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It was time now for Lota to loose herself to a man. He could see the blossoming breasts underneath the sweet nineteen-year-old’s bustier. Her belly was pretty and round. Lota’s hips were big and it sent his mind whirling. Just then she brought in his plate of biscuits and meat. He grabbed her wrists as she sent it down. He stared at her then let her go. She walked back out of the room to the kitchen in the adjoining room. He munched on a biscuit but could eat no more. His cock was raging. He could not control it. He was hard, stiff, aflame with desire & lust. He hurriedly undone the leather fastenings on his pants. He carefully brought out the inflamed red member.

Just then Lota came back into the room with a bottle of wine & a big, brass cup. She stopped, mouth agape. She went to turn.

“No, Lota, come back, you must see this some day.” He panted out. “Sit in front of me on the table.”

She obeyed. He could see her eyes on his penis.

“What is it you are doing, sir?” Lota asked. Her innocence sent him soaring. His hand squeezed his cock head.

“Sometimes, men get so wanton of a woman that they must please themselves the way they want the woman to do.” He looked into her big lovely eyes. “Watch. I’ll show you. I’m thinking about you Lota & tonight I’m taking you.”

Her eyes flew to his bright green ones. His black hair hung in tresses all around his board chest. His body was heaving and his well muscled arm was jerking slowly.

“But, sir, I am so small and you are so big. Won’t it hurt?” Lota asked so sweetly. She noticed he then took the length of himself in his hand and moved his hand up and down. He reached up and undid her dress top lacing.

Peeling it back he said, “but how can I resist such beauty?”

“But what will you do to me, sir?” She asked trying to conceal her creamy breasts he was trying to expose.

“Don’t hide your beauty from me Lota. I’m going to put myself inside you, your mouth, hands and ass.” He panted out. “Get undressed.”

“But…” she began. He grabbed her bodice and ripped it off. Then went back to Ataşehir Sınırsız Escort rubbing his penis. She was stunned. She removed the dress. “Even my under things, sir?” She asked surprised.

“Yes.” He said. “Then lay on your back on the table.” He pushed all the food and plates to the floor, making loud clattering noises. She stripped the rest of the way and did as he asked. He got on the big, wooden table and knelt on his knees.

“Spread your legs.” He placed his hand between her parting thighs. They were so creamy and firm. He got close so his balls touched her virgin petals. He then started jerking off madly. Grunting and panting as he jerked. She watched in pure amazement at the sight. Her eyes were big, bright and observing all she could. She lifted a hand and ran it over his taut arm. He in took a sharp breath. He pumped his fist harder over his raging desire. He could feel her tiny clit on his balls. He put his other free hand down and began to squeeze and paw his balls. Pressing the sac into her petals, against her pink clit. He could feel the cum bubbling up his cock. The pressure was maddening.

“open…your mouth…now..” He shuddered as it went up the length of his shaft. Her mouth flew open right as he shot the load all over her. First it was on her face, dripping down into her opened mouth. It was in her soft hair. It left a trail down her neck to her breast and pooled at her belly.

He was panting hard. “swallow it Lota.” He said and she obeyed. Her face turned bitter and she choked, turning over to spit it out.

“I’m sorry sir, it was too much…” She looked back at him with sorrow in her eyes.

“It’s okay, it is your first time.” He caressed her hair and cheek. His hands trailed down her smooth skin to her creamy, swelling breasts. She drew in a ragged breath. He lightly touched her nipple. She stopped breathing for a moment then moaned lightly. He bushed his knuckles across them.

“Gath….” she moaned his name. He bent his head to lick and suckle the lovely tight bud. Her head flew back and she latched Ataşehir Suriyeli Escort onto his hair. Groaning loudly. She felt his teeth nipping at her flesh and she let out a little squeal. What was he doing to her? She felt warm, especially between her legs. It was a strange, aching sensation in her body.

Gath slid off the table and picked Lota up into his arms. He held her close as he made his way to the bed chamber. It was a large room. Swords, battle axes and armour were scattered all over the room. Sitting on a table was a strange, horned helmet she had always wondered about. He took them to his big wooden bed. It was chained to the ceiling by big, black iron chains. It hung in the middle of the room. The bed could swing. It was padded with sheep’s wool, feathers, and hay. Fluffy, wool blankets covered it. Gath laid her down gently on the bed. He slid his heavy boots off, tossed them in a far away corner and yanked down his leather pants.

She let her eyes roam over his rippled body. His skin was dark and leathery. Across his body were scars and war wounds. Gath crawled into the bed.

“Touch me now…” his voice was husky and deep, full of need. He rolled over on her, kissing her deeply. Raw animal lust overtaking him. He grabbed at her hands forcing them over his rough body. Ranking her nails down his chest he forced the soft fingers around his cock. Taking her wrist with his warm hand, moving it back and forth over the his limp shaft. “Make me hard again Lota…”He breathed out his request.

Lota couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She’d always seen her Master with women he’d bring home from the streets or slaves he’d won during bets. She was beside herself that he would want to touch her the way she’d seen him touching those other women. He seemed gentler with her more caring than with the street whores and slaves. She was snapped back into reality by a low grunt coming from him. His manhood was growing in her hand becoming thick and stiff.

“Am I doing good Master?” She asked him, looking into his emerald green eyes. Ataşehir İranlı Escort

“Yes…yes, your pleasing me wonderfully.” He said but rolled over on his back. “Now try using your mouth Lota…”

Lota stared frightfully at the bobbing shaft sticking up from his mess of black pubic hairs. Gath slid his arm around her shoulders soothing her. He twirled his fingers into her long red hair and began to push her downward. Her cheek first touched his hard penis and it sent a shock through his body making him jerk.

“Just wrap your lips around the tip sweetie…” He instructed her. He felt her warm tickling breath on his flesh and then the sweet juicy wetness of her mouth. He raised his hips to meet her lips, pushing her down farther on his dick.

“Now just move your mouth up and down, sucking and licking it…” He told her panting and she did everything he asked. Her small tongue rolled around his tip and down the length of his shaft. She was exploring him, exploring her powers over him.

“Stop…now…” He moaned as he pulled her head away. “I’m going to fuck you now.” He said rolling over on top of Lota. His thick prick was pressing against her soft belly. He kissed her deeply as he spread apart her legs. Her juice was running down her thighs. She was soaking wet as he positioned his dick against her honey cave. He continued kissing her as he slide the tip of his penis into her. He tightness sent him soaring. She was panting hard and trying to breath but he continued kissing her as he rocked more of his dick into her. He heard her whimpers of pain in her throat as he came closer and closer to her virgin wall. He pulled all the way out of her and lifting his mouth from hers so she could breath he rammed himself back in.

She screamed and jerked with each thrust tearing her cunt wider apart. Her pussy griped him tight as he began to grind his hips against hers. He bent his head to lick and suck her nipples and soon her screams were moans of pleasure. He felt her pussy twitching all around him as he sent her into an orgasm. Her cum soaked his shaft and ran down his nutt sac. He was banging into her so hard her breasts were bouncing from the impact. He was about to cum, getting so close…

He showered her with kisses as he released his sperm into her virgin pussy, soaking her insides with it. He came until it hurt, spending every last drop into her tightness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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