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It was a little after 5pm on Friday, most everyone had left. I assumed that Marsha had as well. Marsha, a staff support person, is a curly haired brunette, standing about 5’5″. I would describe her as pleasingly plump. She has a terrific womanly figure, large breasts and a nice round ass. She is curvy, and voluptuous. Although she doesn’t work directly for me, she was supporting some work I was currently doing, and so I was just going to drop some paperwork in her bin on her door. As I approached her door, I could see that it was slightly cracked open. Surprised she was here so late, I was going to knock on her door when I heard a noise coming from behind the door. It sounded like a cat mewling. Her door was not quite pulled shut and so I nudged it open just a little and peeked in. On the screen of her computer was streaming video of a woman being fucked doggie style. The mewling sound was the woman in the video. But the most surprising thing was Marsha: She was sitting in her chair, with her feet propped up on the desk on either side of her computer screen. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist and she was sliding a dildo in out of her pussy in time with the action on the screen. Her other hand was gently caressing her nipples through the sheer fabric of her blouse: she had removed her bra and camisole, which were draped across the back of the chair.

I stood for a moment, watching the amazing scene as my cock became aroused in my pants. I was surprised to see that her pussy was shaved completely. Based on her personality, I would have guessed that she was a “missionary position” type wife. So I was surprised to see all of this rather sexual behavior.

I looked up and down the hall and determined that we were most probably the only ones here. I decided to take a chance, I simply walked into her office and quickly closed the door behind me. She heard me, of course, and jumped, “Oh my god!” she couldn’t figure out what to do first: turn off the computer, hide the dildo, hide her bra or pull her skirt down. Interestingly, for me at least, she chose to turn off the computer screen. Of course the sound was still coming out of the speakers, and we could hear the mewling woman begin a slow climax. More interestingly, her skirt was still around her waist and her dark areolas and nipples were clearly visible through the rather sheer white blouse she was wearing. Her beet red face stood out above the crisp white of her collar.

“I thought my door was closed. I’m so embarrassed. Let me turn this off. I’m probably in a lot of trouble.” the words came pouring out of her mouth so fast I could hardly break in. “Relax,” I said reassuringly “you’re not in trouble, certainly not with me.” The relief and gratitude on her face was radiant. The clip she was watching had apparently come to an end as the sound stopped. She began to wiggle her skirt down and said “I’m so embarrassed, you probably think it’s terrible to watch that stuff, and even worse what I was doing.”

“I’m not judgmental, and I’m not going to tell anyone” I said. “I do have a question though…” I trailed off.

She flushed red again, and said “…OK…” with some puzzlement.

My heart was racing as I said slowly “Well, wouldn’t this be more fun to do at home? With your husband? Rather than here, alone?” Again, she blushed and I said quickly “You are pretty cute when you blush like that.”

She giggled, took a deep breath and said “Thanks. My husband would not approve of this at all. In fact, my husband appears to have little interest in me sexually. We did it a few times on our honeymoon, I was a virgin, but now he doesn’t touch me at all. He’s very religious, and thinks that if we aren’t trying to Travesti make a baby, it’s a sin. I’m not ready for children yet, so, well, sometimes I just need something…” her bitter voice trailed off in embarrassment.

“Well, he doesn’t know what he’s missing.” I said softly. I could still see her nipples through the sheer blouse, and an occasional glimpse up her skirt. “I’m sorry that your situation is like this. If it makes you feel any less guilty, I’ve surfed some sites too. It can be pretty frustrating though, the quality on the little free clips varies a lot. I don’t think there is anything wrong with what you were doing.”

“Yeah, I found surfing frustrating too, so I subscribed to a few pay sites that I liked…” As she realized what she said, she blushed, giggled and averted her eyes, “I’m worried that you think I’m really slutty or something,” she paused and looked up at me and said “I’m not, but sometimes I wish I was.”

“I understand, I don’t think you’re bad. What kinds of sites do you like?” I said, as though one might ask this question normally. She was becoming a little less reserved about the whole thing.

“Well, I subscribed to a couple sites that have a lot of variety,” she giggled and turned on the monitor. She hit play for the movie on the screen. It began with a man caressing and licking at a blonde woman’s shaved pussy. As the scene developed, the woman was clearly enjoying everything, and the man was very much into her. They were on a couch and he fucked her in a variety of positions. Finally taking her doggie style — apparently when I came in — where she reached a loud mewling orgasm.

I stood just behind her and pretended to be watching the movie, but I was also watching Marsha. At first, I think she tried to just watch, but soon one hand was surreptitiously teasing her nipple. I could see her sliding forward in her chair, causing the skirt to start to ride back up. Her other hand was now casually resting on her thigh, gently caressing the inside of her leg. Her nipples had become erect again, and I could hear her breathing get a little faster. As the clip ended, her voice a little shaky she said “what kinds of clips do you like, there is a pretty broad library here…”

I couldn’t believe it, she was inviting me to join her in watching them. Speaking slowly, and trying to put as much embarrassment in my voice as possible I said “I like ones where the woman is really ‘into it,’ I like hearing her, that’s what peaked my curiosity when I came by your door…” I trailed off, I could tell that she was rather turned on that I was going along with her. I pulled a chair just behind hers and sat down while she went to the archive index and clicked. As the movie loaded, she said “I think you might like this one.” Then she added softly “I do.”

The clip began with a woman sauntering into a room and beginning a slow strip tease. She was, like Marsha, voluptuously built, with large natural breasts and full round hips and ass. As the clothes fell away, the woman began to caress and stroke her own body. As I watched the screen, I could see Marsha’s hand mimicking the motions of the woman on the screen.

After the clothes fell away completely, the woman said, seductively “Do you like what you see?” You could hear the cameraman reply in the affirmative and I could see that the response excited Marsha. I softly said “Yeah, I like what I see.” Although she tried to disguise the reaction, Marsha clearly was hoping that sentiment might extend to her as well.

The woman in the video moved to a couch and lay down with her head on the couch cushion, one leg propped up on the back and the other draped loosely to the floor. Antalya Travesti Her hands began to gently caress and explore herself. I could see Marsha, trying not to be obvious, was caressing herself as well. She had wiggled her skirt up a little higher and one hand now danced in and out view while she sat watching the woman on the screen get herself off.

After a few minutes the woman reached her first orgasm, bucking against her fingers as they slid in and out of her wet sex. The cameraman said “there will be men all over the country spanking the monkey to that honey.” I heard Marsha give a soft moan in response. The cameraman walked forward, tightening the view as the woman spun herself on the couch so that her hips balanced on the edge. Pulling her legs up, she presented her open cunt and ass to the cameraman. The camera followed the action as he slid his member into her waiting cunt.

The action lasted a few more minutes, with a variety of positions. The cameraman was never in view, except his dick, but the woman put on quite a show. As she lay, spent, she looked at the cameraman and asked “Do you think that will turn men on? Will they think I’m sexy?” The cameraman voiced his approval, and the clip ended. As Marsha turned to look at me, her lips red with excitement, I said “yeah, I liked that…” Marsha interrupted and very shyly asked “Is she pretty? And sexy?”

“Oh yeah,” I blurted, barely containing my enthusiasm, “She’s hot, and I loved how turned on and ‘into it’ she got. You were right, I liked it.” After a brief pause, where I could tell Marsha was working up something to say, I added “that’s a lot longer than the stuff I usually find. Can I ask you a question?”

Apparently not sure what to say, Marsha simply nodded yes and I continued “what is it that you liked about that one?” I was pretty sure I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear it from her. She blushed and said simply “the man seems to think the woman is attractive…” the full implications of the explanation left unsaid as her voice trailed off.

After another awkward pause she said “Can I ask you a question?” I nodded and she stammered “Have you ever…you know … like I was … while watching something…” She couldn’t seem to bring herself to say masturbate and the question embarrassed her a lot but the eager look in her eyes told me she was enjoying having someone to discuss and explore sex with.

“Well, sometimes,” I started hesitantly. “Sometimes I watch them here and then go home and do that in the shower…” She giggled and nodded in agreement. Getting more brave she followed up with “would you ‘spank the monkey’ watching something like that?” I simply nodded yes. Then I looked deep into her eyes and said “you’re as sexy as her, you know…”

I think she almost cried, or orgasmed, it wasn’t clear which, maybe both. The moan that escaped her lips was soft but earnest. Still looking right into her eyes I said “Of course I would be all aroused watching someone sexy like you …” my gaze quickly shifted to my tented pants, to her chest and then back to her eyes.

She swiveled in her chair until she was facing me, our knees almost touching. Slowly she stood and faced me. Her hands were shaking, and her neck and face were flushed a deep red as she undid the top button on her blouse. I looked into her eyes and let my hand fall to my lap and cup my rock. A slight nod and she began to undo the next button, and the next. As her ample breasts were revealed I gave a long low moan and massaged myself slowly through my pants.

Her shirt dropped to the chair behind her and she slowly ran her hands up her sides until they cupped her breasts and Bursa Travesti presented them for me. I moaned my approval and rubbed my throbbing cock just a little more vigorously to show my interest. She tried to keep her gaze at my eyes but kept watching my hand on my cock.

Her hands slid slowly down to the waistband of her skirt and undid the clasp. Turning, and bending so that her wide hips and round ass stared me in the face she worked the skirt down her hips until it released and dropped to the floor around her feet. Completely naked now, she slowly turned back around, all the while letting her hand roam softly across her body. In a husky, seductive voice she said “Do you like what you see?” she then giggled, obviously thinking it was somewhat silly to so obviously mimic the movie.

“It is far better in person than on the little screen” I said, squeezing my dick through my pants. She sat down on the edge of her chair, leaned back and propped her feet up on the arms of my chair. Her sex was wide open and glistened with her juices. He hands roamed up and down, first teasing her nipples then sliding down and teasing her lips. Finally, she slid the middle finger of her right hand into her cunt and began to work it. As she worked her cunt, in and out, her eyes were locked on the tent in my pants. Her breath came in shorter and shorted gasps. She paused for a moment and, looking at me she said “take it out, pretend you are watching a video…”

I stood, still between her propped up legs, and dropped my pants to the floor. Sitting back down, I leaned back and slid my shorts down to my knees and let them drop too. My cock sprung up and I grasped it at the base and cupped my balls. As my fist began to slowly slide up and down the shaft, she grabbed the dildo and just rammed it into her cunt. She slid it out, then back in again quickly. The third thrust sent her into an orgasm: her hips bucked against the fake cock, her eyes closed, and her head rolled back. From her lips came a deep low moan, which rose in pitch as she continued to thrust the dildo into her bucking cunt.

I was debating what to do when she looked me in the eyes and said, almost pleading, “will you … could you …” Then her voice dropped in pitch and she finished in a low hoarse whisper that had changed to nearly an order “fuck me.”

I rose to my feet and guided her to hers. Positioning her in front of me, facing the desk, I began to caress her breasts. She leaned back into me, resting her head on my shoulder. My hands slowly ran up and down her body, touching, teasing and tweaking her nipples. I slid one finger into her wet sex and then a second, gently testing her cunt. I could tell, by it’s tightness, that although she was not a virgin, she had never been well fucked either. I bent her forward and she grabbed the edge of the desk and spread her legs apart. Taking hold of my pulsing member, I lined it up with her cunt and thrust it home. She pushed her hips back into mine and we met with a loud slap. We began to thrust against each other, slapping and sliding with an ever quickening pace. I could hear her orgasmic moan start almost immediately.

“You are so hot and sexy, I love slapping myself so deep into your womanhood,” I rasped in time with my thrusts. “I want you so bad.” She cried out softly as her body shook in orgasm and she tried to force herself deeper onto my cock. My hot jism exploded into her cunt as I whispered “You’ve made me cum so hard into you…”

We separated and she turned around and faced me. We kissed deeply and I pulled her close. Silently we separated and began to dress. When we were dressed again, I kissed her, looked deeply into her eyes and said “you are so sexy, any time you need a man to show you that, let me know.” She blushed, but then smiled and replied “I think I may need a man on a regular basis. Next time, I have some more ideas we need to try.” He eyes and smile told me I was going to like her ideas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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