Celia’s Adventures Ch. 3

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‘Well?’ asked Celia to her daughter Lucy, ‘What have you decided to make me do?’

Celia had thought of little else, but the conversation she had had with her daughter that morning. Whatever direction her thoughts took her they always ended up reaching the same conclusion, Lucy would be unable to adopt the dominant roll that she was hoping to gain over her mother. Celia knew that it was she who would have to allow her daughter to take the upper hand. With that aim she more or less prostrated her self before Lucy, practically demanded that she be used and abused in any way demanded.

When Lucy still remained silent Celia continued to prompt her.

‘I suppose you want me to strip do you? Or am I to undress you before kissing you all over your body?’ Celia could see that Lucy was fighting a battle within her self. She was nearly there, one more push would be enough.

‘Do you want to make Simon and I perform for you? Do you want us both to seduce you?’ This was enough, Lucy suddenly reached a decision and snapped at her mother to be silent. Celia obeyed immediately, only just managed to suppress a smile.

‘You are to go to your room.’ When Celia didn’t instantly Lucy barked at her to move. This had Celia dashing from the room at the double. Lucy arrived just behind her and lay on the bed with her hands behind her head.

‘Strip.’ Was the one word command given to Celia. With her face set as impassively as she could that is what Celia did. Before long she Antep Escort Bayan had seductively removed her knickers which left her naked and aroused before her teenage daughter. Lucy told her to remove her own skirt and panties which Celia did as gently as she could.

The sight of her nineteen year olds soft brown pubes had an effect on Celia which she hadn’t expected, remembering the taste of Kim’s pussy she couldn’t wait to savour the taste and smell of Lucy’s. Celia stayed knelt on the bed and waited for her next instruction her full breasts swinging slightly as she waited. You know what to do now was all Lucy said.

Celia did indeed and after gently kissing Lucy’s open thighs she slowly lowered her face to her daughters pussy. For the next twenty minutes she kissed licked and sucked, until eventually a breathless Lucy pushed her away. By then Celia’s own cunt was completely drenched. The experience had turned her on almost as much as Simon had a few days ago in the sauna.

Before long Lucy surfaced and managed to focus on her mother who was busy trying to achieve her own orgasm with her fingers. Lucy told her to stop which she reluctantly did.

Lucy told her to dress in a particularly thin top and also a loose mid-thigh length skirt. Celia felt almost naked but highly aroused wearing so little. Lucy stood before her mother and despite her initial nervousness began to feel her mothers body. First she reached up to fondle her full tits before pushing a hand up into her soaking snatch. After at first gently feeling around, she roughly rubbed her clit until Celia gasped and panted through a particularly powerful orgasm.

They both heard a car pull onto the drive, Steven Celia’s husband, had returned. Celia began to unbutton her blouse to put her bra on, but Lucy asked her what she thought she was doing! If she wanted to act like a slut, she’d have to get used to looking like one as well.

If Steve noticed how his wife was dressed he never showed it, a fact which annoyed Celia. As she prepared a quick frozen meal she wondered when the last time he had paid any attention to her. Both her children seemed to find her body captivating so why didn’t he? Simon arrived home about then and instantly filled her world. Her full unfettered breasts didn’t go unnoticed by her son and lover for one second. He told her how great she looked before stepping close to her to gently kiss her lips.

Alone in the kitchen Simon couldn’t resist briefly cupping a tit in his hand. Celia took his other hand and guided it to her pussy. He told her she was disgusting to be like that, before he too fingered his mothers already soaking cunt. Lucy watched unseen from the doorway, moving away before they reluctantly parted.

Lucy quietly went to her room to wait for her brother to go to his. When he did she waited a few seconds before joining him. Lucy was still highly turned on from the administrations of her mother, she could also see that Simon was in a similar state! Before going to his room Lucy had stripped and put on just a dressing gown. As Simon looked on she let it fall to the floor and stepped close to her brother.

Simon couldn’t believe what was happening. He hadn’t seen his sister naked since she’d started developing, about eight years ago. Now here she was a fully developed woman. More to the point here she was a fully developed naked woman who happened to be in his room! Lucy knelt before her brother to gently feel his erection through his trousers. As she looked up to his face she gently released the monster from his prison. Lucy had dated a little but she’d never seen a dick as full and proud as Simon’s. She reverently stroked it before planting a kiss upon the straining purple head. Simon couldn’t wait any longer, he easily lifted Lucy bodily onto his bed and quickly slammed his dick into her.

That was exactly what Lucy had needed. A woman’s tongue and hands are all well and good but eight inches of solid English manhood gets the job done every time! For his part Simon was also ready for it. All day he’d been thinking about his mother, now all of a sudden here was his shapely sister also craving his attention. As he repeatedly pushed into his sister’s tight cunt, he also managed to get his hands onto her tits. As with his mother in the sauna he didn’t last too long but it was still enough to satisfy his sister. Once they had finished Lucy quickly covered herself and left. Simon lay back on his bed and revelled in the knowledge that life couldn’t get any better than this.

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