Chains Pt. 01

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The officer looked over the prisoner standing in front of him. The man was over six feet tall, with jet-black hair, which was cut high and tight, and golden-tanned skin. His head was lowered, and the officer could see the well-defined cables of neck muscles. The large man looked well-fed and finely-muscled, a very unusual state for most of the prisoners he was used to seeing.

“Where are you from? What did you do before being sent here?”

“I lived on a small farm. I also made furniture at one time,” the man replied softly, not raising his head

The officer smiled slightly to himself and rose from his desk chair. He walked toward the prisoner. The prisoner remained still. The officer walked behind him, reached his hand out and shook the prisoner’s handcuffs. The man didn’t even flinch. The officer slightly chuckled, walking back behind his desk.

He leaned against a large file cabinet, resting his arm on the top of it, his fingers tapped impatiently.

“So what is your name?”

“I think you know that,” the man slightly muttered, rubbing his whiskered chin on his shirt collar, barely moving his head.

“I didn’t hear that. What is your name?”

“Jacopo,” the prisoner spat out hoarsely.

“So Jacopo, you were a wood-worker and a farmer. From the report I see that you could have easily eluded us, it seems you lived rather deep in the forest. When my men arrived, you neither ran nor fought them. There was a dead body, and you knew they would arrest you. You just stood there and gave up. Very odd. Now why was that? Answer me.”

“I knew nothing. I had been away for awhile and just returned. I had just come upon the body. I lived a quiet life away from the news.”

“Did you live there alone?”


“Oh, really? Who did you live with?” the officer asked, slightly tilting his head.

“Another man named Matthias,” Jacopo said flatly, then growled softly, “he stayed behind while I was gone.”

The officer saw a noticeable tightening of Jacopo’s neck muscles, he didn’t see the cuffed hands clench tightly against the metal.

“We weren’t able to identify the body. Too badly damaged. Did you do that? Did you kill the man?”


“Who did?”

“I don’t know.”

“Was it Matthias?”

“I don’t know. I had left him there alone.”

“So Jacopo and Matthias, two men living together away from society,” the officer said looking toward the wall and shaking his head as if in deep thought. He then looked back at Jacopo and clapped his hand against the top of the file cabinet. “I’ve got it! You two must have been homosexual.” He waved his fingers comically in the air. “A couple of flopsy-wopsy woodworkers! I can imagine that you worked his wood quite well, yes?”

Jacopo raised his head and glared hard at the officer. His jaw tightened, causing the muscles to jump out, his short whiskers stood out.

“And then one day, you turned on him…out of embarrassment. Regret, maybe? Passion? You killed him.” The officer tilted his head. “Did he not suck your cock well enough out there in the woods? Did he not submit his ass to you quick enough?”

The officer chuckled and walked toward Jacopo. He reached out a leather-gloved hand and patted the side of Jacopo’s face.

Jacob felt his face turn red. He gritted his teeth.

“Calm down, fancy boy,” he urged with a grin, “I’m not going hurt you.” He laughed and walked back to his desk.

He sat down at his desk and rustled through some papers.

“Actually, I’m going to put you to good use. Use that strong body, no reason to let it go to waste in some detention camp or jail cell,” he said, looking up at Jacopo. He smiled at prisoner.

Jacopo had lowered his head again.

“Oh, look at me, Jacopo. I am doing you a favour.”

Jacopo raised his head and stared blankly at the officer. He didn’t care anymore what was going to happen to him.

“Andreas!” the officer shouted at the soldier outside the office door.

Andreas came in and pushed at Jacopo to move him aside. The larger man was hardly shifted.

“Andreas, take this prisoner to my house. Tell John to put him to work in the garden and make a cell for him in the basement yourself.”

“Sir, yes, Sir!” he replied, yanking on the handcuffs, motioning for Jacopo to move.

“Jacopo, my name is Captain Horst, Captain Peter Horst. Welcome, Jacopo!” he shouted after the prisoner. “I hope you enjoy your stay with us.”

As he walked away, the captain’s laughter rang in Jacopo’s ears. He gritted his teeth to try to shut it out.

Horst looked out the window down to the garden. He noticed that the mounds of debris created by past bombs and by his own demolition means seemed to be shrinking. No one would ever question his story about rebel saboteurs trying to get to him, and so he needed a clear view with bursa yabancı escort no places for them to hide; anyway, he didn’t care, he just wanted a larger garden. The houses had belonged to the losing side anyway, so no love lost there.

His eyes rested on Jacopo. Andreas caught his attention, jumping around shouting orders at the prisoner. Horst could tell that the young pretty soldier was enjoying ordering the larger man around the garden. He observed that Jacopo paid as much attention to the young blond soldier was much as a bull gave to a fly, only flinching when stung by the young man’s metal prod.

In the heat of the afternoon, Jacopo had been working wearing only workpants and large boots. Horst had just stepped out of the shower and was watching from a window upstairs in his suite. He was much impressed with Jacopo’s huge muscled frame. Sweat rolled down his face to his massive chest covered in a thick patch of dark hair. His large arms bounded with large rounds of muscle, the blood vessels thick with blood supplying the hard flesh with power to accomplish the sheer amount of work they had to do. Horst watched Jacopo’s back muscles steel themselves as he lifted the large rounds of concrete, watching them flare as they fought with his broad shoulders to raise and move the debris.

Horst rubbed a hand across his own chest imagining it was Jacopo’s rough hand. He pinched at his nips, and felt his cock pushing against the towel around his waist. The towel loosened by his growing erection, fell to the floor.

The captain’s hand moved down to the hardness. He caught a drip of precum and rubbed it into the head of his cock, imagining Jacopo’s tongue lapping at it. Outside Jacopo bend over to move a piece of metal, exposing the cleft of his ass, Horst pushed his hip forward in an automatic response. He encircled his cock with his hand. He wanted to put it into the hole at the center of that muscled ass. He wanted to feel that warm hole giving way to his hard cock. He wanted to dominate it, to make it his to use.

He spit into his hand and jerked his cock harder. He imagined Jacopo on his back begging to get fucked harder and screaming for his asshole to be used by the captain. He wanted to make Jacopo crave his thick cock every time he saw him.

Horst began to thrust his cock hard into his hand. He could smell the precum and spit frothing together from the friction of his hand, soon to be joined by the pungent odor of his cum. His nuts tightened as he watched Jacopo wipe the sweat from his underarms. He bucked his hips as his load shot out, hitting the window in front of him.

He reached to the window and smeared his fresh cum over the image of Jacopo below him. He laughed thinking about the maid cleaning up his mess.

Captain Horst had been away for several days and had been impressed by the progress that had been accomplished in the garden while he was gone. He had congratulated John and had dictated his further ideas. He had been informed of Jacopo’s behavior in his absence and made his way to the basement.

He slowly descended down the basement stairs with loud deliberate clomps. He had learned that in his absence Jacopo had been causing a bit of trouble in the evenings. He was told that his prisoner had been wreaking the contents of his cell at night.

John told that any dishes or other objects in the cell had been thrown at the wall or otherwise totally destroyed. In order to prevent further damage to the room or even to he himself, they had taken to handcuffing Jacopo in the evenings when he was in his room.

The captain pushed the key quickly into the lock, turning it with a snap. He slowly pushed the old door open, allowing a bit of light to cast into the cell. He noticed Jacopo’s large form sitting on the edge of his small bed. Horst took some matches from his pocket and lit a candle on the hall table, noticing the smashed light fixture within the cell. He walked into the cell and placed the candle in a small alcove in the stone wall.

With his hands cuffed, Jacopo remained still sitting on the edge of the bed, candlelight flickering across his form, sometimes reflecting off his shiny black hair and damp shirt.

“I have heard that you have been causing a bit of trouble in my absence, big man,” he asked, as he looked around the room.

He pulled an undamaged chair from a dark corner. He lifted it and placed it hard unto the floor to knock off a bit of dust. He sat down and crossed his legs, facing Jacopo who was now staring at him.

“Jacopo, I thought things were going so well. Then I come back and hear that you have been so troublesome. I thought that I was helping you, and then you treat me so badly. Yes, I have taken it personally.”

Jacopo blinked and looked away.

“I would have preferred to have died,” Jacopo bursa sınırsız escort muttered.

“Now why is that? I don’t understand you. I just don’t understand you. Rather die than live? It makes no sense. But I never took you as intelligent. You’re more like an ox…a wild ox. You need to be tamed.”

The captain rose as to leave, then froze. He sat back down and cocked his head. He looked at the dark man.

“You are mourning the death of your ‘friend’. He’s gone. The body has been cremated. Oh, by the way, I scattered the ashes in that nice big area you cleaned up so nicely. The flowers will love him.”

Jacopo pulled at the handcuffs. They ground into his wrists, his fingers gnarled from the pain.

“You can’t move past it, can you? And if you act badly enough, you think I’ll just kill you and put you out of your misery. Whilst doing all this work, you’ve had time to think and dwell. It is torture, isn’t it? Your lover dead and you with nothing but time to think about what was and what now can never be.”

The captain got up again and took a step toward Jacopo. With all the force he could muster, he slapped Jacopo across the face.

“Stand up!” he ordered.

Jacopo raised himself up and stood in front of the officer.

“Since you are intent on suffering, I will assist you,” he told Jacopo, with a stern look on his face, “I have no problem helping you live a torturous existence. But it doesn’t have to be that way.” Horst reached down and ran a hand over Jacopo’s substantial crotch. I could make your life very easy…maybe even get you set free. But it comes at a price.”

Jacopo wanted to fight the captain’s advances. He tried to steel himself from the feelings of pleasure as Horst’s hand ran across his trousers following the outline of his thickening cock. He wanted Matthias, and only him, but he was now gone forever. He didn’t want to feel this pleasure.

“You seem to be contemplating my offer,” said Horst, as his hand gripped Jacopo’s hardening cock through the fabric. “Just tell me you want it.”

Jacopo struggled to hold himself back. He gritted his teeth. A tear formed in the corner of his eye.


“What?” answered Horst, his hand moving to the button of Jacopo’s pants.

“I want it.”

Horst flicked the button open and pulled down the zipper. Jacopo’s thick cock fell out, lolling to one side. Horst encircled it with his hand, feeling its warm velvetness. The smell of the muscular man’s sweaty crotch hit his nose, and the officer breathed in the aroma of Jacopo’s maleness.

Horst’s finger ran across the thick cockhead feeling a drop of slick precum oozing from it. He pushed his finger into the sticky liquid and brought it to his mouth, lapping at his finger. The taste and smell was strong as Jacopo. It was everything Horst had wanted and desired. He wanted to taste it in his throat. Horst felt his own cock begin to get even harder.

Horst reached for the silver knife that hung by his side and brought it up to the man’s chest. Methodically, he cut off every button on Jacopo’s shirt. He placed the silver blade into its holster and snapped it closed.

He looked up leeringly at Jacopo. Then he licentiously ripped the shirt off the prodigious muscled body. Jacopo looked straight ahead during the entire procedure, except for an occasional sideways glance.

Horst grabbed him by the waist and tried to jerk Jacopo closer. The mountainous man didn’t budge. Jacopo forced himself forward a bit, the rattling handcuffs reminding him of where he was. He ran a hand over Jacopo’s muscled hairy chest. Jacopo looked down as the leather-gloved hand glided over his chest hair.

Horst bent forwarded and put his nose into the fur. He took a deep breath, relishing in the aroma captured in the thick black hair. Jacopo watched the tip of Horst’s tongue circle his nips, causing them to harden. Jacopo breathed in a deep sigh. The officer’s own nips hardened as the light from the candle reflected in the spittle on Jacopo’s nipples.

Horst took off the leather belt which held a leather gun holster -the antique pistol was in a safe upstairs. He pulled the leather holster off the belt and smelled the leather’s aroma. He ran a tongue over it. He then slapped it across the prisoner’s chest. It smacked across the spit-slicked nips of Jacopo’s chest. Jacopo didn’t flinch. Horst threw the holster to the floor. He grabbed the thick belt and snapped it across the hairy muscular chest. Jacopo slightly tilted his head, as Horst ran his hand across the red mark.

“Mmmm, a reaction, I see. I am doing something good for you. Now, you do whatever I tell you to do. It, of course, will be mostly for my benefit.”

The belt moved down the center of Jacopo’s chest and rested for a bit at the top of his furred belly. Then Horst slowly görükle escort slid the belt around Jacopo’s waist toward his ribs.

“You will cooperate completely from now on, and you will be treated well. Otherwise, bad things will happen,” he said, with a chuckle, as he slapped the leather belt into Jacopo’s side, causing Jacopo to moan and throw his head backward. Horst leaned in so close Jacopo could feel the heat of his breath.

“Do you understand?” he asked, slowly pulling the leather around to Jacopo’s furry tight ass. The belt slipped into the crack of Jacopo’s ass.

“Yes,” Jacopo hissed.

Horst’s hand holding the belt fell to his side and he pushed Jacopo backward on the old bed with the other. The old bed creaked and popped as he fell onto it. Horst dropped the belt. He looked down at Jacopo, noticing a glint of a tear or sweat…he didn’t know or care which.

Horst knelt down beside the bed and glanced over the exposed hairy chest. His eyes ran down the perfectly muscled body to the long engorged cock. The weight of the thick unwieldy cock caused it to flop to one side. Horst’s hand slipped into his army pants unseen and pulled out his stiffening cock. His other hand grabbed Jacopo by the hair. His unseen gloved hand slowly ran over his cock as he talked.

“You are mine. You will do exactly what I tell you. Understand?” he demanded. He smiled at Jacopo with a twisted grin and the hand in his hair pulled his head up and down miming a head shake. “Good boy.” He turned Jacopo’s head so their eyes met.

“Suck my dick,” Jacopo told him in a deep whisper.


“Suck my dick, Sir,” Jacopo spat out, like a bad taste and closed his eyes.

Horst moved his hand from Jacopo’s head to his chest. He took his pointer finger and ran it across the muscled pectorals. He took his other hand off his cock, smelling his fragrant slick precum covering the leather glove. He removed the glove from his hand and tossed it away. He then placed his hand on Jacopo’s furry belly, sliding it down onto his considerable cock. The tips of his fingers could feel the warm tip of Jacopo’s fleshy cock.

His own cock grew harder in response. The captain’s mouth watered, as his fingers struggled to surround the thick meatiness. It felt like a hefty roll of warm luxuriant velvet.

The officer leaned in to taste the tangy precum oozing from Jacopo’s cockhead. He greedily encircled the plump head, wanting to force it quickly and entirely down his throat. But he slowly began to move down the big cock stretching his mouth wider as he did.

Jacopo moaned has his cock disappeared into the captain’s warm mouth and down his throat. The cock slid up and down the captain’s warm throat. The spongy cockhead flared with every pull backward and slipped itself farther down with every push forward, causing Jacopo to slightly jerk involuntary from the sensations.

The cock was swallowed to the hairy base, causing the captain’s eyes to water with lustful tears. The captain gagged and pulled off the oozing horsecock, spit dangling from his reddened lips. Jacopo had been pushed too far by the warm tight throat and a volley of cum shot from his full furry balls. Jacopo grunted and wheezed as the long overdue pleasure racked through his body. His hips bucked with ever shot of cum. He felt both shame and pleasure as his cock spurted copious amounts of cum across the handcuffs, his pants, and the bed.

Horst had moved in and was licking the dollops of cum from the sheets like a starving man. He licked his lips, then reached out and licked drops of cum from the cold metal handcuffs. Horst rocked back as he didn’t hide the fact that he was pleasuring himself anymore. He was the boss, he told himself. He jerked his cock furiously as he leered at the large handcuffed man in front of him. It was too much. He stood up and felt cum rising from his tightening nuts. He shot a hard load of steaming cum onto the hairy body before him. His body shook hard with debauched pleasure.

He fell back to his knees. He put one hand on Jacopo’s face and the other of his legs as he greedily sucked his own cum and the remaining drops of Jacopo’s into his mouth. He savored his aromatic spunk mingled with Jacopo’s spiciness. Jacopo was motionless and silent. A cold draft hit the captain’s spent flesh and it started to go limp. He pushed his indecent cock back into his pants but didn’t bother to zip them up. He stood up, licking his lips. I will have him, he thought to himself, looking down at his used prisoner.

Jacopo lay there, staring at the ceiling. What have I done, he thought to himself. Anger began to swell within him, replacing the sadness he had felt in his heart. This captain would pay dearly someday.

A deep reverberating growl rose in his throat. The beast within him was coming alive, but not from his mourning of Matthias. It had been awoken by the cruel lecherous captain, and he was now ready to live again. He’s do whatever he had to do.

Horst turned away and walked out of the cell. He sprinted up the stairs and carried a great big smile with him. He had absolutely no clue about what he had just created.

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