CD Asst. Secy. Ch. 02: Continued

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All the characters in the story are above 18 years of age. So, just sit and enjoy the story.

Then, after pulling up our panties and readjusting our skirts, we sat down, back in the chairs which had a speaker & mic. and was about 1 cm. so it easily got fit inside our ear.

After fitting the earpiece, she again started explaining further saying, “This buttplug or Buttbuddy what we call it or BB for short runs on voice recognition and performs as per your commands. It also has a week-long battery life, so if you start using now you will have to charge on Wednesday night that too only for 3.5 hours and you don’t even need to remove the buttplug.

You can just tell the BB to open USB port & then you can insert the pin of the charger just like you charge your phone. Only it would look weird if someone saw you with the pin inserted in your butt, so you can just charge it while sleeping or before.

Apart from this, it does have a secondary purpose which is a buttplug’s original purpose of giving pleasure or even torture if you want. So we will like you to test it for us and give us your reviews & feedback especially you (pointing at me) as you are the first male to use it.”

After she finished I asked her if whether it will catch fire or blast while charging or on getting heated also what do you mean by torture and she again explained saying, “Don’t you worry as it has a cooling agent surrounding the battery that too in solid gel form, so it won’t leak and on heating, it will start cooling down the battery and you will feel a cooling sensation indicating its activity.

But, I would like to advise you to turn off the BB by using the switch on the earpiece for 10-15 minutes for quicker cooling down of the battery.

And about the torture why don’t you feel for yourself.”

With this, she wrote something on a post-it and gave it to me which I read, “BB rape me.” As soon as I read it BB got activated confirming my voice command and recognizing me as master, telling me the same in a cute voice.

Anyway as soon as it got activated it started vibrating at full speed and within a second started thrusting vigorously, and I collapsed on the floor. Soon she asked me to say, “BB stop” which I said and it stops, then she explained to me the thrusting was possible because of the suction.

Then after getting my breath back after a minute I got seated in the chair and asked her to sign the contract which she duly accepted and signed it and came to leave us at the reception reminding us about the reviews and feedback.

So we were out by 12:45 p.m. and had only 15 minutes for our next meeting, which was luckily in a nearby 5star hotel & so we reached there 5 minutes before time. The fifth meeting was actually with the hotel, which was again an old client of us but left because of the same reason as H.S. PVT. LTD. And it was also a 3star at that time.

Anyway soon we were taken to a conference room and were again faced with not so happy 2 men & 1 woman, who was the CEO, but their expressions changed as we went near them. also their CEO recognize Mam as she remembers that Mam was against the behavior of the hospital staff & got happy on knowing about her current position.

So we started our presentation and on finishing they had a discussion. After which she said, “We like the presentation as well as the change you had gone through; especially your IDs which bears a watermark of a full-size image of you in your panties in the background with a normal portrait photo.

But my colleagues here are still angry about the behavior in the past and will sign the contract only after you perform a certain task.” This time secy. stood up and said, “We are ready for anything.”

So their CEO started explaining, She said, “For the task, each of you has to prepare a dish for us and 2 out of 3 have to pass on our 5star criteria, but you will have to do it wearing only your lingerie. Also, you have to present the dish yourself as well as both of you (pointing at me & secy.) have to entertain these 2 men with belly dancing while we taste your dishes.”

To this, I tell her about my true identity & asked whether they are okay with it. To which she said, “Strip-till your lingerie.”

So after stripping, we were taken to a kitchen like room, maybe it was for teaching purpose. Anyway, as soon as we entered we made an observation and started on our dishes, we decided to give them a three-course meal with appetizer, main course, and dessert. Also, Mam selected the main course, secy. took the dessert and thus, the appetizer came to me.

Well, we decide who will make which part but not which dish so after Mam and secy. started working on their dishes I started brainstorming and finally came up with the idea of making Korean tofu with spicy ketchup and I got everything needed as it was a 5star Kartal escort bayan hotel.

So to make it I first made the spicy ketchup by sauteing three types of finely chopped chilies with onion and garlic for a few minutes and they added some ketchup with herbs and spices and after stir-frying for a while kept it aside to cool down, then I roasted bite-size dices of tofu till golden brown, then add the ketchup and sauteed it finally removed it in a bowl & garnished it with spring onions.

I also removed some spicy ketchup in a small ramekin bowl and paced it in the main bowl with roasted papads to give an Indian touch.

I finished with my dish in 20 minutes and waited for Mam & secy. after 5 more minutes secy. also finished followed by Mam who finish her dish in 30 minutes. After that, we took our dishes and presented them while explaining and I did right to choose a Korean dish as it complemented Mam’s Japanese curry rice and secy.’s Indian Gulab jam with gulkand filled in its center.

Then secy. and I took our position behind Mam on her r.h.s and l.h.s. respectively. And I decided to take the help of BB as I already went through the mode option for playing music while driving.

So, I gave command saying, BB play some belly dance music in echo mode and soon I started feeling vibrations in my butthole as the music started coming out, but none of them noticed, while Mam & secy. got surprised by my actions.

Anway we started moving our hips and within seconds catch up with the beats and started belly dancing in as sultry & seductive way as we can with catching on pace and slowing down with the music & end it with Mam taking a standing position, while me and secy. on our knees at the end of the music.

Then I stood up and took my place behind Mam with secy. the result came more positive than what we had thought, as all the 3 dishes passed their 5star criteria. Then we came back to the conference room where we wore our clothes and after getting the contract signed, came out by 2:00 p.m.

After that, we took a lunch break of an hour and at 3:00 p.m. got in the car to reach for the next meeting before the scheduled time of 3:30. But when I got inside the car I noticed that the car’s satnav was not working due to some technical error, which made me use BB again.

So, I gave the command, BB finds the fastest route to CHAMIYA BIOTICS PVT. LTD. Head Office on google map and navigate me, also I will prefer calling me mistress Leona, rather than master.

Soon I felt BB buzz three times indicating she found it and I started driving as per the instructions and we reached our stop 10minutes earlier. It was a nice experience.

But, I also felt a strong buzz as punishment for missing a turn on the way, which made me almost jump from my seat, but all in all, it was good experienced as I neither had to keep on looking at the screen nor the sound cause any disturbance to Mam and secy. as I only got to hear it and they kept on doing their work.

Well, we thought the name to be very weird for the company as we entered the lobby which looked very normal where.

We waited for 5 minutes and then were taken to the conference room, but no one was there so we took our seat on one side of the table while they offered us tea, but we rejected it as it was too early. The room too looked normal, so we again started gossiping about the name.

But we soon got our answer when after waiting for 5 minutes a panel of 7; 4women & 3men entered and took a seat on another side of the table in front of us with a woman in chairman’s seat. Who then got up and introduced herself as Chamiya Chadda, president and CEO of the company.

Then the meeting started with their presentation and finished with Mam signing the contract as they were our supplier & we were their client. The meeting went on smoothly and was finished within 20 minutes, but it took us 40 minutes to come out of the building because after signing the contract when we were about to leave she did something, no one would even think.

She stopped us and told one of her employees to bring scissors, which she then used to cut her skirt which was schoolgirl length till micro/ slut length. Then she came closer to Mam & hugged her with tears in her eyes.

Seeing this Mam got into mother mode and made her relax by making her seat and giving water. Soon she got normal and started explaining, while first giving compliments on our outfits and IDs, she said, “For all the years from when she got to know the meaning of her name she had feared about her fame very much and had always tried to run away from it by wearing sophisticated clothes, which she didn’t like as it was not her true self.

But on seeing us our skirts, while still carrying our confidence, especially Mam’s, she got the will to be herself, that’s why she Escort Kartal ripped it. She also declared that she will be her true self from now onwards and will wear skirts that are slut length or lesser for most of the time.

Anyway, so we came out at 4:10 p.m. and had 20 minutes for the last meeting for the day which was scheduled for 4:30 p.m., that too in our city. So without wasting any time, I again asked BB to find and navigate me. Soon we reach on time also this time I don’t have to experience the strong buzz.

So at 4:30 p.m. we got inside and were taken to the conference room and got seated waiting for them; whoever we were going to meet. This seventh meeting was with a new client which we wished to acquire; it was LAJJIKA LINGERIE it was a Public Limited i.e. it was listed on the stock market.

After waiting for 5 minutes 3 came; 2 women and 1 man, they greeted us as well as apologize for the running late and 2 of them took their seat in front of us while a woman; took the chairperson’s seat. She then introduced herself as Lajjika Nagde, President & CEO of the company.

Then she offered us tea and it was past 4:30 so we accepted it. Soon we finished our tea and started our presentation, which went on smoothly and we got the contract signed.

Afterwhich mam asked the President about the hustle & bustle which was going on in the corridor. To which she said, “Today we are launching our new Brand, for the office ladies, from office girl to us chairpersons. It was also the reason for our running late for the meeting as we were busy with preparations.”

She also invited us to see the show as it was going to start soon and as we didn’t have any more meetings we accepted it.

And, no sooner we accepted it than her PR Manager barged in with a panic look. So the President took her outside and came back again with her and gave her water to relax.

Then she turned our way and asked for our help while sitting in her chair she said, ” well I know this is sudden and weird, but three of our models had an accident while coming, so will you three like to model for us? If you do it, it will be a huge favor for us, please.”

To this we had a discussion, then Mam said, “We are ready, but my asst. secy. is a boy who likes to crossdress, will you be okay with it.”

To which the President said, “Oh! Yes, we know it as we who work in the apparel industry, are adapt to body shapes. So we knew from the beginning, and we don’t have any problem, as we also cater to male crossdressers and transgenders.

We also know about your buttplugs as NAUGHTY & NICE is our parent company. So if you are ready then follow me.”

So we went with her to the backstage and while going I was not believing that what she said was true & was only said it to comfort me but I was so wrong because as I entered the backstage I saw a lot of female models.

So I thought but on keen observation, I notice that 2 to 3 of them were transgender while another 2 were male or androgynous, what they are called, in various forms of nudity.

But I only checked on females, some of them were already in lingeries, while some were topless even naked. Then on reaching our chairs, we were told to strip and put on the purple silk robe which they gave. They also told us that we can use the changing area behind the seats which were stalls covered on all sides by black curtains, as we were new to the nudity. Those naked models I saw earlier were pros.

Anyway, we stepped inside the stalls and stripping to our lingerie wore the robes and came out. Then after taking the seat the makeup artist first removed our old makeup and gave us a quick facial with massage to get rid of tiredness from our faces.

Then they applied new makeup and did our hairs, mine was easy as they still were short. Afterwhich the president gave us our sets of lingerie sets three for each and told us to get changed quickly to practice the catwalk. So I went inside the stall, got changed and quickly came out followed by secy. & Mam.

For the first, mine was a bikini style with normal coverage it was fully black, but with lace in the front for the bra, so my pads were visible, which was not any problem for them & in the back for the panties, so my butts were also visible, which was not any problem for me as they looked nice.

While Mam’s was a similar one, but in hipster style with more coverage, it was full purple and too her butts and breasts were visible. And secy.’s was a grey shelf bra with lace which covered her nipples but were still visible and thong panties with lace in front which covered her vulva but was still visible from near.

Then we started rehearsing the catwalk as per the instructions given by the prez. After walking for a while and correcting our posture we got it right. And she said, “you learned it Kartal Rus Escort very fast because of your 6inche heels and boots, also your buttplugs are not that much visible, so don’t worry about them, but your tattoos are & they look nice with your navel piercings.

All these days, after the fire incident I had forgotten about the tattoo even the navel piercing which was right in front of me and started to think how was it possible, but on second thought it was as I usually dress up without looking in the mirror and only look in the mirror while applying makeup that too after getting fully dressed.

But now I was fully aware of it, the same was the case with secy. 7 minutes in all. Then they came back and the next batch went out.

As soon as the first batch came they strip down naked right in front of everybody and all were females. So here I was in the backstage of a lingerie show & Brand inaugural, looking at 10 fully naked females, that too in reality not in any photo or video.

That sight made me perplexed, also aroused a little bit, but I regain my composure as the second batch came and our batch started. I still had time so I got to see the second batch strip naked too out of which 5 were females, 3 were transgenders & 2 were males, so with 5 vulvas I also got to saw 5 penises.

Anyway, after 3 minutes my time came & so I went and did as told and rehearsed followed by secy. and Mam, our show stopper followed by the actual show stopper.

After the first round, 1 minute of a break was taken so we had only 15 minutes to get ready and go on the stage for the second round. So like everybody instead of using the stalls we also stripped down fully naked.

Mam was the first followed by secy. then came my turn, I got very nervous but I took a deep breath to gather all my confidence and stripped down naked.

Well, I had seen secy. naked earlier during the week-long conference and she was looking more beautiful than before and that tattoo and piercing only enhanced her beauty.

Buttplug also looked good on her, but it was my first time seeing mam fully naked and she was more beautiful than secy. also, the breasts were quite firm for her age; no one could tell that she was 48, as well as it was the same with her tattoo, piercing, and buttplug as that of secy. Also, it was their first time to see me fully naked to which they liked what they see & even asked my penile size which I nervously told them.

To which they again said that it was very good as it was average size but big for my physique. We also notice that we had one thing in common that we didn’t have pubic hairs except for a landing strip. Well, it may look like we talking for ages, but only 30 seconds passed and we started wearing the second pair of lingerie.

This time mine was a set of cotton teal camisole and thong panties with white floral prints and with it the Prez. Gave me white stockings. While Mam’s was a set of silk white bra and bikini panties & secy.’s was a set of modal blue tube bra and g-string panties. They both were also given stockings.

So after 15 minutes, again my turn came followed by secy., Mam actually, all 3 got naked at the same time. Afterwhich, we had a brisk talk with the Prez. Still in the nude for about 30 seconds and started wearing the third set.

For the third set we had swimwear, so mine was a pink & black racerback, high cut swimsuit, while Mam’s was a dark grey sporty bikini & secy.’s was also a bikini, but a string one & was colorful. Prez. told us to wear our blazers with it.

So we got ready and again as our turn came we went and did as we were taught. Finally, after the third round ended, all 30 gather on the stage with Prez. In the front and center with the showstopper with us behind them as per Prez. Instructions and then the rest of the 26 models. Suddenly lights went off and the screen behind us glared with brightness with the name Officio.

The show had started at 5:30 p.m. which got covered by 6:30. Afterwhich we got dressed, but not before the photoshoot which happened right after the show. The photographers were from various magazines and news media. So I think, we will be in the newspaper tomorrow.

Anyway, after getting dressed we took our leave with the signed contract and reached our hospital by again using BB within a minute, which surprised me as the office of LLL was just in front of the hospital.

On reaching the hospital and parking the car, we went to the CEO’s office where we first sat down for a glass of water. Then, as our working hours had ended we decided to take a bath, and we went on the second floor, got undressed and went inside the open bath.

But this time instead of using the shower stalls, we went near a huge bath like in the Japanese bathhouse. Where I first cleaned myself thoroughly and then entered the bath along with Mam & secy.

So here I was in a Japanese style huge bath area, relaxing my body in the warm water fully naked with Mam & secy. who were also fully naked. We were sitting in it with me in the middle while Mam & secy. on my r.h.s & l.h.s. respectively.

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