CFNM Spanking by Roommate Pt. 02

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It was a chilly Saturday morning, Alyssa had butterflies in her stomach. Today was going to be an exciting day and she just knew what to do to get it off to a good start.

Alyssa decided to experiment with a new tea her co-workers at college had been working on. It was meant to increase male testes production, but the experiment had to be stopped after the side effects became more apparent.

Mark was sitting at the breakfast table eating his waffles while Alyssa was making eggs. Marks cock was pushing against the table as he watched her swaying her ass, dressed in nothing but her sports bra and frilly yellow apron.

“I’ve got something I want you to try” she said as she placed a hot cup of tea in front of Mark.

“What is it?” Mark enquired.

“It’s a tea my friends have been working on. Supposed to help with Male-” Alyssa paused.

“Wait. Why am I even explaining myself? You. Do. What. I. Say.” Alyssa continued, almost forgetting her role.

Mark gulped in fear and then immediately gulped down the tea.

“Also, don’t pretend you don’t enjoy it when I talk to you this way” Alyssa smirked as she wrapped her fingers around his thick member.

She toyed with it as she stared into his eyes.

Mark couldn’t help but gaze at her sports bra encased breasts.

“Oh Mark, that was quick even for you. I had stuff planned for us today” Alyssa disappointingly scolded him.

Mark grunted as he desperately humped the empty air coating the underside of table with his spunk. Alyssa wiped her sticky hands on her apron.

“Well at least you drank the tea. Alright go clean up and see me in an hour. The effects should have kicked in by then.”

“Sorry…” Mark said as he shamefully walked to his room, his deflated penis twitching ever so slightly. Mark wondered what effects she was talking about.

An hour later walked into the living room. Alyssa had changed as well, Exchanging the domestic goddess outfit for tight black tank top and a long semi-transparent pink skirt.

“Uhmm what was in that tea? It’s making me feel a bit…weird.” Mark enquired.

His cock was strong and proud, jutting forward at full steam. He felt waves of pleasure pulsating from his testes.

“Well, let’s just say were definitely going to be having the maid around after were through today” Alyssa replied with a smirk.

Mark had to admit, she really knew how to command respect. Standing there with her tight black tank top stretching in all the right places thanks to her well sized breasts. She had done her hair up in a no nonsense bun. That’s when Mark knew she mean’t business. It also had a very profound effect on his cock making it twitch out a bit of precum.

Her pink silk skirt was new. Long and dancing in the air like it was lighter than it yet hugging her aksaray escort supple ass in a way that would drive any man wild. Alyssa had explained to Mark how important it was that he always be sufficiently aroused when she punished him.

Reaching forward and grabbing a firm hold on his dick she gave it a few quick tugs. Marks groaned and collapsed to his knees. He looked up at the sight before him.

“Let’s begin” she announced.

Marks cock twitched and the hot male cum boiled over, spewing all over the floor. The first of many today. His cock was no longer a throbbing monument to male virility but a submissive signal to female domination.

“Naughty boy!” Alyssa scolded him.

“No cumming without permission”.

“You really need to learn to control yourself better!” she teased.

Mark couldn’t understand what was going on. His balls seemed to be working in overdrive refilling his cumsacks almost immediately. He felt like he could fill a tub.

“Well well, not so fast. Looks like my little rocket is ready to blast away again.” Alyssa teased.

“I guess she wasn’t lying about those effects.”

Mark looked down and realized his cock didn’t wilt away like it normally did and instead it was painfully erect.

Alyssa gave a tight smack on his ass.

“Now follow me for you fun-ishment.”

Alyssa led Mark to her room by his erection. Her light feminine touch taking control of the beastly dick.

She took her place on what Mark had come to know as the “Seat of Discipline”. Mark had an intimate relationship with that seat, clearly signified by the Pavlovian twitch his cock had every time he saw it. No matter how many times Alyssa made him get on his knees to scrub the floor, it never seemed to get rid of scent of all the cock juice he had squirted out while Alyssa had been training him.

She quickly had him over her lap with his cock trapped safely between her silk encased thighs. Alyssa did her usual pre-spanking stretches going a little further this time knowing it was going to be a long session.

Mark of course couldn’t see all of this. He had an unobstructed view of floor and with a bit of effort could maybe crane his neck to catch a glimpse of his disciplinarian.

“Let’s see that’s 20 smacks for your usual maintenance spankings. Plus 15 for cumming prematurely. Those are with the hairbrush.”

“You also have 50…yes 50! Don’t groan at me. You should have done a better job licking my clit over the last week. You know you’re supposed to get me off in under 5 minutes” Alyssa said.

“Okay but can we please talk about what was in that tea? My cock feels so sensitive. And my balls are literally sloshing with cum. The human male isn’t supposed to be able to orgasm this many times.” Mark said.

“How about you alsancak escort let me figure how many times my little human male can cum? You just stay right there and be my good little bitch boy.” Alyssa emphasised her instruction with a quick flick of his testicles.

Alyssa immediately began drew her trusty pink hairbrush. Alyssa began slowly massaging Marks pale white bum. She knew from experience this helps circulation but also helped put him in a more receptive mood for her punishments.

“Ready? Oh, wait I don’t care” and with that Alyssa began smacking away at Mark’s posterior.


“Owww” Mark yelps as his bum encounters the first of her barrage. He squirms as much as he can but her strong volleyball arms and the vice like grip her thighs have on his manhood keep him relatively still.


“C’mon Mark we’ve been doing this for almost a month now. I expect you to have better self-control.” said Alyssa as she continued her smacks.


“I wasn’t even touching you and squirted you managed to squirt your load” Alyssa teased.


“I’m sorry. But you have no idea how sensitive my cock is right …ow…now.” Mark tried to explain

“Also, you still haven’t explained what was in the tea”

“Hey! What did I say? No! Giving! Me! Excuses!” Alyssa emphasized her words with hard concentrated smacks on Mark.

“Now be quiet and take your spanks…ooh someone really enjoys my new skirt”

Alyssa had noticed his how close Marks cock was to exploding. With a quick smirk she stopped her spanking.

Mark, reacting to sudden relief from pain, unconsciously began thrusting into her legs.

“Oh…oh…OhhHHHHHHH!” Mark groaned realizing too late that he had embarrassingly humped Alyssa thighs to an humiliating orgasm

“Hahaha my little cum hose never lets me down.” Alyssa giggled as she slowly rubbed his bottom.

“How humiliating! That tea really has you hot and bothered huh?” Alyssa teased.

Mark could only sigh in shame but his shame turned to shock as he realized his penis remained erect and his balls began filling up again.

“Well if you must know…it’s a new product my friend is trying to get on the market. You’re probably aware that it increases your penis sensitivity but what you didn’t know is it also increases your semen production. Her estimates put it at around a 500% – 700% increase over regular male semen production.” Alyssa explained.

“You put an untested aphrodisiac in my tea?” Mark exclaimed in fear.

“Hey!” Alyssa delivered a much harder smack in contrast to the others. “Don’t negate the hard work my friend put in this…male health aid by comparing it to something from your nerdy fantasy games.”

Alyssa amasya escort reaches down and tightly grasps Mark’s throbbing cock before giving it a hard squeeze. Mark yelps in pain but quickly succumbs to pleasure as he once again, for the 5th time today, squirts out his load.

“Unnngghhh…oh god. I can’t believe I just came again.” Mark groaned.

“Yeah I’m probably going to have retire this pink skirt.

I should get more of them, seems to really get your cock juices flowing huh?” Alyssa smirked as she delivered another smack to Marks reddening bottom.

This continued for almost an hour. The inconsistent smacks travelled far through the apartment, but the well-built walls prevented nosy neighbors from being aware of their kink adventure. Alyssa continued working away at Marks bottom as he squirted out three more shots of cum onto her skirt.

Mark’s cock was now twitching in a pool of his own male seed. The warm sloshing feeling a constant reminder of how who was in charge of this relationship.

“Who’s my little bitch boy” a smirking Alyssa taunted.

“Unghh, I’m your little bitch boy”

Alyssa noticed that Marks manhood had finally started to wilt and was relatively less erect than it was when she started.

“Oh no is my little bitch boy all out of his love juice?” Alyssa continued to tease Mark.

“Uh…uh…Uh…thank you Mistress Alyssa…” a delirious Mark responded.

“Well not quite the right answer for the question but it’s okay. You did a good job and have really helped male health science.” Alyssa said as she slowly caressed Marks red bum.

“You’ve come a long way this past month. You’re a lot more docile and accepting of my punishments.” said Alyssa.

“One of these days this rosy bum of yours will be mine” she continued as she slowly teased his anal cherry.

Mark perked up a little from his delirious state at these words.

“I already have the perfect shiny pink strap-on picked out. I’ve been looking for a good deal online and I think I’ve finally found the one.” She continued barely able to contain her excitement.

“I have the perfect outfit, pink of course. I’ll get you all warmed up with a nice teasing handjob, like this…” Alyssa had reached down and began to slowly teased Marks cock back into an erect state.

“I’ll then lead you the to bed and get you placed there, face down ass up…” she couldn’t resist continuing. “…that’s the way we like to fuck.”

Mark let out a groan as he felt the last of semen reservoir start churning.

“I’ll make you watch me slowly pun on my shiny strapon. Realizing my complete supremacy over you as you gaze at the shiny pink cock, I am about to ravage you with.”

Mark was squirming in her lap.

“And then finally I am going to plunge into your ass while you beg me to keep going and make you my bitch” Alyssa furiously jerked Mark’s cock.

“OHHhhHHH make me your bitch…” Mark groaned as he squirted deep and hard into her soft silky hands.

“Good boy.” Alyssa rubbed her palms on front of her black lycra top.

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