Chain of Events

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Aidra Fox

Emily stepped in the hot shower and began to soap up. She had just finished a hot scene with Kyle, her husband stuffing her with his cock for almost two hours before filling her pussy and ass with his cum. She moaned as she moved the towel over her pussy, moving her finger deep inside to retrieve some of her husband’s cum, rising it to her lips and sucking it off.

In the living room, Ellie was on the couch, getting her pussy eaten by Thomas. They each had just finished scenes as well, having each experienced great orgasms. Thomas feasted on his sister’s hairless pussy, Ellie moaning and arching her back as he moved his tongue as deep as it could reach.

He felt a tongue then move up his ass, a strong masculine hand beginning to pump his dick between his legs. He turned back and saw it was his father, Kyle giving him a bright smile. Thomas grinned back and returned to eating Ellie, his sister crying out and cumming on his face.

“Damn, you three look hot!” Ethan exclaimed as he entered the room, stroking his cock.

Thomas continued to lap at Ellie’s pussy, licking her clean.

“Well, well, well…” Emily said from the doorway, “what have we here?”

“Not much, honey,” Kyle replied, moving his thumb slowly in Thomas’ asshole, “just having some fun.”

“I’ll say,” she replied, walking in, “I see three juicy, hard cocks and a wet pussy. Sounds like a party to me.”

She went over to Kyle and gripped his dick, kissing him softly.

“Why don’t you go over and slip your nice hard cock into your daughter’s wet cunt, and fuck her, while I take care of our boys.” Emily said as she

pulled Kyle up from the floor by his cock as their children watched as Kyle walked over to the couch, as Ellie spread her legs wide, opening herself up so Kyle could take her cunt.

As he laid on top of her, their mouths met for an instant and the head of his hard cock pushed against her cunt, and with one push he was sliding his cock deep into Ellie.

“Oohhhh, oh, oh Dad, ah ah Ohhh, yes.” She moaned as they all watched him sink his cock deep inside her shaved pussy. She continued to moan, louder now as he Yenibosna Escort began to slowly fuck her, dragging his wet cock out, till the head was just nestled inside her soft, wet, pink cunt lips, and then just as slowly sinking his long, thick cock back into her, until his balls were tight against her ass.

Her moans were muffled now, as their mouths were all over each others, with tongues tangling between them. Thomas and Ethan watched as Emily slipped her hands down to her soft mound of pubic hair, and then she inserted a finger into her pussy, as a quick breath expelled from her mouth.

Ethan took her by the hand, and led her to the chair. As she sat down, he knelt in front of her as he spread her legs. Her fingers were still inside herself, until Ethan pulled them free, and he took each one, separately, in his mouth and licked them clean, savoring the taste of his mother.

And as she leaned back into the chair, he got on his hands and knees, and pushed his face deep between her legs, and licked her inner thighs, driving her crazy, until he pushed his tongue deep into her wet, warm pussy.

Thomas watched as his brother’s tongue pleasured their mother. Looking at his naked body on all fours, in front of her, he looked hungrily as his perfect ass and couldn’t help himself.

He got down behind his brother and spread his ass cheeks and took one long lick. Ethan moaned as his body actually shuddered as his brother’s tongue ran across his asshole. It was smooth, and definitely didn’t taste like pussy, but it didn’t taste like ass either.

Thomas took another swipe, but this time slower, playing with his hole, darting his tongue in and out a bit. Ethan moaned with pleasure, so Thomas went further, and as his ass lips loosened to his prodding it got easier and easier to eat out his ass.

Suddenly, Ethan turned around and his lips found Thomas’, and they kissed hard and passionately. His tongue was deep in his brother’s mouth, as Thomas’ was in his. Thomas could taste his mother’s pussy, just as Ethan could taste his own ass. It was so fucking hot… then he pulled back.

“Fuck Yenibosna Escort Bayan me Tommy!” He said as he turned back towards Emily’s spread legs.

Ethan’s ass was slick after Thomas spit a huge wad against his puckering hole. His cock was stiff, and dripping pre-cum all down his shaft, so when he was ready to penetrate his ass with his cock, lube was not a problem.

When he slowly pushed his stiff cock against Ethan’s asshole, it was still really tight. So he gave a little more effort, and his brother gasped as the head of Thomas’ cock slipped into his ass. His face was planted between Emily’s thighs, as his tongue darted in and out of her wide open cunt. Thomas could see her finger rubbing hard against her clit, as he ate her pussy eagerly.

Kyle was still fucking Ellie, squeezing her tits as he slammed his cock hard into her cunt.

“Fuck me Daddy,” she panted, “fuck me good.”

Thomas slid his cock slowly into his ass, until he was balls deep. His moans were muffled but constant as Thomas pushed deeper and deeper inside of him. Emily watched approvingly as Thomas sank his hard, fat cock deep into his brother’s ass.

He could hear his sister’s sloppy pussy getting fucked hard by their Father, as he began to move his cock in and out of Ethan’s loosening asshole. It felt so fucking great. So he started to seriously fuck Ethan, soft and slow. That was until he started to rapidly buck his ass, forcing his cock to hammer him hard.

“Tommy, fuck him hard, I think that’s what he wants.” Emily moaned, moving her fingers through Ethan’s hair.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Thomas yelled, picking up speed.

He grabbed his hips and pulled himself hard into him, slamming his cock so deep into his asshole that it made Ethan yelp in pain. After that Thomas was merciless, pounding his ass hard, so hard that he pulled his head up from between Emily’s legs and grunted with each and every thrust of Thomas’ hips.

“Oh god!” Ethan cried, “Fuck me bro!!”

Ethan’s cock swung with every movement as he resorted to fingering Emily’s cunt as she sucked her own tits, watching her sons Escort Yenibosna go at it. Thomas’ balls slapped against his brother’s, Ethan’s dick smacking against his stomach.

Thomas’ orgasm was intense, and a huge load of spunk filled Ethan’s ass as his brother’s cock spewed his seed deep inside his brother’s asshole. His jizz splattered all over Ethan’s stomach and tits at the same time, as his right hand stroked his hard cock fast and furiously.


None of them even bothered to clean up after the living room, other than Thomas licking up his own spent cum. Thomas’ cock was still slick with lube as was Ethan’s ass as he walked out back to help Kyle with the steaks on the grill.

“Hey buddy.” Kyle said to him as he walked up next to him and he put his arm around his son’s shoulder. “That was pretty wild this afternoon, yeah?”

“Fuck yeah Dad, it was great!” Thomas replied, “did you?”

“Certainly.” Kyle answered.

Thomas looked down. “You’re still pretty hard there Dad…”

Thomas then got on his hands and knees and took Kyle’s long hard cock into his mouth, sucking it in until he felt the head of his cock push against the back of his throat.

Kyle moaned loudly as his son grabbed his smooth balls, and pulled them down, allowing his cock to sink deeper into his throat. The taste of his pre-cum was heavy on Thomas’ tongue, as he swirled it around the head of his massive cock. His cock was thick, and stretched his mouth out, but it didn’t stop him. Thomas started bouncing his mouth up and down his long, thick shaft, running his tongue along his fat piss vein, sucking it in deep until his nose was pressed against Kyle’s sweaty crotch.

“Oh fuck Tommy, yeah, fuck yeah, suck my cock, oh fuck!” Kyle moaned, as Thomas continued to blow him off.

After a while his mouth was beginning to hurt, his cock girth was huge, but Thomas knew he was going to cum soon, and there was no way he was letting that go to waste. As just as he thought, it started with heavy short gasps, and then his hands on the back of his son’s head, pushing his face deeper into his crotch, as his cock began to swell even more in Thomas’ mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah!” Kyle yelled as Thomas’ mouth was suddenly flooded with his father’s hot, thick, cum. Rope after rope of his jizz filled his mouth, he swallowed, and Kyle filled it up again. 4 times he filled Thomas’ mouth up, and he didn’t lose a drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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