now have at it girl.” Cathy lovingly sucked on the ebony breast that were only slightly bigger than her own. She then kissed her way down to the prize. She licked and sucked with fervor and didn’t need to be told to lick it all up. She savored the taste of the creamy cum from the sweet honey pot and licked the whole area clean. Lavern asked, “When do you want to come back for more sweet thing? Would you like to visit me at the bar?”

Cathy answered, “As soon as I can. I will definitely call you.”

Five days later Cathy was walking home from school pondering when to see Lavern again and when she would return to Boston. A voice called out, “Cathy how are you?” The girl turned to see Maria the lady that lived two doors down. Maria was a friend of her mother and was a very sexy Mexican lady that was always so nice to her. In perfect English the stunning Latin lady asked, “Why haven’t you stopped bye to see me? Is something bothering you my dear? Come in and have a glass of iced tea with me sweetheart.” They sat on the sofa sipping their tea and Maria demanded, Tell me what you are so preoccupied with. I hate to see you like this. Please tell me what you have on your mind.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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