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Amanda had just started her first job after school ended for summer break. Her dad mostly raised her and her younger brother, and he always tried to make sure they were in shape. That summer Amanda and her dad and brother made a plan, they would lift weights three days a week, follow a healthy diet, and walk anywhere in town instead of driving. So Amanda would walk to work on the other side of town around noon, and walk home when she got off at night. By following this plan all 3 got into good shape, but Amanda enjoyed it. She lost 40 pounds, and started getting really cut. Eventually, about halfway through the summer she decided she should run to work and home, to get a better workout. It was on one of these nights that it happened.

It had been a long day, I had woken up early to drop off my pesky brother at a friend’s house so he and his friend could go off canoeing that day, but I still met up with my dad at the YMCA for our workout. I hit all the weights hard, trying to catch up to my dad, and keep ahead of my brother. After 5 sets of everything we could think of, we switched to volleyball in the gym, and then jogged a mile on the indoor track before finally heading our separate ways for the day. I told dad I would get off work around one am, possibly later since someone had quit the night before, and we were short handed. I made my way to the showers and took a long shower, trying to let the drumming water massage the tension and soreness from my whole body. I lathered up my breasts and soaped my body, letting the relaxing scent sooth my hot skin. After rinsing off I realized I had forgotten my towel on the bench across the locker room. I peeked out around the curtain, and seeing no one I walked out to grab my towel. As soon as I was halfway across the room, of course, the door to the locker room swung open, I froze in plain sight, and not only in sight of the girl walking in, but a group of guys standing in the hallway could see me too. They started whistling and hooting and I dove for the towel, my face blazing red. What was worse was that I knew them, they were regular customers where I worked at the pizza place, and they always came in slightly drunk. Not only that, but the girl who walked in was my manager Charlie. Charlie didn’t help the situation by standing there holding the door open and staring at my naked hot body, glistening with moisture from the shower. Charlie was a lesbian, everyone at work knew it, and so I was caught in the nude by people I would have to face later on that evening.
Charlie recovered and yelled at the men in the hallway for being perverts and slammed the door in their face. She kept her back turned as I hurriedly grabbed my towel and threw on shorts and a tank top. I sprinted out as soon as I was dressed, I was so embarrassed. But I was also a little flustered. See, I had never had a boyfriend. Growing up I was always a tomboy, and I was already 16, but I had no interest in boys. Sometimes I secretly wondered if maybe I was a lesbian, and I wanted to ask Charlie as a friend, how she figured out she was a lesbian. As I walked through town I kept thinking, and I decided that I might ask her tonight, if she worked. But I kept thinking about it for the 2 hours it took me to walk there.
By the time I got to work I was feeling looser, and I was ready to start working. When I walked in the back door I almost walked into Charlie, who was stepping out for some fresh air. She said to me, “can I talk to you a second before you clock on?” so I just stepped back and let her close the door, and followed her behind the building.
“listen, Amanda, I just wanted to apologize for my reaction at the Y today. I didn’t mean to stand there gawking, and I definitely didn’t mean to hold the door open so those horny guys could see too. Please don’t be mad, and please don’t let this make anything awkward between us at work.”
All I could do was stand there a second, and try not to blush again, remembering how I had been caught fully exposed. “it’s no problem, I’m just really shy, and hearing them whistling at me just made me freeze like a deer in headlights.”
Charlie looked at me with a thoughtful expression, and just kind of blurted out “don’t take this the wrong way, but why are you so shy about your body?”
I just stood there, and told her, “well, except for my parents, nobody has seen me naked.”
She couldn’t believe this, “really? What about your boyfriend?”
“I’ve never had one. Guys just seem silly and immature to me.”
At this point she just looked thoughtful again and turned around and went back inside. I followed her and clocked on and started working. I kept replaying the scene in my head while I worked, how thoughtful she had seemed, it made me wonder what she thought about me.
Before I knew it, it was midnight and it was just me, Charlie, and another girl left at the store. We were all joking and singing along with the radio while we went through the cleaning list and got ready to close. About 10 minutes before the store closes a group of drunk guys came in, none other than the ones who had seen me earlier that day. When I went up to the register to take their order one of them recognized me, and before I knew it they were asking me my name, and phone number, and to come with them back to a party they were taking pizza to. I didn’t know what to do, but Charlie came up and told them not to solicit inside the store, but when they kept pestering me she said “back off guys, she’s not interested, besides she’s mine!” and Charlie slipped her arm around my waist and gave me a peck on the cheek. Well the guys just kind of went into shock, and paid and took their pizzas, and left.
Well, about 5 seconds after they went out the door Charlie walked to it and locked it, and turned off the outside sign and lights for closing, and then turned around, and burst out laughing. Tiffany, the other girl there, started laughing too, and pretty soon all 3 of us where laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe. “thank you Charlie, I had no clue what to say to those guys.”
Well Charlie almost blushed, and said “no problem Amanda, as long as you didn’t mind me being that close to you.”
“of course not, we’re friends, and you were helping me out.”
At this point I went back to wiping off counters, and we kept joking about it, and we started talking about past boyfriends/girlfriends, and tiffany asked me “what about you Amanda? You haven’t said anything”.
“well, I haven’t had a boyfriend, or girlfriend.” I said.
And of course she had to ask, “so which do you like? Sexy handsome man, or a hot girl?”
Well, I stopped, and I thought a bit, and I replied “I don’t know.” After I said this I went back to wiping a table off, and Charlie walked up behind me, gently placed her hands on my hips, brought her mouth to my ear, and whispered in a husky voice “does this turn you on?” my brain froze, it seemed like I was not in control of my body, and I watched myself as I slowly turned my head, looked Charlie straight in the eyes, and kissed her. I had never experienced a real kiss, and Charlie casino siteleri did not pull away, far from it, she pulled me around behind a corner, and pushed me up against the wall and kissed me with a passion I did not know existed. All of a sudden I heard tiffany call out “where’d you guys go? I need help taking the trash out to the dumpster.”
Charlie jumped back, her face flushed, and turned around. She took a couple deep breaths and called back “just a sec, I’ll get it, I need some fresh air, I’m tired of smelling pepperoni pizza.” She walked over to the bags and grabbed 1 and started lugging it out the door. Something snapped and I came back to myself, I didn’t think about it, but I grabbed 2 bags, one in each hand and took off after her. I found her leaning on the dumpster with her head on her arms, I tossed my bags in on the other side and came around to her.
“I’m sorry Charlie, I didn’t think at all when you did that, I swear, it just …happened, please don’t be mad at me.”
And Charlie turned around and very quietly asked me “well?”
“well what?” I was slightly confused, and wondered what she was going to say.
“so did that turn you on, or not?” and after she said this she smiled and laughed.
I just stood there, relieved she wasn’t angry, and laughed with her. “I have to admit, I never thought I would say this, but yes.”
“can I say something Amanda? And please don’t take any offense.”
And she said this so earnestly that I couldn’t help but say “you can say anything and I wouldn’t be mad.”
And she looked at me, and took a step closer to me, she took my hand in hers and looked me straight in the eye “you shouldn’t be shy about your body, you are probably one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen. You are also one of the nicest, hardest working, honest people I know. I really like you. I have since about 2 weeks after you started working here. But you never acted like you liked me the same way, so I almost gave up.”
I just stood there speechless. This day had gone from good, to embarrassing, to awesome, to something more. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I just knew I wanted to do whatever it was with Charlie. “Charlie, I had wanted to ask you for awhile, how do you know if you like someone in that certain way? Cause right now, I feel like I have a weird pressure on my chest, and when I think about what just happened I get all funny feeling, like light headed and happy. Is that what it is supposed to feel like?”
After I said that she leaned in and whispered “oh yes”, and kissed me, her arms slid around my hips and pulled me closer to her. I timidly placed my hands on her waist, and like this was a signal for ok, she started sliding her hands up my back, and one hand came to the front and cupped my breast. But when she started rubbing my tit I jumped at the feeling it caused.
“o, we probably shouldn’t be doing this at work huh?” Charlie said, and she turned and headed back inside.
“wait!” that’s not why I jumped, you just surprised me, I never felt like that before. Although yes, we probably shouldn’t do that at work.” And I caught up tp her and we walked back inside together.
Right before we opened the door she pulled close again and said “would you like to hang out sometime outside of work?”
“you mean like a date?” just thinking about this made this night a whole lot better.
“yeah, neither of us works tomorrow, so you just wanna meet here and find something to do from there?” and she kind of just stood there watching me carefully.
“Around 5 good? I asked.”
“It’s a date.” And we turned and went back inside.
After we finished closing paperwork and tiffany had left Charlie gave me one more kiss, and headed off. I felt so happy and relieved. I started walking back through town wondering what we might do tomorrow, and what I should wear, but I figured she likes the way I am normally, so just wear whatever. After reaching the top of a hill I decided to go ahead and jog for a bit, it was kind of late, and the bugs were gathering around the street lights and hitting me when I walked under them.
After a bit I came to the stop light so I stopped and waited for the lights to change and the few cars to either stop, or go through. A blue pickup pulled up at the red light with some guys standing in the back bed. Well, turns out they were the same guys from work. They started whistling at me and trying to get my name but when the light turned green the driver took off, and they disappeared around the corner. I decided to try and run the rest of the way home, it was only about another 2 miles, I was slightly creeped out. I decided I was going to time myself while I was at it. So I stretched for a second, started my watch, and took off. I set a good pace, and was pretty soon breath fairly hard, about two thirds of the way there I crossed another intersection by a old abandoned gas station. As I ran across the parking lot I heard glass breaking so I turned my head to see where it came from and stepped into a huge hole in the pavement. I fell, skinning my knee, elbow, and both palms. From sheer surprise at falling I shouted “fuck!” I rolled over and sat down for a second to check if anything was bleeding. I heard some laughter and it sounded like someone was having a small party behind the gas station in the back parking lot. While I was sitting down I retied one shoe, and while I was doing this I heard someone walking up behind me. I turned around and saw one of the guys from the truck.
“hey, ain’t you that chick from the pizza place?” he was kind of slurring his words, and I could tell he was drunk. “hey guys!” he hollered over his shoulder. “it’s the chick that got kissed by a chick at the pizza place!” I didn’t feel like hanging around for more drunk guys to show up, so I stood up and brushed off my shorts. However another 2 guys had already joined the first, one of them nudged the other in the ribs and said “hey, it’s the girl we saw stripped at the Y today! I swear it is!” “hey, you sure are a hot babe when you’re naked.” The other 2 guys started snickering at this, “you’re nuts, no way this is that girl.” The first guy got all defensive, and insisted “yeah it is, you can’t see it, just cause she’s wearin’ baggy shorts and some pizza shirt with her hair in a ponytail. Hey, take your hair out of the ponytail so they can see!” when I moved to turn around and walk away I felt an excruciating pain in my ankle and almost fell again. The first guy reached over and grabbed my arm to steady me. “you ok? Hey I’ll give you a ride home if you take your hair down so I can prove it to these guys?
Well, I knew I couldn’t run, I could hardly put weight on my ankle, and I was starting to get freaked out a bit. So I was gonna take his offer. I pulled my hair loose so he could see. One of the other two stopped laughing and said “ hey you’re right, that is her!” the other guy still wasn’t persuaded. “that still ain’t her, look at the body.” And the other guy said, “yeah it is, just imagine it without the baggy clothes”.
At this point I was getting embarrassed again, “I’d rather you canlı casino didn’t imagine me without my clothes on.” And I crossed my arms over my chest and tried to back up.
But the other guy was behind me, and said something that froze my blood, “why imagine anything, just take um off now and see for real.”
I turned and stared limping away from them, hoping they would argue, pass out, anything that would let me get out of there. But one guy jumped after me and tackled me into the grass. “where are you going bitch? I want to know for sure if it was you or not!”
I choked out a reply from the ground “it was me!Yyou saw me when I was going for my towel after a shower at the Y and a girl opened the locker room door. Now please let me go, you’re hurting me.”
“well, if that’s true, we been wishing all day we had gotten a better look, weren’t we guys?” and he turned smirking to his buddies. “here, just come back with us, join the party, we’ll give you a ride after the party is over.” And he more or less picked me up and carried me back behind the gas station.
They had gathered sticks and stuff from the ditch and had a small bonfire going in the parking lot. Their truck was parked in such a way that it was out of view from the road, and blocked the fire light from being easily seen. The guys put me down so I could sit on a log they were using as a bench. There were 2 more guys sitting by the fire, but they were half asleep. But the other guy threw a couple rocks at them and said “hey wake up you 2, we want you to see this girl, we saw her naked at the Y today. She was smoking hot. Come on you light weights.” So the other 2 guys stirred and gathered around me. I had 5 guys looking at me, and I was seriously starting to wonder about what they might do. But I figured, hey, in this town, nothing bad really happens, I’m safe, they’ll probably be happy with seeing a rack, and leave me alone. So I just sat there and didn’t talk and listened to them telling stories and dirty jokes. 2 guys got up “we gotta take a piss”, and they walked off behind a bush further behind the building. I was relaxing a bit, they seemed ok, and I was about to bring up the possibility of them giving me a ride, or saying I had to go home, when I felt rough hands grab my mouth, and another pair of arms pin my arms down to mu side. The other 2 guys had planned something and snuck back behind me. I tried to scream, but one hand clamped on my mouth, and one on my neck. As my vision grayed out I quit trying to scream and he let go of my throat. I breathed in gulps of air and tried to think of everything they had taught us in class about self defense. I tensed my legs under me, prepared to spring up and head butt the guy in the jaw, but before I could one of the guys by the fire jumped over and grabbed my legs. I tried to kick, and writhed trying to break and limb loose, tried to hit, bite, scratch or scream, anything. But, the guy grabbed my throat again and snarled in my ear “just relax, we just wanna see that hot body again, promise, but if you keep trying to scream, I’ll have to choke you.” I didn’t want to pass out, cause then I wouldn’t be able to fight at all, so I just went limp. Lure them into a false sense of security, I figured.
One guy proceeded to strip off my shirt, but he was having a hard time balancing, and it took him a few minutes, then it took him a few more to fight with my bra. In the end he gave up trying to unhook it and just pulled it off roughly. I had been so distracted by the shirt, that they had been able to work off my shorts down to my ankles without my noticing. I started to struggle again and one punched me in the stomach. My air whooshed out and I doubled over, tears streaming down my face as I whimpered. As I lay there they roughly pulled my shorts off the rest of the way and yanked off the panties. They made me stand up then, close to the fire, so they could see better. “holy shit! It is her, never would have known with the clothes.” And to my horror a couple of them started rubbing the crotch of their pants. They looked at each other and I could sense they were trying to work each other up to doing something really bad.
“please don’t hurt me!’ I begged. “I just want to go home. I won’t tell anyone about this, just let me go, I’ll walk.”
But one guy just smiled, but that smile froze my blood as he unzipped his pants and pulled out a hard cock. I spun around to run but they grabbed me and threw me into the bed of the truck. One guys rummaged around the cabin and brought out a couple blankets and they laid them down and moved me onto them. By then all the guys had pulled out cocks of varying sizes. As scared as I was I was also amazed that there could be so many differences between them. But then one man grabbed my arms by the wrist and took a piece of rope and tied my hands together, anchoring them above my head.
I begged with them “please, don’t do this, I’ll do anything else, just please, not this, anything but this.”
“what’s wrong babe? Didn’t your boyfriend ever love you the rough way?” and all the guys laughed and snickered at this.
And I whimpered out my answer, “no, I’ve never had a boyfriend before. I’m a virgin. Please, don’t take that away from me.”
One of the guys looked uncomfortable, and said “hey, I won’t do a virgin, I can’t take that from her.” But the other guy said “fine, after me she won’t be one, then you can go.”
“please….” Was all I could say as I watched him take off his pants and boxers.
He climbed into the bed of the truck and told me “if you can get me off with a blow job, then I won’t do it. So take it in your mouth, and if you bite, I’ll kill you.” So he stood over me and held his average 6 inch dick in front of my face. I had never done this, it seemed gross, but if it was a way out, I was gonna do it. So I took his hard cock in my mouth, but I didn’t know what to do. But he moaned out “yeah baby, suck my cock, lick it good, lick my balls!” so I did what he said, but when he said “harder baby, yea faster!” and started ramming his dick into my throat I started gagging, but he just put a hand behind my head and forced it in farther. It felt like he was trying to spilt open my throat, I couldn’t breathe around it, I started fighting it, trying to pull back, and he finally let go. But then he grinned and said “guess what? You didn’t do it, so I’m gonna have to drill that tight virgin pussy of yours.” He slid down and someone used my own shirt to gag me. I had to lay there and watch as he took a finger and started probing my pussy. He worked it around my clit, and despite myself I couldn’t help but start to get wet. “see, she likes it, look at her wet pussy, it’s just screaming to be fucked!” and without anything more he put his dick against my virgin cunt and started to slid it in. little by little, he just kept pushing, harder and harder. Then he felt it. He pulled out a bit and just slid in and out up to that point, and he asked me, “ready?” and I kept shaking my head no, and tears were running down my face, and he pulled out. I was amazed, he had stopped! The other guys asked kaçak casino him if he was gonna pussy out, but he just leaned forward like he was gonna get up, but then he slammed his whole dick inside me with no warning. I felt it in slow motion, it strained inside me, pushing harder and harder, and then it broke, and pain, like never before shot through me, and I screamed and sobbed into my shirt as he started to pound harder and harder, thrusting faster. But as he was about to come he ripped my shirt out of my mouth and shoved his cock into it again, and started pumping his cum into my throat. I tried to pull back but he put his hand behind my head again and just ground in harder, the only thing I could do was swallow every drop of him, and when he was done try, to breathe. He rolled over and climbed out of the truck and pulled his short back on. I just lay there hurting, crying, and begging.
“please don’t do that again, please!” but the next guy just climbed up and started rubbing my bloody pussy with his dick. When he finally thrust in it felt like fire iniside me. He was easily 2 inches longer than the first guy, and another inch around. As he started moving faster and faster I couldn’t help but cry out softly in pain. But as he was cumming he pulled out and spayed his load all over my stomach. The third guy was smaller than both, so when he took his turn it didn’t hurt as much, and when he pulled it out and thrust it in my throat it didn’t choke me like the first guy. But the last 2 guys were talking with each other. I couldn’t hear everything they were saying, but I heard one say something about only anal. Well, my anatomy class gave me enough knowledge to know that that couldn’t be good. But they argued, so I wasn’t as scared, but when they came to an agreement, and turned around, I was horrified. The fourth guy stepped forward, and my eyes couldn’t leave his crotch. He was easily 10 inches long, and atleast 4 around. He went into the truck cabin and came out with a bottle of lube and started applying it. He rubbed some on my pussy and it dripped down along my ass. He flipped me over on top of him for some reason, and made me sit on it. I could barely get his head into me. I tried to slide up and down a little, just to try and get used to it, but then he grabbed me and pulled me down hard. He slid in all the way down to his balls. If I had thought the first time hurt, it was nothing compared to this. It felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside out. I felt something tear and the lube started making it burn, and I started bleeding again, but he just kept pushing me up, and pulling me down harder and faster. But where the other 3 had cum in less than 5 minutes, he was still going after 15, the last guy was getting impatient, and yelled at him “what’s wrong? Goin’ limp you pussy?” but he just replied “when you’re bigger , you’re slower to cum pinprick!”
but the fifth guy just said “that’s it, you’re sharing!” and the fourth said fine with me, just don’t touch me.” I didn’t know how this was going to work. But when I saw him, I nearly passed out, he was just as big as the guy currently splitting my pussy in half. He grabbed the bottle of lube and told the fourth guy “hold her tight now, this is gonna turn into a rodeo!” and while I was still trying to figure out what was going to happen I felt him start to pour lube onto my asshole. I freaked out and started writhing and bucking, trying anything to keep him away from my ass, but I had my arms pinned, and the fourth guy was holding me tight to his chest. I started sobbing hysterically, and the fourth guys just answered with an extra hard thrust that left me gasping for air. I felt the last guy place his now lubed cock on my ass and start sliding it up and down, just on my ass. I thought maybe that was all he was going to do. Casue he just kept rubbing it faster and faster, so I relaxed a bit and he let me set up, so I focused on the one trying to impale my pussy all the way through. He had me lean forward so he could thrust at a different angle, but he pulled out to change the way he was laying, it felt like I had passed a fucking watermelon. My pussy hurt and ached and burned, and it was steadily dripping blood. But he just held me to his chest again, but as he was relining back up for my pussy I felt a pain even worse than the first and fourth guys’ entries combined. The fifth guy had waited until I relaxed to line up the perfect angle for a quick forced entry into my ass. I felt my skin tear and the lube burned twice as much in my ass as it had in my pussy. It felt like I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I screamed, and I screamed, but the fourth guy just thrust deep inside my pussy too. I was being filled by two monstrous cocks at the same time. I could feel something warm running down my thighs, it was more blood from torn tissues and passages never meant to be used this way. I fought as hard as I could to try and buck off the fifth guy, but the fourth guy was holding me too tightly to be able to move much. I tried to let my mind go, anywhere I didn’t have to feel this burning pain. And I went back to the kiss with Charlie. I thought of it, over and over; her holding my hips, and I her waist, pulling each other closer, and sharing a passionate kiss. After this night I knew I could never be with a man. I thought of tomorrow’s date. If I could, I would still go. She would know what to say to help me cope with this horrible violation of my body.
Before I knew it they both came inside me at the same time, one filled my pussy with his hot load, and as he pulled out hi cum ran down the side of my leg with the blood, and then the fifth guy fill my ass with his jiz. They had all had their way with me. They had all raped me, and come in or on me. they dropped me off at my house, and I promised never to tell the police, as long as they never touched me again. My dad was at work and my brother was staying the night at his friend’s house. I took a long shower, letting the water rinse off the filth I felt. But I still couldn’t feel clean. The soap burned my abused and torn skin, but I kept scrubbing. When I finally ran out of hot water I got out and went to bed. That night I relived the rape in my nightmares over and over again. I finally woke up at 4 in the afternoon. I got up, got dressed, and got a ride into town, no way I was walking. I met Charlie and we decided to just go to her house. She asked what was wrong, and I told her everything that had happened that night. She was so mad, she wished she had thought to give me a ride home, or walked with me, or anything. But she did what I needed. She listened to me. she let me cry on her shoulder, and she held me gently. She softly kissed the back of my neck and forehead as I sobbed my hurt into her chest. Finally feeling a release I looked up to thank her, but she just put her finger on my lips and we kissed. In that one kiss she took away all the pain, all the heartbreak, all the humiliation. I felt whole again because I knew she saw me as whole. We kept meeting, and each time we did a little more. Finally a few weeks later she showed me the tender side of love. Her skillful hands and tongue brought me such pleasure I didn’t know was possible. And so, life goes on.

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