Chaperones Pt. 02

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This story, and all my stories, contain fictionalized characters from memories of my life.

A little about me. As i write this I am a sixty + year old, still sexually active, bi, woman. When this adventure started I was a 35 year old straight business consultant. When 35, I was at about 125 pounds, today 140. I am still 5 foot 7 inches tall. I was, I thought, a perfect 36-24-39 now I’m still perfect but in slightly larger sizes.

This is the much delayed sequel to my Chaperones story.

From Chaperones…

Later with me in my bed and him in his ‘H’ thanked me for listening to his story saying he had never told anyone before. I told him I thought he did the right thing and I admired him for standing by the woman he loved. He simply said: “I value your opinion. Thanks for listening.”

I asked him if I could share the reason why I feel this way. I told him that only a year into my marriage I discovered I would never have children. I never knew why but my husband completely lost interest in sex and eventually left me. Those two events were a tsunami in my life. I had been faithful to my husband and I was also a virgin on my wedding night and now I was alone. My life changed and I changed and did things and allowed things to be done to me sexually that I would never have considered before.

“H” was silent. I was silent.

Still don’t know why but I got out of bed and stood beside his bed. I took off my night gown and stood before him naked.

“H” said nothing but lifted his blanket in welcome.

Chaperones – Part 2

At the last possible moment I changed my mind. This was wrong, just wrong, for him and for me. I stood for a few moments, put my shirt back on and told him I was sorry I could not go further, not now, not under these circumstances.

Henry simply said: “I understand” and I returned to my bed. Not another word was said about our “almost” affair until much later. We simply returned to our lives. I continued with Henry as my fitness coach and life routine resumed.

Weeks later, walking into the gym locker room early one morning I met Marcela. As I turned the corner into the inner room she was standing near a locker quite naked, obviously changing into her workout sweats. She glanced up without the slightest sign of modesty and said hello. I was a little surprised at how unreserved she was standing there naked chatting with me.

Marcy, as she called herself, was very attractive and appeared to be about my age, maybe a little younger. I later learned she was 58. Dark blond hair with just a tuff above her privates, 5’2″ and amazing very alive blue eyes. When she stretched to put something on the top shelf of her locker I couldn’t help but notice the perfect curve of her breasts and her cute butt and great legs. I have always, in my adult life at least, been physically attracted to some women and I wonder if others look at me and find me attractive in that same way.

Marcy, now ready for her workout, sat and waited as I changed. I was naked from the waist down and as I pulled my top over my head I thought I caught her staring between my legs. Unlike her I am shaved. The Chemistry I felt was strong but it was perhaps just wishful thinking. She was white and I was black so there was the appeal of the unfamiliar at play.

As we headed out into the gym to work out we both headed to the treadmills and chatted as we walked.

That was where in fact I learned she was 58, married for thirty years and had two older children. When she talked about her husband who was coincidentally also named Greg, I could sense a partnership and a solid love relationship I hoped to one day have with my Greg.

Marcy and I had otherwise little in common but still there was something that kept us talking and together for that days workout. I learned that Marcy went to the gym early in the morning before work three times a week and I made up my mind to be there at her next visit.

Two days later we “accidentally” met again, She was a great workout partner, fun and pushy. I needed pushy now and then especially in the gym.

Marcy was my height and slightly less curvy in all respects. It’s hard to describe her without using the word “curvy.” She is amazingly fit and flexible but the extra weight she also carried is undeniable. We shared that problem.

When we talked about our histories Marcy described herself as being ‘sort of’ Irish Her mom was Japanese and her dad was Irish. As she talked I could see her dad and her mom in her features. She told me she got her dads height and eyes and her mom’s hair and facial features. She laughed and said she had no idea where her bust and butt came from, they were not her moms.

I told her that I thought I got my hair and eyes from my mom.

Marcy and I had more than we initially thought in common and began to socialize outside of the gym. As I grew to know her I learned that she like me survived a brief bad marriage. Marcy is a recovering alcoholic so as you can imagine “going for a drink” was not on the list of social activities. Over dinner one evening Casibom she told me about an experience with Henry. Obviously the mention of Henry got my attention.

Marcy told me a surprising story of how Henry had seduced her and I should be careful of him. She said it all ended pretty quickly and she had no hard feelings toward him. Her husband of course knew nothing of it. This happened before he met me so I knew now that most, at least, of what he had told me was a lie. As Marcy described what happened it became obvious that he had used the same story with her.

Marcy has the ability to always view the glass as half full, always a smile on her face. She laughed about the Henry seduction and told me that: “You might not know it to look at me but I am great in the sack.” She told me she would never have let that “old man”near her if it wasn’t a sympathy thing. She told me: “He is not very good in bed. There is no loving in him he just wanted to get laid.”

I should note that Marcy, at 58, is not exactly a young woman.

As I thought our “Henry” conversation ended I told her how it now seemed he had tried the same with me but it never happened.

We joked about chopping his balls off and she laughed and said we didn’t need to because they were almost invisible already.

In the weeks that followed we shared our life experiences, our loves, our successes and our failures. Over time we became great friends and did everything together. You might say we were “joined at the hip” in more ways that just socially. We were both working hard at the gym to minimize our thighs and hips and butts.

Months passed and it felt like we had known each other forever. I always looked forward to being with her and she felt the same I’m sure.

Things changed when I invited Marcy to have dinner with me while her husband was away. I remember her smart ass answer “You mean like a date with you?”

She was quiet and maybe a little surprised when I said: “Not ‘like’ a date with me but dinner with a good friend and maybe, yes, a real date with me.”

She thought for a moment, smiled and said: “I would love to come , thank you” then to emphasize her understanding and maybe hint at more, she said: “and, if you are polite, I may even let you kiss me goodnight.”

In the next few week as Marcy’s husbands trip extended we changed our plans and it became a weekend together. She would stay with me at my house, we would enjoy the pool, cook together, dress up and go to dinner at a favorite restaurant and attend a local history museum event.

Marcy arrived late Friday afternoon and I settled her into the guest bedroom. We spent the evening by the pool and even went for a late night walk on the beach. Our plan was to dress up and have an evening out on Saturday. The restaurant was near my home so we walked there. As we left I remember being surprised by how great Marcy looked and how I imagined we looked as two mature women dressed for a special night. Marcy was wearing a black dress that contrasted with her skin. Her makeup was perfect. I was dressed in a favorite white sundress. I imagined lots of jealous wives as their husbands heads swiveled to check us out.

After dinner we walked back to my home on a beautiful summer evening. Marcy surprisingly took my hand and held it as we walked. It a was very warm and meaningful gesture. All in all a great evening.

We arrived at my house and decided on tea before calling it an evening. We sat out by the pool and chatted nothing in particular. It was a warm evening and I had turned on the lights in the pool. Beautiful evening, very romantic.

I was surprised when Marcy suggested we go for a moonlight swim. I said: “That sounds great. You brought along your suit?”

With a beaming smile she replied: “Yes it does and no I didn’t.”

Neither of us said a word as I thought about what she had just said and her holding my hand as we walked back home.

I stood, took her hand and gestured for her to stand. She did and I asked her: “Have I been polite enough to have earned that kiss?”

Marcy continued to hold my hands and said: “Now Robin, are you trying to seduce me?” She moved closer to me and said nothing more. As she leaned into me all my senses were on high alert. She placed her hand on my hip/waist and then around my back and pulled me in. Her hair, her body smelled wonderful not a perfume but clean and fresh. Her blue eyes reflected the moonlight and showed gold flecks. I put my hand up to her face and felt the warm smooth texture of her skin. Our lips touched ever so gently ever so tentatively and we kissed. The gentle first kiss that became deeper more demanding. She was pushing me to give more.

I hoped I knew where this would end but it was going too fast. I took her hands and pushed them to her side and told her to wait, I would be right back. She smiled a mischievous smile and sat down as I walked into the house.

I took a chance and quickly took off the shorts and tee I had put on when we returned from dinner. I also took off my bra and panties and kicked Casibom Giriş off my flip flops. Completely naked, I grabbed two pool towels and walked back out to Marcy. As I approached her she was smiling and reached out for me. I pushed her away by putting the towels in her hands and picked up our two drinks from the table. As I turned I knew she was watching me. When I got to the edge of the pool I bent to put the glasses down on the edge and hoped she approved of what she saw as I bent over. I was brazenly bending to show her my butt and pussy hoping for the best.

I descended the stairs and floating in the water I turned and saw her approaching. Marcy’s skin reflected the light from the pool. She looked at me in the pool and said something to me about being very naughty.

It was her turn. She looked down at me and smiled. Again I could see the gold flecks eyes. She had kicked off her sandals long ago and now this barefoot beautiful woman stood above me on the pool deck teasing with her black dress contrasting with her skin. She turned facing away from me and I watched as she slowly, unzipped the dress. As it opened at the back I saw she was wearing a black bra. As the dress fell to the deck I saw her small thong like black panties. With her dress on the floor I saw how her hips flared out. As she turned to face me I saw just how much more curvy she was than me. I was looking at her and I was adding wetness to the pool. If I were not in the pool I would have been dripping.

As she turned I again saw the true shape of her butt in profile. Beautiful just beautiful. I know it’s crude but I wanted my face between those lovely cheeks. As my eyes drifted up she had unfastened her bra and dropped it on her dress. I have, I think, (drum roll for humility) fantastic large breasts. They are very naturally firm for a 60 year old but when I looked at Marcy I was in awe. Her breasts were smaller but more amazingly they were perfectly shaped and had perfect pink nipples. Unlike me her Areola were silver dollar size and were a lighter color than her breasts, a perfect pink.

She had taken off her panties and was walking down the stairs into the water. We were in the shallow end of the pool and she came right over to me and kissed me. I felt her hand on my ass and she was lifting me so our floating breasts were teasing and bumping each other. Watching her deliberately moving her breasts against mine in the water was incredibly erotic.

Marcy was using her strength in the weightlessness of the water to move my whole body around. I reached between her legs felt her. After a while she leaned in and whispered in my ear: “Time for bed?”

As we got out of the pool we each grabbed a towel and stood on the deck drying each other off. When we were dry we went into the house and I led her toward my bedroom. Marcy pulled me back toward the quest room she was staying in. She looked at me and told me she had found my toys and thought we should use the ‘playroom’.

Shit! What did she know. In the bedroom she pulled me close and kissed me again. This time she was more demanding pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. She told me that on her first night she wondered about the four poster bed and why it had metal rings on the posts and the rails. She told me she was curious so she examined it more closely and found the secret drawer under it.

Fuck Fuck Fuck! she knew.

I panicked and said: “Marcy look, it was from long ago, another life. I don’t need that anymore.” I don’t know why but I did not want this discovery to spoil her opinion of me.

She stopped me with a finger on my lips. She said : “Please don’t make excuses for who you are and what you like. We might have more in common than you know.” She continued: “I have had women in my life in the past. My hubby knows and is ok with my need to go to the soft side now and then.”

Laying beside me naked with her breasts waiting for attention she kissed me and said: “Robin, please tell me more about this side of you. I want to know it all and I want to give you anything you want.”

I told her: “We have lots of time for that. Right now, I have been very polite and…”

I kissed her and felt her yield to me. I rolled her onto her back and held and kissed one of her breasts. As I did she responded and told me she loved that she took my free hand and moved it to her other breast. Marcy told me not to be shy but to squeeze them hard and pinch her nipples hard. I did as she asked and remember thinking I might be hurting her but she just moaned: “Harder!” As I kissed between them and started to kiss down her stomach I saw her thighs part slightly.

The more I moved down the more she spread her legs. She knew what I was thinking and she was inviting me in. Marcy’s entire body tasted and smelled wonderful. I shifted my position to kneel between her legs and she stopped me and asked that I lay beside her instead. I misunderstood and started to bring my head back up toward hers. Marcy pushed me onto my back. She moved to put a leg on each side on my head and I was looking up at her pussy. Casibom Güncel Giriş She did it so quickly I could not do or say anything. I felt her head between my legs, her lips already on my pussy.

We had left all the lights on in the room and as I looked up at her a drop of her moisture fell on my cheek. I used my fingers to spread her labia and saw the bright pink of her inner pussy and her tiny clit just poking out from under its hood. I felt her tongue on my clit as I did the same to her.

As the night went on I began to suspect Marcy had a darker side. Her language changed and she started to be much more demanding. She had obviously gone through the toy drawer because she asked about the nipple clamps and asked if she should use them on me. When I said I could not tolerate it she insisted I use them on her saying: “I want to experience it. Put them on me.” We were kneeling face to face on the bed and I put one on her left nipple then the right. As I tightened them she moaned: “My god stop stop stop.” then after a moment she said: “OK, now one more turn.” She quickly again begged me to stop and then start again. She repeated this and when I saw tears I stopped and removed them.

She then insisted I lick and suck her nipples and when I did she held my head tight against her breast and said: “Suck hard Robin, suck me hard.” In a very short him I felt her stiffen and she moaned: “Oh fuck …Yes!”

After a while, she asked about the velcro straps and I told her they were for gentle bondage. I told her that Beth would tie me and please herself with my body in ways that made her happy. I did not tell her what Beth did to me but if she checked the toy drawer it wasn’t hard to figure it out.

Marcy took the initiative and took a strap put it on my wrist and said: “Like this?” She then put one on my other wrist. Marcy had clearly checked out the bed because she told me she had never done this and asked me if I wanted to be tied.

I was surprised that I was so willingly telling her what to do. I got on all fours head down butt up just as Beth made me. She strapped my arms straight out to the side rails.

She asked me if that was it. I told her how to take the long straps and tie them to my knees and run them to the headboard. That spread my legs and at the same time pull them up toward the headboard pivoting my butt further into the air. She asked me what to do next but before I could answer she took straps and tied my lower legs up to my thighs. I was immobile.

The suspense of not knowing what was coming was electric. I asked what she was going to do. When I repeated: “Marcy?” She told me to be quiet. When I tried again: “Marcy?”, she pulled my head up by my hair and put the ball gag in my mouth. She strapped it tight. Did I mention that I thought Marcy had a dark side? I half heartedly tried to protest but I was actually enjoying her taking control. I remembered Beth taking control like that. I actually felt wonderful to surrender completely to her.

Then I felt it. She was fingering me. I remember thinking: “Oh yes, please fuck me this way.” She was behind me and I felt the strap on enter my pussy. Her hands were on my ass and she was fucking me as though she were a man. Then her hands were under my chest between the bed and my breasts. My breasts were pressed flat but she was pinching my nipples anyway. As she continued to stroke me she untied the ball gag and pulled it away.

I wanted it so much I was encouraging her: “Oh Marcy baby, fuck me baby. Fuck me harder.” She put her hands on my ass, spread my cheeks and put her finger in my butt hole.

She pushed in and out stroking me with the strap on until I had an orgasm then her hand was moving very quickly back and fourth on my pussy and I was squirting soaking the bed.

I felt Marcy get out of bed. She then put the gag back in my mouth in spite of my protests. I was trying everything I could to tell her to stop but the ball was too big and too tight. She then took the blindfold and put it over my eyes. I could not see, I could not speak and the minutes seemed like hours.

Then I felt her hands on me again. Something cool on my butt near my butt hole. Then pressure on my hole and she told me: “Relax Robin, this will go easier if you relax.” I relaxed my butt hole and whatever it was was in. Not something big but lots of pressure in my hole. She was putting something in my pussy. Something big, something long. It filled me up. She was moving it in and out and I felt an orgasm start to build. In and out. In and out and a huge orgasm swept over me. I heard her say: “that’s a good girl let’s try that again.”

Both things were gone out of me and the room was silent. Then I felt straps were being moved and changed. She was changing my position. I felt cool air on my breasts then her hands. She was touching, playing with my breasts. Then something hard on my butt hole again. Something bigger much bigger. I was telling myself “Relax, just relax, she wouldn’t really hurt you.” Then I felt it huge pressure and yes pain. Much too big. Stop! Stop! Stop! It was in. Much too deep. Much too big. It hurt so much. Again the hand was rubbing my pussy rubbing my clit much too hard. I felt the wet run down my thighs as I lost control and was squirting again. She did not stop. The orgasm that followed left me in tears.

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