Changing My Views

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“Oh god,” I groaned deep and low as I knelt ass up with my face buried in the pillows at the head of his bed. A searing pain shot through my ass as he sank his big latex wrapped cock balls deep inside me. I had never been with another man sexually before and quite honestly I had never considered it a possibility. I was raised in a conservative christian home where homosexuality was considered wrong and bisexuality simply didn’t exist but apparently somewhere along the way those signals got crossed.

“You like that don’t you bitch,” he said harshly as he slapped my ass hard making me yelp. His big meaty hands grabbed my hips and he thrust his fat fuck stick into the depths of my ass hard and fast.

“Yes Master,” I grunted. My voice was low and deep like some sort of wild animal. “It feels good Master.” I may have been new to bisex but I had long coveted a submissive role and though I had never found a truly dominant woman to enslave me I had fantasized about it for the better part of a decade.

“That’s right slut I am your master and you will do whatever I tell you to do won’t you bitch.” He said loudly in a deep masculine voice. He was a manly man and I never would have guessed when he moved in next door to my wife and I that he was bisexual but his dominance was always apparent.

“Yes Sir,” I replied quickly, “you are my Master and I am your willing slut.” I groaned as he continued to thrust his big dick into me hard and fast. The searing pain I had felt when he first penetrated me had been replaced with an oddly pleasurable burning from the friction of his fast moving dick and an indescrinable pressure deep inside me that felt amazingly good.

“Good answer slave,” he said proudly, “now smile for the camera.”

I looked at my wife and smiled weakly as she filmed us. I had never imagined that she would be into watching me with another man but when she learned that our new neighbor was bisexual she was the one who led me down the path to sexual enlightenment.

“Tell her what you are,” he ordered as his hand slapped my ass leaving a deep red hand print for the camera.

“I am your slave Master,” I moaned loudly.

“That’s right slut,” he replied as he buried his hard throbbing cock deep inside me and reached under me grabbing my dick and squeezing it hard making me moan wantonly. “And what do you love slut?”

“I love cock Master,” I panted loudly. I could feel the early signs of a climax building deep within my body and my legs quivered with excitement. I wanted to cum but I knew that the night had just begun and that relief was a long way off.

“Yes you do slut,” he continued as he fondled my dick and balls with his big hands. He was a big guy at 6’4″ and a muscular 230 pounds with a big hard cock that looked proportionate to his body and the first time I saw it I knew my life would never be the same.

We had been hanging out on his deck drinking and both of our wives had gone to bed or so I thought. It was a warm summer night and we were both dressed casually in shorts and tee shirts when he suddenly reached between his legs and cupped his cock.

“Your wife told Jen that you watch porn together,” he had said out of the blue. His hand rubbed his dick openly and it quickly gaziantep escort created a big tent in his loose fitting shorts.

“Ah, yeah sometimes,” I replied. I was startled by both his actions as well as his question but my eyes were strangely drawn to his shorts. I had never seen another man’s hard dick before and my eyes were wide when he pulled his cock from his shorts and stroked it openly in front of me.

I could tell, even in the pale moon light that he was well hung and my eyes were transfixed on his big hard dick as his hand glided slowly up and down his long shaft.

“She also told Jen and me that you like to be dominated. Is that true?” He asked. His tone was very matter of fact and it was at odds with his lewd actions. The paradox made my alcohol clouded mind reel.

“Yeah,” I replied skeptically as he turned to face me, pointing his dick at me like an accusing finger.

“Too bad for you that your pretty wife is submissive too huh?” He asked in the same easy manner and I wondered just what situation he had learned all of our personal secrets from my wife.

“But she does like pussy,” he grinned partially answering my unspoken question as he stepped closer to me. I had known that my wife was bicurious and that she had one experience a few years before we had met with a friend while on a girls weekend but I hadnt known nor expected that she had been with my neighbor Jen.

My eyes flashed from his eyes to his cock and back again. I could see a shiny gleam on the tip of his dick and I watched as he scooped up a drop of precum from it and brazenly pushed his finger into my mouth. I felt like I was in a dream. It was surreal. My legs felt heavy and unable to move as he slid his salty finger in and out of my mouth, pumping it slowly as though fucking it with his thick finger.

“Tastes good doesn’t it? ” He asked confidently. He was close, so close the tip of his dick grazed against mine through my shorts. I hadn’t realized before that moment that I was fully erect.

I shook my head defiantly and he smiled dismissively as his free hand moved down my body sending goose bumps and shivers through it. His confident touch had the same effect as if a woman had touched me and I sighed quietly.

“You want more don’t you, ” he said in a soothing tone that disarmed me and our eyes met briefly.

“No,” I replied quickly, “I’m not gay.” I said defensively.

“Neither am I, ” he answered with a soft chuckle, “and I will ask you again. You want more don’t you?” His hand slid across my dick and I bit my lip to stifle a low moan. It had been a few weeks since my wife and I last had sex and I felt randy and I was losing control of my sensibilities.

“No,” I whispered softly. It was clear that my resolve was nearly broken and a slight smirk crossed his chiseled face.

“Your lips say ‘no’ but your hard cock says ‘yes Master. ” He said confidently. I shuddered and goosebumps covered my body as his words filled my head. I had never before imagined that I might be bisexual but at that moment something inside me clicked.

I nodded slowly and looked down at his cock in a new light. “Yes Master,” I said softly as I willingly submitted to him.

He smiled brightly and pointed to the floor in front of him. “Take your place slave,” he ordered and I quickly dropped to my knees. His big hard dick was inches from my face and I could smell the faint musky aroma of his natural essence. I liked it and my mouth watered profusely in anticipation of what I knew would come next.

“Suck it,” my neighbor ordered sternly. His commands were exactly what I had craved for the previous decade and regardless of his gender I was all in.

“Yes Master,” I moaned softly. My mouth moved deliberately toward him as my eyes closed tight. My hands moved up his strong muscular thighs and my lips parted wide accepting the fat bulbous head of his cock between them as though I had been sucking cock for my entire life. I didn’t hesitate, I attacked his dick enthusiastically and with verve, drawing him deep and sucking hard as my tongue swirled around it tasting his briny precum.

He released a low guttural moan and moved his big hands to my head, guiding my motions and teaching me what he enjoyed. His hips moved subtly fore and aft and his hands pushed my head down on his cock forcing it down my throat. He fucked my mouth slowly and steadily until his breathing became labored and he erupted inside my hungry mouth filling it with hot salty cum.

I swallowed his seed and looked up at him with soft pleading eyes. I had not cum and I wanted relief but he wasn’t looking at me. His eyes were focused on the house and I turned to see my wife standing in the doorway watching us.

“I told you he would do it,” he said to my wife. “And he liked it…didn’t you slut?”

A pit formed in my stomach. What would she say. What would she think. Would her opinion of me change knowing what I had done.

“Didn’t you slut?” He asked curtly.

“Yes Master I liked sucking your cock.” I answered without hesitation. My cheeks flushed crimson as I waited for my wife’s response.

She smiled and walked over to me. She reached out, took my hand and pulled me to my feet. Her lips descended on mine and we kissed deeply and passionately as she sampled our neighbors cum on my lips.

“Let’s all go upstairs and wake Jen. I need some of her loving touch while we watch you train your new slave,” my wife said sweetly.

Five minutes later my wife stood behind a tripod as Jen knelt at her feet licking her protruding clit enthusiastically.

“Get me hard slut,” my neighbor ordered as he lay back on the big king sized bed. My eyes traveled over his taut muscular body as my hands touched his soft dick. My own erection pointed skyward announcing my excitement like a beacon in the sky. I had never been filmed having sex and the fact that my wife was taping my first bisexual experience as she engaged in a similar taboo situation made me as excited as I had ever been.

His eyes looked down at me with a sharp steely gaze as I knelt between his strong splayed thighs and I trembled with excitement. I ran my hand over his tight rippled abs and raked my fingers down his sides. I had to fight my urge to rush things and attack his cock. I wanted a slow build to ensure that he had fully recovered from his recent climax so I could feel him get hard in my mouth.

I could hear my wife whimpering behind me as Jen’s insistent tongue lapped at her clit. She had often climaxed quickly when I eat her delicious pussy and with her new female lover the climax was both quick and powerful leaving her a sweaty satisfied mess.

His breathing was both hard and erratic signaling to me that he was ready for me to take him into my mouth. I lowered my head to his crotch and licked it like it was covered in chocolate making him moan deep and low. He reached down and touched my head gently. His reaction to my tongue and his encouraging touch was all that I needed. I wrapped my lips around his cock taking it all into my mouth feeling it grow hard.

I sucked and slurped on his man meat until he was at full mast. His girth stretched my lips wide and I moaned with raw wanton desire as my head bobbed over his rejuvenated fuck stick.

“Are you ready to get fucked slave,” he panted loudly as he guided me off his dick and onto my hands and knees in the middle of the bed.

I hadn’t considered the possibility of having him fuck my ass and my heart raced as the reality of it hit me. “Yes Master, ” I hissed as I looked back at him with soft pleading eyes. He knew I was a virgin and I hoped he would be gentle and yet I also hoped that he wouldn’t.

He rolled a condom onto his dick and coated it liberally with lube. His cock slid into my ass with surprising ease but searing pain. He fucked me hard, not gently and my body responded to his cock.

I felt my climax building deep within my body. My legs quivered as his big throbbing dick stroked my prostate with each thrust and I grunted like a wild animal filling the room with cries of ecstasy.

“Do you like my dick in your tight asshole slut?” He asked as he slapped my ass cheek hard.

“Yes Master, ” I hissed excitedly. I felt myself approaching the point of no return and my eyes rolled back in my head.

“Do you want to cum slut?” He continued as his dick pistoned into me like a jackhammer.

“Please Master, may I cum.” My body trembled and shook as I fought to delay my impending eruption.

“Cum for me slut,” he said triumphantly as he fucked me hard. My cum spewed onto the bed beneath me. My legs collapsed when I finished and his cock popped from my squishy gaping ass.

I lay face down and watched my wife scramble onto the bed beside me. She pulled her legs wide and looked up at him with a lust glazed expression on her beautiful face.

“Will you fuck me again Master,” she panted. Her fingers were buried deep in her pussy and her chest heaved.

“Of course,” he sighed as he pulled the condom from his dick and sank bareback into her.

He fucked my wife hard making her cum countless times in several positions as I lay beside them. I could tell by the way that they moved together that they had been together before and surprisingly it didn’t bother me at all.

He came inside my wife’s cunt filling it with his seed as he looked down at me and smirked. He pulled his spent, dripping cock from her hole and I obediently took it into my mouth sucking their combined juices from it without hesitation.

My wife straddled my head and lowered her well fucked cunt onto my mouth and I swallowed their juices like a well trained cum slut. I suspected that it wasn’t the first time that I had licked his cum from her hole and I was certain that it wouldn’t be the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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