Channel 7: KUNT Wars

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Big Tits

“Whoever had the brilliant idea to hire two female anchors, should be taken out and shot,” Sue Marshal said, as she watched the two women storm off to their respective dressingrooms. Sue was the producer of the late night K-U-N-T Channel 7 TV news program the two women were supposed to co-host, and had been dealing with their temper tantrums for over six months now.

What had started out as a simple dislike had now escalated into full-scale warfare. Sharon Daniels and Lisa Moore had disliked each other from the very beginning. At first it had been some catty comments behind each other’s backs. That had progressed to name-calling face to face. Then the pushing and shoving had started. At times the crew had to, reluctantly, pull the two beauties apart to keep them from tearing each other’s clothes off.

Slowly over time the hostilities began to spill over onto the air. While they were warned to keep their dislike for each other to themselves, secretly the owners of the TV station dared not take them off the air, as the ratings had climbed higher than they had ever been, as an eager audience tuned in each night to see what would happen next. The eleven o’clock news had become more popular than the steamiest soap opera.

Sharon was the older of the two women at 34 years of age. She had long shoulder length hair that framed a model’s face. Not only that but she worked out on a regular basis, and had the body to go with the face, although she usually dressed conservatively on the air. She had been at K-U-N-T longer than the other woman and had felt that she should have been considered the senior partner, but management had chosen to make them equals.

Lisa was the fresh face the management had been looking for. She had long dark hair, that she always wore pulled back in a ponytail. Just like Sharon, she had a killer body, and wasn’t afraid to show it off, wearing snug fitting outfits with low cut tops, even on air. She was only 25, and this was her first professional gig since getting out of college, but she had been the anchor for her college TV news and had been highly regarded by her associates and the instructors. She was anxious to advance her career, and was not going to let some over the hill spinster, as she thought of Sharon, since she had never been married, hold her back.

Sharon slammed the door to her dressing room. She was so angry she immediately began throwing things around. This was the last straw. She had gone too far tonight, and Sharon was not going to let her get away with it, even if the powers to be were. The snide comments had been one thing but tonight when she had read the lead-in to the story Sharon had worked all week on, about local prostitution, she had handed the camera over to her by saying, “It seems prostitution is on the rise in our area, and here is our KUNT reporter Sharon Daniels with the details.”

There had been an audible gasp from the small crew. All on air personnel had been warned to never pronounce the station’s call letters, but to always spell them out, due to their unfortunate connotation. Attempts to get the FCC to allow them to change their call sign had failed, and it was just something they had to live with.

At first Sharon had been happy, feeling that this would be enough to get the little witch fired. She was unbelievably shocked when Sue had simply given her a warning not to do it again. The girl had had the audacity to bat her eyelashes at her, and say, in a southern drawl, “Oh, did I do something wrong? I’m ever so sorry. I assure you it won’t happen again.”

From Sue’s comments and the looks from the other crew, she knew nothing would be done about this. It was up to her to get back at the girl. If this was the way she wanted it, then this was the way she was going to get it. But, how?

She sat down at her desk trying to come up Casibom with a good plan. She idly tapped her fingers on a stack of papers, as she thought. It took her several minutes to realize what she thumping on. It was the file for her story on local prostitution. She smiled to herself as a plan began to form in her mind. It was oh so naughty, but it might be what the little bitch needed. She started humming to herself as she opened the folder, found the number she was looking for, picked up the phone and started dialing the number.

“Hello, Monique?” she said, when someone finally answered the call. “I need to hire your services for a night.”


It had been almost a week since Lisa’s crude introduction, and still no vengeance. The crew had started a pool as to how long it would be before Sharon got back at her younger rival. No one had any idea of what it might be, but they knew that Lisa had crossed a line, and whatever Sharon came up with it would be a doozy.

It was time to get started. It was an extra small crew tonight. There was Jane, the camera operator, which wasn’t unusual, and Sue in the control room with Jim, the engineer. Bill the sports reporter had had to leave for a family emergency, so his part of the show would be a prerecorded version of his six o’clock report. The only other member of the crew was Roger the weatherman who was as gay as the day was long. Lisa found Sharon already sitting at the anchor desk when she walked into the studio. The older woman nodded politely, but that was all. Lisa was getting more and more nervous wondering what Sharon would do to get back at her. She had tried to apologize, but Sharon had blown it off, saying not to worry about it.

Lisa climbed onto the dais that the desk was mounted on, sat down and slid her chair forward. As she got into position her chair made a little jerk, and seemed to drop a fraction of an inch as if it had dropped into hole. She started to look down, and saw a couple of wooden wedges nailed to the floor. They were very similar to the edging on the dais. Being wedges they would allow her chair to roll one way over them, but she would have to physically lift her chair to back up. As she wondered about the wedges she was distracted by the signal from the camera operator to start the broadcast.

“Good evening. Welcome to the Channel 7 eleven o’clock news,” Sharon started. “I’m Sharon Daniels.”

“And I’m Lisa Moore,” Lisa said, getting into the broadcast.

“In the news tonight…” Sharon continued, as she started reading the articles.

As Lisa waited for her cue, she thought she felt something touch her knees. That couldn’t be she thought, she must have imagined it. No, there it was again, something definitely touched both her knees. She almost gasped as she realized that what was touching her legs was a pair of hands, and judging by the softness, it was a pair of woman’s hands.

The hands slid up her smooth thighs, pushing the hem of her skirt with them. The woman then curled her fingers and slid them back down her legs, dragging her razor sharp nails down her smooth skin. Lisa shuddered as goosebumps raced up and down her spine. While she had only had one brief lesbian experience in college, which had not gone any further than some kissing and heavy petting, she was finding this sudden turn of events very arousing.

Even though she was shocked at what was happening, she also felt that old familiar twinge between her legs, that told her she was getting excited. She took a quick sideways glance at Sharon, and noted that she seemed totally ignorant about what was going on a couple of feet away from her. No one else in the studio, or control room, seemed to notice anything either.

Suddenly Lisa felt the hands return to her knees and try to pry her legs open. She clamped her legs together, Casibom Giriş and smirked to herself in the knowledge that her thigh muscles were much stronger than this mystery woman’s arms. Apparently the mystery woman figured this out for herself very fast, because she began to use a different tactic as soon as she felt Lisa’s legs tighten against her grip.

The woman simply curled her thumbs in and dug the razor sharp nails into the soft flesh on the inside of Lisa’s knees and began pressing outward. Lisa was able to handle the nails digging into her knees at first, but as the pressure increased, it soon became unbearable, and her legs snapped open, almost as if they were spring loaded. The woman immediately wedged her shoulders between Lisa’s knees so that she couldn’t close them again.

As Sharon handed over the camera to Lisa, so she could read an article about a local man arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior, the woman under her desk reached up and slid her finger down over the wet crotch of Lisa’s panties. Lisa shivered in the middle of her report as the woman’s finger slid over her clit. Fortunately she was able to cover her reaction due to the nature of the story she was reading, but from the look Jane gave her, she was beginning to worry about how long she could hide what was going on under her desk.

Lisa almost lost it when she felt the woman pull her panties to one side, fully exposing her extremely sensitive twat. She managed to stutter her way through the rest of the article even as the woman’s finger wormed it’s way into her dripping wet pussy. She was so relieved when she was able to hand the show back over to Sharon. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could have held out under the manual assault the woman had launched on her exposed sex.

As soon as Sharon began talking, Lisa reached under the desk and tried to push the woman from between her legs, but to no avail. The woman merely pushed her hand away, and even pushed her face further between her legs until she her nose was parting Lisa’s swollen pussy lips.

Lisa gasped out loud as the woman’s tongue slid between her cunt lips, and over her sensitive clit. She quickly covered her mouth, as the camera operator looked at her in surprise, wondering what was going on. In the control room Sue wasn’t sure, but had an idea. She quickly told Jane to keep camera one on Sharon and camera two on Lisa. At the same time she flipped some switches and began recording Lisa. She wasn’t one hundred percent sure, but she figured that the recording might be fun for later viewing.

“What’s going on?” Jim asked, as he watched Sue flipping switches.

“I’m not sure,” Sue replied with an evil grin. “But, I think things are about to get interesting.”

Behind the desk, Lisa was climbing closer and closer to orgasm from a combination of the woman’s talented tongue and the fact that she was being licked while on the air. And, to make matters worse, she was totally helpless to prevent it, without calling attention to herself. She was trying desperately to hide what was going on, without much success. Lisa had never realized how much of an exhibitionist she was, until this moment.

The woman’s tongue was driving her crazy. She was squirming in her seat and desperately trying to keep from making too much noise. Lisa had one hand on the woman’s head, which alternated between trying to push her away, and pulling her face tighter into her crotch.

Fortunately they were nearing the end of the broadcast, because, despite her best attempts to stop it, Lisa was rapidly closing in on an earth-shattering orgasm. Roger had just done the weather, and Sharon had introduced Bill’s sports report, and the tape had started rolling, when suddenly the woman slid a long slender finger into Lisa’s tight puckered asshole, and that was more Casibom Güncel Giriş than she could handle. She pulled the woman’s face tightly into her crotch, arched her back, as her head fell backwards, and she slapped her free hand over her mouth to keep from screaming out loud in pleasure.

The woman under the table sucked and lightly bit Lisa’s super sensitive clit, as her finger probed her rectum. At the same time she had worked two fingers from her other hand into her steaming pussy, and found her G-spot. Lisa was sure she was going insane with pleasure. She had never felt anything like it before.

Lisa’s pleasure only subsided when the mystery woman relented in her assault on the young woman’s nether regions. She slumped into her chair gasping for breath, her body covered in sweat, her pussy dripping girl-juice like a wide-open tap. Her anus twitched rhythmically as the woman removed her finger. Slowly the mystery woman retreated under the desk, leaving the almost comatose Lisa in her chair with her skirt pushed up to her waist and her panties to one side.

“My god that was hot,” Jim said, as he reached for the remote control to zoom the camera in on Lisa’s beautiful face, which displayed a mask of pure sexual pleasure. Although no one else could see what the woman under the desk was doing, or that she was even there, just watching Lisa cum so hard was an amazing thing to watch.

“Sharon,” Sue said quickly into her microphone. “Wrap it up.”

As soon as Sharon finished talking, and they had gone to the late night network feed, Sue reached over into Jim’s lap, and grabbed his rock hard cock. “You’re got that right. After seeing that, I’m so horny I could fuck a horse. Hell, I could fuck the entire Clydesdale team.”

Sharon looked at the control room window just in time to see Sue pulling Jim out of his chair and down to the floor. When she looked over at Lisa, she was still in a semi-conscious state, and Jane was anxiously making sure she was all right. Roger had already left the studio showing his total disinterest in anything female.

While everyone was busy elsewhere, Sharon slid her chair out from under the desk, stood up and put her hand under the top. When she pulled her hand back, she pulled the mystery woman out from under her side, helping her stand up. Since the desk was basically just a big hollow box it was easy for the woman to crawl underneath to Sharon’s side, so she could get out without disturbing Lisa. The only thing she had to worry about were the hundreds of wires that ran under the desk.

“Was that what you had in mind?” the woman asked, licking Lisa’s juices off of her lips.

“That was perfect, Monique,” Sharon said, as she hustled the beautiful young woman toward the door. When they got to the door, Sharon reached into a hidden slash pocket, in her slacks, and pulled out a wad of cash. “$200 as agreed, plus a $50 tip.”

“Thanks,” Monique said, as Sharon stuffed the money down the woman’s cleavage. “If I’d known she tasted so good, and I’d have so much fun, I’d have probably done it for half as much.”

“Well,” Sharon said, taking the hooker in her arms, and giving her a big hug. “It was well worth the money.”

“Call me any time you want to do anything like that again,” Monique said, leaning in to kiss the beautiful woman on the lips.

“What are you doing for the rest of the night?” Sharon moaned, as their lips parted.

“Nothing sweetheart,” she replied with a smile. “And, this will be a freebie.”

Thirty minutes later Sharon had changed into her street clothes and removed her makeup. She and Monique left the studio hand-in-hand. As they walked past the stage, they saw that Lisa was now lying on the floor with her dress pushed up around her waist again, and this time Jane was chowing down between her legs. They could even hear Jim and Sue still going crazy in the control room. Sharon had really started something with this prank. She would worry about Lisa’s revenge starting tomorrow. Tonight she was going to learn everything there was to know about love between women.

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