Central High Blues Ch. 03

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The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home.


I was floating in the pool when my mother finally came home. I did not hear her pull up, nor did I hear her come out onto the pool deck. I was on my back looking up into the sky when I suddenly saw her smiling down at me from the side of the pool. She looked a little tired.

One of the negative aspects of working in real estate as she did was that it was such a competitive field. Working on commission means that it is an all-or-nothing proposition; either her client buys a house and she gets a big fat commission, or they don’t and she has wasted a lot of time. That emotional roller coaster ride at work meant that sometimes Mom came home looking worn out like this.

I smiled up at her and swam to the side, getting out of the water and grabbing my towel.

“Did you want to join me for a swim?” I asked. No sense in drying off if she felt like relaxing in the pool.

She looked up at the blue sky with its handful of puffy little clouds as she thought it over.

“No,” she finally said, “I was looking forward to showering with you after our call. Maybe we’ll come back out and swim when your dad gets home.”

I nodded and dried myself. Wrapping my towel around my midsection, I walked up behind her and gently massaged the tension out of her neck. She sighed and allowed me to really work my fingers into her knotted muscles. It took a good ten minutes for me to finish the job. That told me it had been a particularly rough day for her. Yesterday, she had come home ready to jump all over me. Today…

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

Sometimes, her tension was due to someone in her office causing her problems. There are a lot of incompetent people who become realtors. There were a few times that she just needed to talk it out with someone, to get the frustration out of her system. Obviously, she couldn’t do that at work. She shook her head this time, though.

“It was just a long day, sweetie,” she said. She reached up and squeezed my left hand. “Thanks, though.”

I leaned forward and kissed her neck softly. That special spot I had discovered, on the left side just above her collarbone. She groaned at that and turned her head away, giving me access to lightly lick her there. I kissed my way up her neck slightly, and then bit her on that spot with just enough pressure to get that lusty moan I had been seeking.

“Let’s get that shower,” I whispered into her ear.

I followed her inside, and she led me to her bedroom. She had been wearing panties to work today, I noticed as she unzipped her skirt and laid it on the bed. My mom has got one sexy ass. I stopped to admire it once again as she bent to remove her stockings. Fresh out of the cool water of the swimming pool, I had been as soft as I get. That was remedied quickly watching her undress her sexy body. She smiled saucily when she saw the look on my face.

“I will never get tired of that,” she said, “When you look at me like that, you make me feel all kinds of sexy.”

I barked out a little laugh. “You are all kinds of sexy, Mom.”

I stepped onto the bathroom tiles and hung up my beach towel, then turned to face her before dropping my swim trunks. I blew her a kiss and turned to step into the shower. By the time she joined me the water was hot. She turned it down to cool it off just a bit, and then turned to kiss me under the spray. I soaped up her back while squeezing her breasts into my chest. She groaned into my mouth when my hands roughly worked the suds into her bottom.

We took our time in the shower. It was intimate and sensual to explore my mother’s body with my soapy hands like that. I loved the way her hands worked over my body. Feeling her soapy hands roaming over my chest was almost as arousing as when she stroked my cock. We rinsed off the soap and shampoo, and were drying each other when I heard my dad’s SUV pull up in the driveway. I gave my mom one last, deep kiss and pulled back to smile down at her as I wrapped the towel around my waist.

“You know I’m not ready to fuck you with Dad watching, right?” I asked.

She nodded. “I know, Joshua,” she said, “I don’t think he’s ready either.” She hugged me to her, and then let me go with a soft sigh.

Clearly, she was ready for it. I wondered how long Dad and I would hold out. I walked out of their bedroom, holding up my left hand to give my dad a “high five” as we figuratively tagged out. He was kind enough to close the bedroom door behind him.

I was still painfully aroused when I reached my room and got dressed. I called Trina as I had promised.

“Hey,” I said when she answered, “What are you up to?”

“Oh, just fucking myself with a fat cucumber and imagining it was you,” she said.

I hoped she was joking. I think. güvenilir bahis I managed to bite back the “It’s been done,” comment that popped into my head and instead snorted into the phone.

“Seriously, though,” I said, “I was planning to take you out shopping for the tiniest little micro-bikini I could pick out.”

She laughed at that. “You would get me a swimsuit like that, and then have me swim in front of your mother?”

I thought about the last swimsuit my mother had worn in the pool and had to suppress a groan. “I guess I didn’t think that through,” I said. “I would like to get you a swimsuit, though. Are you available?”

“Sure,” she said.

My parents were clearly having sex from the sounds they were making. I left them a note on the counter before heading over to Trina’s house.

I knocked on her front door, and she pulled me inside. I did not see a cucumber lying around. She was wearing a skirt, though. She sat on her couch and spread her legs. Her wet pussy was in dire need of some attention. I slid to my knees and devoured her. She grabbed a throw pillow and covered her mouth to muffle her screams. I had to remind myself that this was only the second time she had ever had her tasty pussy eaten. After two rapid orgasms from her, I slowed my assault and gently coaxed that third climax from her. It built up slowly, but when it hit her it was the most intense of the three. I cleaned her with my tongue, and then stood up.

“We need to get going,” I said softly, reaching for her hand. “You need to put on some panties so you can try on those swimsuits.”

“Okay,” she said. She kissed me softly and whispered a “thank you,” before going to her bedroom.

On the way to the mall, she pulled my cock out of my shorts and gently sucked on it. I noticed a police car some distance behind us and convinced her to stop. She licked her lips and smiled at me once she sat up in the passenger seat.

“Wow, Josh,” she said, “That was a lot tastier than I was expecting.”

“What was?” I asked.

“When you came in my mouth,” she said, “I thought it would be…I don’t know. Other girls said it tasted gross.”

“Oh,” I said, “that was pre-cum. I understand that isn’t as bitter tasting as actual cum. Also, when I come, there is a lot more of it. And I would have warned you if I was going to come in your mouth.”

“Oh,” she said. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her looking at my lap. I tucked my erection back into my shorts and zipped up.

We went to the surf shop at the mall first. I was relieved that Emily was not there. However, one of the clerks was also a girl from our school. I turned to Trina and smiled.

“Look, I don’t really want to embarrass you. You go ahead and pick out two swimsuits that you like, and I’ll pay for them.” I gave her a kiss. “How much time do you think you’ll need?”

“I have no idea,” she said, “Josh…these swimsuits aren’t cheap. I don’t think this is a good idea.”

I sighed and walked in with her. I looked at the price tag on the first bikini I saw and was floored. My swim trunks had been forty bucks or so. That tiny bikini was well over a hundred dollars. Now, my parents had set up one of their credit cards so that I could access it on my phone, but I had never used it. Also, I figured I should check with them before racking up a couple of hundred dollars on that card.

“Go ahead and try some of them on,” I said to Trina, “I’m going to call my mom and make sure I have you covered.”

“Wait,” she said. She pulled me out of earshot of anyone and whispered to me, “Josh, if you buy swimsuits for me, that is going to get around. People will think I am dating you and using you for your money.”

I hated that she was right. I was just exasperated with all of this crap with the rumor mill at our school.

“Trina, I am getting this for you because I want you to be able to go swimming with me. You know it and so do I. If anyone gives you any grief, you can just shrug and say that I insisted on it. Can you deal with that?”

“I guess so,” she said. She kissed me again. “Thanks, Josh.”

I called my mom, hoping I didn’t interrupt my parents having sex. That had been a vain hope. She answered the phone, but it was clear that she was being fucked the whole time we spoke. I winced, but forced myself to get permission.

“Mom, sorry to bother you,” I said.

“Ooh! That’s okay, Joshua,” she answered, “Yes! Yes!”

I could hear their sweaty bodies slapping together. Dad had a nice rhythm going there.

“Listen, I’m at the mall with Trina. I wanted to buy her a couple of swimsuits, but I had no idea how expensive they were. Is it alright if I put those on the credit card?”

“OH, FUCK YES!” I didn’t think she was talking to me just then, so I waited. “Sorry, sweetie,” she panted, “You can put those on the credit card. We trust you not to be too crazy.”

“Thanks, Mom,” I said. “I’ll see you guys later.”

I realized that she had dropped the phone without hanging türkçe bahis up. My dad growled something to her, and I heard her squeal in response. I hung up and shook my head. It took me a moment to find Trina. She was toward the back of the store, browsing through a bunch of swimsuits that were all marked down. I hadn’t really thought about it, but this was an excellent time to buy swimsuits on sale.

“Find anything you like?” I asked her.

“Quite a few, actually,” she said, turning to me. “All of these are eighty percent off, too. I could have actually afforded to buy one.” Her mouth turned up at the corner in a wry smile. “I should have brought my money. Sorry, Josh.”

“Hey, this was going to be my treat anyway,” I said, “It’s just cool that you got such a good deal on them.”

Trina wound up getting four swimsuits. One of those was indeed the tiniest little micro-bikini I had ever seen. She blushed as she whispered, “I can’t wait to wear this one for you.”

My cock throbbed at the thought. After paying for the swimsuits, we wandered around the mall for an hour. There were a lot of other high school kids doing the same thing. We laughed and had a good time just hanging out together. We did buy a couple of little things that caught our eye, and got some snacks and sodas from the food court.

On the way to the car, I asked her, “So, what time should I pick you up for that swim party at our house tomorrow?”

“Oh, shoot,” she said, “I can’t go to that. I have my doctor’s appointment tomorrow.”

It took me a moment to recall what doctor’s appointment she meant. Right, I thought finally, she’s got to have that to get on the pill. So I can fuck her tight pussy and fill it with cum.

“Are you okay, Josh?” she asked.

“Sorry,” I said, unlocking the car and holding her door for her. “I was just thinking…”

She sat in the passenger seat and looked up at me. Her face took on a wicked smile as she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side.

“You were thinking about this, weren’t you?” she said.

“You read my mind,” I replied.

Fortunately for both of us, Trina’s mom was home when we arrived. If she had flashed her juicy little pussy at me again, I don’t know if I could have restrained myself.

“How was your date?” she asked when she saw the shopping bag on Trina’s arm.

Trina and I exchanged a startled look. That wasn’t really a date, was it?

“Oh, am I interrupting it?” Trina’s mom said, misinterpreting that look.

“No,” Trina said, “it’s just that…it wasn’t really a date, I don’t think. We were just hanging out at the mall.”

“Yes,” I said, “That’s what I was thinking.”

Although, now that I thought about it, I had gotten to lick Trina’s tasty pussy. She had sucked my cock in the car. We had thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. It had all the hallmarks of a highly successful date.

I chuckled. “We should ‘not date’ like that a lot more often,” I said, “I had a great time hanging out with you today. Thanks, Trina.”

“Thank you, Josh,” she said as I hugged her.

I offered my hand to her mother. She looked at it but then slid in and hugged me. I recovered quickly and hugged her back. When I let her go, her eyes were wide.

“Oh, my,” she said, “That was really nice.”

I didn’t know what to make of that. I just smiled instead.

“You ladies have a lovely evening,” I said.

“You too,” they responded.

I let myself out and drove home. My parents were, thankfully, dressed when I got there. They were talking in the kitchen as Mom prepared dinner. It smelled fantastic. I brought up the app on the phone that tracked my credit card purchase and showed it to them. When I told my mother that Trina had gotten four swimsuits for that, she approved wholeheartedly.

“Oh,” she said, “That is an outstanding deal. I’m surprised she could get one swimsuit for that much.”

I think my dad was as surprised as I had been at just how expensive women’s swimsuits were. He nodded in approval, though.

“Trina and her mom can’t make it tomorrow,” I said, “Would it be alright with you if I invite them over Sunday?”

“What’s going on tomorrow?” my mom asked.

Dad and I exchanged a look, and we both groaned. Neither of us had mentioned the pool party to her. She looked amused, rather than annoyed, as we stumbled over each other in our haste to apologize. We did have to make a shopping trip after dinner to buy food for the party. On the way home, Mom turned to me.

“Tell me about this Miss Green,” she said, “I don’t know anything about her.”

“To be honest,” I replied, “Neither do I. I mean, she’s my AP Biology teacher. She’s a new teacher, and she isn’t from around here. She’s really soft-spoken and maybe a little too shy for a teacher. She’s very petite, and that doesn’t help, either. On the other hand, she really knows her biology—and science in general. She explains everything well, and she and Mr. Delgado had a great conversation when we had güvenilir bahis siteleri lunch together yesterday.”

“Hmm,” my mother said. She pulled out her phone and made a call. “Time to check my sources,” she joked as she waited for an answer.

“Linda!” she said into her phone, “How have you been? I know, I haven’t been around lately. How’s the school year going for you so far?”

She was on the phone for quite a while. I didn’t hear much of that conversation, as we pulled up to the house and my father and I put away the groceries. Mom went into their room to continue her chat. We knew that could go on for hours.

“You up for a workout?” I asked my dad.

“Sounds good,” he replied.

We both changed into shorts and tank tops and met in the home gym. I was a little hesitant to bring it up, but we really needed to have this talk.

“Dad,” I finally sighed, “What is going on with Mom?”

He finished the set of curls and set the weight down. He looked at me and blew out a breath. He nodded before answering.

“She’s been working on me for a while now,” he said. “First, when I confronted her about having sex with you, she was very contrite. She promised not to do it again.”

I nodded as we switched positions. I started doing a set of curls.

“Then she started bringing it up when we were alone in bed. She would get really turned on telling me about the things she had done with you. At first, it made me really uncomfortable,” he shook his head, “It took me a while to realize that I was getting turned on, hearing her talk about it. Of course, she had figured it out before I did. She got more and more explicit. Your mother is really good at talking dirty.”

“I know,” I puffed out, finishing my set. We switched positions again.

“So, for the last two weeks or so,” he said, “She has been talking about this fantasy of hers. It gets her all fired up. Either I catch you two having sex and join in, or you walk in on us and join in.”

“I’m sorry, Dad,” I said, “I’m just not comfortable with that.”

“Me neither,” he said, shaking his head. He looked up at me from the bench as he set down the weights. “You know your mother, though. Unless we really go out of our way to stop her, it’s going to happen.”

I sighed. He was right. We switched again.

“I was surprised this morning,” I said, “when she announced I was ‘all hers’ after school today. I thought that was over the line, with you standing right there.”

“Yeah,” he responded thoughtfully. “I guess it was. The problem is, she’s been moving that line for a while now.”

We moved over to the bench press, declining it for tonight’s workout. I couldn’t help but notice, when Dad was spotting me, that he was sporting an erection. It startled me at first. I looked from his shorts to his face, and he reddened a bit. I finished the set, and then sat up on the bench.

“Dad, are you turned on right now thinking about the three of us?”

He had to think about it for a couple of seconds. “Yeah,” he sighed.

I grinned at him. “Let’s surprise her with it, then.”

Neither of us were really comfortable, as we stripped off our clothes and left them in the gym. My dad is about a half foot shorter than I am, but he is in really good shape. It was the first time I had seen his dick, and I was surprised that mine wasn’t much larger than his. We both chuckled when we realized we were looking each other over.

“Let’s do this,” he said. It was surreal walking naked through our house, following my naked father.

The look on Mom’s face was priceless.

“Linda, I’m going to have to call you back,” she said.

She hung up and dropped the phone, looking back and forth between us. Her eyes were almost frantic as we helped her to her feet and gently stripped and kissed her. The weird thing was, Dad and I never said a word the entire time. It wasn’t like we had discussed what we were going to do, but we both knew the things that gave Mom pleasure. We didn’t have to speak.

It was still uncomfortable for me, but I had been turned on all day. My dad watched me spread her legs open and sink my cock into her drenched pussy while she frantically slurped on his dick. Even our dicks looked similar, I realized. Watching her suck him was like seeing my own cock in my mother’s mouth. That visual stimulation enhanced the pleasure I felt as I fucked my mom’s horny pussy.

She exploded around my shaft, and I had to bite back a laugh. My dad was holding up his left hand.

I tagged his hand, and we switched positions. He pulled Mom up onto her knees and started pounding into her from behind while she sucked my dick noisily. Dad and I grinned like idiots while we filled my mother with hard cock. We just didn’t know what to say, so we didn’t say anything. I have no idea if that was more of a turn-on for my mom.

We didn’t get all that creative. I knew that my dad was turned off by anal, so I didn’t try to take Mom’s asshole. We kept her mouth and pussy occupied for an hour. At the end of it, he came in her pussy while I came in her mouth. She pulled her mouth off of me and directed the last few ropes of my cum onto her face and tits. I gave my dad a last high five and left them alone to recuperate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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