Ch. 01: A New Dawn

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Hi, I am Tarun. I am from Bangalore, but my family is from Visakhapatnam. I used to be straight until I met Ashwin in December 2016. I have a height of 5’11” and am a little plump around my stomach. I have a 6 inch penis with an average girth. I love to watch porn and read erotic stories, although I never showed interest in gay section in both of them. I masturbate at least twice a week which gives me a great amount of satisfaction.

It was the first time I reached Bangalore and one of my friends introduced me to Ashwin who is looking for a roommate to share his 2 bedroom flat for a short period as I am getting married soon and doesn’t want to waste money on rent. Ashwin is from Chennai and has a well built gym body. He hits the gym at least 5 times a week. He is a bit open minded and shares everything with me. I joined him in his apartment and had a great time with him. Everyday, I wake up and by then he leaves for the office. In the evening when I come from the office, I see him. That is the only time I spend with him. We go outside to eat everyday and go around for small walks before reaching home. This is where within 3 months we became the closest of friends.

One day, I woke up and he was sitting on the toilet. He took his day off but I was getting late to the office. There is only one common toilet in our house. I asked him to come out and he came in a hurry that he was holding the towel around his waist. I accidentally dropped my toothpaste, he tried to reach and catch it and his towel dropped. I took a quick peek and saw his penis which is big enough. It stirred some thoughts in me and a new kind of feeling inside. He was embarrassed but soon he grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist. I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and found him sitting on the couch.

“I am sorry man, you had to see this. Please don’t mind.” he said.

He is being too formal, I didn’t want it to be that way. So, I did something that opened the door for me to a new world. That moment is the key to the portal. I dropped my towel and gave him a good peek at my penis.

“There is nothing wrong in it man, we are roommates and boys. Don’t feel embarrassed.” I said.

He took a good look at my penis and gave me a wink and said, “You are lucky to have such a good penis. Your future wife will be lucky, she will be the most satisfied.”

“Are you kidding, you have a larger penis than mine and have a more girth.” I responded.

Next thing he dropped the shorts he was wearing. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. He looked at both penises for a minute and said, “I win!” and winked at me. I laughed and picked up my towel.

In the evening I received a message from Ashwin while in my office. It was a porn clip. I did not understand at first why he sent me. Later he sent a message saying he accidentally sent me the clipping and wanted me to delete it. I watched the clip xnxx which was about a minute long. Good thing I didn’t have any CCTV camera in my cabin. I liked the clipping, so I said that was a great clipping to him.

In the next few days, we shared clips with each other and got comfortable in suggesting some good videos. We were even not ashamed to go in and come out of the bathroom naked. Sometimes we don’t lock the bathroom, as if one is bathing and the other one can use the toilet. This became our routine and we started to enjoy this.

Deep within me I used to enjoy looking at him while he is naked. Sometimes, I used to masturbate imagining his penis. I started to feel the gay side in me. I even sometimes go into the bathroom deliberately to see him naked. He didn’t seem to mind me there at all. Neither did I when he came barging in.

One day, I was watching a porn video and I started stroking my penis. Minutes later while I was lost in the pleasure, he came into my room without knocking.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

At this point I didn’t mind telling him, “I am masturbating. I found a great video on the internet. This is so good.”

After seeing me, he decided to join and slept beside me watching the video. We both are enjoying it and I am masturbating. He did not masturbate but was enjoying the video. I finished masturbating and shot a load of cum. I came all over the place and a few drops fell on Ashwin too. Surprisingly he did not say anything and handed me a tissue.

“You are right this is a great video. I am getting horny now.” he said.

He removed his shorts and for the first time I saw his erect penis. It is at least 7 inch in length and much more girth than mine. I can’t keep my eyes off him. He masturbated with pace and soon enough he too shot a load. This time, I handed him the tissue box. For a few days, we used to watch some good porn videos and masturbate together. This became our routine and also increased my frequency to masturbate daily before sleep.

About a week later one day, we were sleeping on his bed and watching a video. This time something else happened. I was dying to touch his penis for a long time but was afraid of the consequences. To my surprise Ashwin took initiative and took this routine one step further. He slid his hand in my pants and caught my penis. His hand was cold which sent me a shiver down my spine. He took his hand out and was looking afraid as he looked at me. I gave an assurance by placing my hand on his crotch over his shorts.

He returned his hand on my penis and started stroking gently. I slid his shorts and caught hold of his penis. It was large and I was feeling great. It is warm and pulsating. I looked up in his eyes and he was looking at me. It was an amazing feeling. He increased the pace on my dick. I reciprocate the same. The video we were watching got sexier and our hearts were racing. brazzers I could hear his breath and light moan along with me. Soon we were jerking at a full pace and I first cum on all over us. In a minute he came too. We cleaned each other and I went to my room without talking.

Next day I woke up and by the time he left for work. In the evening we didn’t talk to each other. I was very embarrassed to face him. He broke the ice by asking me what I wanted to eat. Later that night he came into my room and asked me if I wanted to watch a movie. We started to watch in the hall but I was losing interest and am desperate to touch him and feel him. I was having an erection. I was very afraid, but somehow became brave and placed my hand on his crotch. He did not say a word. I kept stroking his penis. Couple of minutes later he switched the movie to a porn video.

The room is getting hot with our raging feelings. He took his shorts off and this time his shirt too and settled back on the couch naked. I continued to stroke on his penis and wanted to put it in my mouth to see how it feels and how it tastes. I bent and took a whiff of it, it smelled a little pungent but intoxicating. He ran his fingers on the back of my head which assured me he wanted it too. I licked the tip taking a taste of his precum, which had no taste but is sexier. I sucked the head of his penis and he let out a slight moan. It encouraged me to go on. I closed my mouth around his penis and started sucking into my mouth. His smell and taste really made me go crazy. I started to move up and down while sucking on his penis.

I closed my eyes and within 5 seconds, I started enjoying it. This made him cum in less than 30 seconds. He shot the first load into my mouth. It felt bitter and I almost threw up on the couch itself. Subsequent shots landed on my face as my mouth was closed. I cleaned all of it with a tissue. And looked at him. He had his eyes closed and lost in heaven.

I was hoping to receive the blowjob. He opened his eyes and saw me staring at him. He understood I needed a blowjob by the expression. I took my pants and shirt off and sat on the couch. He knelt between my legs. He started stroking my penis and smelling in between. I could feel his breath on my cock. He looked me in the eye and at that moment I fell in love with him.

He closed his mouth around my cock, it was a great sensation. Wet and warm mouth is a feeling that cannot be explained. He started going up and down, while sucking. I am enjoying the moment with my closed eyes. Within a minute I came into his mouth. He gagged and spit on the floor. The only thing gave away was his teeth clenching my dick, but it was great. We cleaned up and continued the movie naked and went to bed naked.

Next day was Sunday, I woke up late and he was clothed and asked me if I want to have breakfast. We went for breakfast and returned. We were silent sikiş izle all along and didn’t speak much except some normal stuff like ordering together.

After we came back home, I broke the ice and said “Whatever happened yesterday night was the best night I had so far in my life. I enjoyed every moment of it and I am hoping for something to happen between us sexually.”

“Really? I wanted to say the same. It was great for me too and I am hoping for the same.” He replied.

I went closer to him and hugged him. He wrapped his hands around me. I went to kiss his lips but he took his head back. I understood and continued to kiss him passionately on the head, cheeks and neck. He put his hand on my dick and started stroking my dick. This made me go crazier on his neck.

I took his shirt off and started kissing his chest. He had a great chest muscle. I spent some time there and went down and took his pants off. His already hard cock sprang out. I took it in my hand and looked at him. He is horny and ran his fingers through my hair. I took it in my mouth and started sucking. With each and every movement I stroke his dick with my hand and he was moaning in rhythm to that. He came in my mouth this time, I took all of it in my mouth and swallowed it. I loved the taste of it and the taste remained in my mouth for a few minutes.

He took my hand and took me to his bedroom and made me sit on it. I took my shirt off meanwhile he knelt between my legs and pulled my pants down. I slept on the bed and he came over to me. He kissed on my forehead, cheeks and went to my nipples. As I had a little fat on my chest, he started pressing one nipple and sucking on the other. The sound he made while sucking made me horny. It was an amazing feeling.

He went down to my penis and took it all in at once and started sucking. I was hornier and enjoyed every moment of it. Soon, I came in his mouth but he spat all of it as he didn’t like the taste of it. Now he turned me over and asked me to kneel down on all fours. I did the same. He applied some coconut oil around my anus. I understood his intention and sucked his cock wet. He applied some oil on top of it and put the tip on my butt. Slowly he jerked his cock in. I yelled in pain. He stroked again and almost half of his dick is in my anus. I am screaming on one hand but, is giving me pleasure at the same time.

He stroked twice and his cock sank in my butthole. He kept ramming and increasing pace. Slowly my scream converted into a pleasurable moan. I am enjoying the moment. He came inside of me as I felt a warm spray of liquid in my butt and some of it oozed out of my butthole.

We relaxed and again started, this time I fucked his butt. It felt different from blowjob. His butt was very warm and tight and giving more pleasure than a normal blowjob. I soon jetted my cum in his anus and we both collapsed on the bed. He turned up and hugged me tightly. We slept in each other’s arms.

This continued everyday and most of the time we used be naked in the house. Until one day when his wife arrived from her hometown.

To be continued….!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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