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John always thought it sounded so lame. A cursed library? And not even the entire library, but a single book? It wasn’t exactly threatening. Other towns got Moth Men or Goat People, but all his corner of the world got was a book? What was he even supposed to do with that? There were no haunted woods or abandoned buildings with troubled pasts to explore, no covered bridges with tragic backstories to investigate. Just a library. Maybe if the librarians or the building itself had been interesting or at least slightly creepy it could have been considered a wash, but both were painfully non-threatening. Bright colors, a clearly lit interior, and helpful, friendly staff ruined the mood before it could even be set.

Then there was the book in question. Like most urban legends, no one ever saw it themselves, but everyone knew someone who had. There was an epidemic of friends of friends of cousins who’d all supposedly had a run in with the book, but absolutely zero firsthand accounts. The story was always the same: an unfortunate person went to the library and wound up coming home with a book they didn’t check out, though what this book actually looked like varied with each telling. Sometimes it was a thick, dusty tome, other times a mass market paperback. Regardless of the form, the book supposedly told a story of the person’s new life, and the unwitting victim had their reality altered to match.

That specific detail always struck John as the most obvious flaw in the story. If the person had their reality altered, how would anyone know? Who was left to tell the book’s story if everyone who came across it got sucked into a new world? It was like the hyper detailed accounts of cursed locations that no one ever came back from, yet somehow everyone knew everything about. It was preposterous.

At least that’s what John used to think until he came home from the library with a book he didn’t remember checking out. He didn’t even notice it at first. It wasn’t until his friend Bryan came over and saw what looked like a worn children’s book sitting on his table.

“You finally learning how to read,” the heavyset brunette asked, nodding towards the slim volume.

“What the fuck are…you…talking about…” John’s stomach dropped when he saw the book sitting on the table. The cover was a simple plaid, with chipped, golden tape binding the spine. It was completely unassuming, nothing but a vintage children’s book that had somehow been mixed with his items. “Dude…I didn’t check that out,” he said, swallowing hard and suddenly feeling like the walls were closing in on him.

Bryan couldn’t help but laugh as he watched his buff, athletic friend back away from a children’s book like it was a coiled viper. “So? Jesus, dude, you should see your face right now.” Before John could stop him, Bryan walked over and fipped open the cover. “Oh, weird. It’s even got our names in the title…’A Story About John and Bryan.’ That’s kinda creepy.”

“Shut it! Right now! Shut the…” John was cut off when the title page flipped on its own, the page slowly bending as it rose and fell.

“Fuck! What the fuck?!” This time it was Bryan’s turn to dart back from the table as the page settled. Both men stared at each other, silently waiting for the other to make the first move.

It was John who stepped forward, his muscled body going pale at what he saw. On the page was a crude, cartoonish drawing of a person that was clearly meant to be himself. Even the clothes matched what he had on, except in the drawing what should have been a tight t-shirt hung long and draping, while his shorts were in a pool at his feet.

“John was tired of being so tall,” the large, simple letters read. “It was time for him to see the world from a new perspective!”

As soon as he finished reading the words, John felt his world turn upside down. There was a strange tingling, then a dizzying sensation, as the room seemed to rocket upwards around him. It all happened so fast that he was blinking up at Bryan’s stunned, pale face before he even knew anything had happened.

“FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!” John shrieked in a high, helium squeak. The formerly six-foot-two jock stared at his shrunken hands in horror, frantically prodding at his tiny new body. He didn’t even care that Bryan was watching as he lifted his new gown of a shirt and exposed his naked frame underneath, his pants and underwear having fallen to his Fikirtepe escort ankles like in the picture. He was relieved to discover that, other than his loss of height, the rest of his body appeared unchanged. He still had his washboard abs and sturdy pecs, along with his toned, solid thighs and ripped biceps. Even his impressive package seemed the same, though he blushed when he realized how small it actually was compared to the rest of the world.

Bryan finally found his voice after a few silent moments of watching his altered friend poke at his diminished frame. He’d always been jealous of John’s shredded physique compared to his average-at-best build, but that was tempered by the knowledge of how hard his handsome friend worked at maintaining it. Now, that was no longer a concern. “Holy shit, dude, you’re…small!”

“Thanks for pointing that out,” John barked, his face going crimson at the sound of his new voice. “I told you not to open it!”

“You told me to close it! It was too late! I didn’t know!” Bryan lunged forward to try and close the book, but the pages flipped again. This time the crude drawing showed a strapping, muscled man with a broad smile on his face. “Bryan didn’t have to be jealous anymore, because he spent all his time in the gym! All that mattered to him was how pretty he was. He didn’t have time to read books! All he thought about was how to make himself look good.”

The now-taller man let out a hissing grunt when his body seized. He could feel himself changing, a blissfully numb tingle while muscle and bone reshaped and settled into their new position. The top half of his t-shirt tightened as his pecs and shoulders inflated, pushing outwards and forward, the sleeves threatening to split around his thickened, granite biceps, while the bottom half suddenly hung loose when his waist tightened and drew inward. His pants were sagging at the waist but plastered around his widened quads and the enlarged globes of his ample, muscled new rear.

As shocking as his friend’s changing frame was, John’s attention was focused on the way Bryan’s features seemed to be refining. The increasingly fit young man’s skin took on a deep, uninterrupted tan while the chocolate mop on his head shortened and reshaped itself into a perfectly gelled and styled coif that accentuated his sharpening cheekbones. Even from his lowered vantage point, John could see Bryan’s jaw becoming more pronounced, his friend’s lips becoming full and pouty between the elevated ridges on either side. Like the rest of his body, Bryan’s face took on the same golden tan as it became expertly blemish free, completing the formerly average jock’s transition into a groomed and primped pretty boy.

Bryan blinked down at John in a daze for several seconds before he realized he was no longer frozen in place. “Omigooodddd, like, what EVEN just happened,” he chirped, his eyes going wide at the words leaving his altered mouth. “Um, do I sound, like, funny,” he asked, a puzzled look in his now-sparkling blue eyes.

John couldn’t hold back a shocked laugh at the other man’s lisping speech, a sharp contrast to the perfectly proportional, shredded muscle that now covered him from head to toe. “Uh, dude, you’re…”

“HAWT!” Bryan cried as he lifted up his shirt to reveal his ripped new washboard. “Do you see this?! I’m sooooooooo cut right now,” the fresh Adonis giggled, too caught up in flexing his abs to be concerned about his altered vocabulary.

John shook his head and looked away as Bryan continued to paw at himself. Femme new speech or not, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy at the perfect body his friend had been given while he’d been shrunk down to half his size. “Yeah, dude, great. Good for you. Can we please focus on figuring out what the fuck is happening?” he barked. “There are still a whole lotta pages left.”

As John spoke the words, the book flipped to the next page on its own. This time it showed a man who looked like the new version of Bryan, but in a very different outfit. “Bryan always wants to wear tiny shirts and little shorts to show off for the other boys. He loves it when they stare at his big round bottom because it makes up for what he’s lacking in the front.”

There was another gasp, from John this time, when Bryan’s shirt started to disintegrate. The bottom half and sleeves fell away completely, leaving a small panel stretched tight across Sancaktepe escort bayan the bulging new pecs that hung half-exposed from what remained. His jeans followed suit, vanishing from mid-thigh down while the remaining fabric thinned and lightened into a pair of white nylon running shorts that did nothing to conceal the bright purple jock underneath. Even if the shorts weren’t so tight the straps lifting Bryan’s inflated new globes were clearly outlined, the white fabric was so thin as to be almost see through.

Which left the most drastic change clearly visible. Both men stared at the small lump in Bryan’s tiny new shorts, knowing that it should have been much, much larger.

“IIIIEEEEEE!” Bryan shrieked, ignoring his altered wardrobe as he frantically tugged the shorts down. Instead of a wide, long organ and heavy balls, both men were greeted with the sight of a short little cock and petite balls nestled against a small patch of expertly manicured bush. “Like what the hell?! That’s soooo not fair!”

“Fuck, man, guess those dudes in the gym really are compensating,” John laughed. He knew he shouldn’t, but the sight of Bryan’s gorgeous new face and perfect body against the tiny nub was too much.

“Hey! This is so not funny!” Bryan cried, his face going red. As he watched John stare at him he felt a strange thrill, and instead of covering up he left his shrunken poker exposed as it twitched and hardened to its full three inches, less than half the size it should have been. He felt like he was forgetting something important, but was having a hard enough time just keeping his thoughts together from moment to moment.

“At least you know it still works,” John said, his laughter trailing off as he recalled the other part of the passage. “Wait…what did it say about showing off for the boys?”

The book answered by flipping to another page, this one with a grinning John standing in front of a naked, micro-dicked Bryan. “John doesn’t care how little Bryan is,” the passage read. “It’s the perfect size for his mouth and he’d leave it there all day if he could!”

John’s sudden groan was cut off as the shrunken man lunged forward and impaled his face on Bryan’s tiny member. It was a reflex, like breathing. It wasn’t until he’d been rolling his tongue along the other man’s rigid little nub for several minutes that he even began to process the fact that he had his face buried in his friend’s lap, voraciously sucking on Bryan’s cock while his tiny hands clutched at the sculpted man’s shelf of an ass. He hadn’t realized just how small he’d become until he was pressed against Bryan and experienced just how much the whimpering Adonis towered over him. His friend’s hands felt massive as they stroked through his hair and held his head in place, even though that last part was unnecessary. Though he knew he should be repulsed, no force on earth could have pulled John away. His own cock was solid and throbbing beneath his draping shirt but he couldn’t bring himself to let go of Bryan’s perfect rear to reach down and do anything about it.

“OhhhHOOHHHhh…yeah, like, suck that little dick,” Bryan moaned, pumping his trim hips. “It’s, like, so small and perfect for you…” The altered stud was just as confused. He could hear himself flaunting his shrunken cock while gleefully getting blown by another man, but the obscured view of John’s small new body over his cresting slab of a chest turned him on like nothing ever had. He should have been humiliated, a part of him was, yet all he really wished was that people could see them going at it.

John kept slurping when Bryan came. His friend’s little nub spurted down his throat, but he kept rolling his tongue and bobbing his head, sucking on the deflated balls in a desperate search for more.

“Ba…babe…like, the book is…like…doing something…” Bryan panted, finally forcing John’s head free. The shrunken man still made a few last attempts at wrapping his lips around the beckoning nub until his larger friend manhandled him the other direction in time to see another turned page settling.

“And Bryan just loves how his little friend is big where it matters. John fills him up just right!”

John’s stomach dropped as he stared at the small, naked man on the page and his absolutely massive cock. He heard himself grunt as his draping shirt started twitching and moving when his inflating member began Escort üsküdar pushing it outwards.

“Awww, how come yours gets bigger,” Bryan pouted as he reached down and pulled John’s shirt free before his friend could protest. “Ohhhhhh my,” he purred, shifting his weight from foot to foot at the sight of the thick, nine-inch club and low, heavy orbs that sprouted between the smaller man’s toned thighs.

John was too stunned to speak. The swollen organ would have looked huge on his former six-foot frame. On a body half that size it was freakishly large. He couldn’t even wrap a shrunken hand around it. “Wha…what the fuck..?!” he finally squeaked.

“More like “when”, honey, and the answer’s now,” Bryan chirped, pulling John’s shirt free before dropping to all fours and presenting his marble globes.

“Dude…hold on…” John shook his head, dizzy at the rapid pace with which things were changing. In a matter of minutes he’d gone from an average jock to a shrunken, horse-hung stud who was suddenly obsessed with blowing his ditzy, pretty-boy friend. His ditzy, pretty-boy friend who also should have been an average straight man but who was too busy begging to get fucked to remember that minor detail.

“No, YOU hold on,” Bryan laughed, backing up so that his enlarged cheeks ground against John’s aching beast, “to me. With those sexy little hands of yours,” he winked, pursing his plump, full lips in John’s direction.

The miniature stud couldn’t resist. No matter how much he told himself they shouldn’t be doing any of this, he couldn’t keep from lining himself up and plunging inside. “OOoohhhh…fuuuuuuuck…” he groaned in his squeaky new voice. The sensation of plunging so far and deep into Bryan’s massive-by-comparison body was overwhelming.

“Yuuhh…you’re…tellin’ me…” Bryan purred, arching his back and rolling his hips. John had to clutch the pillowy globes to keep from being bowled over, struggling to find his normal rhythm in his smaller frame. He tried not to think about how ridiculous they must look. While he was still the same proportions, other than his cock, Bryan was literally twice his size. He felt like he was trying to fuck a giggling giant.

John was so focused on his pretty friend that he barely heard the pages turn in the book behind them. He managed to look over his shoulder just in time to see an image of the two of them going at it just as they were, but he couldn’t quite make out the words. When the room started to blur around him, he quickly realized he didn’t need to.

“Bry…Bryan! Something’s happening…” he grunted as he pulled out and stumbled over to the book. The room had vanished, leaving them in an inky void, but the book still floated before them.

“John and Bryan were the biggest hit at the club. The boys waited all week to watch the two of them go at it all night!”

“Oh fuck…oh fuck…Bryan…it says we…”

John was cut off when the darkness vanished without warning, squinting against the bright lights that momentarily left him blind. He could hear the crowd before he could see it, his stomach dropping at the sight of his freakishly large cock hanging off his freakishly small body for everyone to see.

Bryan wasn’t having the same issue. John looked over to see the chiseled adonis facing the crowd, alternating between waving his tiny cock and bouncing his massive cheeks in their direction. Instead of being embarrassed, the taller man’s dull grin lit up every time the audience cheered, seeming to revel in his altered look

“Dude…we’ve gotta get…” John trailed off as he frantically looked around the stage, suddenly forgetting what it was he was looking for. It felt important, but there was nothing on stage aside from a smattering of money that people had thrown at them.

“We’ve gotta get started, right fellas?!” Bryan yelled, eliciting a massive roar as he twerked his inflated cheeks. He turned to his smaller friend and winked, pursing his puffy lips. “You ready?”

John was torn. He was desperately trying to hold onto his anxiety for some reason, but he had no idea why. Something about being naked on stage in a tiny body felt horribly wrong, yet entirely normal. Of course he and Bryan were about to go at it for the crowd. They did every Friday night at the club, and most other nights on their website. People couldn’t get enough of the size difference between the two handsome studs, and he and Bryan were all too happy to oblige. He didn’t know why he thought he should be taller, and Bryan should be less ripped. That was crazy.

He gave his throbbing beast a tug to the crowd’s delight and nodded for Bryan to get on all fours. “Ready when you are, big guy.”

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