Checking In

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“Alright, Vance, you know the drill. What is this, the fiftieth time this year you been here?” Jason, the CNA, asked. He nodded to the freshly folded Johnny on the bed.

Vance groaned, careful to keep it to himself. He was lucky to be back. Lucky to be alive. Fifty treatments and nearly as many relapses. It wasn’t that he didn’t try, just that circumstances always seemed to fuck him. The only other constant was Ravenstone Hospital.

Jason shrugged. “Come on, man. I’d like to get to a lunch break sometime this year.”

Vance removed his glasses, pulled his dingy t-shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. His wiry frame was painted with faded tattoos and the scars of a hard lifestyle. He slid the Johnny on and fumbled with his belt, kicked off his dirty boots. “Fine. I need to get dosed anyways. When is that cunt, Miranda coming in?”

Jason snickered a note, then his face turned to stone. He drew his linebacker build up to full height. “Yeah, she is. But if you call her that again, they’re gonna have to order you a soft diet. Feel me?”

“Whatever,” Vance mumbled. He slid his jeans down, stepped free of the tangle. He cupped his hands around his balls over his Johnny.

Jason flipped the pockets out, pinched the seams, checking over every inch of fabric of Vance’s clothing. He pulled the soles out of Vance’s boots. It wasn’t unusual for patients being admitted to Ravenstone to stash something away for one last party.

Vance faked a shiver, rubbed his shoulders. “I’m freezing. You feel like hurrying up?”

“You can throw this shit back on after Miranda sees you and not-“

“This is bullshit! Every time I come here you assholes always fuck with me,” Vance said, adding a touch of extra vitriol.

The curtain dividing the room screeched back. Miranda’s fierce blue eyes drilled into Vance. She let them roll. “Back again?”

Vance took a good, long look at the young nurse sent to do his admission. Five foot seven. Wavy auburn hair with blond highlights. Miranda’s body was a Christmas list of perfect curves and toned athletic muscle wrapped up in scrubs tighter than spandex. Vance hated the stuck up bitch, but enjoyed the eye candy.

“Job security for community college nurses, I guess,” Vance said with a half-smile.

Miranda fired back with an icy smile. “Let’s get this over with. There probably isn’t much to see.”

A touch of red hated Vance’s face. What an evil bitch. He wished he could stab all five inches of his cock down her throat to shut her up. He shifted his weight. Miranda stretched a pair of exam gloves over her perfectly manicured fingers, letting them snap in place.

Vance knew the hospital policy. He lifted the gown to his waist. Miranda noted a couple of Vance’s bruises on her clipboard. She curled an eyebrow at his boxers.

“Lose the shorts,” Miranda said, voice cold and robotic.

Vance’s pulse quickened. That was new, he thought. They usually didn’t make you go down to the skin. A thin sheen of cold sweat seeped through his forehead. “Is that really necessary?” He shifted his weight back to the other foot.

“No. But I figure with you I should be extra careful with your check in.” Miranda impatiently tapped a foot. “Your call. Lose em or go home.”

The tiny package taped to Vance’s inner thigh was only the size of a folded envelope, but suddenly weighed a hundred pounds. Maybe Miranda only needed poker oyna a quick flash. She may not notice.

“Fine,” Vance muttered. The boxers fell to the floor and Jason quickly snatched them up.

Miranda stepped forward, forcing Vance to take an uneasy step of his own backwards. “Now the Johnny.”

Vance slowly dragged the gown up his torso, shielding his cock with his free hand. He slid a leg slightly forward, concealing the tiny envelope as best he could.

Miranda scribbled something on her clipboard. She clicked her pen. “Alright. Let’s see it.”

Vance’s blood froze. “You wanna see my piece?” If he took his hand away they’d see the envelope for sure. And his cock. Even though it was starting to twitch, Vance didn’t enjoy the idea of this cold-hearted bitch seeing him exposed.

“I couldn’t be less interested,” Miranda said, all but yawning. “I’m sure you think it’s passable. My job’s making sure you don’t have anything down there keeping it company.” She smiled the Devil’s own grin.

A lump formed in Vance’s throat, even as his prick swelled. He hated this bitch with a passion. He removed his hand. His half-limp cock bounced up.

“Aw, isn’t it cute,” Miranda said, giggling. She pointed at Vance’s dick and regarded Jason who was still lingering in a corner. “Smallest ever?”

Jason shrugged a shoulder. “I don’t know. Mines been bigger than that since I was like twelve.”

“Seriously,” Miranda said. She regarded Vance without an ounce of respect in her eyes. “I guess I’d want to be high all day too, if my dick were that small.”

Vance stepped forward, readying a trademark retort. His thigh scraped against the envelope, tugging a corner free. Miranda’s eyes flashed to the exposed paper. Vance froze in his tracks.

“Well, well, well,” Miranda said, coyly. “What do we have here? Surely, you weren’t trying to smuggle something you shouldn’t have into the hospital.” Miranda held out her hand. “Give it here.”

The tape tore away a few straggling hairs before Vance slapped the last of his stash into Miranda’s waiting hand. His wilted cock dangled between his thighs. The loss of his last bundle made him all but forget he was standing naked in a room with the most evil bitch on the planet.

Miranda stuffed the envelope in her back pocket. She slid the curtain back into place, calling out for Jason to keep an eye on their misbehaving patient.

Vance sat on the edge of the bed, head hanging low, hands covering his member. “What happens now? You guys gonna boot me out?”

“Nah. Probably not. Miranda’s been trying a new technique on patients with behavioral issues,” Jason said. He folded his arms and leaned his shoulder against the wall. His broad smiled carried a hint of the devious. Vance drew a breath for a question, but Jason cut him off. “Just wait and see.”

“Maybe I should just—” Vance said.

“Maybe you should just keep your mouth shut for a change, Vance.” Miranda stepped through the curtain as the door clicked shut behind her. She was carrying a black leather case about the size of a purse. Her eyes fixed on Vance’s after another cursory glance at his little cock.

“You’re in a lot of trouble. You got pinched trying to smuggle your poison into my rehab. And that, my friend, won’t be flying around here anymore.” Miranda unzipped the leather case and placed its contents on the foot of Vance’s bed. Vance’s heart plunged into his canlı poker oyna stomach. She couldn’t be serious, he thought.

“You’re kidding, right?” Vance asked with more than a touch of desperation. “You can’t be serious.”

Miranda ran a fingertip down the strap-on’s long, purple shaft, twisted a finger around in the harness and picked it up from the bed. It dangled obscenely from her tiny digit. “It’s simple, really. If you want to stay, you’ve got to pay. No one will ever know but me and Jason. And, well, your virgin asshole.” She gave Vance a look dripping with condescension.

“That’s assuming, of course, it is still a virgin asshole.”

The gears in Vance’s mind spun a billion over in the next minute. He was out of money. They had his drugs. And withdrawal was out of the question. He would not, could not go cold turkey on the street. Not again. He’d have to submit…

“Fine. Let’s get this over with,” Vance said, staring at the floor. He regarded Jason. “But he’s gotta go. No way I’m going through with it if he’s here.”

Miranda chuckled. She untied the front of her scrub bottoms and let them slide off of her perfect hips. “As if you get a say! Jason will be staying here just in case you forget yourself and try something stupid. Then it won’t just be a plastic cock in your ass. Got it?”

The word’s tangled themselves in a knot and fell from Vance’s tongue. A lacy red thong shimmied its way down Miranda’s perfectly tanned thighs and over her knees. Winking, she kicked them toward Jason. As she stepped into the strap-on’s harness, Vance prayed to every deity he could think of that her scrub top would disappear next.

No such luck.

Miranda tugged at the buckle on the side. She gave the false cock a few strokes, showing off its proud length. She snickered. Vance looked down at his stiffening manhood. “That pathetic thing is no excuse for a cock. Take a good look at what a real cock looks like,” Miranda said. She wrapped her hand around the base of her plastic member and gave a shake in Vance’s direction.

Realization hit home like an atom bomb. Vance inched back on the bed, away from Miranda’s proposal. “I’m not sure I can do this…”

Miranda rolled her eyes. With hands on her hips she said, “Oh, for fuck’s sake. For once in your miserable life, man up and do what you gotta do. You think you can handle that? Just once? I’ll plow your ass until I’m satisfied that you’ll never try something stupid in this institution again. Then we’ll get you treated. And everyone goes home happy.” She removed a bottle of lubricant from the leather case, filled her palm, and massaged it onto her plastic cock. Miranda gestured with a spiralling motion of her hand.

Vance slowly rolled onto his hands and knees. His dick pointed at the mattress like a missile, hard as a rock. He didn’t want the bitch nurse in his ass. Maybe it was her thighs. Or her attitude. But Vance couldn’t deny Miranda had become hotter than wildfire in the past ten minutes.

“Oh, no, no, no,” Miranda chided. “Turn it around and face Jason. He likes to watch me work.”

The muscular CNA was already rubbing his cock through his pants by the time Vance worked up the courage to turn. “Consider yourself lucky. You came in on her day, not mine.”

Miranda climbed onto the bed. She rested the long plastic member on the crack of Vance’s ass, letting him feel the weight. He shivered, pressed his face internet casino into the mattress, took a deep breath.

The nurse’s hand came down hard against Vance’s ass. He winced, bit his tongue, breathed a gasp into the blanket. Miranda pushed the tip of her plastic cock into Vance’s hole, gently rubbing the crown in tight, corkscrew spirals.

Vance gasped. Miranda’s plastic cock drilled slowly into his ass. An inch at a time, the member eased through his well-lubricated hole. Fire burned his rear; tearing, biting fire. He twisted his fists tighter around the sheet and but the back of his hand.

It hurt. There was no other way to say it. Vance dared turning his face up from the bed. Jason’s scrub pants were halfway down his thighs. The muscular CNA was leaning against the wall, openly stroking his meaty cock. The sick smile on his face while he tugged forced a flush into Vance’s face.

“I bet you like that… Don’t you bitch?” Miranda’s hand took another stinging bite out of Vance’s ass. She thrust her hips and the plastic harness slapped against Vance’s rear. He blurted out a cry.

The bed shook, metal frame squealing squealing against the activity, as Miranda worked her hips. She slid the cock into Vance’s ass in painfully, agonizing slow strokes, then ground small circles at the base.

The fire in Vance’s violated hole eased. His ass had adjusted. Where there had been flame before there was now only a pleasurable stretching and fullness.

Miranda grabbed a handful of Vance’s hair and jerked his head back. Her hips bucked, punctuating her every word. “I… asked… you… a… question.”

Grunting was all Miranda received. Vance now timed his own bucking hips, smashing back against Miranda’s thighs. He moaned.

Miranda and Jason’s combined laughter filled the room. Jason stroked his cock, furiously now, grinning at Vance’s obvious change of heart. “Haha. Everyone always liked it sooner or later.”

Vance knew Jason was right. He’d never felt anything like it. He’d never thought he’d enjoy getting fucked in the ass like a cheap whore. His cock throbbed. He reached for it with a trembling hand…

Miranda’s hand cracked down a third time, leaving a scarlet hand print on Vance’s ass. “No one said you could touch anything, bitch.”

Between waves of pleasure, Vance grunted a throaty, “Please! I’m sorry I tried to sneak it in. But I have to cum.”

“Oh you’ll cum alright,” Miranda said. She grabbed Vance’s hips. Pounded savagely. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room.

Suddenly, Jason stomped forward, still jerking his solid cock, breathing fast. “I’m gonna cum.”

Miranda smiled and winked. “You know the drill.”

Vance looked up just in time. The first sticky rope of Jason’s cum hit Vance in the cheek. He quickly sealed his lips against the salty taste. Two more long lines caught him on the nose. Jason slapped his spent cock against Vance’s face before stuffing it back into his scrubs. Humiliation crushed Vance to his core. Then, the tingling in his ass exploded with euphoria.

“Oh shit,” Vance said.

“That’s right, bitch. Now you can cum,” Miranda said in a husky voice.

Vance’s cock sprayed its load onto the bed. Miranda pounded a few last times for good measure while he thrashed. She pulled the plastic cock out of Vance’s ass. He flopped into the puddle of his cum, exhausted.

Miranda gave his ass a slap and turned to Jason. “Get him dressed then get him dosed.” She stepped out of the harness and replaced it into the leather case. Her icy eyes gleamed in the low light.

“Welcome to Ravenstone, bitch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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