Caught In The Shower

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All parties described in the story below are at least 18 years of age.

After a fairly rough day, all I wanted in the world was to take a shower. I knew Daddy would be annoyed if I wasn’t out before he got home. He says I spend too much time in the bathroom. I rushed around the house gathering up my mess, and tossed it in my room. I would have to clean that up later, at least it wasn’t all over the house, that was at least something he wouldn’t be upset with.

I finally made it to the bathroom, stripped, and jumped into the shower. I felt horrible, and couldn’t wait to be clean. I started with my hair as I always do, always made more sense to let the soap run down my dirty body. Just as I was finishing running conditioner through my freshly cleaned locks I heard Daddy’s voice.

“Do you EVER leave this damned bathroom?”

I jumped from being startled and threw the conditioner bottle across the tub. “Daddy!”

“Who else would you expect?” he sounded more jovial then I would have thought he would be.

“Daddy, you scared me to death!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you…” he laughed, but I somehow didn’t think he was sorry at all.

“I’m sorry I got in the shower late Daddy, I’ll hurry.”

“No no no, take your time. Seems like as good a time as any to catch up a bit. We never get to talk anymore.” I heard some shuffling in the bathroom from the outside of the curtain. Did he actually just come in the bathroom while I was in the shower?

“Daddy, can’t we talk more once I get out of the shower?”

“Of course we can, we can spend all day talking. But for now, you are in the bathroom again, so that is where we are going to spend our time together.”

I was terribly afraid that he was serious. I know I had been spending a lot more time on myself than I used to. I wanted to feel pretty, and pretty took time and work. Why couldn’t Daddy understand that? “Daddy are you seriously just going to stay in here?”

“Oh yes my sweet princess, I’m going to stay in here. I miss you, if this is what I have to do, then this is what I have to do.”

“Fine, I’ll get out, I can finish my shower later. Will you please leave long enough for me to get dressed?”

“No, you will finish your shower now.” Daddy’s voice had changed, there was nothing I could put my finger on, but it was wrong. Perhaps it was just the steam from the shower.

“Daddy! You can’t be serious”

Before I knew what was happening the curtain on the shower was being ripped open, I scrambled to cover myself as best as I could. Daddy just stood there watching me. His anger appeared to soften around the edges a bit, though he was still very serious. “You will finish your shower now.”

I was starting to shiver, a little from the cold of the curtain being ripped back, and a little from fear of Daddy. “Ok Daddy, I’ll finish my shower, can I please close the curtain now?”

“No.” Was all he said. He removed his hand from the curtain and slowly took a step back. He never took his eyes from me.

“Daddy, I can’t shower with the curtain open! Everything will get wet, and, if you haven’t noticed I’m naked. I’d really like some privacy!”

The side of Daddy’s mouth slowly curled into what I can only call, a smirk. “I have noticed, and the answer is still no. Don’t ask again.”

I was suddenly more aware of being naked than I had ever been, in my whole life. Was he seriously going to just stand there while I took a shower with the curtain open? I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move. I wanted to hold still until this whole nightmare was over. I looked up at Daddy, he was still standing as he had been, waiting. I looked away from him quickly, I was so embarrassed, I’m sure the skin all over my body was turning red.

“Let me make something clear for you my sweet girl, you are going to finish your shower. You are going to do it right now. If you continue to hesitate, I will do it for you. Is that clear enough?”

Daddy didn’t talk to me like that. Ever. It was scary to see him like this. I wanted to do what he said, and I wanted to die of shame. I was torn in far too many directions to be able to react at all.

“Now.” He growled.

“D-daddy, I- really don’t know what to do, I feel very uncomfortable.” I could feel my eyes start to burn, and that familiar tingle in your nose before you start to cry. When your body betrays you and burns you from the inside and forces tears to your eyes.

“Fine.” He shrugged. A second of relief flooded over me. Not a full second later, Daddy had lunged toward me. He grabbed my loofah, and a hand full of my hair. Before I could even react he had me pressed face first against the wall as he began scrubbing my back. Full tears were now running down my face, only a few being washed away by the shower.

“I told you what would happen did I not? Yes, you chose to disobey me.” He scrubbed at my back, I knew I would have red marks all down my skin. He moved to my butt, and scrubbed avrupa yakası escort my cheeks just as rough. I could feel my ass bounce a little with every pass. I had always thought my ass was a little too big, and here I was being forced to display it in it’s most humiliating form. “All I wanted was for you to do what you are told.”

After scrubbing my butt, he then ran the loofah into my crack, and began scrubbing around my asshole. I was horrified. I could feel the soap around my hole and it started to burn a little. I felt like one of those people in a movie getting scrubbed down for decontamination.

He squeezed the hair at the base of my neck rather violently. “Now, we can continue to do this the hard way, and you might get hurt. Or you can cooperate. You might even like it.”

I nodded, “Ok Daddy, I will shower with you here.”

“No no no, we’ve gone past that option, now I’m offering you a new one. Perhaps next time you’ll do as you’re told the first time.” I shivered, ‘next time’? “Now you can let me do what needs to be done, or I can do it with you fighting me. Either way it will be done. If you allow it, it probably won’t hurt as much.”

I started crying in earnest now, it was hard to form words past my sobbing. “Daddy, I’m sorry I didn’t listen. Please let me clean myself, I promise I will listen next time.”

“No. You aren’t even listening now. I think we need this lesson out of the way, if you are to learn anything for later.” He began slowly rubbing the loofah across my wet sore ass. “Now, turn around.”

I couldn’t move, I wanted to do as he said so this would just be over. I was too afraid and confused to actually move any part of my body.

“Dammit, you little bitch!” He screamed, and threw me around till my back was against the wall with only a handful of hair. “I knew you wouldn’t listen. When I tell you to do something, I mean now, not when you feel like it. Do you understand me?”

Shaking harder than I remembered shaking in my whole life, all I could do was nod. I was too afraid to look up at him to speak.

“Good.” He purred. “I am going to give you instructions, you are going to follow them, or I will do it for you.”

I simply nodded again. I was trembling in fear, trying to cover myself as best I could, I was ashamed and afraid for Daddy to see my body.

“Move your arms, I want them both over your head.”

In shock I glanced at him, the look on his face was terrible. I’d never seen him this way, it was like my Daddy had been possessed. He quirked an eyebrow at me, which made me realize I had hesitated again. I moved as quickly as possible to comply with his request. I placed both my hands atop my head and interlaced my fingers. The cold was terrible, but the heat from the shower was finally starting to warm further out than where the curtain had been.

“Mmm, very good. Do you see how much better it is when you just do what I ask?”

I nodded, too afraid to speak or move. I didn’t want to provoke him any more than I already had. He looked at me for a long time. He seemed to take a mental note of my entire naked frontside. I did my best not to fidget through the shame.

As if it were a normal day, Daddy went back to washing me. He ran the loofah gently up my arms, and across my shoulders. He washed my sternum and down my cleavage to my tummy. He looked me right in the eye, smiled, the slowly ran the loofah back up my chest. Washing my breasts, circling them and covering them in soap, then running the rough plastic of the loofah across each of my nipples several times. If they hadn’t been fully erect before from the cold, they certainly would be now from the irritation.

“You have very nice tits, has Daddy ever told you that?”

Jolted back to the situation by Daddy’s words, I was yet again in shock. Not only was he washing my naked body, he was complimenting it! Daddy can’t look at my ‘tits’! I’m sure a look of sheer confusion passed over my face, because Daddy began to chuckle.

Daddy pushed his flat hand between my thighs and pushed on either of them gently, I assume encouraging me to move them apart. I took a step with my right leg, and then my left. Opening as wide as I was comfortable on this slick surface. Only after I had moved, did I realize that I had done it.

Daddy’s face lit up with joy, or maybe it was pride. “Very very good, perhaps you can be taught.” He moved the loofah between my thighs and began working it very slowly against my lips. I was still afraid, but somehow now, excited. I almost wanted him to touch me.

He rubbed the soapy sponge against my lips for a moment, before I felt a finger slip down through the slit that was protecting my clit from his touch. That motion made it possible for the loofah to follow. He stroked the harsh material over my clit a few times before dropping it. “Oops,” was all he said.

He continued to clean my clit and lips with his fingers, occasionally pulling on one of my lips istanbul escort and pinching my clit. I could feel myself starting to swell. I was humiliated and afraid, but now, I didn’t want him to stop. My trembling was almost gone, and the cold was becoming a vague memory.

“You also have a very nice pussy princess.”

“Thank you Daddy” was all I could think to say.

He purred gently. “Now I’m going to clean out that dirty cunt of yours ok?”

“Ok Daddy.” I was astonished that I actually wanted to let him continue this, but the feel of him against me made it impossible for me to think clearly.

He pushed his hand forward, and circled his finger around my vagina. I wasn’t sure if it felt slick because of the soap or me. Daddy slowly slid a finger into me. I gasped at the shock and sheer ecstasy of it. His finger began exploring me from the inside. Involuntarily my head went back, and I was only barely able to stop myself from a full moan.

Daddy pulled his finger out, only to replace it with another. Still exploring me, and exciting me. I felt him then, pressing against my asshole. This time I wasn’t able to stop the moan, and it escaped me. He pressed harder in to my ass, I loved every second of it. He wiggled both his fingers back and forth, rubbing them together. My body felt the need to push down, and drive him further in to me. My physical need had totally overcome my mental reservations.

“Yes, you like it when Daddy helps make you pretty.” His fingers slowly withdrew, only to reinsert themselves. Over and over, painfully slow. It was driving me mad. “It’s important to make sure my little girl gets her slutty little body clean for Daddy.”

Again I could only nod. I wanted him to be pleased, if he was happy he would continue to touch me. I needed his touch. I didn’t care if he called me a slut, he could call me anything he liked. I was a slut at this moment, and had no current desire to change that.

I couldn’t take it any longer, and I pushed down against his fingers, I needed them buried deep inside of me. Before I’d even followed through with the full movement, I felt a hot stinging slap across my face. I gasped for breath, too bewildered to think, or move my hands away from my head to protect myself.

“You fucking whore. You will get what pleasure I choose, and when I choose it. When I want you to fuck my hand, I will tell you. Until then you will be still, understood?”

I blinked a few times to clear my vision, no matter what I did, everything appeared foggy. Even Daddy’s face was a blur to me. “Y-es.” I finally managed to stammer out.

“I need a good girl, not a nasty slut. A good girl will do whatever her Daddy tells her. A slut will try to take what she wants. There is a place for both, this isn’t a place for a slut.”

I am not certain if I actually made a movement, though I think I may have nodded.

“Now turn around, and bend over, I want to see that ass.” He pulled his fingers from inside of me. Instantly I was sad, my clit was on fire with need for him, and him alone.

I turned as quickly as I could, I wanted to be his good girl. I moved my hands from my head to brace myself on the side of the bath tub so I could do as he requested. “Mmm.” I heard him moan. Then I felt his hands on either side of my butt. He pulled on my cheeks and spread them as far as I thought my skin could go without tearing me in half. He reached between my legs and pinched my clit several times. I moaned at the feel of it. It hurt, and was thrilling.

“I think it’s time we move in to another room, you seem clean enough to be allowed on my bed.” He grabbed my hair again and pulled me to my feet, and kicked the water off with his foot, it was the first time I realized he was still wearing shoes. “Out.” he gestured for me to step out of the tub. I complied, the cold began to rush back against my wet skin, so I reached for a towel. He jerked me back from the towel rack with my hair. “You will get a towel when I say you get a towel cunt.”

Almost dragging me by the hair he started walking, I had no choice but to follow him with my head down and dripping all through the house. When we entered his room, he threw my face down to the floor. I caught myself on my hands and knees. “Crawl to my bed bitch.” As if I were hypnotized I did exactly as he commanded. I crawled the distance from the door to his bed. “Now, lean over my bed with your ass up.” I scrambled to my feet and leaned over his bed, I situated myself with my legs open and ready for him.

I heard him rustling around his room a bit, though I couldn’t understand why. “You are a nasty whore, you know that right? Sometimes I think you’re kinda hot. Today though, you are just a filthy skank. I’m going to examine you more fully, and if you are good enough, you are going to be my whore.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I agreed. I wanted to deserve him, I wanted to be anything he wanted me to be.

“Now, hold still while Daddy does what he has to do.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good mecidiyeköy escort girl, lets see if your nasty body is good enough for Daddy to use.” I felt something cold and hard strike me across the ass. Before I was able to conceive of what it was, I felt it enter my vagina. I could feel the cold shaft inside me, my warm body struggling to adjust. He began thrusting it in and out of me, I could feel my knees threatening to give out. He must have noticed, “If you fall, this will be much more unpleasant for you cunt.”

I held on to the bed with both hands while he invaded my body almost violently, in and out. It was both painful and enjoyable. My clit continued to swell with heat, I needed this. I deserved this. I could think of nothing more I wanted than to please him.

“Look at that cunt of yours, it’s all wet. I wonder…” He ripped the shaft out of my vagina, I felt like I was going to flip inside out. On its next in thrust, he rammed it into my ass. I screamed out as my ass was lit on fire. He stroked it in and out of me slowly until he was satisfied with how much fit, then began fucking me just as violently in the ass.

“I love abusing you, you stupid whore. It makes my cock hard to see you suffer. You want my cock to be hard don’t you?”

“Oh yes, Daddy!”

“That’s right you worthless cunt, Daddy’s going to use you like a fuck doll. You are nothing to me right now, other than something to use for my enjoyment.” He rammed another cold shaft into my vagina. Pumping them both together, I could feel myself stretching and the skin begging to give. I held on to the bed like a life raft in the ocean.

He pushed both shafts into me as far as my body would allow and held them there. “Roll over, I want to see your tits jiggle”

I pushed off the bed, and turned as gently as I could without moving the objects inside of me. I laid down on my back. I was barely down before he started working them in and out of me again. This angle was different and the pain started all over. He grabbed one of my nipples with his free hand and pulled on it, hard. My back arched to follow where he was pulling me. I couldn’t help but moan harder.

He pulled the shafts over of me as quickly as he had put them there. I gasped at the sudden sensation of being empty and in pain. He laughed in a way I’d never heard before. I heard the objects hit the floor as he leaned forward over me. He grabbed my nipple in his teeth and began to lick the flesh behind his teeth, quickly. I squirmed and moaned, the harshness of his teeth, and the softness of his tongue was confusing to my senses.

His hand found its way to my clit, and he was rubbing on it, softer and more gently than he had thus far. As he pulled his head back from my breast he said, “Such fantastic tits for such a vile cunt.”

He positioned himself at the end of the bed on his knees, and pulled my lips wide. The skin began to burn as he pulled it open, the skin aching to tear. He let go and grabbed both my knees and threw them wide, and rested my feet on the bed. “Keep your legs open for Daddy you filthy fucking whore. I’d hate to have to make you do it.”

I relaxed a bit, holding my legs as open as I was able, so he could explore me as fully as he wished. I felt him gently slide another shaft into my vagina, and began working it slowly. “Your cunt is so wet, I love watching it. But, there are still other things I need to check before I can know if you are the fuck doll for Daddy.”

Writhing gently on the bed, trying to hold as still as possible, I just moaned. Every part of my body was open to him, I only wanted to be what he was looking for, and for this to never end. He lapped with his tongue on my clit while still fucking me. I almost came undone.

“Your pussy tastes sweet whore, it must be because it was so clean. Maybe Daddy will have to wash it for you from now on.” His teeth closed on my clit and he shook his head softly from side to side. I screamed out, it was a very intense and pleasurable pain. Daddy set to sucking on my clit, I felt my eyes roll back in my head, and I was unable to control my voice any longer, I was screaming out.

“Do you want to be Daddy’s whore?” he said between laps on my clit.

“Yes Daddy, very much.”

“You are doing very well slut, keep this up and Daddy will use your worthless body whenever he wants.” He sucked and licked at my clit, while fucking me with the shaft till I couldn’t take it anymore. My entire groin was on fire and was going to explode. I knew I was going to cum, and the realization of that jolted me to my senses for only a moment. Would he allow me to cum, or would he be angry if I did?

“Daddy, may I please cum, that feels really good.”

He rammed the shaft hard into me, and stopped sucking with his mouth. “No you useless whore you may not cum. Your body is for me not you. You will cum when and if I tell you. You are a toy for my entertainment. If you cum before you are told, I will have to punish you for that, you don’t want Daddy to have to punish you do you?”

Very aware of his seriousness, I knew he would hurt me if I disobeyed. “No Daddy, please, I want to be a good girl.”

“Very good, I will suck on your skanky twat till I’m done, not you. You will lay there and take it, like you have been told. Is that clear you dumb bitch?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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