Ch. 02: Second Day at Work – Liza

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I came back to work the next day feeling particularly rejuvenated. Even more than that I was extremely horny and excited to see what new things I would experience today in the realms of contractually-bound pleasures.

My cubicle was right in front of another newbie in the industry: her name was Liza. She wore glasses sometimes, and had long brunette hair down to her perfect tits. Her waist was thing, and I’d seen her Instagram after we exchanged information…there were so many pictures of her wearing those amazing thong bikinis. She looked so sexy. She had freckles across the bridge of her nose and her cheeks, and her ass wouldn’t quit. She often wore sneakers to wore, with jeans cut off above the ankle, a look I found particularly irresistible. Today was no different.

“Hey Liza,” I said as I sat down and put my briefcase onto my desk. I turned on my computer and she came over abruptly before even saying hello.

“Hey boy!” she said, clapping me on the back playfully. She giggled as I feigned pain. “How was your first day?” she asked.

I looked around almost suspiciously, and answered, “Amazing. I’m going to love it here, I can tell.”

She nodded up and down several times before saying something that caught me totally off-guard. “Yeah, I totally get that. I love it here too! It’s been so much fun these last few months, and I love the amount of cum I get to swallow so much more than I thought would even be possible!”

I swallowed hard, almost expecting comments like this even at this early stage in my day’s here at the office. I mean, it was literally written into girls’ contracts: they *had* to do whatever they were told, sexually or otherwise. They had no choice. Clearly Liza was a willing participant.

She smiled then, a beautiful smile: her teeth were perfectly straight and dazzingly white. I already knew what I wanted and it wasn’t even 9am. Honestly, I though to myself, Why waste time?

I took Liza’s hand in mine. “Hey you know what?” I looked right into her brown eyes, staring intensely. I didn’t answer my own question just yet.

“What?” she said, smiling right back. My eyes fell to her tits and I could literally see her nipples getting hard, beginning to poke right out of her tight blouse. “Tell me!” she said, faking anger. “No suspense! I hate surprises.”

I stood up, her hand still in mine. “Do you like to be filthy?”

She stood up with her, but didn’t respond. It seemed like she was trying to say something clever but it eluded her. She kept my gaze. poker oyna “Always. What did you have in mind?”

I began walking out of the office, fully expecting her to follow me – and she did, of course. I didn’t answer her because I want things to be spontaneous: even I didn’t fully know exactly what it was I was going to do with her. She followed me into the hallway outside of the office heading towards the bathroom, her clean white Chucks making those soft rubbery noises on the ground. I opened the door to the men’s room and let my voice echo, “Anybody in here?” No response.

Liza giggled behind me. “I’ve never been in the boy’s bathroom before!” I smiled wryly and beckoned her to follow me, closing the door behind us, switching ON the lock.

“Let me show you the handicapped stall, it’s huge,” I said, still pretending to be innocent. She walked ahead of me into the stall, and I, of course, closed the door behind us – and let the latch fall into place. I turned around.

Fuck me, I thought: she was already on her knees, her blouse pulled up just above her tits, her mouth open and her tongue out. Her eyes sparkled in the fluorescent lighting. Something was stopping me; she noticed my hesitation.

“Is there something wrong?” she inquired, genuinely curious. “Would you rather me standing up?”

“No no,” I said, “Nothing’s wrong, I just…I just suddenly realized I have to pee. Do you mind?”

Her eyes got very wide and she shook her head. “No not at all!” Then she bit her lip, moving aside from the toilet slowly. She put her hand on the seat and lifted it. “Actually…actually wait. Would you let me…” her voice trailed off.

I tilted my head. “Let you?”

“Would you let me drink you? I actually love the taste.”

I was taken aback, almost to the point of stumbling into the stall door. But my heart was thumping so loudly in my chest I was sure Liza could hear it! I swallowed: my throat was dry. I nodded up and down and Liza bounced on her knees and thighs, looking so deliciously happy. She craned her neck back and opened her mouth again, her tongue reaching all the way to her chin. I walked up to her, waiting for my cock to get soft enough so I could pee. I rested the underside of the tip just on her tongue and finally it came: I began to piss right into her mouth, watching it waterfall down her tongue and straight down her throat. She swallowed – with her mouth wide open – as it flowed, gulping loudly wave after wave of my piss. Her eyes were trained on me the whole time, too, canlı poker oyna just staring up at me, her mouth so very wide in an insane almost smile.

Finally I finished after nearly 20 seconds. She swallowed every last drop, licking her lips.

“Ooh!” she yipped, looking down at the floor. From her wrist she pulled a hair-tie and put her hair up in a high ponytail. Her hair was so beautiful and brown, I loved watching her put it up. Then she astounded me even further: I guess she’d noticed some spillage on the floor, and leaned down and began licking the tiles, cleaning them off my errant piss. She did this for a few seconds, then sat back up, still smiling. It was almost Stepfordian, but I couldn’t care less.

“All gone!” she said, shrugging, then giggling for several seconds while I began to get hard again. I smiled down at her, then took her ponytail in my hand, and forced her head on my cock. I almost had a heart attack: my entire cock slide right down her throat, all the way to the back. I felt her tongue undulating beneath my shaft. I couldn’t believe she’d swallowed all 8″! She kept it in her throat for 5 seconds…10 seconds…20 seconds. She didn’t even breath, and her eyes were fixated on me. Finally I was too close to cumming and had to pull my cock out and take a step back. A long string of her spit came with it and she giggled but quickly grabbed for it, wrapping it around and around her forefinger as she nudged her way forward toward me on her knees.

“Oh no you don’t get away that easily!” She giggled with my cock back in her mouth. Slowly and lovingly she began to suck it, up and down, in and out, all the way from the very tip of my cock to the literal base. She was a godsend.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I stopped dead in my tracks, and Liza stopped sucking, just letting my cock pulsate in her mouth.

“Hello?” came the voice of an older man. “Is anybody in there?”

I held my finger up to my mouth to tell Liza to be quiet, then said loudly, “Yeah I’m in here.”

“Oh, Nick, it’s you.” Came the voice of my boss, Jack. “Could you let me in please? I really have to use the bathroom.”

I told Liza, “Stay quiet, stay in here,” and pulled my pants back up, buckling my belt. She got up slowly and sat on the toilet. I looked at her jeans and I could see a visible wetness where her pussy was: she was so turned on.

I walked to the bathroom door and unlocked it. Jack stood there and smiled. “You good?” I faked a smile and nodded and he brushed internet casino past me and began walking – right toward the last stall.

I couldn’t stop him – what would I say?

“Hey Jack – ” I managed to stutter – “Hey Jack wait a minute – “

“Oh wow.” He was already there. Standing at the entrance to the handicapped stall, he was looking in, and as I walked up, I was watching Liza staring right back at him…except she’d taken off her tight jeggings and was rubbing her clit. Jack looked at me, and simply said, “Do you mind really quickly?” Before I could answer, he was unbuckling his pants and pulling down his boxers, exposing is old, wrinkled, hairy cock. He simply said under his breath, “Get down girl,” and Liza slunk right from the toilet seat, her mouth already open just like with me, ready for his piss. He began peeing a lot faster than I did, unleashing a cascade of piss right into her mouth: she gulped and gulped, just like she did with mine, letting it all flow seemlessly down her throat. Before he was even finished, this old geezer, she put her hands on his bare ass and yanked him towards her, accepting his flaccid cock right into her mouth, closing her lips right around it. I couldn’t help but be seriously fucking turned on.

She began sucking Jack’s old cock right then and there, and you could tell her wouldn’t last long. He closed his eyes and craned his neck back and began moaning, “Oh yea…fuck yeah, keeping going…don’t stop…”

Finally he came. By this point I had my cock out again and was stroking it slowly, watching her take his load right into her mouth. Suddenly an idea popped into my head.

“Don’t swallow it.” I ordered her. She turned her lustful gaze from our boss above her and right at me, and without hesitating, she slid herself forward on her hands and knees, and opened her mouth wide again for me. Looking in I could see her perfect white teeth, and then a mess of white cum right on her throat and all over her uvula. I smiled, stroked her cheek, and I heard Jack say, “That’s a good girl,” as he zipped up his pants. While he buttoned up his pants and jacket, I slid my cock right into her open mouth, letting the warm cum already in there smear all over my cock. I shoved it down her throat over and over, but no matter what I didn’t she wouldn’t gag – she couldn’t! I could hear her even laughing while I fucked her face, knowing she’d soon have a second load to swallow. This little brunette whore loved cum.

In a few minutes I was ready to cum, and let it loose right down her throat. She stopped sucking while I did this, and let my cock just spurt over and over again down her throat, then pulse while she slowly and softly flicked her tongue underneath my shaft. She was such a dirty whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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