Cat’s Story Ch. 05

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Cat and I carefully made our way down, over and through what seemed like the never-ending tangle of black volcanic fractured rock and towering spires. In several places we would stop our progress to catch our breath before continuing down the volcano’s steep inner wall. I purposely slowed our decent so that I could lift Cat up or lower her down over especially difficult areas, as well as making many well-earned rest stops. It was during one of these rest stops that Cat asked me,

“Honey this is a lot harder than I expected, why would you pick such a difficult place to get to? I sure hope it is worth all of this. I’m just kidding honey; you know I’d follow you anywhere sweetheart. Why wouldn’t I trust your instincts, you haven’t let me down yet?”

“Oh sweet baby, you know if I knew an easier way down we would take it. But if there was an easier way I’m sure lots of people would be here, this way the secret place I’m leading you to should be all ours. I promise it is well worth the hardship we have endured to get to this point, as well as what is still ahead of us baby”

Once again I assured Cat.

Sitting on a very large, smooth rock Cat and I removed our shoes and socks, then slipped our bare, tired feet into the cool waters of the lake. I refilled our water bottles with this so very pure water after we had drank our immediate fill. Cat and I both laughed at Sierra who seemed to prefer being neck deep in the lake before quenching his thirst by lapping the water up all around him, it appeared he couldn’t decide where the best tasting water was as he kept wading around in circles as he drank. With my hand slowing stroking Cat’s hair she leaned back against me, laying her head on my shoulder. Cat and I both were exhausted from the hike down the volcano’s steep inner wall and down to the clear blue waters of the lake. We looked out in the direction of Wizard Island as we played in the water, splashing in it with our bare feet like a couple of kids, which is exactly how I felt when with Cat. Yes, she brought out the child like playfulness in me, the way of seeing the entire world as a wonderful playground, our playground.

The lake was so very beautiful with its wonderful blue waters reflecting the towering cliffs surrounding it, as if cradling it gently in their protective embrace. The sky was just as blue but several shades lighter, without a cloud in sight, the only thing disrupting this vast blueness was the bright yellow midday sun as its rays warmed our flesh pleasantly. The surrounding shoreline as well as the distant island being made up of the jet black, shiny volcanic rock. Contrasting with these colors were the various shades of the many varieties of vegetation, the dark green of the evergreens, the white bark of the Aspen trees as well as their red and gold leaves as they fluttered in the slight breeze, and the bright purple and red berries hanging on the bushes along the lakes edges like Christmas ornaments on the annual tree.

Add to this so beautiful scene before us the many beautifully colored birds hurrying from limb to limb, others flying over the lake silently looking for rising fish such as the many bald eagles soaring so very high overhead. And the acrobatic fish hawks gracefully diving down at incredible speeds only to pull out of this daredevil dive just in time to skim over the glass like surface of the lake, then sinking its razor sharp talons into any unlucky fish with the stealth and a precision only shared by the very best of natures predators. And the splashes of other bright colors darting frantically all around us that seemed to suddenly halt their frenzied pace just long enough to float from flower to flower. This rainbow in motion coming from the gathering of pollen by both the bright yellow and black bumble bees, and the fluttering wings of the abundant beautiful multicolored butterflies that could be seen in every direction. Huge brilliant dragonflies seemed to be reenacting the dogfights played out by the nimble biplanes of battles of yesteryear now long since past.

Cat and I were very surprised not by the family of deer we had been watching drinking from the lakes cool waters, but how easily they make their way down the treacherous steep terrain that had just taken such a big effort from both Cat and myself. But what really surprised us was a large male black bear that was at first standing about a hundred yards from us sidestepping his way along the shore line eating the abundant wild black berries. When this so very intriguing bear could not reach the clusters of wild berries it had been gorging itself with effortlessly by pulling in limbs and then delicately stripping off the berries with its lips, it waded out into the deeper water that at some places only left its big burly head sticking up along with its outstretched arms and easily continued its reaping the bounty that apparently others choose not to pursue.

“Baby? We better get going as we only have maybe another three Travesti hours of light and I want us to get to a very wonderful spot where I plan for us to spend the night. Besides that I very much want us to be there with the sun still shining brightly as well as during what should make for an unforgettable sunset”

I suggested to Cat

Again needing to call Sierra to join us as both the deer and the bear mesmerized him, as he just sat there watching their every move, this because I had told him he had to sit down and stay with us. I know if I gave him the slightest chance he would bolt over to see what these so very interesting creatures were and if they wanted to play. Though he had seen plenty of deer they always kept their distance, Sierra could never get close enough to figure them out and as for the bear I’m sure that would have been trouble, this bear didn’t look like he wanted to share his black berries or play in any way for that matter.

Picking our way through a large grove of Aspen trees, we finally broke through revealing the spot that I had been in search of from our trips very beginning. There was still a lot more ahead for us but this secret hidden spot, not yet revealed, was absolutely as close as anyone could ever get to finding a true secret paradise. The large waterfall was freefalling approximately thirty feet before being consumed by the turquoise blue waters of a hidden cove. I say hidden cove as the waterfall had the appearance of flowing directly into the lake, what of the cove you would have seen from the lake or the surrounding shoreline was hidden by another large grove of golden Aspens.

I stepped up deeper into fast flowing current of the cove, which had been created by the powerful force of the cascading waterfall and it’s churning violently of the water before me. Reaching out, I took Cat’s hand in mine, giving her support as we entered the thick, cool mist at the edge of the deafening, furious falls. I had went ahead by myself twice earlier carrying my backpack and miscellaneous gear and then taking Cat’s gear in for her. This having a threefold purpose of allowing Cat to see me making those two trips safely, freeing Cat of all extra weight so that she could more easily and safely make her way through and behind the waterfall, and it also freed my hands so that I could help Cat, as I offered her my hands to reassure and stabilize her as she bravely defied the threatening hazard before her.

Breaking through the full force of the pounding waterfall crashing down upon us, we entered a secret, hidden, tropical paradise. It was surprisingly warm compared to the outside air even though it was a very warm day, this because of the hot springs that were bubbling up in the rocks of the hidden coves shoreline. This small area of the cove was about twenty-five feet across and extended twenty feet behind the waterfall. Its water behind the falls was unusually warm from the flow of hot water coming from these same hot springs. Two separate small hot springs flowed from the rock walls overhead, hidden from view but creating to small warm water waterfalls that showered down into the coves warm waters. Huge broad leaf ferns were draping down from every foothold they could find in the rock wall as well as many sprouting up along the edges of the cove. Strange bright green vines with many colorful flowers of pink, yellow, blue and purple hung down the rock walls spilling out on the small sandy beach at the back of the cove as well as being suspended overhead like the colorful decorations of a celebration, which was so fitting as this was to be another very special celebration of the romance Cat and I shared every moment of every day and every night, through our love.

Looking back out provided us one of the most beautiful views either of us had ever seen as well as probably we ever will see. The waterfall cascading down into the blue water of the cove was glittering like millions of diamonds pouring off the mountain before joining the water of the cove because of the sunshine’s rays filtering through it. Off to each side of the waterfall was a churning mist, the same filtered sunlight shining through it created a large wide rainbow with all of its vivid colors, the entire beautiful spectrum of colors framing the sparkling waterfall at its center. And as the sun began to set into the unseen distant ocean, the waterfall began to take on a deep orange glow which slowly faded into red, then purple before leaving us with only the soft light of the many candles I had lit and placed throughout the rocks at the base of the rock wall.

Cat and I comfortably snuggled up together along side the small fire I had built, and continued watching the soft pallet of pastel colors provided by the last of the setting sun. Sharing an occasional hug, tender kisses, the beautiful privacy of our surroundings, and the thought of this being our very own secret paradise hidden behind this incredible waterfall. I took my time Ankara Travesti removing Cat’s clothes, allowing my fingertips, lips and tongue to tenderly explore the softness of every inch of her exposed warm, smooth flesh. Cat returning my affections, she too seductively enjoyed kissing me all over as she removed my clothing. Picking Cat up as we began to explore each other’s mouths deeper and more passionately I carried her as I walked into the warm water of the cove until we both were almost completely submerged, only leaving just our heads above the warmth of the caressing waters.

Letting Cat lay back and floating on its surface I lifted her parted legs, placing one over each of my shoulders. My kissing and gentle licking of Cat’s inner thigh had the immediate effect of her wet scent reaching my nostrils, and filling the night air with her wonderfully exciting aroma. The inhaling deeply of the sweetness of her fragrant womanhood began to awake my manhood, it becoming so engorged with blood that my erection was to the point of being painfully hard. I lightly traced a path up Cat’s inner thigh until reaching the soft pink folds of her exquisite pussy. Teasing her by allowing only its tip to flutter along the outer edge of her sweet folds, up until reaching the protective hood over her clit. Reaching up and around with my left hand, I pulled this thin layer of skin up and away exposing her delicate little knob. As the tip of my tongue made the first little teasing circles around her now throbbing, begging to be pleased knob of pleasure I placed the tip of my right hands index finger over the shy little entrance to her ass.

At the same moment my fingertip slipped into Cat’s puckered little asshole the fluttering of my tongue quickened as well as lapping at her swollen clit. Cat moaned loudly as I let my finger slide deeper and deeper into her ass, her feeling the warm water also finding its way into her anal passage. Sliding my thumb deeply into Cat’s so very wet pussy just as I began to alternate from sucking on her clit powerfully and continuing the rapid fluttering of my tongue over it. I began to squeeze together my index finger that was buried deep into Cat’s ass and my thumb, sliding them in and out massaging the so very thin layer of skin that separated the two. Cat locked her legs tightly around my neck as I moved my left hand under and then up between her legs, and then penetrating her hot, very wet pussy with three fingers, contributing to stimulating of her erotic sexual pleasure centers.

Cat cried out loudly as I feverishly worked my magic deeply into both of her sweet pink holes as well as her delightfully quivering little clit, “Oh God baby that feels so good…Oh…Oh…Oh baby don’t stop!”

Faster and faster and with more and more force I pumped my fingers into both of Cat’s little holes filling them, as I now bit down on her throbbing clit just as the first wave of her orgasm came flooding over her. The rhythmic pulses of her asshole and her wonderfully wet pussy, from her orgasmic contractions gripping and releasing my fingers.

Cat screamed, “Ohhhhh…Fuck Baby! I’m…I’m going to cum right now baby! Right nowwwwww!”

Sensing the sweet, beautiful flood of nectar that was coming I pulled my fingers from Cat’s wet pussy and placed their wet with nectar tips into her open mouth as she cried out with pleasure, Cat taking my fingers as far a possible into her mouth and tasted of her own thick nectar as my fingers continued their deep, pounding assault on her ass. Cat’s hot, sweet nectar came squirting out in thick streams with each contraction of her intense orgasm. Opening my mouth widely I gladly accepted this sweet offering of Cat’s hot nectar, devouring each squirt as it splashed over my outstretched tongue and into the back of my mouth, feeling it coat my throat with its warm thickness as I eagerly swallowed this product of her lustful pleasure.

When the velocity and quantity of each succeeding squirt began to decrease I brought my open mouth closer and closer until diving deeply into her still convulsing pussy. I could not resist my urge to lick and suck every drop of Cat’s sweet nectar as I could from within the delicate folds of her beautiful pink pussy. God Cat tasted so fucking good I thought to myself, as the smell of her sweet pussy was having the effect of a drug on my senses, as I felt a wonderful euphoria as I consumed this pure result of Cat’s pleasure. My fingers still deeply inside Cat’s precious little asshole but now they had slowed to less of a frenzied attack and more of a soothing massaging of its inner walls, rubbing all around deeply inside her and gently sliding them in and out.

Lifting Cat up and into my arms I carried her up onto the shore, standing her up I guided her to lean over a large smooth rock that we had earlier noticed was comfortably warm. Cat’s sweet ass looking so very inviting as I spread her ass cheeks revealing her delicate little asshole. istanbul Travesti I could not resist but to lean over and kiss this tender little orifice as I buried my fingers once again into her hot, wet pussy. Giving Cat one more long, deep lick from my tasting of her sweet nectar and all the way up to a gentle probing of her beautiful little asshole. I began lubricating my cock with this same nectar by slipping it easily into the wetness of her succulent pussy. Cat’s pussy was so very wet; so very warm and unbelievably soft as I felt my cock sliding deeper and deeper into her.

As I applied an ample amount of her sweet nectar around and into her asshole I could her Cat’s moans of pleasure growing in intensity. Reaching just under my cock as it continued to be pumped into her wet pussy I collected more of her thick, slippery nectar with my fingers. Slipping these same three fingers up to the so sensitive entrance to her ass I allowed her nectar to puddle at my fingertips, and then flooding into her ass as I spread her delicate little hole open. Helping this warm sweet nectar to penetrate her beautiful little hole even deeper by letting my middle finger begin to slide in, deeper and deeper but very gently, very tenderly and then spreading her thick nectar all around inside. Then a second finger easily slid into her now relaxed and well-lubricated ass and then a third found its way easily inside her slippery softness. As these three fingers probed the depths of her tender little asshole deeply Cat cried out, “Oh God baby, I want your cock inside me. Please baby fuck my sweet ass, baby I want you inside me now”

Taking this so very obvious cue that Cat was ready for my painfully hard cock to replace my fingers in her ass I very slowly and teasingly withdrew my fingers from within the soft warmth of her ass. I watched as my cock slipped out of her incredibly wet pussy, watched as it glistened in the candle and firelight, watched Cat’s sweet nectar flood out of her luscious pussy and run down both her legs as well as down the large rock that supported her in this so accessible way. The scent of her wet pussy was so intoxicating I had to fight off the urge to once again reach down to spread the now swollen folds of her beautiful pussy open even further so as to allow my tongue to lap up as much of her so very desirable sweet nectar, fighting off an almost overpowering desire to consume as much of her as possible.

At least fulfilling part of this vision I did reach down spreading her ass cheeks apart as far as possible giving myself the best view as possible of her wonderful little asshole and the nectar that was squeezed out of it by the involuntary reflex of puckering up each time I teased Cat more and more by my slightly touching its entrance with the head of my stiff cock. Cat gasped loudly indicating the rush of pleasurable excitement she felt as I watched the head of my cock spreading her little asshole open as it began its assault on this so delicate, intimate orifice. I found the watching of my cock slowly and gently forcing its way into her ass, watching as her sweet little asshole swallowed up its head and then gripping my shaft tightly fueled my desire to thrust forcefully deep into the sweet warmth of her ass. But I knew that even though Cat was fully ready to take its full length I wanted to take my time so that we both could enjoy every sensation of pleasure as I patiently allowed it to slowly fill her ass deeper and deeper.

I felt Cat beginning to arch her back and rotate her hips as I buried the entirety of my hard cock into her ass, grinding and rubbing my cock all around deeply into her ass. This exciting me beyond the patience I had managed to show up until this moment, this arching of her back also revealing Cat’s desire to have me take her in a much more aggressive way than I had up until now. Grabbing Cat’s hips with both hands I began to drive deeply into her ass as I pulled her into my forceful thrusts. Faster and faster, harder and deeper I fucked Cat’s sweet little hole. Cat reached around behind her hips and squeezed her ass cheeks tightly around my hard driving cock as I continued to fuck her unmercifully, not being able to contain my lust for her any longer.

“Yes…Yes, Oh God Burt yes, Fuck me baby…fuck my sweet ass hard baby…Oh baby yes fuck me deep baby…Oh yes baby, yes… Yes!”

Cat cried out as I pounded my cock into her sweet little asshole.

Reaching up I grabbed Cat by her long beautiful brown hair, pulling her head up and back as I drove my cock into her sweet ass, slapping my balls with each powerful thrust against her wet pussy. I found this taking total control of Cat very, very exciting in a very animalistic, primeval way. I also could sense Cat’s growing desire for me to take her, to dominate her in this so passionate way.

“You like this baby? You like my cock in your hot little ass? I’m going fuck your sweet little hole so fucking hard baby…deeper and harder than you can ever imagine, is that what you want baby?”

I demanded to know.

“Yes, yes please fuck me hard baby…Take me deep…Take me hard and fast honey… Oh God yes, take me anyway you want Burt…Fuck me like the nasty little bitch I am”

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