Chantelle, Travel Writer

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Big Tits

It was bound to be another of those nearly wasted journeys. A long flight to Mexico, two or three boring meetings where the other parties bring up objections and trivial detail about the proposed merger and eventually the whole thing falls flat on its arse.

You can smell them a mile away, initial keenness followed by a request for more information and more and more unproductive meetings. They all end the same way, loads of jet-lag, a big bar bill and no contract.

I reluctantly climbed the steps onto the Jumbo, why do they never use the jetty when I fly? The only consolation is that I get to follow a line of rather curvaceous female posteriors up the steps, some of whom are wearing skirts that are rather too short for the job in hand. Ah the female bum, it never fails to brighten my day.

It really is an enigma. Why should a glimpse of white panties under a short skirt be so titillating, most bikinis these days are much more revealing. I suspect it’s the fact that it’s not really supposed to be seen. Anyway, no flash of panties today but some spectacular buttocks to muse about.

I turn right and make my way along the cabin. No first class this trip, it’s simply going through the motions with no hope of a deal. As I near my seat I notice a rather attractive lady of about my age sitting in my row. Longish dark hair, skin bronzed by the sun and square framed glasses that set off her face perfectly. Delegate? Lawyer? Journalist? She had a pile of papers on the seat next to her and a few more on the lap of her loose fitting red dress. Mmmm things are looking up. She threw me a glance, smiled and said.

“Sorry is this your seat?”

“Eh, forty five B? Yes it is.”

“Sorry, I’ll just gather my stuff.”

“No problem. I’m Victor.”

“And I’m Chantelle.”

“Good to meet you Chantelle. Can I help?”

“Thanks but it’s done now.” I sat down beside her and as we had started to talk I didn’t want us to slip into silence.

“Judging by your pile of papers, this has got to be a business trip rather than pleasure?”

“Actually I am going to Mexico for a bit of both. How about you, Victor?”

“Business unfortunately. You’re lucky to be able to combine the two. May I ask what it is you do?”

“I’m in the travel business. Actually, I am checking out a new hotel for our company as we have decided to add some new holiday ideas to our brochure this year.”

“Sounds interesting. I see how you can combine business with pleasure but ‘new holiday ideas’? Surely a hotel is a hotel? Pool, number of stars, restaurants, job done; no?” I sensed a slight colouring of her cheeks.

“Pretty much but not exactly! This is a specialist holiday resort for libertines.”

“Oh, I see. Well, why shouldn’t they have holidays that cater for their tastes like everyone else?”

“You are not shocked? Or maybe it’s because you are a libertine!”

“No, but I am a naturist and have been for many years. People used to think that pretty odd back in the day.”

“Naturism is good for the health for sure but you’ve never been tempted to try the libertine life style?”

“Well, it’s mainly for couples and I am on my own. Those venues don’t usually allow single men.”

” Ah of course, so it’s not lack of curiosity so much as lack of opportunity then?” And she smiled quizzically. “May I ask where in the city you are staying?”

“At the Hotel Independent. It’s nice enough but hardly exciting. Just another tower block with over priced restaurants, over priced bars and over subscribed sun loungers by an inadequate pool.”

“You definitely make it sound pretty boring. I don’t think our company will be using it. Or if we do we won’t get you to do the write up for the brochure!” And as she smiled with amusement he noticed the way her eyes sparkled slightly.

“I guess I won’t be getting an advertising job soon.” And he smiled back. This could be a better than average flight.

The conversation batted back and forth about all sorts of subjects and shortly before they landed she said.

“Look I’ve had an idea, but it’s only a vague idea so see what you think. You might find it a bit whacky so feel free to say no, I won’t be offended. You see, I am a naturist too, that’s why the company sent me, because I don’t have any hang ups about nudity and this is a clothing optional resort. I have to stay at the hotel to assess it and as I too am alone, and not a libertine, there are events that I am not going to be allowed to go to. If you are interested we could go to one of these events together to see what gives. Only to observe, not to take part of course.”

So I am sitting next to an attractive woman, that I have only just met, and she has just invited me to an event where we will both be naked. Now naturist or not, I still admire the female form and the less it is wearing the better. It’s not sexual, just research. Well OK it is a bit sexual. What’s more we will be in the company of libertines to observe what happens at one of their kocaeli escort holidays. Am I dreaming?

“Welllll, why not? A great idea. We are both used to going without clothes and both curious about the libertine lifestyle…I have a meeting in the morning but after that I’m free.”

“OK, after your meeting why not come over to the Hotel of Dreams and ask for Chantelle Cabot. I’ll tell them that you’re coming and I will probably be by the pool enjoying the sunshine. How does that sound?”

“Great. It sounds like a much better afternoon than I expected.”

“And evening too, I hope, because there is a mousse party on the roof on Tuesdays.” We chatted for the rest of the flight about this that and the other, but I couldn’t get it out of my head that tomorrow I was going to enjoy the company of this delightful lady, and we would both be naked, in fact most of the guests would be naked. Mixed sex nudity has never bothered me but the idea that we were going to a libertine experience added a certain frisson.

The meeting was really boring with all the usual digging into the minutiae but it finally ended and I took a taxi to the Hotel of Dreams. The concierge showed me to the changing room where I dumped my clothes in a locker and made my way towards the pool to find Chantelle.

Most of the people around the pool were, like me, in their forties, some were younger, some older, but the common factor was that there wasn’t a stitch of clothing to be seen: everyone was naked. Even at clothing optional resorts a number of the more bashful guests wore something like a sarong or towel but this lot were completely starkers. Many were just sunbathing, others were obviously enjoying rubbing suntan lotion into each other and one couple were clearly enjoying more erotic delights in the pool.

I found Chantelle, she was stunning, firm pert little breasts with pink nipples, a trim waist and a forest of pubic hair, black as midnight.

“Hi Victor, great to see you again. Take a seat. Isn’t it great to get the sun on your body again? But have you noticed the couple in the pool?”

A quick glance in the indicated direction revealed a couple lazily enjoying the human mating process. She had her hands clasped around his neck and legs locked around his waist. His hands were under water, presumably helping her with the leisurely bobbing motion that was obviously, by their expressions, giving them both so much pleasure.

“Well I suppose it is a libertine holiday after all. It’s different and gives us something to look at. Looks like they are really having fun.”

“True, but slightly surprising at this time of day.”

We talked, read our books, enjoyed the sunshine and sipped cocktails then we sampled a light meal in the restaurant.

“The party starts in about half an hour. Do you still want to go or have you changed your mind?”

“Not at all. Try everything once.”

“OK, I’m going back to my room for a shower and to get ready for the evening. Would you like to take a shower. That sounds awful! What I mean is would you like to use my shower to freshen up.” She said blushing a little.

“Of course, I understood exactly what you meant and that’s a great idea. Thank you, if that doesn’t inconvenience you.”

“Not at all, you can watch the tele while I shower.” And we made our way to her room. “By the way, did you notice the women round the pool?”

“Of course, I’m just a man after all.”

“What I mean was that they were all clean shaven, not a pubic hair in sight. I was feeling a little conspicuous with my rather generous bush. Do you think I should shave it all off?”

“Just as you like, but I think libertines are somewhat different to simple naturists. They do like to admire each other’s bits judging by the looks round the pool and the number of ‘intimate piercings’. For them it looks as if nudity is not so much about freedom so much as advertising.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean but I think I will shave so that I don’t stand out quite so much. It’s not something I normally do, as you have no doubt noticed. I think it will make me feel less conspicuous but more on view, if you see what I mean.” And with that she headed for the shower. After what seemed ages she returned naked and shaved.

“Ta da!” She said placing an open palm either side of her vagina as if presenting a prize. “Well, what do you think?”

“Better, much better. More in keeping with the other guests.”

“I feel seriously naked but then so is everyone else. OK your turn. Get in that shower, take a new razor from the shelf and sort yourself out. We can’t have you looking like a refugee from a hippy commune. Get smooth and we can be hairless together.”

All showered, shaved and ready we made our way to the roof with a plan to meet up again at her room to compare notes. We climbed into the crowded lift, crushed between several naked bodies and a couple of giggling girls at the back already touching up their boyfriends.

The lift doors opened onto a roof kocaeli escort bayan terrace where a giant machine was whirring gently in the corner producing unimpressively small amounts of foam. People were chatting and drinking cocktails from plastic glasses and apart from the fact that they were all totally naked and ankle deep in foam it was much like any other party.

“So far ‘so what’, not particularly impressive.” Chantelle was clearly underwhelmed. “I didn’t need to shave my bits just to write this one up!” We wandered around sipping our drinks and chatting to couples we met. It was still much like any other party except that they tended to check out your body parts with what would normally be considered a bit too much scrutiny.

After about half an hour there was a roar from the corner, the music got seriously loud and the machine burst into life, moose erupted from its core like a fire hose on crack cocaine. Within seconds we could only see the next two bubbles, not yards, not feet, not even inches just the width of two or three bubbles.

“Different.” Was the last word I heard from Chantelle unless you count a muffled. “Oh, my god.”

As my view disappeared I felt several pairs of hands wander over my body in turn, presumably, from the area of their exploration, checking out my gender. One wandered lazily over my buttocks and another massaged my cock.

I was soon erect and found myself on the receiving end of a rather sloppy blow job. Her tongue was working some serious magic while someone else caressed my back with her breasts but moved on when she found my cock was already in someone’s mouth. Different indeed!

I joined in and allowed my hands to wander, I found myself fondling all manor of bodies. Tall, short, pert little breasts, huge pendulous ones. So I lowered my expectations and my line of exploration. The odd cock, a mistake as far as I am concerned as I haven’t got into bi: yet, but a number of well maintained gardens, some with moist valleys even at this early stage.

This was definitely a one off experience, I couldn’t see two inches in front of my face but every part of my body kept getting some attention. I literally bumped into the back of a tall girl and as I reached out to steady myself found myself clasping her breasts while my cock rested in the cleft of her taught buttocks.

I moved my hand down to explore between her legs only to find the space already occupied by a bald head: eating her doubtless clean shaven pussy. She leaned back into me and moved my hands back up to her breasts. I took the hint and started to massage her nipples gently.

We continued like this for some time and she got more and more noisy as the tongue between her legs worked its magic. Soon I sensed that her rubbing my cock between her firm, athletic buttocks would soon prove too much so I disengaged and moved on through the crowd.

The evening progressed like this for several hours. Some people clearly fucking, others just chatting or groping. I freely admit that I find the sounds of people actually fucking one of life’s most erotic experiences. It’s hard for me not to just stop and listen. It’s so animal, so primal, so basic.

Some ladies got really loud, as their excitement rose, and this really got me going. It’s bad enough when they are having sex in a room next door but when they were doing it inches away and I’m getting a blow job at the same time, I have to be very careful not to shoot my load.

Finally the appointed hour came round and I made my way back to the rendezvous with Chantelle. The long period of sexual stimulation, in various modes, had left me tumescent but not actually erect. Chantelle appeared with a spring in her step and a smile on her face.

“That was wild!” She exclaimed. “I knew libertines had a pretty open attitude to sex but fucking someone when you have no idea who they are is bizarre. On balance I think I’d like to see who I’m having sex with, maybe even know their name!”

“I think the experience was well worth while, but I am sure it is ultimately less satisfying. However I cannot deny the noises of animal sex taking place right beside me were seriously stimulating. I could easily have had my fill several times over.”

“So you managed to avoid actually having sex then?”

“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours!” I quipped.

“Fair do! I was groped, breasts, pussy and bum. I got into a situation where someone actually inserted his finger into my bum, which I really enjoyed as his tongue was busy on my clit at the time. It might have been the alcohol or the attention my clit was getting , it’s hard to tell really but it was pretty hot.” Your turn.

“Well it’s a very similar story really. I found my cock being rubbed between the rather firm buttocks of an athletic lady while she was getting a blow job. She more or less ordered me to stimulate her breasts and nipples while she had a noisy orgasm. Frankly it was so exciting I had to move away through fear of coming.”

“So izmit escort you didn’t come then? That’s impressive. I thought you might have buried yourself in one of the many hot pussies on offer.”

“No I didn’t. Mainly because once I have, I loose interest for a while. A bit of a one trick pony these days!”

“I didn’t either because it was an experiment, but it left me in something of a state!”

We looked at each other. She smiled. I smiled. I looked at the bed. She looked at me in pretend shock. I leaned forward. She leaned towards me. We kissed. We fell in the bed clasping each other’s naked bodies.

“You have to believe that I didn’t lure you to my hotel just to fuck you.”

“Oh you do disappoint me. I thought that the moment you saw me you fell under my magic spell and just had to get me naked no matter what it took,” I quipped, “but I wouldn’t have missed the libertine experience for anything. However I’m now in a state of serious arousal, and just look at the size of this bed.”

“You misunderstand me. I didn’t lure you here just to fuck you, I have a bigger adventure in mind.” With that she rolled me onto my back and straddled my hips. “Play time? Fancy a bit of roll play?”

I nodded my agreement. What’s a chap to do with a naked, woman straddling his chest, her freshly shaved sex, clearly excited, staring at him, the pink folds of her inner lips already emerging?

“OK, this is the game. If I take any part of you, move it to a new position and say ‘fix’ you may not move it under any circumstances. It’s as if it is held there by an immovable force.” And she took one arm, moved it as far above my head as she could and said, “Fix!”

Unsure of where this was going, I obeyed. My other arm soon got the same treatment. She slid down my torso a little way, leaving a hint of her excitement on my belly. Then she put one arm either side of my head and gently lowered her pert breasts to within an inch of my chest. A gentle sliding motion traced her nipples through my chest hair and up towards my waiting mouth but they never got there. A demonic grin crossed her face as she said.

“Not so fast Mr, you are my toy now.” And repeated the sliding motion for a while: highly erotic for both of us as I could see her teased nipples swell slightly.

Suddenly she spun round, knees either side of my hips, grabbed each leg in turn, splayed them and shouted a triumphant.

“Fix!” The view was glorious, her spread thighs revealing her all. I was now ‘immobilised’, splayed across her bed and feeling very vulnerable but even more excited. Chantelle was clearly on some dominance kick, so I play along.

“So what happens now?” Said my mouth.

“Patience is a virtue! You’ll see, if you’re man enough to handle it. But move any of your fix points and it’s game over. Got it?”

I murmured agreement and she cupped my balls in one hand and squeezed gently. The other finger and thumb were placed either side of the head of my cock and pulled the foreskin back as far as it would go.

“Who’s got a leaky cock then? Is someone getting excited?” She let go of my balls, held my erection firmly in one hand and traced a path round my glans with the readily available precome, all the while affording me a view of her magnificent bum.

“I do so love the taste of precome,” she teased, “I think I might just lick it off.” But her head didn’t move towards my cock as expected.

“On the other hand I might just see if I can get some more out first.” And she placed her slick finger on my rose and inserted it very slowly into my bum. As she gently massaged my prostate she cooed with delight.

“Oh wow, someone likes a prostate massage, there’s oodles of it, running all over the place. Don’t you dare cum!” And leaned forward, took my cock in her mouth and sucked noisily. The suction was nearly too much and she sensed my readiness to ejaculate.

“No, no, no! You don’t get to come until I say so.” And climbed off. Then she straddled my chest holding on to the headboard with both hands and lowered her pussy towards my mouth. “If you make me cum you get to fuck me, any position you like. If not it’s clothes on and watch me masturbate and no playing with yourself.”

Her pussy lowered itself onto my waiting tongue. Her inner lips were already parting with her mounting excitement as I placed my tongue flat against her protruding clit and started to move it slowly and firmly from side to side.

This was having the desired effect but she still had some way to go so I slid it down to her opening and back up for several minutes then placed my whole mouth over her sex and sucked vigorously while tonguing her clit. I sensed her muscles tighten then she shuddered and I knew I had succeeded.

“OK, you win! Now your turn. How do you want me? Oh and by the way you are unfixed now.”

“I succeeded! I would like you to ride me cowgirl while I see just how sensitive those nipples are.”

“A deal is a deal.” And she knelt astride my pelvis.

“Now lower yourself slowly onto my cock, really slowly. Yes just like that. All the way. As far as you can. Good. Good that’s brilliant. Now full weight on me and just rock your hips back and forwards firmly but slowly.”

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