Changing Pt. 3

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Part 3 is here now! If you don’t like the story, please leave constructive criticism to help me better the story instead of just leaving a negative comment, please. Let me know if you want more and I’ll get it up ASAP

Part 3: Choices

Finally, the morning came that my mother would be arriving home… I sat up out of bed and stretched a bit, the new weight of my growing breasts a bit odd, my now 14 inches of hair falling in my face, leaving m to push it back and shudder a bit from that damned over sensitivity. I sat up out of bed and looked down at myself to judge the changes that had occurred over night. My breasts hadn’t gotten much bigger from their A cup size, my penis shrunk another centimeter, my new “pussy” having grown about half of a centimeter, my hips seemed a bit more flared, and the constant sweating of the change occurring, as well as the frequent sex had caused my stomach to flatten out a bit more, fat burning away quickly. I had already lost nearly 15 lbs over just a week… I made my way out of the bedroom, leaving John to his rest as I made it to the bathroom to start my morning routine…

I cleaned my body, went pee, I didn’t masturbate, however, as I had no idea if my mother would return home during my morning fun, and so I left the bathroom, wrapping my body in a towel as I made my way back to my room. The hormones in my body had gone a bit wild, altering my way of thought to the point that I was beginning to hate wearing all of my boyish cloths, causing me to frown or feel… ugly in whatever I wore, so I just threw on a shirt, the band-aids no longer protected my breasts from the fabric rubbing against the sensitive skin, as more than just my nipples had become sensitive. I then slit on a pair of shorts with a pair of loose fitting boxers, putting a belt on to keep my pants up on my slimming frame. I felt a bit achy from my bones changing rapidly, my groin throbbing in sensitivity, and my nipples hardening against the fabric of my shirt.

John got out of the bed and put on a pair of my underwear as well as one of my shirts and a pair of my jeans. He then walked behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my ear softly, causing me to blush and rushes of pleasure to shoot down my spine again. I felt my knees wobble, but I pushed him instead of giving in to the feeling. “W-Wait… My mom… she’s coming home today…”

“Oh… right.” John shrugged and let me go. “Do you know when?”

“I’m poker oyna not sure… soon I’d expect..”

“Have you thought of how we’ll tell her?”

“You tell ME! You’re the one that did this to me!” I cleared my throat a bit. It was sounding lighter, higher pitched, more feminine.

“Right… uhhh…. why don’t we just say “Hey there’s some medical shit going on, and so your son is becoming your daughter with no way of reversing it.”” He smirked.

Thinking he was joking I added “Oh, and maybe we’ll tell her to buy me some bras and panties while we’re at it!”

“That’s perfect!” He grinned wider.

“Shut up, dick…” I had to resist the urge to knee him in the crotch like something that would happen in some anime… though to be honest, this would be more like some weird hentai than some normal ecchi anime…

With that, we heard keys at the door as my mother arrived, causing me to tense and my face to pale as the door turned and she entered the house. My mother was a fairly beautiful woman, standing nearly 6 feet tall, her long brown hair, fell down to her mid back in waves and her green eyes steely and steady. Her figure was rather curvy with wide hips, and large DD cups. She had a beauty mark to the left of her mouth above her chin and she wore semi-frameless glasses. She wore a long black dress that hugged her figure and tall high-heels that made her stand an extra 4 inches tall.

The tall woman that was my mother stared at John and me for several long moments before she sighed, shut the door, set her purse down, then pointed to the couch. “Sit and explain what’s going on.”

With that, John and I took a seat on the couch, I looked down at my feet and John put his arm around me. “So… Your son must have gotten some weird medical thing and so he’s turning into a girl. I guess I should call him a her now… Oh, and he also said he needs bras and panties.”

I glared at John then punched him in the arm, folding my arms across my chest as I turned to face my mother.

“Is that true?” She simply asked, her expression not changing from the hard to read, neutral expression.

I simply nodded in response.

She stood silently for quite a few moments before speaking again. “Show me.”

“W-What?!” I stood up, my face going bright red.

“I said, show me. Show me that you have breasts and a vagina, prove that this isn’t some joke.”

My blush didn’t go away as canlı poker oyna I turned away. “Do… I have to show–“

“Yes, you do.” She cut me off, making me feel a bit frustrated.

I nodded slightly and stood slowly. I didn’t speak as I slowly took off the belt, tugging my pants and underwear down with one hand, my other lifting my shirt up for her to see my small, growing breasts, and my small penis and growing vagina. This sort of exposure…

She then cupped on of my breasts, leaning in to examine it as she felt it’s size, shape, firmness in her warm palm, causing me to react to the touching. The sensitivity was still too much. I felt my nipples become painfully erect and my penis respond the same way. My vagina had developed this habit of growing moist inside when I became aroused, so it reacted to this rather quickly. My mother’s expression still didn’t change as she felt my breast for a few more moments before pinching the nipple a bit and pulling her hand away, causing me to yelp out in a rather… cute voice.

“Sit down and spread your legs for me to see the rest.” She spoke firmly. I responded quickly, sitting down and spreading my legs in a short amount of time for her to see my small erect penis, and my small, pink pussy.

She leaned in and spread the tight hole to look inside where I hadn’t even touched. It felt good though… that new sensation causing my penis to throb a bit and excrete some lubricant from the tip of my penis. She then withdrew again and stood tall. “Alright. I believe you… Whatever happened had been quite thorough… You even have a hymen….” She crossed her arms, thinking as I sat there, twitching a bit. Damn this sensitivity… “Why are you here John?”

“Well, your son…. daughter asked me to come when things started to happen. She was having some issues controlling her mental state with hormones going wild, so I gave her a bunch of relaxants to take while this is happening, and I’m going to stay until she feels better and doesn’t need me here anymore.

She stared at John for a long time… minutes ticking away before she finally nodded. “Alright… get dressed, we’ll go out shopping for new cloths in a few hours.”

I nodded a bit and sat up slowly, twitching a bit. I knew John would take advantage of my state later, but for the time being…

John helped me to get dressed then stood smirked. “I’ll come with you to shopping, just to make sure everything internet casino comes out alright.”

My mother nodded and went back to her room quickly. After a few minutes of relaxing, I made my way to my bedroom, stopping when I noticed a sound coming from my mother’s room… It sounded like… some sort of razor or other vibrating tool. I went to knock, until I noticed the door was cracked open, inside, I saw my mother’s dress and high-heels thrown on the floor and her body laying on her bed, dressed in a pair of black panties and a matching bra. She had her legs hooked and spread wide, her hands between her legs, her left hand holding a flesh colored, phallic vibrator and her right hand shoving two fingers in her anus. I noticed her biting down on her pillow to hold back any noises the may make as the moved the toy deep inside of herself, then withdrew it. I couldn’t move away. I just watched as the beautiful woman played with her beautiful pussy and clean ass. I bit my lip and slowly moved my hands to my breasts to rub them as I watched her writing form.

From behind me, John crept up to suddenly put a hand over my mouth and pull my pants and boxers down my ass and to my ankles, suddenly pressing his dick up my tight ass in a single thrust as he leaned in to my back, grabbing my neck with his free hand, causing me to gasp out, though I kept silent as to not bother my mother with my noise. He began to buck his dick into my ass as he whispered into my ear. “Watching your mother touch herself? God your pussy must be aching for some attention right about now… Don’t worry, soon as it’s big enough, I’ll be sure to tear your hymen with my fat cock and pound your pussy until it fits only my cock.” His breath was hot on my ear as he began to thrust deep into my bowels. “Go ahead, make noise, I’m sure if your mother came along, she wouldn’t mind me fucking her cunt while you sucked her hard womanly nipples like a child as I fingered your asshole.”

I began to pant into his hand. It wouldn’t take much to bring me to an orgasm.. he’d already brought me close… Staying quiet was the hardest part. I could see my mother begin to push her toes into the bed as she lifted her body from the bed, moving the toy vigorously in and out of her moist pussy until, like John, she finally came, wetting the bed with her juice as John filling my insides with his warm cum, causing me to suddenly moan out. I had my eyes shut tight in orgasm when suddenly the door in front of me to show the tall woman standing nearly naked before the two of us, vibrator in her hand and juice wetting her thighs….

Part 3 end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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