Caught! #03

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Caught! (Andrea & Wendy’s sexploits)

Andrea was round the morning after she came back from ‘The Conference’. Over coffee she told us what had transpired, and how much she had enjoyed it. She was punishing Phil by not allowing him sex for the rest of the week, but she would wander around the house semi naked and make sure he saw or heard her masturbating till she came.

She invited us round for an end of the week sex party between the four of us. She was keen to see me fucked by Phil, her husband. I was eager to try, as I’d never had sex with another man. But Mike didn’t want to. It seemed as if he had got over his earlier problem of me being fucked by another man and if I wanted to go round without him that was OK, he said. A pity I would have liked him to be there and watch. It seemed he was OK with women fucking him in the arse with a strap on, but the thought of being naked with another man in a sexual situation, was a step too far for him.

I was looking forward to the weekend, but feeling guilty about leaving Mike behind. Although I’d initially stipulated that he couldn’t have sex with another woman unless I was there, if I was going to have sex without him, it was only fair that I relaxed the rule. So I arranged a surprise for him by getting my mum and her next door neighbour’s daughter to come round and keep him company. I was sure they would find something ‘enjoyable’ to do.

The end of the week, Friday evening, finally arrived. It was going to be one long sex-fest, although Mike didn’t know it yet. When mum and Pamela arrived they quickly had their hands up my skirt, caressing and fingering me.

“Just to warm you up for the evening,” they said.

I told Mike they were here to keep him company and I was sure they could find something to keep him ‘entertained’. I hoped Mike would be alright as mum and Pamela had a tendency to dominate.

Quickly readjusting my panties, I made my way next door. They had definitely warmed me up for the evening.

Phil, like Mike, had no idea about the weekend plans, and assumed I’d just popped round to see Andrea. He was hoping I wouldn’t stay long because he knew he was on a promise of a sexy weekend. He was, he just didn’t know how sexy it would turn out.

Andrea told Phil to get one of the bottles of bubbly out of the fridge and bring two glasses for me and her. Phil believing his punishment wasn’t quite over yet, did as he was told. When he came back Andrea and I were kissing passionately and I had my hand up her skirt. For a moment Phil was rooted to the spot, then he started to undo his trousers, only to be told to sit and watch but not touch. We were soon undressing, caressing, nibbling and tongue fucking, each other. We took the action upstairs to the bedroom, with Phil following us like a puppy with his tongue hanging out. After a couple of hours pleasuring each other.

Andrea turned to Phil and said, “Do you want to fuck Wendy?”

“Yes,” croaked Phil.

“Will you let Phil fuck you?”

“Oh I don’t know,” I said “I think he’s fit to burst, perhaps I’d better suck him off first.”

I crawled off the bed to the chair he was sat in. I felt his erection through his trousers before undoing them and pulling them plus his underpants off. I held his penis in my hand, it wasn’t as long as Mike’s but it was fatter. Fascinated, I started to pump it, lick it, then suck it. As I’d said, he was fit to burst and he came quickly and copiously in my mouth. Delicious!

I let him rest for a few minutes, while Andrea finished undressing him. I was looking casino oyna forward to being fucked by him, I’d never been fucked by another man before. With all the touching, caressing and kissing Andrea and I were giving each other and him, he was soon erect again. I straddled him and Andrea guided his prick to my wet and willing hole. I lowered myself down, enjoying the feel of his prick filling me up. Angela straddled his face. As he licked along her slit and round her clit, I was grinding away and bouncing on his cock. Angela and I were kissing, licking and sucking each other’s breasts and nipples, as Phil worked his magic on our respective cunts.

We didn’t get dressed all weekend. We rested now and again. We ate every so often and drank a lot of bubbly. All sexual positions and possibilities were tried. When Phil suggested golden showers, Andrea and I said no way were we peeing on anybody and we didn’t want to be peed on, but we didn’t object to watching each other pee. We all went into the garden during the night and played, making our pee streams cross and recross. Over the course of the weekend we had a peeing contest, to see who could pee furthest. Phil wasn’t allowed to play because of his unfair advantage, but we did let him referee the match. Standing at the edge of the patio, legs apart, hips thrust forward, leaning back, I spread my lips and peed first. Phil marked the distance, then it was Andrea’s turn, I won by half an inch. That gave me a second idea which I would run past Mike first, before talking to Andrea about my ideas.

Sunday evening I dressed and went home, mum and Pamela looked exhausted as they left. Mike and I went to bed and made love. I asked him how he got on over the weekend, he admitted to enjoying himself. He liked the contrast of an older and younger woman in bed with him. He’d fucked them both in every hole. He especially liked watching them have sex with each other, and the things they were doing to each other, well it was no wonder they were exhausted. I told him about my weekend, before long we both fell asleep.

We both woke reasonably early next morning, still on a high from the weekend. The ideas I’d had were running round my head and I couldn’t wait any longer to run them past Mike. He listened, liked the ideas, but warned that we should be careful. Later that morning, when Mike and Phil were at work, I went round to Andrea’s to talk over my ideas for getting our pussies some different cocks. Andrea loved the ideas and needless to say we ended up back in bed together.

Once Phil had been told of our plans, we put them in action.

Andrea and I started to take walks in the countryside, looking for quiet spots, then wait till we saw likely looking males walking down the trail. Then we would squat behind a hedge or rock, holding our pee till the last minute. As they walked past they would catch us, as if by accident, peeing. Most of the time they just ignored or pretended to ignore us, sometimes they were verbally abusive. One day, walking up a country lane, we saw a cyclist in the valley below heading our way. There was a gap in the hedge just ahead, we quickly made for it an squatted.

We were in full flow as he rode past, he looked and with a big grin said, “Goood Morning Girlsss,” then waved as his muscular legs powered him up the hill.

OMG he looked so sexy in his skin tight Lycra. We would both have liked to play with his ‘helmet’, even if he did look at least as old as our combined ages.

Even though we had enjoyed being ‘accidentally’ caught peeing, one grinning cyclist was less of canlı casino a return than we’d hoped for.

With plan B kicked out it was back to plan A, a girly weekend away as we called it. We booked an hotel in Manchester’s student district, expecting to find lots of action and young randy males. Arriving at the hotel mid-afternoon we were pleased to note that reception was tucked out of site of the front door, also it wasn’t manned all night. We set up a spy cam up in the room, it would record if it detected movement. Then it was time to tart ourselves up and hit the town.

First we stopped to eat at the Kwok Man, in Manchester’s Chinatown, probably the oldest Chinese restaurant in Manchester. After a delicious meal we headed across the road to Canal Street, the heart of Manchester’s gay district.

The first bar we hit seemed to be mostly lesbians, there were a few males, and a few females dressed as males. Confusing as some of the females looked more male than the males. We danced, allowed ourselves to be chatted up, touched up, and did a fair bit of touching up ourselves. However we had come for some cock, maybe another time we’d linger. Moving on to the next bar there were more males. We danced and eyed them up and were surprised at how good some of them looked dressed up as women. Over Andrea’s shoulder I spotted a couple of gorgeous males who seemed to be eyeing us up. I whispered in her ear and spun her round so she could look.

“Yes, dishy, but this is a gay bar and one is rubbing the front of the others trousers,” said Andrea.

“Haven’t we just been to a lesbian bar and touched up other women,” I asked “they could be Bi like us.”

So we danced our way over and I said “We’ll have a couple of glasses of white wine please.”

“Cheeky,” said one.

“I like a woman who knows what she wants,” said the other.

They introduced themselves as Dave and Colin from Newcastle. They admitted they were Bi and in Manchester looking for some pussy. We danced and chatted, I got to feel their stiff cocks through their trousers, so did Andrea. After a couple of hours I was leaning against the bar between Dave and Colin, I pulled Andrea to me and kissed her passionately on the lips, pulled my panties down and off. Spun Andrea round, so she was against the bar, and pulled hers down, before she realised what was happening.

Quickly running my hand between her legs, found her lips were swelling and opening, like me she was aroused. I grabbed Colin’s hand and said “Let’s get out of here and back to the hotel.”

On the way back, we cut through a park, it was quiet so I pulled Colin towards a bench, Andrea and Dave following. Arriving at the bench I undid his trousers and pulled out his cock, it was the largest one I’d ever seen. I told him I wanted him to take me doggy style and lent over the end of the bench, taking out my phone and setting it to video record, I placed it so it recorded him pumping in and out of me. Andrea and Dave watched briefly, before doing the same over the other end of the bench. She also recorded their proceedings on her phone. I caught a quick glimpse of Dave’s prick as she whipped it out of his trousers, it looked as if he might be circumcised. I determined to get a better look at that later as that would be the first I’d seen. As we continued our walk back to the hotel I could feel the cum dribbling down my legs and wondered if Andrea had cum dribbling down hers.

Back in our room we gave the boys a show by licking their cum out of each other’s pussies. The boys watched while jerking each other off. The kaçak casino sight had us all so turned on that it wasn’t long before we all started cumming. We’d been in such a rush that we hadn’t completely undressed yet, now taking our time we helped each other undress. I now got a good look at Dave’s penis, he was almost as big a Colin and he was circumcised, I was enthralled.

Colin pulled Dave to the edge of the bed and draped his legs over his shoulders. I hoped the spy cam was getting all this. Colin started to feed his prick into Dave’s arse, I’d had that monster in my pussy, how could an arse take something that big. Andrea straddled Dave’s face and he tongue fucked her. I was jerking him off, keeping his balls out of the way, so we could all have a view of the arse action. I felt Dave start to twitch and swell, he was obviously about to cum so I clamped my mouth round him and swallowed his load. I looked forward to having that prick in one or both of my holes that night. When Colin came Andrea licked the leakage from Dave’s arse.

Time to get ourselves filled with cock. We’d both been doubly penetrated before, but not by two real penises at the same time, previously there had been at least one dildo in the equation, so we were both looking forward to this. Andrea straddled Colin’s cock, impaled herself and lay down on top of him, Dave pushed himself into her puckered rosebud and they soon had a rhythm going. Andrea was enjoying herself so much I had to stuff our damp knickers in her mouth to quieten her down. We had to rest for a while, the boys were performing great service but needed to recuperate. Once rested Dave bent Colin over the bed to fuck him, Colin munched on Andrea’s cunt and I got between the bed and Colin so I could suck him off. Another rest, then it was my turn to be double fucked, with Dave in my pussy and Colin in my bum. I was in heaven, I didn’t imagine I would be able to accommodate both of them, but eventually I did.

The boys snuck out in the early hours and both of us, feeling well and truly fucked, slept. When we woke it was too late for breakfast, we would have to check out soon, so a quick shower and then packed up, making sure we packed the spy cam. In reception we checked out.

Were we imagining it or did the receptionist know something, as she asked if we’d had a good time and then said “We can arrange a larger room at a special rate if you cum again.”

We thanked her and said we may take her up on the offer. As we turned to leave we looked quizzically at each other, then burst out laughing as we saw the security camera inside the front door.

The drive home to Watford was uneventful. I couldn’t stop thinking about Dave’s circumcised penis, I liked it so much, I wondered if Mike would consider having it done. Over the next week Andrea and I learned how to edit our videos into a mini porn film.

When the weekend came we gathered at Andrea and Phil’s house, mum and Pamela came to, to watch our adventure. Soon we were all getting turned on, but when Mike saw Phil and Andrea starting to undress each other, his fear of any sexual activity in front of another male kicked in.

Back at our house we continued watching our copy of the video. Mum, Pamela, Mike and I were soon naked, I was sat impaled on Mike’s prick. I don’t think Mike knew what to make of the boys fucking each other, but he was enthralled at the oral being given and received. Glancing over at mum and Pamela it was obvious they were enjoying the video. They were sprawled on the sofa legs open mum had two fingers up herself, massaging her G spot, while her thumb was circling and tapping her clit, her other hand was pumping Pamela’s rear passage with a vibrator and Pamela was fingering herself.

Damn I forgot to set the spy cam up.

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