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Immoral people, capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

Linda Blame, the young girl in this book, is the victim of immoral people, finding herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

CHEERLEADER IN CHAINS — the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.

The Publisher


“Hey, look at the tits on that bitch!” somebody yelled, and Linda Blame blushed, a quick tremor of fear passing through her.

“Want a ride, honey?” someone else screamed a moment after.

It was night, and Linda was walking to the Eastport bus for the long trip back home. The Bulls had just lost the biggest game of the season by thirty-five points, and the worst thing of all was that they had lost it to a small-town school.

Linda, who was the head of the Eastport cheerleading squad, had never felt worse in her life.

“Hey, isn’t that the Eastport bitch?” a girl’s voice shouted. “That fucking big-titted cheerleader who flipped me off in the second quarter?”

“Sure is,” a leering male voice answered. “Couldn’t be two sets of tits like that swinging around this town.”

Linda was more frightened now, and she walked faster, trying to put more distance between herself and the kids from the school that had just handed Eastport a humiliating defeat. Linda was used to having men and boys whistle and shout at her when she walked by. It had been happening ever since her tits had started to pop out on her chest like a pair of giant-sized balloons. But these farm kids seemed mean and stupid, and she and the other Eastport cheerleaders had been yelling and making fun of them all night long.

“What happened, bitch?” another, female voice shouted out. “Couldn’t your big-city boys get it up for the game tonight?”

“Maybe they can’t get it up for anything,” a guy shouted. “Maybe those big tits are getting wasted up in town.”

Linda kept her head pointed straight ahead, but she darted a glance in the direction of the voices. Her heart skipped a beat at what she saw. There was a bright-red pickup overflowing with kids in the center of about a half dozen other cars. At least thirty kids were lounging around the truck and cars. And the Eastport bus was on the other side of the athletic fields, a long dark walk away.

Linda regretted having stopped to change out of her cheerleading outfit, but she had a big date after the game and she had wanted to look good. Now she was alone with this mob of mean kids, and she was dressed up in a way that was sure to attract their attention.

Linda was wearing a skin-tight khaki dress that barely reached her knees. It had a row of metal snap buttons that ran from the collar to the hem, and a belt that pulled it snug around her waist. It was so tight that it showed every curve of her body. And the boots she had on made her legs look their sexiest.

Suddenly one of the cars roared to life, and Linda jerked around to see what was happening. The kids laughed when they saw her jump, and Linda blushed a dark shade of red. When she turned back around, though, she screamed.

“Yahoo!” Two guys were riding on the motorcycle that roared across the parking lot toward her. The one in back had something in his hands that Linda couldn’t quite make out. “What was that you said about simple-minded shit-kickers, you big-titted city slut?”

Linda froze under the harsh glare of the motorcycle’s headlight, wanting to run but not sure which way to go. An instant later the cycle was roaring by her and it was too late. She had a second to see that the guy on the back was holding a lasso before he tossed it over her head. After that it was too late to run, too late to fight, too late to even scream. The rape pulled painfully tight around her arms and chest, and then it yanked her off her feet.

Linda hit the ground so hard that it almost knocked her out. Her shoulder bag with her cheerleading outfit was trapped against her body by the rope, but her fingers slipped off the strap as she was pounded into the concrete. She had a hazy image of the motorcycle wobbling back and forth, and she hoped it would fall over. The guy in front must have been a good rider though, because he straightened back out and then put on a burst of speed. A spilt second later Linda felt a second jerk, and then she started sliding across the parking lot.

“Whoopee, get along little doggie!” someone yelled.

Linda wanted to scream for help, but she couldn’t even draw enough breath to whimper.

Pain ripped through the cheerleader’s body as she was dragged across the rough concrete at the end of the lasso. The rope twisted as it pulled her, dragging her first face-down and then face-up across the parking lot. By the time the motorcycle squealed to a stop in the middle of the bunched cars, Linda had been battered almost unconscious.

“Turn her over!” a boy growled, and someone else stepped in to kick Linda over onto her back.

“Shit!” a girl grumbled. “Look at that slut’s tits!”

“What else could you look at?” a boy replied. Linda Blame was a pretty girl. She had soft brown hair that tumbled to her shoulders and wide brown eyes that always seemed to twinkle. Her face was a perfect round-cheeked, schoolgirl oval. But right now the crowd of kids who were staring down at her hardly even noticed her face.

Linda had delicate ankles, perfectly turned calves and full, meaty thighs. Her hips were wide, and she had a big, lush ass. But her waist was small, a sharp curve that made her hips and ass seem even fuller. Boys and men were always looking at her great ass and sleek legs. But the country kids who were looking at her now barely mentioned them.

They were all looking at her fits.

Linda’s fits were so big that they had almost kept her from becoming a cheerleader, so big that it was hard for her to find clothes to fit.

Linda wasn’t a very big girl, but her tits would have been more than enough for a woman twice her size. Even with all but the top button of her dress fastened, the kids could see the top of her cleavage.

“Bet those are five pounders,” one kid said. “Five my ass,” another boy said. “More like eight.”

“They can’t be real,” a girl said defensively. “I’ll bet she’s got ten rolls of toilet paper stuffed in there.”

“Let’s see,” another boy said. His name was Jerry Lamar, and he was one of the biggest, meanest boys in town.

Linda groaned, half-conscious when Jerry grabbed the collar of her dress and ripped it apart. The snaps opened easily, and he jerked the dress apart all the way to her belt. Linda hadn’t worn a bra because she wanted to look great for her date, and her huge tits spilled out from beneath her dress. They looked even more gigantic bared of clothing, two soft, creamy pillows of flesh. Her nipples were big, too, spiking out over an inch from her soft brown areolas. Every boy in the crowd got an instant hard-on at first sight of her enormous tits, and most of the girls started to get wet between their legs.

“Well, we kicked their asses in the game,” Jerry said, then reached down to grab two bulging handfuls of Linda’s tits, “I guess we got the right to fuck the shit out of one of their women.”

“That’s right,” a small, slinky blonde girl agreed. Her name was Suzy Rue, and she was Jerry’s girlfriend. “This bitch is a spoil of war.”

“You sure she just ain’t booty?” a boy named Peter Bickley asked, and everybody laughed.

“Well I’m going to get some booty right now!” Jerry growled, and yanked Linda up off the ground by her tits.

Linda screamed. There was a savage, tearing pain in her tits, and when she opened her eyes and saw what was causing it, she screamed even louder.

With the speed of a striking snake, Suzy stuck her fist in Linda’s mouth, gagging her and jamming her jaws so far apart that she couldn’t even bite down. A moment later the awful pain in her tits subsided a little bit as Jerry threw her face-down across the seat of his motorcycle. Hitting the hard leather of the seat knocked the air from Linda’s lungs, and she tried desperately to figure out what had happened.

“Fuck her, Jerry!” a boy named Brett Clift yelled, and then everything came rushing back to Linda, and she was so terrified that she started pining.

“You dumb cunt!” Jerry screamed gleefully as Linda’s piss rifled her panties and started dribbling down her legs. “Pissing yourself like some fat-titted baby! I’m going to fuck more piss out of you than that!”

Jerry yanked her dress open all the way up to her belt, then bunched it up on the small of Linda’s back. The other kids crowded around close to get a look at the piss streaming down her panties.

Then Suzy reached down and tore off the piss-soaked strip of cloth and the kids laughed as Linda’s piss splattered straight down against the concrete parking lot.

“What a fucking little baby,” Suzy said. She twisted Linda’s head to the side and then pulled her fist out of her mouth. Before Linda could shut her lips, Suzy wadded up the piss drenched panties and pushed them inside her mouth. “Suck those clean, piggy tits!”

“Look at that ass,” someone said as the last of Linda’s piss dribbled down between her legs. “It’s almost as big as her fucking tits.”

Jerry started unzipping his jeans and pulling out his long, dripping cock. “I’m going to fuck her!”

Linda screamed through the gag of the piss drenched panties, tears running down her cheeks in thick rivers. She tried to twist off the bike, but Jerry had his hands clamped firmly on her full, fleshy hips and the lasso was still drawn tightly around her arms. She was all but stripped naked, and completely helpless.

Suzy leaned low over Jerry’s bouncing cock, dribbling spit from her pretty pink lips all over the heated fuck-flesh. Then she took the jerking cock in her delicate hand and guided it slowly to the petal-like pink lips of Linda’s pussy. She reached under the girl to pinch one of her fat nipples as Jerry fucked his big prick in.

Linda screamed when she felt the massive head of Jerry’s cock pushing against the lips of her cunt. She couldn’t believe that they were actually going to go through with this. Yelling at her was one thing, even scaring her and pulling her clothes off, but she had never dreamed that they would actually fuck her.

The taste of her piss in her mouth was so awful that she almost threw up, but as Jerry’s cock fucked into the tight, dry slit of her cunt, she started sucking at it, chewing on it to take her mind off the pain of being fucked. Suzy pinched her nipples so hard that Linda squirmed against the cool leather of the cycle, but even that pain was nothing compared to the tearing, stuffing sensation of having Jerry’s cock pushed inside her. It felt as though he was tearing her to pieces.

Jerry grimaced as he forced his cockhead through the tight pink lips of Linda’s pussy. He dug his fingers into her soft hips and hauled her back against him, fucking his cock forward as hard as he could. Linda screamed at the sudden pain, but Jerry just leaned down over her bowed back and thrust forward even harder.

“Nooooo!” Linda spit the panties from her mouth as Jerry’s cock popped through the tight lips of her pussy and fucked deep inside her dry pussy. “No, please no! Please, you don’t know what you’re doing! You’ve got to stop this!”

“Shut up, pig-tits!” Suzy hissed, jerking Linda’s head up. She forced the pretty cheerleader’s face into the crotch of her tight jeans and humped her denim-covered cunt all over her lips and nose. “Debbie, unfasten my jeans! I want the city bitch to suck my pussy!”

Linda screamed in terror and revulsion at what was happening. Jerry fucked his cock fully inside her, stretching and tearing at her tight, dry cunt. His hips crashed against the soft cheeks of her ass, making the creamy flesh bounce and jiggle. His crotch hair scratched her tender flesh and his heavy, cum-filled balls swung up to hit her pussylips. Every jolting stab of his cock inside her tiny cunt banged her hips and stomach painfully against the seat of the motorcycle. Linda could hardly breathe, and the different pains that shot through her cunt and ass and stomach were making her shake and cry.

A girl stepped up behind Suzy and snaked her hands around the little blonde’s obscenely narrow waist. Linda cried like a baby as Debbie opened up Suzy’s jeans and then tugged them down over her tight little ass and lean, sexy legs. Linda tried to jerk her head away from the sight of Suzy’s blonde pussy mound barely contained in her microscopic silk panties. But the cruel little blonde had Linda’s hair so tight in her fists that Linda groaned at the pain.

“I won’t do it!” Linda cried, staring up at the beautiful, evil girl. “I won’t do it, you dirty hick pervert!”

“Pull down my panties, Debbie,” Suzy said, smirking at the helpless cheerleader. “I think somebody needs to spank this city girl’s big ass. She needs to learn some respect!”

“Yeah,” Jerry said, pounding into Linda’s cunt harder than before, stretching her and tearing her so painfully that the girl squirmed her ass back against him, “get some switches off that tree over there. We’ll give her a backwoods ass-whipping!”

Linda felt a sudden boiling hatred for the country kids who were abusing her. Just because they’d beaten her school’s team at football didn’t give them the right to do this to her. They were treating her like some kind of animal, or some slave from the old days that they had bought and could do whatever they wanted with. She wanted to kick Jerry in his balls and tear Suzy’s bitchy green eyes out. But she was helpless. All she could do was take whatever they wanted to do to her.

The instant Debbie pulled down Suzy’s panties the evil little blonde hiked one leg up onto the cycle’s seat and smashed her cunt into Linda’s face. Linda gagged at the musky aroma of Suzy’s pussy, and the first sharp taste of cunt cream that dribbled past her closed lips made the terrorized cheerleader want to vomit.

“Suck my cunt, big-tits!” Suzy screamed, yanking on Linda’s hair until she pulled some of it out at the roots. She ground her slick cunt all over the cheerleader’s pretty, captive face. “Open your mouth and lick my pussy, you slut! Do it or I’ll snatch you fucking bald!”

“You heard her!” Jerry yelled, bending down low over her back and fucking her injured pussy with his big, dripping cock. “Lick her pussy, you dumb city whore! Do it, bitch, or I’ll rip your big tits right off you!”

Jerry grabbed her huge, hanging tits and sank his hands into them like, steel claws. Linda screamed and she screamed louder yet when he jerked down on them with all his strength. Her tits had always been very sensitive. On the rare occasions when Linda masturbated, she only had to touch her nipples to start her cunt juicing. Now Jerry was hurting her big tits in ways they had never been hurt before, and it was driving the innocent cheerleader out of her mind.

At the same time, he was stabbing her with his big cock, fucking into her tight, dry cunt until she was sure he was splitting her open. She had only been fucked a couple of times in her life, and she’d never been fucked with the force and brutality Jerry was fucking her with now. It felt as though he was jamming a baseball bat up her tiny pussy, a baseball bat with jagged, splintered edges. Every violent fuck-stroke made her moan and whimper.

“Eat her out, big-tits!” Jerry growled, biting her shoulders and the back of her neck. Linda shuddered and cried as his teeth gnawed at her tender flesh and his saliva drooled over her back and shoulders. “Suck some of that sweet pussycream, you slut! Do it before I fuck you to death!”

Linda groaned in pain and shame, but she couldn’t bring herself to open her mouth and suck the blonde bitch’s musky-smelling cunt. It was horrible enough that she had been roped and dragged halfway across a parking lot, that she had been stripped and bent over a motorcycle to be fucked like an animal. She couldn’t bring herself to open her mouth to another girl. That would be the ultimate humiliation.

Linda wailed in sudden agony at the first lash of a switch across her back. Peter and Brett had come back from the nearby tree with a dozen of the thin, cruel whips of wood, and they were passing them out to the other kids. Debbie, the tall, thin blonde who had helped Suzy strip, was the first one to hit her.

She brought the whip down hard across Linda’s jiggling asscheeks, leaving a bright-red welt on the creamy flesh. Before Linda’s first scream had faded, Debbie hit her again, slicing her flesh three inches lower on her wriggling ass. Linda howled at the pain, shaking and twisting like a wild animal against Jerry and Suzy’s restraining hands.

“Stop!” Linda screamed. She opened her mouth and plunged her face fully between the wet red lips of Suzy’s pussy. “Please, I’ll do anything! I’ll eat your pussy! I’ll eat all your pussies.”

“Yes, the bitch is eating me!” Suzy moaned, twisting her small hands even more tightly in Linda’s soft brown hair and smearing the cheerleader’s pretty face all over her swollen cunt. “Stick that tongue way in there, pig-tits! Lick my clit until I cum!”

Linda almost threw up at her first horrid taste of Suzy’s cunt. It tasted salty and syrupy and thick, like nothing she had ever tasted before. Linda lapped up and down the tight crevice between the little blonde’s reddened cuntlips, and a wash of pussy-cream spilled out to fill her open mouth. Linda cried out in surprise and disgust, swallowing some of the pussyjuice and letting the rest spill down over her chin and cheeks.

“She’s doing it!” Debbie shouted to the others, bringing her switch down again on Linda’s lush, vulnerable asscheeks.

Other kids had gathered around now with switches of their own, and as soon as Debbie raised her whip away from Linda’s tortured ass, another girl slapped hers down.

“We’re going to have ourselves a real party tonight,” Peter Bickley said, bringing his switch whistling down across the squirming beauty’s shoulders. His, cock was so hot it was ready to explode in his pants. “We fucked up their football team and now we’re going to fuck one of their sluts!”

Linda couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Linda would have done anything to convince herself that it was only some sick twisted nightmare she could wake up from. But the agony she was feeling from the whips and Jerry’s cock was real, and so was the sickness in her stomach at having a girl’s dirty pussy smeared all over her face. The shame was real too, the degradation at being stripped and fucked in front of a crowd of small-town hicks, of having them laugh at her and call her filthy names.

Suzy and Jerry leaned across Linda’s writhing, tortured body and kissed each other. Jerry wrapped his hands around Suzy’s pert little tits, rubbing them and pinching her nipples as they lashed tongues deep in each other’s mouth. Jerry jabbed his cock into Linda’s helplessly spread pussy with short, brutal fuckstrokes. Suzy wrapped one leg around Linda’s head and forced the pretty cheerleader’s face even deeper into her marshy cunt. It was almost like they were fucking each other, through the living conduit of Linda’s helpless, sexy body.

Jerry groaned with pleasure, his fuck-strokes turning choppy and erratic. He had never felt a cunt as tight as the one he was fucking now. His fuck-lube was starting to moisten her up a little, but her pussy was like a skin-tight glove. Fucking the big-titted cheerleader was almost painful, but it was also the wildest feeling he’d ever experienced. He could feel his cum boiling, wanting to blast up from his swollen balls and fill up Linda’s tiny pussy.

Suzy moaned too, grinding her lips against Jerry’s and sticking her tongue deep inside his mouth. Linda was licking up and down, just inside the red, swollen lips of Suzy’s pussy, and she was squirming her lips all over the blood gorged outer folds of her cunt. The sensations were driving the sexy little blonde crazy. She came so hard that she almost lost her balance and fell away from Linda’s face, then she came again as she smashed her juiced-up pussy back against the cheerleader’s open, gasping mouth.

Linda was overwhelmed by all the different sensations the country kids were forcing on her. She had never experienced anything like the musky taste and wet feel of Suzy’s cunt against her face. Her buxom body had never been jolted with as powerful a fucking as Jerry was giving her. And she’d never felt pain even remotely as horrible as the switches were causing her. She writhed and twisted wildly. She knew her bucking and wriggling was just turning the kids on more, but she was still unable to keep her body still.

Her cunt was getting wet, both from Jerry’s slippery pre-cum and her own pussyjuice. The constant friction of Jerry’s cock inside her had brought her cunt-cream pouring out, and now his big cock fucked in and out of her easily. Every body-bruising thump of his cock inside her pushed Linda halfway over the seat of the bike, and only Suzy’s juicy cunt kept Linda from toppling face-first onto the concrete.

Kids were biting her with switches all the way up and down the length of her back. Debbie and two other girls had set up shop on the gorgeous cheerleader’s luscious ass, synchronizing their whipping so that there was always a switch laying a stream of fiery pain across her creamy, shuddering asscheeks. Other kids whipped hr across the small of her back, over her shoulder blades and down the trembling columns of her lush legs.

One boy had tried swinging his switch up at her tits, but he couldn’t get much force behind the blows so he gave up after a couple of swats.

Linda moaned in relief when he joined the others in beating her back. She knew she couldn’t have survived having one of the cruel switches lashing her big, sensitive tits.

Without warning, Jerry let go of Suzy’s tits and started pounding his fists against the already-reddened cheeks of Linda’s ass. The force of his punches made Linda’s asscheeks cramp, and her cunt tightened on his rampaging cock like a powerful fist. Jerry called her filthy names as his cum boiled out into her tiny, battered pussy.

“Cumming!” he bellowed at last, grabbing Linda’s full hips and jerking her up off the bike and back against him. “Cumming, you dirty bitch! Creaming your shitty cheerleading cunt!”

Linda cried out in fear and agony as Jerry spurted his jism deep inside her. She could feel his fiery cum shooting deep into her pussy, burning her in places that had never been touched before. He jerked her hips back against him and fucked his cock into her so hard that her body felt nearly shattered, devastated by his fucking. Her tears mixed with the slick broth of Suzy’s cunt as Jerry fed his cock and his cum.

Linda nursed frantically at Suzy’s pussy while Jerry pummeled her with his spurting cock. Her nose was pressed into the humid cleft now, and her lips were slurping wetly at Suzy’s swollen cuntlips. Linda’s tongue found the tiny, dancing nub of Suzy’s clit and she ran her tongue over it. She even bit at the outer flaps of Suzy’s pussy, nibbling at the velvety flesh.

“You whore!” Suzy screamed, bucking her tight little ass against Linda’s face until she almost knocked the cheerleader out. “You cow! Lick my clit you dirty slut! Lick it good!”

Suzy climaxed again and again, her pussycream pouring out over the pretty cheerleader’s trapped face. She ground her cunt all over Linda’s nose and cheeks and mouth, jerking her head from side to side.

Linda kept licking and sucking, even while Suzy rode her face and tore at her hair until her head felt like it was on fire. Cuntjuice filled her mouth and splattered all over her face, but she didn’t dare stop the swish of her tongue and slurp of her lips inside the sexy little blonde’s spasming pussy.

Linda marveled at how much pussy-cream Suzy was gushing, at how powerful the blonde’s orgasms seemed to be. The taste and smell and feel of Suzy’s cunt overwhelmed her. Linda realized with a burst of envy that she had never felt pleasure as intense as Suzy was feeling now.

Suddenly there was an itching in her cunt, and Linda gasped in shame and shock as her ass bucked back against Jerry’s fountaining prick. She refused to believe that the horrible rape could be giving her any pleasure.

“Whore!” Suzy screamed again, grinding her cunt against Linda’s face one last time before she pulled away. “Come on, somebody, put pig tits back to work!”

“You messed her up fucking good, Suzy,” Brett said, bending down to get a better look at Linda’s face. “Looks like you fucking varnished her.”

Linda cried at the degradation of having her face painted in cunt-cream in front of a mob of kids.

Jerry slammed his cock inside her one last time, then pulled back and rubbed his prick clean on the silky, welted cheeks of her ass. Linda hung limply over the bike seat as the kids continued to score her ass and back with their switches. She could feel Jerry’s cum leaking back out of her bruised pussy to dribble down her legs, and that humiliated her even more.

“Off the bike,” Peter said, grabbing the end of the lasso and jerking her off the seat.

Linda tumbled heavily to the concrete, wailing at the sudden, jarring pain of the impact.

Brett kicked her over onto her back, and Linda moaned hopelessly at the sight of his and Peter’s long, dripping cocks. Beyond them, she saw other cocks sticking out straight and hard, and girls fingering their bared pussies. She had never felt more hurt and frightened and degraded in her life.

“Please stop!” she cried, her voice shaking as tears streamed down her pretty cheeks. “You’ve raped me and scared me and made me suck a girl’s — a girl’s pussy! You won the game! Can’t you please leave me alone now? Can’t you please let me go?”

“Let you go!” Jerry shouted, stepping back up to her, his cock still hard and slimy from fucking her. “Fuck, cheerleader, we won the game! Now we got the right to rape, pillage and plunder! And we’re going to do all three to your big ass and tits!”

“And it’s my turn now,” Peter said, dropping to his knees between Linda’s legs.

Linda looked at Peter’s big cock, then looked beyond it, at all the other kids. She was sure she was going to die.


Peter grabbed Linda’s lush, meaty thighs and pressed her knees to her fits before he thrust his cock inside her. Linda grunted with the jarring pain of his first fuck-thrust. She wanted to push him away from her, force him to pull his horrid cock from her cunt, but with her arms pinned to her body by the lasso, she was helpless. With her legs thrown up around her head, she couldn’t even kick at him.

Peter was blond and thin and not too tall, but his cock was long and thick and hard. He fucked her so fast that Linda didn’t have time to recover from one thrust before he slammed her with another. She tried to relax her straining pussy as much as she could to relieve the pain his rapid fucking was causing her. It was useless.

There was no way she could adjust her tiny, inexperienced pussy to the beating his cock was giving her.

“Shake that ass, girl!” Peter rasped, dropping his head to bite her big stiff nipples. “Fuck me back, you dumb whore! Squeeze my cock with that scummy little cunt!”

Every plunge of Peter’s cock inside her made a wet, squishing sound. Linda cringed in disgrace at the awful noises his cock was making as it stirred Jerry’s jism and her cunt-cream. She couldn’t stop crying, her voluptuous body slinking with the force of her grief. The country kids just laughed at her more for crying, calling her a big-titted baby and other names.

“Please stop!” she murmured under her breath, trying to stop crying. “Please stop. You’re hurting me! You don’t want to do this awful stuff to me!”

“Naw, I want to do even more awful stuff,” Peter said with a giggle, giving ha a hard thrust that sent a knife of piercing pain shooting through her pussy. “This is just all I can do while we’re in the fucking parking lot!”

“Oh please!” she cried, trying to wriggle on her back away from the awful fuck Peter was giving her. “Oh please, you’ve got to stop! You’ve already raped me once! You’ve got to stop sometime!”

“Sometime, sure,” Peter said, biting one of her nipples so hard that she was sure he’d bitten it off. “But not until we’re all tired of you. Hey, somebody want to shut this bitch up?”

A second later, Jerry dropped to his knees on one side of her head and Brett dropped to his knees on the other. Two heavy cocks slapped against her pretty face, Jerry’s sloppy and dank from fucking her cunt and Brett’s leaking a steady stream of slimy pre-cum all over her sweet cheeks. Linda screamed once, and that was all it took for Jerry to stick the head of his cock between her lips.

“Suck that cock, pig-tits!” Suzy hissed, dropping down beside Linda. Debbie dropped down on the other side and took Brett’s fat cock in her hands, rubbing it all over Linda’s face. “What kind of a dumb slut are you? Don’t they teach fucking cunts to suck cock up there?”

Linda wanted to scream out at the evil, slinky blonde, to tell her that she had never sucked a cock before and that she was the slut for knowing all about it. She couldn’t say anything with her mouth full, of Jerry’s slimy cock though, and a moment later, Suzy had grabbed the back of Linda’s head and was forcing her lips up and down on the thick slab of cockmeat.

Linda’s lips moved limply over the thick stalk of fuck-meat. Her tongue was covered in jism and pre-cum and cuntjuice, and it was all she could do to keep from throwing up at the taste of it. It was all she could do to keep from throwing up at just the thought of the filthy mix of sex-juices oozing inside her mouth and flowing down her throat.

Debbie called for switches, and both she and Suzy were handed the cruel wooden wads. Without warning, Debbie brought hers down across Linda’s tits. The tortured cheerleader’s world exploded into a storm of agony.

“Nooooo!” Her scream was so loud and pain-filled that it came through the cockmeat gag Suzy was helping Jerry choke her with. “Nooooo! I can’t stand that! I can’t stand you hurting my tits! Anything — I’ll do anything, but you’ve got to stop hurting my tits!”

“Awwwww, the baby doesn’t want her tits hurt,” Debbie said, her face twisted in perverse pleasure as she used her free hand to jerk on Brett’s cock and wipe it over Linda’s silky cheek. “That’s too bad, isn’t it, ’cause I think all of us girls are going to want to hurt tits this fucking big and beautiful all to hell. I’m so jealous I’d like to rip them right off!”

“Not until we’re through fucking her,” Jerry said, his cock starting to jerk and drool pre-cum as Suzy moved it back and forth down Linda’s staining gullet.

Linda squirmed and twisted in a world of pain and fear. The grinding, itching pain in her cunt, the revulsion at having a filthy cock smeared around inside her mouth, even the pains of being dragged over, the concrete and switched on her ass and back had vanished under the pain in her tits. It was as though someone had cut her open, doused the wound with gasoline and set it on fire. Linda’s hard brown nipples had been striped with welts, and they stung so sharply that tears filled her eyes and it was, hard to draw a breath. The buxom cheerleader had never felt pain equal to the agony she was feeling in her tits.

Debbie brought the switch whistling down again and again, striping Linda’s luscious tits with bright, brutal welts. With two quick lashes she beat lines of pain just above and below Linda’s fat nipples. Then she whipped the hard nubs themselves again, and laid a stroke in the tender valley between the girl’s mammoth tits. Linda screamed and wriggled and begged, driven almost insane by the agony the willowy blonde was putting her through. Debbie just laughed and whipped her harder.

“Suck his cock!” Suzy hissed, pushing Linda’s face up and down on Jerry’s throbbing cock. “Start squirming those lips and sucking his cock or I’m going to start whipping your tits too!”

Her tits were on fire. The thought of having another switch tearing into her skin shattered Linda’s will. The fat stalk of Jerry’s cock stretched her lips, but she tightened them around it and slurped on the prick as though it was the sweetest treat she had ever tasted. All of the juices from their fuck had already been smeared off onto Linda’s tongue, but she lathered Jerry’s fat cockhead to tease out more fuck tube. She squealed like a hungry pig as her wet, lush-lips moved up and down the length of his fat fuck pole.

“That’s it, pig-tits,” Suzy said, jamming the helpless cheerleader’s head down Jerry’s fat cock until the girl’s pretty nose was buried in the sweaty, hairy bag of his balls. “Okay, you fat-titted cow, time to switch!”

Linda gasped for breath when Suzy jerked her mouth off Jerry’s throbbing cock. Lines of spit and pre-cum linked her glistening lips to the fat head of his cock. When they broke, they settled wetly down over Linda’s chin and dribbled into the hollow of her throat. Suzy almost came just looking at the pretty girl’s cunt-lapping, cocksucking face. Then she yanked Linda onto Brett’s thick, stubby cock had been rubbing his cock all over Linda’s face, covering her cheeks with his fuck tube. Now Jerry slapped her nose with his big, dripping cock while Suzy pushed Linda’s unresisting mouth up and down the wrist-thick stalk of Jerry’s prick. Debbie switched quickly from jacking Brett off to jacking off Jerry, never missing a beat in her lashing of Linda’s tit-flesh. Things were starting to happen to Linda that she didn’t understand. She didn’t seem to be feeling the individual blows from Debbie’s switch anymore. Instead, the hot mounds of her tits seemed to be burning up with some kind of fever. Her nipples were standing up in tiny, blood-gorged spikes. The heat seemed to be pouring down inside of her from there, then spreading out to fill up her tits. The rest of her body seemed cold, and Linda started shivering. Her teeth would have chattered together if they hadn’t been spread wide by Brett’s fat cock. It seemed as though all the heat in her body had retreated to her big tits.

No, there was one other place the heat was pouring.

Her cunt was on fire, and she couldn’t stop it from squirming around the rock-hard battering ram of Peter’s prick. The hair on his cock was tickling her clit as he fucked in and out, and the tickling had somehow sparked a fire in her pussy.

“Hold on, cow-tits,” Suzy said with a giggle, pulling Brett’s cock from Linda’s mouth. She popped the cheerleader hard with the fat prickhead, bruising her lush lips. “Kiss it. Kiss it nice and long and wet for everybody to see. We beat your fucking school, slut, and we own you, big tits, little cunt and all.”

Linda burned at the degradation of being forced to put on a show for the other kids, but she remembered the switch Suzy was holding and she did as the sexy little blonde demanded.

One of the other things she had started to notice was that Brett’s and Jerry’s cocks tasted slightly different, that they were both salty and meaty and sweaty, and that for some reason her mouth was watering so much that she was drooling all over herself.

She planted a long, wet kiss on the head of Brett’s cock, parting her lips slightly and letting the tip of her tongue fuck into his long, deep piss slit. Then Suzy slapped the underside of the cock over her lips, and Linda kissed her way down the fat vein that ran back to his balls.

“That’s it, you bitch!” Suzy giggled as she forced Linda’s head farther down. “Kiss his balls, too! No, lick his balls! Stick your slutty tongue out and lick them clean!”

Linda sobbed with shame as she parted her lips and flicked her tongue out against the crinkly flesh of Brett’s ball-sac. She almost threw up at her first taste. Brett’s balls were sweaty and filthy. His ball-sac was loose and wrinkled. She had never licked a boy’s balls before, and now she was licking a pair in full view of fifty other teenagers!

“Lick them, you whore!” Brett screamed, grabbing the back of her head to force her face into the crack of his ass. “Lick them clean with your scummy little tongue!”

Linda moved her tongue all over Brett’s hairy ball-sac, then sponged the yielding bag with her luscious lips. With her face pressed into his groin all she could smell was sweat and piss and the danker stench of his ass. Still she kept her tongue waggling and her lips smooching. Then Suzy pushed her face down farther, and Linda started to gag.

“Look out!” Suzy yelled, laughing, as the curvy cheerleader gagged and coughed. “Pig tits is going to throw up! Brett’s ass stinks so bad he’s making her puke!”

“She throws up on me and she’s going to lick it back up!” Brett growled, blushing at the other kids’ laughter. “Yeah, Suzy, make her suck my asshole! And keep jacking me off! Shit, I’m ready to cum!”

Linda screamed into the dark crevice of Brett’s ass as Suzy forced her face between his asscheeks. Tears ran in rivers down her face, but she was too far gone to struggle with the little blonde. Her body was betraying her, sending signals of pleasure from her tits and pussy to mix with the agony she was feeling. And they had already forced her to do so many, dirty, degrading things that nothing seemed worth the effort of defying them and getting hurt even more.


Linda’s first taste of Brett’s ass brought bile rising high in her throat. She was licking up the shitty, sweaty filth that lined the boy’s asscrack.

Suzy smeared her face up and down the shitty valley. Linda could feel his dank filth smearing over her cheeks and lips. Her nose scraped through something that was so wet and moist to the touch that she almost threw up again. But she kept her mouth open and her tongue wagging. She knew that they wanted her tongue licking Brett’s ass, and she couldn’t refuse them. “Whore!” Peter screamed; fucking his cock into her. “You’re making me cum, you big assed slut! Gonna cream you! Gonna fill you up with jism!”

Peter fucked his cock into her faster and harder, coming at her from a different angle with every fuck-thrust. It was like her tiny pussy was a punching bag and his cock was a skilled fighter. It never hit her the same way twice, and every punch seemed a little more savage. Linda’s cunt stretched in directions it had never been meant to, and searing pain mixed with shivery pleasure inside her.

Peter’s jism started shooting inside her at the same instant Suzy pushed her face fully between Brett’s mucky asscheeks. A moment later, Debbie brought a switch whistling down across both of Linda’s swollen nipples, and the sultry cheerleader lost control.

“I can’t stand it!” she shrieked, her voice echoing in the shiny valley of Brett’s asscrack. “Filthy! It’s so filthy! I’m so filthy! No, no, no, I’m such a filthy whore!”

Her cunt was on fire. The flames had spread out from her pussy and tits to touch every inch of her body. Sweat poured off her squirming, straining body, sparkling on her creamy flesh like some exotic oil. Her cunt clamped around the heavy spurts of jism like a baby bird swallowing its first worms, and her clit wriggled like the eager tongue that was tasting them. Her pussy filled with fuck-cream. And she was cumming.

Her tongue found the tight, dirty bud of Brett’s asshole. The taste was so awful that Linda shivered with revulsion, but it didn’t stop her from writhing and bucking in ecstasy. She drove her tongue straight up into the tight tunnel of his asshole. The taste was rich and bitter and salty all at the same time, and it made her mouth tingle and her face break out in a cold sweat.

“Fuck!” Brett shouted, his voice high-pitched with shock. “Fuck! Suzy, hurry up, I’m shooting!”

Linda screamed with pain as Suzy jerked her face out from between Brett’s asscheeks. Linda saw his cock jerking in Suzy’s delicate hand, and then his piss-slit opened and a fat wad of jism splattered into her eyes. The next wad splurted into her mouth, and she choked on her first salty taste of cum.

Brett bathed her face in his jism while Peter filled her already-swampy pussy with his cockcream. She held her mouth open for the jism Brett was spewing onto her, and she locked her lush thighs around Peter’s hips to take his cock deeper.

Suzy jerked Brett’s prick with a practiced efficiency, and she plastered the pretty cheerleader with gooey stripes of cock-cream. She even painted the girl’s lips a silvery, dirty white, smearing the cum into an even coat with the still-leaking head of Brett’s prick.

Linda screamed in disappointment when Peter pulled out from between her legs. The kids gathered around her laughed at the milky mix of cum and cuntjuice that poured out of her pink, squirming pussy. They also laughed at the way she jerked her lush ass off the ground and fucked it up into the air. The kids knew that they had broken her, and the heat of their sexual excitement seemed to make the very air around them shimmer.

A boy named Neal White dropped between her legs next, and Linda moaned with pleasure when she felt his rough hands pushing her legs high into the air. She squeaked with pain when he yanked her full asscheeks apart, though, and then she screamed in heart-stopping, world-ending terror when he fucked his cock up her virgin asshole.

Neal hadn’t stopped for lubrication or foreplay. His cock was already jerking and dripping, and he knew he didn’t have time to go easy on the stacked, sexy cheerleader. He wanted to be the first guy to fuck her tiny asshole raw, and he plunged his whole huge cock up her shitter with one vicious lunge.

Linda screamed around a mouthful of jism, spraying the cock-cream high over her face. She screamed again as it showered back down over her, because as soon as Neal’s cock bottomed out deep inside her tiny asshole, he yanked it out and thrust it in again. Linda felt as though her stomach had been clogged with prickmeat, as though the muscular rings that moved shit out of her body had been snapped like rubber bands by the relentless pressure of Neal’s cock. Pain flowered all the way up to her shoulders and all the way down past her knees from the stretched, torn tunnel of her ass. But worse than any of the pain was the simple thought of what they were doing to her.

They had stripped her and whipped her. They had mocked her and terrorized her. They had made her suck cunt and cock and even a boy’s shitty, hairy asshole. Two boys had fucked her, beating her cunt with their cocks until her legs felt numb and her cunt was red and swollen. And now she was being fucked up her tiny, virgin shitter.

And the worst part of all was that she was still cumming.

She squirmed in pain as Neal split, open her asshole, but she was also squirming in pleasure. Her cunt spasmed at the itching heat that filled it, and her huge tits shifted lazily back and forth across her chest under the frenzied beating Debbie was giving her. Tears were running down her soiled cheeks and sweat stood beaded on her forehead from the strain of the unnatural penetration, but when Suzy grabbed Jerry’s ugly cock and stuck it into her face, Linda swallowed it almost eagerly. The innocent cheerleader felt like the world’s dirtiest tramp. She was cuming while she was getting gang-banged, and she was cumming with a prick ripping open her ass.

“The slut’s getting off!” Suzy shouted gleefully, pulling Jerry’s cock out of Linda’s mouth to rub it all over her pretty, soiled face. “Crying like a baby and cumming like a tramp at the same time!”

“The big-titted cow loves getting hurt!” some guy screamed. “She loved getting fucked and beat up on! We’ve got to take her someplace and have a real party!”

“That’s right,” Debbie said. She skinned down her tight, stiff jeans and fucked her fingers into her drooling pink pussy. She stood over Linda now, bringing the switch down on the girl’s big tits with all her strength. “Let’s take her out to the Lawson place. Nobody will ever look for her out there. We can party for as long as we want.”

Linda shook with terror, but she came again as Suzy rubbed Jerry’s fat cock all over her lips and nose and eyelids. His cock was drooling fuck-lube like a leaky tap, and Suzy was smearing it all over Linda’s pretty, flushed features. When Jerry started cumming, though, Suzy stuffed the head of his cock right between the helpless cheerleader’s moist, parted lips.

Linda choked and gagged, drowning under the sudden rush of pulpy jism. It flooded gaziantep swinger her mouth and clogged her throat, and she sucked it into her stomach and coughed it out over her face in great gooey waves. Cum even spurted out of her nose, and Suzy laughed and swirled Jerry’s cockhead around and around in the gooey white broth that pooled in Linda’s mouth.

Neal started cumming too, filling her torn shitter with the fiery heat of his jism. Linda bucked and heaved in a maddened effort to pull the tightly clasping glove of her asshole off Neal’s fountaining prick. It felt like his burning jism was shooting all the way back into her stomach, pooling there with the cock-slime Jerry was pouring down her inflamed throat.

Linda looked up at Debbie and her cunt started twisting in lust as she watched the slinky blonde. Debbie was tall and thin, but her tits were as big as medium-sized melons and pointed up at an angle that was impossibly sexy. Debbie was fucking three fingers while she lashed Linda’s tits, and her head was thrown back, her blue eyes glazed as her pussy-cream splattered onto Linda’s heaving stomach.

Linda climaxed just looking at the tall, sexy girl, feeling the burn of every lash on her big, tender tits just as strongly as she felt Neal’s fuck thrusts up her asshole.

Debbie looked down and saw Linda staring up at her. As Jerry dribbled the last of his jism into her mouth and Suzy got up, gasping with lust, to stand over the humbled cheerleader, Debbie stopped whipping Linda’s tits and stepped up to straddle her face. She pulled her fingers out of her cunt before she started pissing.

“Keep your mouth open, you cow,” Debbie said, and her voice cracked with her giggling. “Drink down every sweet drop.”

Linda’s mind unhinged completely at the first burning taste of Debbie’s piss. It was yellow and stinking and salty and bitter, and she gagged with every mouthful she gulped down her throat. Debbie’s aim was perfect, her piss shooting from her pussy to splash straight into Linda’s open, waiting mouth. Linda did her best to swallow it, but she was gagging too much and Debbie was pissing too fast, and soon the stinking fluid was pouring down her cheeks and over her chin in bubbling streams. Debbie and the other kids laughed at Linda and called her filthy names for not being able to swallow it all.

Linda screamed in degradation and lust — and started cumming.

This was the final insult. They were using her as a toilet now, her sexy, stacked body with their piss. It was the most terrible thing possible, and heaped onto all the other horrors they had inflicted on her, it snapped Linda’s will. The only escape left was to accept all the pain as pleasure. Linda cried in shame at what she had lost, but her body undulated sexily under the piss shower she was getting.

Debbie finished pissing and stepped away from Linda, and for a moment no one touched her. Jerry, his cock still hard even after cuming twice, watched her with the others, and he decided that he wanted to fuck with her for a long, long time. He could hardly believe how much they had already done to her, and how much it had already affected her.

Linda’s big tits, flat stomach and lush ass were all covered with fiery red welts. They had given the voluptuous cheerleader the worst ass whipping of her life, and thrown in a tit-whipping for good measure. Her cunt was dripping cum and cuntjuice. Her silky inner thighs were frosted with cum, and more was dribbling down her shuddering asscheeks. Her face was the worst, though, and it was what turned Jerry on the most.

He kicked off one shoe and scratched Linda’s parted lip with his toes as he looked at her. He wiggled his dirty toes between her parted lips and rubbed them over her wet, pink tongue.

They hadn’t even been working on the bitch for an hour, but they had done a real number on her.

“Suck my toes, cheerleader!” he growled softly. “Lick that yummy toe jam and kiss my feet!”

Linda sobbed like a baby, but she slithered her tongue between Jerry’s filthy toes, gathering up the sweaty dirt between them and sucking it down. Her face was soaked with piss, plastered with jism and cunt-cream, and stained with shit. Licking up a little toe jam wasn’t bad compared to all of that.

The kids laughed at her and called her filthy, degrading names as she licked the filth from Jerry’s foot, but none of them could take their eyes off her. They had never seen a girl as beautiful and built as Linda.

“That’s enough, you dirty whore,” Jerry said. He grabbed the end of the lasso and marched over to his truck, then bent down to tie it to the trailer hitch. “We stay out here much longer and somebody’s going to catch us. We’ll party over at the Lawson place instead. The lights and water are still hooked up out there. Somebody stop at the liquor store and buy a couple cases of beer and we can have a real party.”

“Somebody stop and call up more kids,” Suzy said. “This is going to be the biggest thing this year. Let’s let everybody in on it.”

Linda moaned in shame and terror. She had thought the rape and torture were almost over. Now she knew that they were going to keep using her, keep abusing her, for a very long time.

“Let’s go!” Suzy shouted. She turned to Linda, an evil smile on her pretty face. “You can follow us, pig-tits! I wonder how fast you can haul those fat tits down the road!”

“Wait!” Debbie threw up her hand, then ran over to Peter’s car. She turned back with a big smile on her face and a bag full of ball bearings in her hand. “I’ve got an idea!”

Linda listened, through a haze of shame and pain and lust, as Debbie explained what she had in mind. When the girl finished, the rest of them laughed and cheered, but Linda cried out in despair, suddenly realizing that things could keep getting worse forever.


“No, please!” Linda whined, tears running down her cheeks as the kids pushed and pulled her to her feet. “Don’t do this to me! You could kill me! Fuck me, hurt me, anything, just please don’t do this!”

“Would you suck my tits if we didn’t do this?” Suzy asked with a smirk, pulling her top down to bare one stiff cherry nipple. “My tits aren’t nearly as big as yours, but they still taste good.”

“Yes!” Linda cried, and she slurped Suzy’s rosy nipple into her mouth. She sucked it like a baby, running her tongue over the nubbin of flesh until the sexy little blonde gasped with pleasure.

“That’s enough,” Suzy said, pulling her tit away from Linda’s face. “How do those ball bearings feel in your slimy cunt?”

“Please!” Linda shrieked, looking up the length of rope that led to the pickup. “You promised! Please, I’ll do anything you want.”

The kids just laughed at her more, and Linda knew that they weren’t going to have any mercy on her. They were going to drag her behind the truck all the way to wherever they were taking her. She didn’t know how far they were driving, but she was sure she was never going to be able to keep up with the truck, especially with the other things they had done to her.

Debbie had passed out ball bearings to the other kids, and they had taken turns stuffing them up inside Linda’s pussy. The cold metal balls had made the buxom cheerleader shiver and moan, but as they had pushed more and more of them up inside her, she had squirmed in discomfort. The kids hadn’t stopped pushing the metal globes inside her until her cunt was stretched and stuffed and aching from the hefty load it was carrying. Then Suzy had stopped them and pointed out that Linda had another hole that needed filling. After that, things had gotten even worse.

The first couple balls they had popped into her asshole were only a little uncomfortable. But the kids didn’t stop there, and every ball they pushed into her shitter pushed the ones that had gone before deeper and deeper inside her. Before long every ball bearing the kids forced up her shitter made her squirm and tremble in agony. It felt as if the whole length of her lower intestine was filled with the little metal balls. Linda had never felt more like she needed to shit in her whole life.

It was Peter who fashioned a crude leather harness out of three belts to keep the ball bearings from tumbling back out. He looped one fat leather belt between her legs, pushing it up between the swollen lips of her cunt and into the crack of her ass. Then he strapped two more belts so tight around Linda’s waist that she could barely breathe, and he fastened the ends of the belt between her legs to them. They hadn’t bothered to take off Linda’s shoes while they were fucking her, but Suzy made a point to do so new, and Brett and a couple of other boys ripped her khaki dress to shreds.

A dozen kids sat in the back of the pickup and they threw empty beer cans and other pieces of trash at Linda as Jerry started the engine. The rest of the kids climbed into their cars and lined up behind the truck, waiting for it to start the procession to the old Lawson farm. The whole trip would be down gravel back roads, so they weren’t afraid of anyone seeing them.

Linda stumbled forward on her bare feet as the truck started to roll. She was stripped naked, soiled with pin and shit and jism, and roped like some barnyard animal. She almost wished that the truck would just roar away, dragging her to death. Her cunt was still squirming, even around five pounds of ball bearings.

She knew that Jerry and his friends weren’t going to let her off that easy. The truck’s speed climbed to about five miles an hour, jerking on the rope and almost pulling Linda off her feet. She had to trot to keep up with the truck, and the ball bearings in her cunt and ass hole made it almost impossible. Her big tits bounced up and down and back and forth across her chest, and the kids pointed at them and laughed.

She hadn’t run more than ten feet when she discovered the worst of this new torture. With her tiny pussy and tender asshole stuffed full of ball bearings, her legs didn’t move quite right, and she had to stoop, thrusting her lush ass out. Linda knew that she was putting on a lewd show with her ass stuck out and her tits thrust forward, but there was nothing she could not stop it. Moving at all was difficult enough.

As she ran, the ball bearings in her cunt and asshole rolled and clicked together, and the sensations sent itching fingers of pleasure tickling through the captive cheerleader’s voluptuous body. Linda cried out in shock as the first wave of lust crackled through her stuffed pussy. She couldn’t believe that she was getting excited.

It was as though there were twenty-five living creatures squirming around inside the tight channel of her shitter, tunneling through the damp darkness, rolling this way and that and bouncing off each other. Her asshole pulsed and flexed in a desperate attempt to eject the tiny metal intruders, to stop the maddening itch they caused. Linda’s luscious ass whipped from side to side in an exaggerated display of sexiness as the movement of the balls drove her to a frenzy.

The balls stuffed inside her pussy were a hundred times worse. There were over fifty of the tiny metal balls rolling around inside the tiny pocket of her cunt, and they had more room to move around in. They clacked against each other and bounced against her super-sensitive pussy flesh. Every step she shook them around inside her. Sometimes they would slide in a solid wave from one part of her cunt to another, and the sudden movement would steal the breath right out of Linda’s lungs.

She had never felt anything like the rolling of the ball bearings inside her. Every step she took brought pain flowing out of her pussy and asshole, but it also brought lightning bolts of pleasure. The blasts of pleasure were trying her mind, making it hard to remember just what happened and how she’d gotten here.

Cars bracketed her on every side. Kids leaned out of the windows, screaming at Linda, laughing at her, grabbing at her ass and tits. Kids climbed onto the hood of the car right behind her and whipped their belts from their pants. Linda almost fell at the first crack of leather against her shuddering asscheeks. She tried to run faster, but there was no escaping the kids who surrounded her.

“Hey!” Suzy shouted, pulling a bag from under same garbage in the back of Jerry’s truck. The bag was too big for the sexy little blonde to pick up, but she scooted it around so that the other kids could get a look at it. “Manure! Hey, Jerry, think your dad would miss a bag of manure?”

“Shit no,” Jerry said, then laughed at his joke. He handed Suzy a knife back out the window. “Give the city girl a taste of country living.”

“Hey, bitch, look this way!” a boy called, and when Linda turned her head in his direction he spit in her face. “Lick your lips, slut! Lick down that spit!”

“Bastards!” Linda hissed, her pussy on fire with lust, her back and ass blazing under the savage whipping the kids were giving her. “You dirty bastards! I hate you! I hate you!”

“But we love your tits, hot-ass,” a boy said, leaning out of a car beside Linda. He whipped her jiggling tits with his belt.

When the first boy ducked his head back inside the car, another leaned out and squirted a mouthful of soda into Linda’s face. He slapped her tits with his bare hand, almost toppling forward out of the car. On the other side, a boy reached out and pinched her ass so hard that Linda howled in pain. Behind her, there were three kids blistering her ass with their belts. It seemed to the tormented young beauty that torture lay in every direction. The only path that seemed free was straight ahead, and Linda ran forward so fast that the rope that connected her to the truck went slack.

“All right, pig-tits,” Suzy said with a giggle, scooping out a huge handful of manure from the bag. “Come closer, you sow! Closer! Come on, come on — yeah!”

Linda almost toppled onto her ass when the huge handful of manure thumped into her face. It scattered into her eyes and streaked back over her cheeks and tumbled into her open, gasping mouth. Linda spit and choked and gagged, her eyes filling with tears. Before she could recover, another handful hit her. After that she was running straight into a storm of shit.

But the pain and degradation didn’t stop the itching fingers of pleasure tickling through her cunt and asshole. Linda jerked at the shocks of pleasure that crackled through her. Her cunt was squeezing the balls inside it, rolling them back and forth with strong muscular contractions. Her ass was working even harder on the two dozen balls that lined its narrow chute, jerking them down until the leather belt stopped them.

Linda screamed, the sound a throaty mixture of torment and rapture. The tortured girl’s nipples had stiffened into fleshy spikes and her face was flushed red with pain and excitement. Her breath hissed in and out in equal measures of lust and exhaustion. The manure Suzy was pelting her with, the belts that whipped her ass and thighs, the kids that leaned out of their cars to hurt her tits and spit in her face, none of that mattered anymore. The rolling of the ball bearings in her cunt and asshole had overwhelmed everything else.

Her first orgasm buzzed through her like a powerful electrical shock. Linda’s big brown eyes rolled. Her mouth dropped open, twin trails of saliva coursing down from the corners of her lips. She stumbled, losing speed until the rope jerked her back to movement. She rubbed her meaty thighs together and her lush asscheeks flexed powerfully under the slaps of the belts.

Her cry trailed off into a long, low moan of sexual pleasure.

“The big-titted cow’s getting off!” Debbie yelled from the car just to Linda’s left. “The whore’s cumming!”

“Make her go faster,” Suzy said, throwing a wad of manure into the climaxing cheerleader’s face. “We’re never going to get to the farm this way! Make her go faster, Jerry! She’s having too much fun!”

Jerry smiled and sped up to almost ten miles an hour. He kicked up a spray of rocks as he turned onto a gravel road. Linda yelped in pain and surprise when the sharp rocks bit into her full tits and tender belly. She cried out in deeper despair when the lasso pulled tight and jerked her forward faster.

It was twice as hard for Linda to run on the gravel than it had been on the concrete. The rocks were constantly shifting under her bare feet, and every few steps a sharp stone would gouge her sensitive soles. At ten miles an hour she was running as fast as she could, and in a few yards she was gasping for breath, sweat pouring off her stacked, straining body.

The kids made even more fun of Linda now that she was being forced to run faster. One of the kids on the car behind her flipped his belt around in his hands and whipped the buckle into the soft flesh of her ass. When the sharp steel gouged her tender flesh, Linda screamed in wrenching pain. A guy got up on his knees in the back seat of the car on her right and stuck his cock out the window. His stream of piss splashed all over Linda’s right side. It streamed down over her side and stomach and dribbled off her softly rounded ass. The other kids were spitting on her and screaming at her. Everywhere Linda looked she saw a jeering, lusting face.

Linda groaned in pain as she ran. She had never liked running. Even with a heavy bra on, her tits bounced painfully when she ran. Without a bra, her tits were bouncing wildly up and down and from side to side. Her tits bounced around like soft twin pillows being wielded by a pair of pillow-fighting children. Every jerk and jump sent waves of absolute agony shooting through the big mounds, and the pain traveled back through Linda’s chest and into her shoulders and neck. With her arms pinned to her sides by the lasso, there was nothing Linda could do to stop the terrible pain, and she cried out in hopeless anguish with every step she took.

Something else was happening too. The faster she ran, the faster the ball bearings in her cunt and asshole rolled against her flesh and clacked against each other. Pussy-cream flowed out over the swollen pink lips of Linda’s cunt as her orgasm faded to sparks and a new one started buzzing through her. Her pussy manipulated the metal balls like a skilled hand, rolling and clicking them over each other.

There were balls pressing on her clit from both sides, rolling over and over with the frenzied motions of Linda’s legs and the skilled twisting of her cunt. Shocks of pleasure radiated out through her straining body, driving her forward, madly lusting, behind the truck.

“Bastards!” she screamed, outraged by the fact that her body had so completely betrayed her. “Sons of bitches! Assholes! Motherfuckers!”

Sweat stung her eyes and her thighs dripped with her pussy-cream. It was as though she was viewing the world through a fog. Linda blinked her eyes and rubbed her legs wetly together, trying to clear her vision and drive the maddening lust from her overheated cunt.

She stumbled forward desperately as the run took its toll on her body. A huge orgasm crackled through her body, making it harder than ever for her to keep her legs moving forward. Her ass twitched madly from side to side, her tight shitter clasping frantically at the ball bearings that filled it. Pain and lust and fatigue were all working together on the beautiful cheerleader, wearing her down both mentally and physically.

“Look at that pussy juice.” Then Debbie cried suddenly, pointing gleefully to the spattered trail of pussy-cream Linda was leaving behind her. “Cow-tits is leaving a fucking trail behind her! She’s cumming like a slut!”

“Drive faster,” Suzy said, staring back at the sultry babysitter. “It’s taking too long to get there. I want her on her knees sucking me off. I don’t want to watch her creaming herself.”

Jerry grimaced as he stepped on the gas. They weren’t that far from the farm, and he’d been enjoying the show. Suzy was a real bitch when she didn’t get her way, though. He thought, with a secret little grin, that she could use some of the whipping they were giving Linda.

Linda screamed when the truck sped up. Everything was blurry through the fog of lust and exhaustion that encompassed her. A guy climbed up on the roof of the car to her left and started pining on her. His piss arched out and down over her sweating, gasping face, and the parched girl kept her mouth open wide and gulped down the streaming, stinking liquid. A girl in the car on her left was so disgusted that she leaned out and jerked on Linda’s hair.

Linda screamed with tearing agony as the girl ripped out a handful of her hair. She slipped to her right, her mouth jerking out from under the boy’s stream of pin. The dirty stream fountained over her cheek and throat and shoulder. Linda tried desperately to regain her balance, but the truck had sped up too much for her to keep up. A tremendous orgasm thundered through her straining body and her legs jerked wildly beneath her. As the waves of ecstatic lust rocked through her; Linda lost control of her feet.

Her legs were sore. Pain was stitching its way up both her sides at the same time, and it felt as though someone had flushed out her lungs with liquid fire. The gorgeous girl felt relief as she tumbled forward and another orgasm pulsed through her squirming pussy.

The jolt of the rope brought Linda back to jarring, pain-filled reality. She screamed when the lasso pulled tight around her middle, and screamed again when she hit the gravel. The sharp rocks gouged her tender, naked skin. With her arms tied to her sides and the truck moving so fast she didn’t have a chance of getting back to her feet.

Inside her cunt and asshole the ball bearings were still rolling and bouncing. Knocked almost unconscious, the voluptuous cheerleader still rubbed her lush thighs against each other, and her pussy and shitter still worked constantly on the metal balls. She came again and again as the truck dragged her down the gravel road.

Wet streams spilled down on Linda from the truck, and she raised her head to see three boys pissing down on her. Suzy had stood them in a line, and she had three more behind them to take their places. Another boy was pining on her from one of the cars, and other kids wet spitting at her and pelting her with trash. The bag of manure was almost empty, but once the girls on the truck with Suzy wadded up the bag and bounced it off the back of Linda’s head. Debbie leaned out her car window and poked at Linda’s full, creamy asscheeks with the pointed end of a jack handle.

Everywhere Linda looked she saw expressions of lust and cruelty. For some reason it wasn’t enough for these kids to just fuck her. They had to hurt her and degrade her in the most perverse ways they could imagine.

The sensual cheerleader was wondering just how terrible a revenge the country kids were going to take on her sexy young body when her head hit a rock and she stopped thinking of anything at all. The truck dragged her along, down the road and onto the turn that led to the deserted Lawson farmhouse. But even unconscious, even while being battered and torn against the sharp gravel, Linda climaxed again.


The indoor plumbing at the Lawson place had already been, turned off, but the water to the barns was still running, and there was a big shower in the farther of the two from the house. It was meant more for cleaning animals and equipment than people, but Suzy turned on the hot water and Peter and Brett threw Linda under it anyway.

Peter pulled the lasso off her arms, and Linda pulled herself painfully to her knees. Before she could recover from the twin shocks of being dragged and blasted with water, Suzy had lopped a smaller noose around her throat. The sexy little blonde pulled it so tight that Linda choked.

Coughing and spluttering, Linda reached up to pull the rope loose from her throat. Debbie moved in quickly though, pulling Linda’s arms roughly behind her back. The voluptuous cheerleader howled with frustration when the willowy blonde tied her wrists. She moaned in pain when Debbie used both hands to pin her elbows together, and Suzy coiled rope tight around them almost all the way to her shoulders.

Suzy tied the end of Linda’s leash to the shower, trapping her under the burning flush of hot water. The sensual schoolgirl twisted and moaned, beaten back to full awareness by the steaming water. Her silky skin had been bruised and battered from being dragged behind the truck. The hot water burned into her injured flesh, filling her with pain as it washed away the road dirt.

“Me and Debbie cooked up a little show for you,” Suzy said, then pulled off her clinging sweater. “Just a little something to make you real hot. When you start fucking pig-tits we want you so hot that you fuck her big ass right off.”

“I’m ready now,” one of the boys said, but his eyes gleamed as he watched Suzy unsnap the top button on her jeans, do a quick turn to the shower and move the water lever from hot water to cold. “Shit, I wish Suzy was my girl.”

Linda screamed in sudden agony as her burning skin was doused in cold water. She jumped back, straining at the very end of her leash, but the more that she pulled, the tighter the noose around her neck closed. Her eyes went wide and wild as the freezing water peppered her big tits and tender stomach. The pain of being flushed with the cold water right after the hot was driving her wild.

“Stop!” she screamed, twisting and thrashing. The water beat the dirt into mud and Linda slipped in it, falling hard on her hip and kicking her legs out wildly. “Killing me, you bastards! Stop! Please stop!”

“Calls us names and expects us to help her.” As Debbie spoke, she pulled her blouse off, revealing her firm tits nestled tightly in a black lace bra. She dropped her skirt, baring her long, lean legs and tight ass, then turned the faucet back to hot water. “It’s bath time, you dirty little slut!”

“Noooooo!” Linda thrashed in agony as the water turned from freezing to steaming once more. “I’m sorry! I won’t call you names anymore! I’ll be a good girl!”

The switch from hot to cold had been awful. But the switch from cold back to hot was even worse. Every inch of Linda’s creamy skin burned as though she’d been hit with napalm.

Linda realized, with a sudden, heart-stopping wave of terror, that Suzy and Debbie could keep torturing her forever, playing the hot and cold water over her flesh until the agony drove her mad. When they finished, her sexy body wouldn’t be harmed in any way. Her big tits, lush ass and tiny pussy would still be ready for more sexual abuse.

“Damn it, Debbie, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a hundred times,” Suzy said as she skinned out of her jeans, revealing her golden cunthair and an ass that was a perfect little bubble. She turned the water back to cold. “You wash light colors in hot, but you wash tramps in cold!”

“Nooooooo!” Linda screamed again. Now her skin was freezing. “Please! I’ll be so good!”

She slipped and slid in the mud, unable to stand up with her wrists and elbows tied behind her. Her lush ass and sexy legs were coated in mud, and more was splattering all over her. The mud was so comforting compared to the savage beating of the water that Linda wallowed in it like a sexy little pig.

Her frenzied kicking and twisting started the ball bearings in her cunt and asshole moving once more, and Linda doubled aver in sudden ecstasy. The long run with the balls in her fuckholes had inflamed her so much that the least movement could set off a thundering orgasm inside her. Her wild writhing under the torture shower was causing the balls to rattle like dice in a cup, and their sliding and clacking caused her to writhe sinuously in the mud.

“Look at that!” Brett whispered. “Look how the bitch is moving! I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“Me either,” Suzy said, turning the water hot again. “The tramp’s still having too much fun.”

Linda gasped in excitement and anguish as the burning water splashed over her shuddering body. She jerked wildly under the suddenly boiling shower. The balls inside her cunt and asshole clattered. Linda moaned deep in her throat as another orgasm rushed through her overloaded body.

“No more!” Linda looked from one lusting, evil face to another, trying to find a hint of mercy. “I can’t stand it — fuck me… beat me… please, no more?”

The sexy cheerleaders pleading ended in a scream as Debbie turned the water back to cold. Linda flopped and jiggled under the icy blast, gooseflesh rising on her huge tits and creamy ass. The constant switching from burning to freezing had so outraged her nerve ends that they were burning with a constant, pulsing anguish.

And it was starting to turn her on.

Linda threw herself from side to side, smearing herself in the thick, dark mud. The soothing touch of the mud mixed with the burning and freezing splattering of the water to create crazy sensations in her buxom body. Added to the constant movement of the ball bearings in her fuckhole, the feeling was enough to drive the sexy girl mad with pleasure.

The kids gathered into a tight circle around Linda as one orgasm after another pounded through her sultry body. She floundered in the mud, her big tits jiggling, her full ass and meaty thighs shuddering. Her creamy, flawless skin was smeared with mud and glistening with sweat. Her hair was soaked with water, her wide brown eyes glazed with lust. Her lips were parted moistly, and one long, low moan after another escaped them.

Finally she turned over onto her hands and knees, pushing her firm, meaty ass back at the punishing spray of the shower. Suzy and Debbie switched the shower back and forth as fast as they could, blasting the sex-mad cheerleader’s ass and pussy with pain-inflicting water. After a few moments, Suzy ordered a couple boys to take off the belts that were looped around Linda’s pussy and asshole so she would be more vulnerable to the spray.

Linda screamed when the blazing hot water hit the unprotected crack of her ass and pooching lips of her pint. Her big asscheeks clenched as tight is a fist, forcing the ball bearings even deeper inside her. Her burning pussy went into spasms. Then Debbie switched the water back to cold and Linda lost control completely.

“Gaaaaaaaaa!” the voluptuous, innocent cheerleader was beyond words now, beyond thoughts. She stood up on her toes, urging her quivering ass as high into the freezing shower as she could. “Yeeeeeeeee!”

The pain was outrageous. It made her cum even harder. Her pussylips were inflamed, peeled back wet and swollen. Water squirted up inside her, flushing around the ball bearings and making them move even more. They swished through her, banging her poor pussy with more force than ever. Cunt-cream poured down over her thighs, but the punishing spray of the shower washed it away as soon as it gushed out. Linda was climaxing constantly, one orgasm crowding out another until the world started to dim around her.

Suzy and Debbie started to beat Linda with two of the belts the boys had taken from round her waist. The lusting beauty whimpered with pain, but she still pushed her big, round ass up into the shower’s spray and the lashing the girls were giving her. Her, pretty face was smeared with mud, and her big tits were caked an inch thick, but being dirty didn’t bother her now.

“Enough!” Suzy turned the water to a tepid mix and grabbed Linda by a handful of her mud-streaked hair. She pulled the girl into a crouch and tilted her face into the shower. “You’ve had your kicks, pig-tits! Now it’s time for the rest of us!”

Linda crouched like a baseball catcher under the steady beat of the shower, her creamy skin glistening with sparkling beads of water. Her pretty face was flushed with passion, and her big tits shuddered with each deep breath she drew. The crouch pulled her cunt lips wide, and the bright silver of ball bearings was visible through her curling brown pussy hair.

Linda’s asscheeks were spread wide too, and the urge to shit came back over her. It sent a wave of pain and need squirming up her back and through her stomach. The pain caused her asshole to contract, and that sent another orgasm crashing through the dazed beauty.

Linda grunted, struggling to hold the metal balls inside her. Even blinded with pain and lust, she couldn’t stand the thought of shitting the ball bearings out in front of the mob of kids.

“Give me that,” Suzy said to one of the girls, painting toward an old, rusted bedpan that was sitting just inside the door of the Lawson barn. “Oh yes, pig-tits here is going to put on a real show for us.”

“Peter wants his ball bearings back,” Debbie said as Suzy scooped mud into the tray and shoved it under Linda. “Peter was nice enough to let you use them, but now, he wants them back. You hear me, tits?”

The glaze of lust cleared from Linda’s eyes for an instant. She glanced down at the bedpan, then up at Debbie and Suzy. Linda knew that they wanted her to refuse and give them an excuse to hurt her even more. Shitting out the metal balls would strip her of her last ounce of dignity, but Linda couldn’t take anymore of the girls’ torture. She clamped her eyes tightly shut as she dropped the first one from her cunt.

The ball slapped into the mud, then clanged against the metal of the pan. The kids cheered and laughed, and Linda’s pretty face twisted with shame and despair. She climaxed again anyway, from the humiliation and the shift of balls inside her.

“One at a time, so we can count them and make sure you give them all back,” Debbie said. She slapped her belt against her leg impatiently. “Look at me when I talk to you!”

Linda opened her eyes and stared up at the tall, thin blonde. She couldn’t stand the look of contempt and mockery she saw on the girl’s face, but she didn’t dare look away.

It was almost impossible to pop the ball bearings out of her pussy one at a time. By the time a dozen of them had plopped into the mud. Linda’s cunt muscles were cramping in protest. Cramps flared through her abused pussy, making her squirm her ass and moan in anguish. She knew that her writhing and whimpering were only turning the kids on more, but she couldn’t stop it.

“Tell Peter thank you,” Suzy said. “Say thank you for letting you put his shiny ball bearings into your scummy little cunt.”

“Thank you, Peter,” Linda said, her pussy spasming with pain and excitement. “Thank you for letting me put your ball bearings in my dirty pussy.”

“No problem, tits,” Peter said with a laugh. “You can pay me back later.”

By the time Linda dropped the last metal ball from her cunt, she was as pale as a ghost and trembling like a spastic. It was all she could do to stay in her crouch. She had never felt more weak and sick in her life.

“Now let’s see the shitty ones, pig-tits,” Suzy growled. Without warning, she whipped her belt right across Linda’s full tits. “Squat and shit, slut!”

“No, Suzy!” Linda cried as the girl whipped her thrust-out tits. “I’ll shit for you! Just stop hurting my tits! They hurt so bad!”

“That’s not my fault pig-tits!” Suzy hissed. “I’m not the one with the big tits! You’ve got to expect girls to want to hurt tits this fucking big! And every girl’s got tender tits, you’ve just got a lot more tit to be tender!”


Debbie and Suzy stood side by side, whipping their belts over Linda’s fat, creamy tits. She stared back at them in wonder as they tortured her, amazed at how beautiful they were.

Suzy was tiny, with skin so soft and tanned that it looked like a baby’s. Her tits were small globes set high on her chest and her nipples were so stiff and rosy pink that they looked like candy. Her ass was a perfect little bubble and her legs were thin and shapely. Her pink pussylips were trimmed with blonde hair that looked like silk.

Debbie towered over Suzy. Her legs seemed to go on forever, perfectly muscled, perfectly tapered, perfectly tanned. Her waist was tiny and her tits were big, her brown nipples stiff and pointed. She looked like a tigress, a tawny jungle animal in human form.

Linda felt inadequate, no more than a worthless slut beside Debbie and Suzy. So what if she had big tits? These girls were beautiful too, and they weren’t groveling in mud and shitting out ball bearings like some slave slut.

The kids cheered when the first ball dropped out of Linda’s asshole. It was caked with her shit, and the kids pointed at it and laughed wildly. A second ball followed a moment later. As it plopped into the mud, Linda let off a long, wet-sounding fart. Even through the haze of pain that surrounded her, Linda blushed at the rude noise. The kids held their noses and called Linda a chorus of filthy names.

Cramps grabbed at her straining shitter, twisting her insides until she buckled over, her chin dropping to her chest and her shoulders hunching forward. Another ball dropped from her asshole, but the wave of pain that followed it was so terrible that Linda almost collapsed. She had to strain especially hard to pop out the next one, and when she did, piss began to gush from her pussy.

“Pissing again!” Suzy screamed, then giggled with the other kids as Linda’s piss filled up the bedpan.

Linda kept her chin pinned to her chest, unable to meet the lusting, mocking stares of the country kids who had enslaved her. Suzy stopped whipping her, and a moment later Debbie stopped too. Linda breathed a sigh of relief, shitting out the ball bearings and pissing into the bedpan. She gasped in shock when she felt hands on her welted tits.

“Stay still,” Suzy said, her voice thick with excitement. “I guess a whipping isn’t enough to keep your attention anymore. Maybe a game of tug will.”

Linda’s heart froze with terror at Suzy’s words, but she didn’t realize the true nature of the torture until the girls looped their belts around each of her ample tits. When they started pulling on the ends of the belts, Linda wailed in agony. The cruel loops constricted around the bases of her tits until the huge mounds of flesh bulged like overinflated balloons. Her nipples turned red from the trapped blood, and Linda cried out in agony.

Suzy grabbed the end of her belt with both hands and dug in her heels. She jerked on the belt as hard as she could, then leaned back with all her weight. On the other side, Debbie wrapped her belt around her hands, then braced herself with one foot and jerked back.

Linda’s tits were pulled out to either side. The belts dug so tight into the big mounds that they disappeared under folds of creamy, welted flesh. Linda’s lush tit-flesh turned a brighter shade of red. Her poor tits were like two tubes of toothpaste being squeezed from the bottom with enormous pressure. But there were no nozzles on her tits to relieve the pressure. Linda’s tits looked and felt like they were going to explode.

“Nooooooo!” Linda’s eyes snapped wide open. Her face glowed with feverish desperation. “Nooooooooo! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Nooooooooo!”

Spots of darkness flickered past Linda’s eyes as the girls tortured her big tits. It felt as though the big fleshy mounds were being torn from her body. The pain-drenched cheerleader grunted and oinked like a pig as she strained to force the ball bearings from her tired shitter. All she could think of was how to please the two cruel girls, how to stop them from tearing her beautiful tits to pieces.

The last ball bearings popped out of Linda’s shitter, shooting out with all the strength left in her overworked asshole. The last ball hurt the most, and when it popped free of her shitter, a tiny turd trailed out behind it. Linda heaved a deep, pain-wracked sigh and slipped limply forward. Only the hellish holds Suzy and Debbie had on her big tits kept her from falling.

“I’m done!” she screamed, whipping her head from side to side. “I’m done now! Please, please, please stop hurting my tits! I’ve been a good girl!”

“All right!” Debbie let loose of her belt. A moment later, on the other side, Suzy did too. “See, with a little encouragement, you can really move that big ass! Now there’s a little favor you can do for me.”

Debbie pulled the bedpan out from under Linda and set it down a few feet in front of the bound, broken girl. Inside was a sickening stew of mud and piss and pussy-soaked, shit-stained ball bearings. Linda cried when she realized what Debbie wanted her to do.

“You see, I borrowed these, from my boyfriend to put them up your smelly cunt and dirty asshole. I can’t give them back all covered in shit and cuntjuice. And since you’re the one who got them dirty, I thought you might do me a big favor and clean them off. Will you?”

“Sure she will,” Suzy said. “I’d like to stay and watch, but I’ve got to see if our surprise is ready.”

Linda looked at Debbie with a pitiful expression. It was so unfair. She tried to do everything they asked, but they hurt her anyway. Then, just when she thought they had ground her as far into the muck as she could go, they thought of something even more depraved to do to her. Earlier she had thought that it would have to end sometime, but she wasn’t so sure anymore.

“I can’t reach them, Debbie,” she said, her voice shaking with fear and pain. “I’ll do anything you want, but I just can’t reach them.”

“Sure you can,” Peter said, stepping up to stand beside the tall, willowy blonde. “That pretty little tongue of yours is long enough to scoop up an old ball.”

“And then you can suck them clean,” Debbie added sweetly. She picked up the end of the belt that was wrapped around Linda’s right tit and gave it a little pull. “You’ll look just like a little chipmunk with all those ball bearings stuck in your cheeks. I’m getting horny just thinking about it.”

“Oh please!” Linda whimpered. “What are you doing to me? I’m not an animal! I’m not some kind of whore! I’m a normal girl, not some dirty, slutty slave!”

“You used to be a normal girl!” Debbie hissed, anger blazing in her eyes at the first sign of rebellion from the voluptuous captive. “Now you’re an animal and a whore and a slave and anything else we want you to be! And don’t give me any shit! You’re starting to dig it!”

Debbie yanked on the belt and Linda screamed at the unexpected agony, falling face-first into the mud. The blonde pulled steadily on the belt, tugging Linda toward the bedpan. She didn’t stop pulling until the top of Linda’s head banged into the bedpan and a mix of piss and water splashed into her hair.

It took every ounce of strength the brutalized beauty had left to gather her knees up under her battered body and pull her face up out of the mud. She leaned low over the bedpan, staring down into the awful stew of filth. She knew that once she accepted this obscenity, there would be nothing left she could refuse them. Once she slurped the ball bearings up from the bedpan and cleaned them in her mouth she would be nothing more than a mindless fool.

When Debbie jerked the rope again, Linda leaned forward. She couldn’t fight any longer.

Her nose dipped into the piss first, then pushed into the mud. She caught the first ball bearing between her lips and scooped it back into her mouth with her tongue. She almost threw up at the taste of cunt-cream and piss. The fact that it was her pussyjuice, her piss, made the task even more revolting. She sucked it clean and then moved it with her tongue into the pocket of her left cheek. Then she ducked her head again.

Linda had to stick her face deep into the piss pool to pull out the second ball. It was from her asshole, and the murky taste of her ass almost made her spit the ball back out. She gagged, her buxom body spasming in revulsion, to the delight of the mob of kids. By the time Linda dropped her pretty face into the pan again, she wished she was dead. But by the time she licked up the tenth ball, she was cumming.

The orgasm came aver her so suddenly, so fiercely, that there was nothing she could do to stop it. The stacked, sexy cheerleader jerked back up from the bedpan, her face red with shame and pain, her cheeks bulging with their load of ball bearings. Her eyes rolled back in her head and a long, low moan escaped her lips. She ground her meaty thighs together as hard as she could, and her bound hands tore at her soft ass. Every kid in the mob knew she was cumming. That was the realization that drove Linda over the edge.

After her first orgasm, she slurped up the ball bearings with gusto. She lathered them with her tongue, trying to get every luscious morsel of filth onto her tongue. One climax after another ripped through her quivering pussy. By the time she slurped up the last ball, the sex-crazed beauty was writhing and squirming against the ground like a practiced stripper.

Debbie could hardly believe what she was seeing. The city girl was squirming around in the mud like some porno movie queen. Her cheeks were bulging with ball bearings. Her giant tits were bulging out wildly over the belts that constricted them, and the buckles that hung down from the full mounds looked like some kind of obscene tit-leashes. Pussy-cream poured out from her swollen pink cuntlips, and more of it was smeared all over her quivering inner thighs. Linda’s pretty face was smeared with mud, piss and shit, and her curvy body was streaked with dirt.

“One more thing,” Debbie whispered.

There was still an inch of piss sloshing around the bottom of the pan, and among the clumps of mud was the darker lump Linda had dropped. Debbie picked up the pan and held it over the squirming girl’s lust-flushed face.

“Open up,” she said sweetly.

Linda looked up at the beautiful blonde. She saw the bedpan, and even through the whirlwind of lust that was dulling her mind and bringing her body to life, she knew what Debbie wanted her to do. The thought was so degrading that it made Linda cum until she screamed.

“Yes!” she wailed, opening her mouth and tilting back her head. “Give the bitch a drink! Give the whore a drink? I’m such a whore! You’ve turned me into a dirty, filthy slut!”

“How’d you ever guess?” Debbie giggled, and tilted the bedpan up over the writhing beauty’s face.

Linda came as the piss splashed into her waiting mouth. She came again as she gulped down the filthy wads of mud. But when she tasted the last clump to fall from the bedpan, her body exploded with lust. She bucked and twisted like a mad woman, and pussy-cream squirted from her cunt like piss.

“The surprise is ready,” Suzy said, then paused to watch the lewd spectacle of Linda squirming sensually in the mud. “Melody even got something for her to wear.”

“Fuck me!” Linda screamed. There wasn’t a trace of innocent cheerleader left in the sex drenched girl who was squirming and screaming for cock. “Anyone! Please!”

“Oh we’re going to fuck you, all right,” Suzy said quietly. “Guys, hold this dirty piece of shit while we clean her up. She’s got to look good for her boyfriend.”

Linda barely heard the menace in the little blonde’s voice. She was too busy cuming — cumming helplessly, powerfully, over and over again in a frenzied daze of fuck-lust.


It took four of the boys to hold Linda while Suzy and Debbie washed her clean. It was even harder for them to keep her still while the girls dressed her in the outfit Melody had brought.

The cheerleader was hysterical with lust. The kids had tormented her so terribly and for so long that her mind had short-circuited. The degradation and pain had been too much for the innocent girl to stand, and the shame of having her body respond to the abuse had been the final straw. Something inside her had snapped, and the only way she could deal with her enslavement at the hands of the other kids was to love every instant of it.

Linda stared down at herself as Suzy fastened the last button on the outfit she and Debbie had dressed her in. It hardly scorned that she was looking at her own body anymore. Her lush legs were shaking with the tension of the pleasure that was dancing through her pussy. All she could think of was sex. She didn’t care whether they fucked her or whipped her or pissed on her. Linda knew anything they gave her — pleasure or pain — would start her climaxing again.

Melody had gone all the way to the lingerie shop at the Blue Ridge Mall to get the camisole, panties and garters Linda was wearing. The whole outfit was colored a pale blue, and it was so lacy that every inch of her silky skin could be seen beneath. The pale blue stockings made her shapely legs look even sexier. The blue panties were a tiny triangle that did more to accentuate the full curve of her ass and plump mound of her cunt than to hide them.

The camisole buttoned down the front, but Suzy had to leave the top three buttons open. Melody had bought the biggest chest size she could find in the little size seven Linda wore, but it was still several inches too small to cover all of Linda’s tit-flesh. Suzy had managed to pull the sides of the camisole far enough shut to cover the fat thrust of Linda’s nipples, and the open buttons made her cleavage even more enticing.

Linda had never felt pain to equal what she was feeling now. Even the horrible tortures the kids had visited on her tits paled beside the anguish that was clawing its way through her sexy body. She needed to cum so bad that she could barely stand up.

She had drunk her own piss. She had eaten her own shit. And she’d orgasmed. The implications of that overwhelmed everything else. Even the fastest girls at her school would call her a slut if they knew that. No normal girl could enjoy the abuse Suzy and Debbie and the others had visited on her.

Linda knew that the couple of hours torture she had suffered at the hands of Jerry and Suzy and their friends hadn’t been enough to completely change who she was. She had never climaxed before tonight, and now she had climaxed dozens of times. She had responded like the world’s most degenerate, whorish slut, cunning when they defiled her, cumming when they humiliated her, even cumming when they tortured her. Linda knew that she must have been a filthy little slut all her life. She had just never known it until there was someone around to bring out her natural tendencies.

“You look so pretty,” Suzy said mockingly, and she leaned in to give Linda a kiss. “Me you hurting real bad, baby? Do you want to get fucked that bad?”

“Yes,” Linda whispered, unable to meet Suzy’s knowing blue eyes. “It hurts real bad. Please let somebody fuck me.”

“Who cares what you want?” Suzy screamed, her eyes blazing with sudden fury. “You filthy, fat-titted whore! You’re here to get hurt, not get off!”

Without warning, the cruel little blonde balled up her fist and slammed it into the proud, fleshy swell of Linda’s right tit. Agony exploded through the sex-maddened cheerleader, and she covered her battered tits with her hands.

“Stop that!” Suzy hissed, her eyes filled with fiery anger. “Drop your hands, pig-tits, and do it now!”

Linda stared at the pretty little blonde, lost in a world of dazed confusion. She knew that Suzy was going to hit her tits again when she dropped her hands. The pain from the first punch was still burning through her shamelessly displayed body, making it hard for her to breathe, hard for her to stand up. But staring at Suzy, seeing the power and anger in her eyes, triggered something inside Linda. Like the slave she was, Linda dropped her hands to her sides.

“That’s right,” Suzy said, then smashed a right cross into Linda’s full left tit. “Somebody get some rope and tie the big-used cow’s hands. And hand me that lasso. We need a leash to lead the slut to her boyfriend!”

The pain from the tit-beating Suzy was giving her was worse even than the tug of war Suzy and Debbie had tried earlier. The pain started out so sharp that it was as if a knife had been plunged into Linda’s full, tender tits. As Suzy drew her fist back, the pain changed its texture, becoming a burning ache that felt like a hand twisting her tits into tight, fleshy corkscrews. The pain seemed to reach all the way to Linda’s heart, making it beat faster and harder. Finally there was only the sting from the blow and the deep ache of her bruised, silky tit-flesh. Before the pain could fade, Suzy hit her again.

“Here,” Jerry said, shaking his head and pushing Suzy out of the way. “Suzy, baby, you better hope you never get into a fucking fight. You punch just like a…”

“Girl!” Brett cried, and he and Jerry and the other boys started laughing. “Come on, Jerry, show her what a real punch looks like!”

“With pleasure,” Jerry said, and then he stepped into Linda and gave a brutal three punch combination to her tits.

Each punch flattened Linda’s fat tits against her body. Each punch left deep red marks in the soft, springy flesh. The third blow was an upper-cut that smashed Linda’s big tit into her collarbone and lifted the sexy girl into the air. She flew back ten feet before she landed. The impact jarred every bone and muscle in her body. Her tits hurt so bad that she couldn’t even cry. All she could do was rock from side to side, curled up in a fetal position.

Linda was in so much pain that it was hard for her to move, but when Debbie pulled on the end of the lasso she turned over onto her stomach and started to push herself to her feet. Before she could, Suzy straddled her shoulders and kicked her feet into her heavy, hanging tits.

“Come on, pig-tits!” the cruel little blonde shouted gleefully. “Give me a ride!”

“That’s right,” Debbie said, jerking Linda forward on the end of her leash. “Crawl like the slutty bitch you are! Shake those big tits and that fat ass and crawl for your cock!”

Tears dripped from Linda’s flushed, pretty face, but her cunt was squirming. The second time Suzy dug her heels into her fat, hanging tits Linda almost climaxed, and she fell back on her haunches and rubbed her cunt over the dusty ground.

“Shit!” Neal White, who was trailing behind her, gasped and pointed. “Look at that! The bitch is leaving a trail like a slug!”

It was the truth. Linda almost died from shame, but her humiliation didn’t curb her body’s excitement. Her swollen pussy was pounding cunt-cream, and it was spilling down her slick inner thighs to splatter against the ground. She could feel the dirt beneath her pussy moisten as she rubbed her cuntlips ferociously over it. Soon, she realized disgusted at her own depravity, this ground would be as muddy as the area around the shower.

“Come on!” Jerry cried, and he grabbed the leash out of Debbie’s hands. With a single hard jerk he pulled Linda back over and got her started crawling again. “Whatever this surprise is, it better be good! I’m tired of fucking around! I want to start fucking!”

Linda crawled forward painfully, her cunt spasming out of control, excited by her degradation and the slick rubbing of her thighs.

It was almost impossible for Linda to crawl with her hands tied together and Suzy riding her shoulders. She was like a three-legged horse, having to move her hands forward quickly to keep from falling on her face. Several times during the long, pain-wracked crawl to the farmhouse Linda’s hands slipped out from under her and she slammed her pretty face and fat tits into the ground. With Suzy’s weight on top of her, the pain of falling was doubled, but the kids just laughed at her and dragged her forward by her neck until she could get her hands underneath her again he stepped into [missing text].

“All right!” Jerry shouted as the house — and then he started laughing. “Okay, this was worth it! Shit, you bitches are meaner to the city slut than us guys would ever be!”

Jerry’s words frightened Linda, but fear was a pale emotion beside the lust she was feeling. The pain of the tit-beating, the degradation of having to crawl with a girl riding her shoulders and the shameful way her sexy body was being displayed by the skimpy blue lingerie were combining to make her hotter than she had ever been.

“Here’s your new boyfriend,” Debbie said with a giggle, taking the leash back from Jerry and pulling Linda toward a big bed that had been pulled out into the front room of the farmhouse. “Booger Jenkins!”

“Boris,” Booger said, but he didn’t sound unhappy at the use of the nickname.

Suzy got off Linda’s back, patting the voluptuous cheerleader’s cheek affectionately before she stepped away. Then Debbie urged the sexy girl up onto the bed. Linda gagged at her first sight of Booger Jenkins. Then she started begging him to fuck her.

Booger’s teeth were green and crooked. He weighed at least three hundred pounds, and he couldn’t have been more than five-ten. He was hairy and dirty and smelled like he hadn’t taken a bath in a hundred years. The only clothes he had on were two filthy, moth-eaten sacks and underwear that was crusted with yellow and brown stains. He was the most repulsive boy Linda had ever seen. Just the sight of him made her sick, and the smell brought her gorge rising into her throat.

Be he had a cock, and it looked long and fat and hard inside his crusty shorts. And Linda was so horny she couldn’t stand it. The thought of having to fuck such a gross creature was so demeaning that it turned her on even more, and the fire inside her sexy young body raged out of control.

“She’s a hot bitch,” Booger said, picking his nose and then popping his finger into his mouth. “I like her.”

“I love you,” Linda said, her voice shaking with lust and disgust. “Please fuck me, Booger! Please fuck your slutty little girlfriend!”

“Sure,” Booger said, his eyes twinkling, but his voice sounding bored. “But first take my socks off. Do it with your mouth.”

He didn’t grab Linda, or try to force her to do as he ordered. The other kids were crowded all over the room, watching the spectacle she was having to put on with Booger as though it was the most fascinating thing they had ever seen.

Linda didn’t want to touch the filthy, sweaty socks, much less pull them off Booger’s feet with her lips. But she couldn’t take her eyes off the thick stirring in his shorts, and the fiery bubbling in her cunt had grown so fierce that it was doubling her over with painful passion.

No matter how much they degraded her, she had to feel that big prick inside her.

“All right!” one of the kids shouted as Linda leaned down low over Booger’s smelly feet. “The slut’s going for it!”

The other kids laughed at her.

Linda burned with shame, but her cunt was burning even more. She clasped her lips moistly against the end of Booger’s left sock and pulled up with her head. He wiggled his toes against her face, and she moaned in despair and lust.

She jerked back as hard as she could, tugging the filthy sock off Booger’s smelly foot. The smell was so awful that she couldn’t stop gagging, and the kids laughed at her distress. It was as though she was leaning over a human garbage dump. She turned her head and spit out the first sock, then leaned back down to pull off the other.

“Hold on a second, girlfriend,” Booger said. “Aren’t you going to kiss my footsie hello?”

Linda cried as her audience of kids laughed, but she leaned down to touch her lush lips to Booger’s filthy foot. She kissed each one of his filthy toes, then kissed her way over the top of his foot. She even kissed the hard bone of his ankle before she lifted her head away.

“Gosh, girlfriend,” Booger said, sounding disappointed. “Aren’t you going to lick my footsie hello? It’s been a long time since I got my feet washed real good.”

“Oh gross!” one of the girls screamed, but she was jacking on her boyfriend’s cock and writhing in pleasure as he fingered her pussy. “Do it, you sleazy little city chick! This is so gross!”

Linda cried, but her cunt wrenched with excitement. She lowered her quivering lips back down to Booger’s filthy foot. He wiggled his toes, scratching her lips and cheek with his clawlike toenails, and Linda waited patiently, bowed at his feet, until he finished playing. Then she sucked his big toe deep inside her mouth.

She sucked each of his toes, pulling them into the warm wetness of her mouth and playing her tongue and lips over them. She treated them like five small cocks, licking them with her tongue and sucking them with her mouth. Then she whipped her tongue all over Booger’s foot, licking all the way up to his ankle, leaving his foot clean and glistening with her spit. The last thing she did was lick his sole. It was black with filth, and the taste was so terrible that Linda had to turn her head away several times to keep from throwing up. Finally, though, it was as clean as the rest of his foot.

Booger didn’t have to tell her to lick his other foot clean. After she pulled his sock off, Linda went right to work, smooching and slurping all over his dirty skin. Her full ass rocked high in the air as she bent down over his feet, and her big tits rubbed over the dirty bedclothes. The kids who were watching pointed at the crotch of the frilly blue panties she was wearing, laughing at how her pussy-cream was dribbling down over the sides of the soaked material.

“Now come up and take off my shorts,” Booger said, reaching down to rub his hand over the front of his shorts, then all over Linda’s pretty face. “Lick your way up, girlfriend. Then pull my shorts all the way down.”

The trip up the insides of Booger’s legs was bad, but it wasn’t as bad as licking his feet. Linda kissed and nibbled her way up his huge inner thighs, marveling at how fat he was. Booger’s thighs seemed twice the side of Linda’s body. Licking her way over them was like slurping at a huge side of beef. The stench got worse with every inch she traveled toward his crotch, but the fire in her pussy drove her forward. Anything was worth putting out the awful blaze that was scorching her cunt.

“Lick me a little first,” Booger said, pulling his fat hands on top of her head and stopping her face at the level of his crotch. “Lick me through my underwear. That’s going to feel so nice.”

Linda retched repeatedly, her luscious body shaking with revulsion and squirming with frustrated desire. Her lush ass whipped from side to side, sprinkling sparkling pussy-cream on the kids who were sitting closest to the bed. Her cunt was snapping open and shut like a hungry, clasping mouth.

“Naaaaaaa!” she screamed as she plunged her face into the tacky crotch of Booger’s shorts. “Oh fuck, what are you turning me into?”

The sexy cheerleader clamped her lips over the huge swelling at the bottom of Booger’s shorts. She jumped with surprise when she realized that her lips had found the full sac of his balls instead of the fat swell of his cock, but that didn’t stop her from slurping as much of the big bag into her mouth as she could. The smell of Booger’s crotch was open sewer, and the taste of his shorts was like a year-old piece of moldy meat, but even the filth and foulness of what she was doing turned Linda on.

Booger had the biggest balls of any boy Linda had ever seen. His balls were so big that she could barely pop even one inside her straining mouth. Her spit ran out over her lips as she crammed the big ball inside, spilling down in wet streams over his shorts. She whipped her tongue over the giant ball, tasting the crusted filth of Booger’s shorts as she soaked the cloth. She retched again, her little body stiffening with sudden nausea. And then she came, orgasming from just the revulsion and humiliation she felt at what she was doing.

“She’s creaming!” Brett shouted, pawing Melody’s pert little tits while she rubbed her palm over the leaking head of his cock. “Her mouth’s watering for Booger’s big balls, and she’s creaming herself! Shit, what a sleazy slut!”

Linda burned with shame and squirmed with pleasure as an orgasm quaked through her curvy body. She rubbed her stiff nipples against the bed and squirmed her juice-soaked thighs against each other. As the orgasm peaked inside her, she spit Booger’s ball out of her mouth and rooted against the filthy fabric of his shorts for the other one. When she found it, she forced her lips over it, too, and started sucking.

Her second climax hit her just as the egg-sized ball slipped fully past her squirming lips. Linda shrieked around her mouthful of ball and pumped her hips up and down.

The crotch of her frilly blue panties was so soaked with pussy cream that it was transparent, and sticky wads of cunt-cream rolled down the backs of Linda’s quivering thighs.

Linda spit out Booger’s ball and pushed her face right into the twisted, filthy cloth of his shorts. Her tongue whipped from her mouth, licking over the stiffened fabric. Her lips smacked obscenely at the filthy cloth, kissing and slurping like a hungry dog. She pulled the shorts into her mouth and chewed on them, and her saliva dribbled from her mouth to soak into the filthy material.

Linda moved up farther, planting her full, wet lips on the big stalk of Booger’s cock. When she felt the full size of the giant prick, she climaxed again, and, then she started screaming. She licked the underside of the jerking cock up its whale, ghastly length, and by the time she reached the prickhead, she had traveled over a foot. She screamed again and plunged her mouth over the tip of the cock’s giant head.

The cock was impossibly thick, impossibly long. Linda’s rational mind told her to scream, to try to escape before they made her fuck the ruining slab of cockmeat. The rest of her wanted every inch of the giant cock, wanted it fucking her until she couldn’t stand up, until she couldn’t move, until it had pounded out the last of the hellish fires that were tormenting her cunt.

She whipped her tongue over the fat, dripping cockhead, sucking thick strands of fuck-lube out through the crusty shorts. She rubbed her face over the spit-slick, filth-plastered underwear, dragging her pretty cheeks and full lips up and down the whole ghastly length of prick. Her luscious body arched and bucked as one orgasm after another blasted its way through her. She needed Booger’s cock worse than she had ever needed anything before in her life.

“Lower, girlfriend,” Booger said at last, pushing on the top of Linda’s head. “Kiss my ass, okay? I’d really like you to do that for me. You’re such a sweet little girlfriend.”

Without warning, Booger flipped over onto his huge stomach and pushed his gigantic ass up into Linda’s face. The kids laughed and Linda cried in between gags, but slowly, forlornly, she lowered her pretty face to his big, filthy ass.

She moved her tongue over his crusty shorts like a paintbrush, leaving trails of spit over the filthy material. She could feel bristly hairs under the cloth. Then she sopped her tongue into the dank, deep crack of Booger’s ass, and even through the dirty cloth, she could taste the awful sludge of that crease.

“Now pull down my shorts, girlfriend,” Booger said to her picking his nose again. “And stick your pretty girlfriend face in my asshole.”

Linda grabbed the waistband of his shorts and tugged them down slowly. Even her lust-crazed mind was revolted at the horrible thought of licking Booger’s asscrack. The fire in her cunt was stronger, though, and after she tossed Booger’s filthy shorts over her shoulder, she plunged her pretty face between the fat, hairy cheeks of his ass.

Her first lick started her crying and cuming again.


“Pull my ass way apart, girlfriend,” Booger said, squirming his huge cock into the bed and his fat ass into Linda’s face. “Pull my asscheeks far apart and stick your pretty, face deep inside.”

Linda’s hands were tied, but she pushed at the fleshy, hairy cheeks of Booger’s ass. She flicked her wet, pink tongue over Booger’s filthy skin, licking the fat moon of his ass closer and closer to his dark, dank asscrack.

She tried to stop. She stared down at the huge moon of Booger’s ass. His ass seemed aver a yard across, a huge pillow of fat, dirty, hairy flesh. At its center was a crack that looked bottomless. It was black and lined with bristly hair that looked like it belonged on a pig or wild boar. The smell that rose up from his fetid asscrack was so terrible that Linda thought she could actually see steam rising up into her face. Booger’s ass was the most horrible thing she had ever seen. Linda spread his asscheeks wide and pushed her pretty face into the funky asscrack.

Linda’s whole head disappeared between Booger’s giant asscheeks. By the time she found the bottom of the crease, her face was submerged in dank, sweaty assflesh. The kids laughed and whooped as the voluptuous beauty’s head vanished into Booger’s ass. None of them had ever seen anything so disgusting, and none of them had ever imagined that a girl, especially a sexy one like Linda, would ever willingly put her face between those dirty asscheeks.

Linda almost threw up. As soon as her lips brushed the swollen pulsing ring of Booger’s asshole she felt his huge asscheeks contract muscularly around her head, trapping her inside. For a panic-stricken instant she struggled to escape, but there was no way she could pull her head free of the powerful grip of Booger’s ass.

“Lick it, girlfriend,” Booger said, squirming his big ass around and flexing his fat cheeks against Linda’s face. “Suck my dirty asshole clean.”

Linda’s mouth was plastered against Booger’s big asshole. Her face was enveloped in damp filth. Her lips parted and her tongue wiggled out to touch the filthy, pulsing bud. At her firm taste, she started cuming.

Booger’s shitter was dank and cheesy. Linda had imagined that it would taste awful but her dark cat fears had been nothing compared to the reality she was facing now. She licked at his asshole as though it was a postage stamp, moving her tongue owl it repeatedly. Each taste was a little worse than the last.

Linda rose up on her knees, her lush ass dancing around high above the bed. Fresh pussy-cream sparkled on her pink pussylips, and her cunt wriggled and twisted. She drove her face even farther into Booger’s huge ass, and when she did, a gush of cuntjuice rolled down the backs of her quivering thighs.

Linda planted her lips around the bud of Booger’s asshole and started sucking. She slurped and sucked, drawing the sweaty filth from his shitter while she teased her tongue over the jerking ring of his asshole. After a moment, she stiffened her tongue and drove it deep inside the pulsing hole. The taste was so foul that it made her head swim and her pussy explode.

“Listen to that!” Jerry screamed, mauling Suzy’s tits while she pulled on his cock. “She sounds like a pig! Oh shit, the city bitch is really going after it!”

“Dirty whore,” Suzy said, her eyes glazed with lust. “Slutty pig-tits! What a scummy little tramp!”

Linda could hear what the kids were saying through the filthy flesh muffler of Booger’s ass, but her shame only sprinkled gasoline on the fire that was already burning up her cunt.

Suddenly Booger turned over, and Linda’s neck almost broke as her head twisted, trapped between his huge asscheeks. When her face did slip free, the first thing she saw was the huge, hard rise of Booger’s ugly, dripping cock. The first thing she felt was the big stalk slapping her in the face.

“Suck my cock, girlfriend,” Booger said, wrapping Linda’s silky brown hair in his hands and rubbing her face up and down the fat, fleshy pole. “Kiss my big cock with your shit-sucking lips.”

“Oh shit, look at that thing!” one of the girls yelled. “It’s as big as my arm!”

Booger’s cock was bigger than Linda’s arm, and it was by far the ugliest cock the innocent cheerleader had ever seen. It was knotted and twisted, and the prickhead was a bulging plum that was as big as a softball and colored almost crimson. Pre-cum slithered down over the head of the prick and Booger smeared it all over Linda’s face as he pulled her back and forth against it.

Linda was hypnotized by the gruesome cock. She stared at it, her breath rasping hoarsely through her parted lips. When she touched it with her bound hands, it jerked, and Linda squealed with a mixture of surprise and pleasure. Without another word of encouragement, the beautiful cheerleader grabbed the big cock and jammed her lips down over it.

Linda’s hands weren’t big enough to circle the whole huge rod of Booger’s prick. Her lips strained like stretched rubber bands as she tried to force them down over the bulging head of the cock. She swished her tongue all over the slimy cockhead, licking away the fuck-lube that was dribbling down the sides in thick, sticky strands. She wanted to take the whole huge prick down her throat.

“She’ll never suck that thing!” Debbie whispered, almost jealous of the passion the enslaved cheerleader was exhibiting. “No girl could fit that ugly log in her mouth!”

“Bullshit,” Peter said, pawing her tits and shoving two fingers up her clasping cunt. “The slut’s going to swallow the whole fucking thing! I hope she fucking hurries, too, because she’s got a lot more waiting to get the same treatment!”

Linda gasped for air as she forced the huge cockhead past her straining lips. Her teeth scraped over the bulging flesh and Booger hit her in the side of the head. Then the huge prickhead popped past her teeth and Linda sighed with a perverse mix of relief and satisfaction. She whipped her tongue over the captive cockhead and jerked on the huge, pulsing length of prickshaft.

Linda’s pretty face was distorted strangely by the fat intrusion of Booger’s cock. Her jaws were forced so far apart that they looked unnatural. Her eyes were forced almost shut by the monstrous mouthful. It looked as though it was killing the sexy little cheerleader to hold the fat head of Booger’s cock inside her mouth. And then she did the impossible. She started sliding her face forward on the long stalk of fuck-flesh.

Linda started gagging before she’d traveled two inches. Tears squirted from her shut eyes and her jaws popped so loudly that the other kids could hear the sound. Her graceful, swan-like throat bulged as the fist-sized head of Booger’s cock pushed into her gullet. Her sexy body jerked with the force of her gagging and crying.

But Linda had to have the cock. Just the sight of it had turned the heat up a thousand degrees inside her lust-fried body. She squirmed against the dirty mattress, kicked out with her lush legs at the terrible effort it was trying to swallow the huge log of fuck-flesh. She had to have it buried to the hilt inside her throat. She knew that when her nose pushed into Booger’s crinkly cock hair she was going to explode with pleasure.

“The slut’s taking him!” Brett shouted, pausing in his fingerfucking of Melody to paint at the action. “Tits is going to deep-throat old Booger!”

None of the kids could believe what they were seeing. Linda’s throat looked like that of a snake swallowing some huge prey. It was swollen to twice its normal size, the muscles working visibly as she struggled to accommodate the terrific girth of Booger’s cock. Her mouth squirmed painfully around the lip-splitting cock. Her face was twisted into a mask of determination and pain and stress as she fed inch after inch of the arm-thick cock down her straining throat.

Linda’s ass was jerking around wildly as she sucked Booger’s giant cock. Her pretty blue panties were soaked with her pussy cream, and the sticky juices were sprinkling out over the bed as she whipped her hips in wide, savage circles. Some of the kids closest to the bed got a cunt cream shower as Linda bucked her ass out of her mind with pure, animal lust.

Suddenly she felt the tickling of hair against the ball of her nose.

Linda plunged her face forward, knowing that she could only be an inch or so away from swallowing Booger’s whole cock. She couldn’t breathe, and her throat felt as if it was being rubbed with a scouring pad. Her jaws felt broken, but it didn’t matter. She was proving to the country kids that a city girl could take anything they threw at her.

“She did it!” Jerry shouted, getting up and walking away from Suzy, his cock bouncing in front of him. “She swallowed the whole fucking thing! What a sleazy fucking whore!”

Linda’s chin pressed into the soft bag of Booger’s balls. Her nose was buried in the musky thatch of his cockhair. She gurgled happily, tightening her lips as much as she could around the root of his mammoth cock and constricting her throat around its bulging head. Then she pulled all the way back.

She started cumming the instant her lips started dragging back along the shaft of Booger’s cock. The first orgasm twisted through her body like a cock screw, turning her muscles to jelly and draining the strength from her legs. She fell limp between Booger’s huge thighs, barely managing to hold herself on shaking arms as she drew her lips back along his foot-long cock.

Her second orgasm roared through her when the huge head of his prick popped back inside her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on it, and she grabbed the staff of his cock to jerk on it while she lathered the big head with her tongue. Her hips jerked back and forth, and her cunt-cream rolled down like piss over her quivering, creamy thighs.

Her third climax tore through her when she slurped her way back down the huge cockshaft.

Linda screamed as she came, snorting like a pig as she force-fed herself the huge stalk of fuck-meat. She gagged again, her pretty, straining face turning blue from a lack of oxygen. She rolled over and wrapped her lush thighs around the fat log of Booger’s right leg as another orgasm tore through her sensual body.

Linda whipped her head up and down the foot-long slab of Booger’s cock. Her slobber rolled down the jerking staff of his prick, and lines of spittle and fuck-lube webbed her, lush lips to his grapefruit-sized cockhead.

“Wait, girlfriend,” Booger said at last, pulling Linda up by her silky brown hair. “I don’t want to cum in your pretty girlfriend mouth. I want to cum in your sexy girlfriend pussy.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss!” Linda hissed, scrambling up over Booger’s body. “Fuck me, you fat, ugly bastard! I need to be fucked so fucking much!”

Booger pulled the squirming cheerleader by her hair up over his body. Linda put her hands on his chest when he had pulled her face to his, and she straddled his bulging stomach. Booger pulled her lips roughly down over his, and Linda whipped her tongue into his mouth in a fever of frenzied desire.

“Ride my cock, slutty girlfriend,” Booger said, lapping at Linda’s pretty, flushed face with his sloppy tongue. “Ride my cock until I fill you up with cum.”

Linda moved back down on Booger’s body and straddled him like a horse. She almost had to stand up to fit the bulging head of his cock, against the tiny entrance to her cunt. Then she tried to sit down.

It wouldn’t work. The huge head of Booger’s cock dwarfed the whole region of her crotch. His cock was bigger than her cunt and asshole combined. Linda howled with frustration and pushed herself down on the fat, stiff prick. It was no use. The cock was too big to fit inside her.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, spit flying from her lips and her eyes on fire with hellish lust. The orgasms that had battered her luscious body had only fueled the fire that was raging inside her. To put it out, she needed something more. “Fuck me, you fat asshole! I sucked your ass! I sucked your cock! I did everything you wanted! Now fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Booger grabbed Linda by her full hips and added his strength to hers, trying to pull her down onto the fat stake of his prick. It was no use.

Linda’s cunt spilled quarts of pussy-cream down over the pulsing cock. But the big prick still wouldn’t fit. Finally, the girl tried to screw herself down on the giant cock corkscrewing her hips from side to side in a desperate effort to fuck the fat prickhead inside her. Her cuntlips stretched thin around the tip of Booger’s cock, but it still wouldn’t fit.


“I need a cock!” Linda howled. She felt as though she was about to die from her need to be fucked. It was worse than any of the tortures the kids had subjected her to. “You dirty motherfuckers! I need a cock so bad!”

“Let’s help her,” Jerry said, stepping up beside the bed. He wrapped his strong hands around one of Linda’s arms. “Let’s fuck the bitch down on her boyfriend.”

The kids swarmed up around the bed, grabbing at Linda’s arms, hips, waist and tits. Kids tangled their hands in her hair and others grabbed her by her ears and nose and fingers. The kids grabbed her any way they could, and they all pulled her down.

Debbie and Suzy edged their way down around where her tiny pussy was pushed against the bulging head of Booger’s cock, and they grabbed the fragile pink lips of her cunt, pulling them out until the gorgeous cheerleader whimpered in protest.

“On three!” Jerry shouted, tightening his grip on the girl’s arm. “One, two, three!”

Linda screamed as she had never screamed before. Pain tore through her body in ways that she had never imagined it could. The kids slammed her all the way down on Booger’s cock with one huge push, and Linda thought she was going to die.

Her cuntlips tore as the giant cockhead pierced them. Before Booger’s cock had penetrated her halfway, it had stretched the pocket of her pussy as far as it would go. After that, Linda was trapped in a world of endless tearing agony. When her lush asscheeks flattened against Booger’s fat hips, she dropped her head against his chest and fell limp.

The kids backed away from her, hardly believing what they had managed to do. The buxom little beauty was taking the whole foot-long staff of Booger’s cock up her pussy. Her cuntlips were spread unbelievably wide around the base of the fat prick, and every kid inside the farmhouse could picture the wrist-thick shaft of Booger’s cock pushing its way deep inside the sexy slave’s flat little stomach. Her lush asscheeks tensed and relaxed in desperate contractions, and some of the kids laughed at her hopeless attempt to expel the fat cock.

“Ride me, slutty girlfriend,” Booger said, grabbing the girl by her shoulders and lifting her up off him. “Fuck yourself good on my big cock.”

Linda couldn’t believe what the horrible boy was asking. Didn’t he know that his cock had torn her tiny pussy apart? It felt to the pain ravaged beauty as if Booger’s big prick had impaled her all the way to her heart, as if right now the fist-sized prickhead was lodged in the back of her throat. Didn’t he knew that he had already ruined her with his monster cock? She couldn’t move at all without dazzling bursts of agony flaring through her. His cock was like a sharpened spear plunged deep inside her body.

He started fucking her, his hands lifting her hips up and down as he fucked his cock inside her. Linda almost swooned with the pain. She had been wrong. His cock wasn’t a spear. It was a jackhammer, and it was hammering her tender body into tiny pieces of shattered rubble. Her cunt and thighs felt soaked with wetness, and Linda looked down in terror, knowing that she must be bleeding to death.

But her crotch was waked with cuntjuice!

Just as Linda saw the sticky mess of pussycream, a pain-drenched orgasm battered its way through her body. The gorgeous cheerleader arched back off of Booger, her bound hands pressing against his fat chest and her huge tits thrust up and out. Her ass humped forward and down to meet his fuck-thrusts and her head tilted back, her brown hair cascading down behind her and her flushed face down in lines of agony and excitement.

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Fuck me you motherfucker!”

The strangest thing of all was that the pain never faded. Her back was shot through with agony. Her pussy felt as though it was being fucked with a flaming baseball bat. But every time the pain worsened, Linda climaxed again.

The realization that the pain was getting her off made the cheerleader cry in despair. It had been degrading to admit to herself that the kids could make her cum by raping her. It had been utterly defiling to realize that they could make her climax by mocking and soiling her. But now they faced her with the most dreadful discover of all — that they could even make her cum with pain. It was as if her body was making the admission that she was nothing but a slutty slave!

As the degrading thoughts rushed through her dazed mind, Linda grew even more excited. She crouched atop Booger’s gross body, her ass swinging back and forth in a frenzy atop his giant cock. She began to lurch up and down on the ruining prick, the muscles in her lush legs standing out like steel cords as she jerked up and plunged down on the wrist-thick prick. Her shattered pussy was even starting to spasm again, gripping the savaging length of Booger’s cock like a loving hand.

“That’s it, girlfriend!” Booger hissed, fucking his monstrous cock up inside her as she whipped herself down. “Ride my big cock, slutty girl! Ride my big cock until I cum.”

Linda made animal noises as she fucked her tenderized pussy on the punishing shaft of Booger’s cock. Every plunge of his fat prick inside her made wet, nasty sounds, and the kids whooped and hollered at the show the maddened city girl was putting on. Their mockery only turned Linda on more. Her pussy cream was tinged pink with blood as she moved up and down Booger’s savaging cock, but the pain felt good to her now. Everything was turning her on, and she was cumming so furiously that she could barely control what she was doing.

“Fuck me!” Linda screamed, throwing her head back and running her bound hands lovingly all over Booger’s huge chest and stomach. “Fuck me until I die!”

Booger’s cock was drenched in pussy-cream. His whole crotch was awash, and the bed under his ass was soaked. Linda was rising all the way off his cock, standing up over him before she brought herself rushing down. Booger had never had a girl take his whole cock. Just the sight of her tiny, ravaged cunt rushing down the whole foot of his prick made him hot enough to spill his load.

Pussy-cream was flying everywhere as the delirious cheerleader pitched and surged on top of the mammoth prick. The sexy girl’s whole luscious body seemed to be coming apart, tearing itself to pieces like an overworked engine. Her tits bounced up and down and from side to side across her chest like big, firm balls. Spit flew from her lips as she screamed for more. Her hair flew around her pretty face in a wild tangle. Sweat sparkled on her sultry body, and her creamy skin flushed a bright shade of red. None of the kids watching had ever seen a girl so sexually aroused.

Suddenly Booger grabbed Linda by her huge, bouncing tits. He dug his fingers into the skin until the voluptuous beauty moaned in anguish, then he turned over. The bed creaked dangerously under his weight, but it held, and by the time he had finished turning, the sex crazed cheerleader was trapped under his big body.

“You’re going to get fucked now, girlfriend!” he rasped, his voice hoarse with excitement and effort. “You’re going to get fucked good now!”

“Yes!” Linda sobbed, her voice broken and shaking with lust. “Oh please fuck me! Do whatever you want! I love it all!”

Her pleading ended in a scream when Booger thrust his cock inside her. After that, she didn’t even have the breath to scream.

She was sure he was breaking every bone in her body. His cock was fucking into her so deep that her petal-like pussylips were pulled inside her. His hands, still clutching her big tits, smashed her flat into the bed every time he lifted himself up for another stroke. Linda had never even imagined that fucking could be like this. It was as though her whole body was getting fucked, not just her cunt.

And she loved it.

It hurt worse than anything she had ever felt. She knew that it had to be devastating her tender little cunt and battering her sexy body. She could imagine what kind of a lewd sight it must be for the kids, how they must be laughing at how she was getting her hot little ass fucked off by the fat, foul-smelling Booger. But all those things only made her love it more.

She strained her neck upward and flicked her wet, pink tongue out over her lips, flapping ft over Booger’s ugly face. He laughed at the glazed look of eagerness in the beautiful girl’s face and pushed her head lower, guiding her tongue down over his shoulders and chest. Linda let him use her like a puppet, licking him wherever he guided her face. She lathered his filthy, hairy chest and sucked at his nipples, and when he pulled her head back and stuck one hand into her face she plied her tongue lovingly over his fingers.

“Tell me you love it, girlfriend,” Booger said, fucking Linda faster and harder with his cock as his orgasm neared. “Tell me you love fucking me!”

“I love fucking you!” Linda moaned, breathless from the savaging she was taking from Booger’s giant cock and huge body. “I love fucking you!”

Booger thrust harder, goring Linda brutally with his mammoth cock. She let out little cries of and ecstasy and clutched at his wide hips with her luscious legs. Booger fed her his flagon one at a time, and she sucked them, flapping her tongue, smacking her lips and rubbing her face over his hand. She was like an eager, loving dog trying to please a harsh master.

“Tell me you love being raped, girlfriend!” Booger rasped, pulling his hand from Linda’s clasping mouth and picking his nose. “Tell everybody that you love it!”

“I love being raped!” Linda moaned, crying and grunting as Booger pulverized her sexy body and brought her to one climax after another. “I’ve loved everything you’ve done to me! Please rape me some mere!”

The shameful words set off another orgasm inside Linda, one so hellishly painful that she bucked and twisted in agony. Her savaged pussy wriggled and twisted with the force of her sudden passion, and the added friction around Booger’s wounding cock brought waves of anguish shuddering through her. It gave Booger even more pleasure, and he fucked her faster as his jism boiled in his balls.

“Lick my fingers!” he hissed, his eyes slitted with the pleasure hewn feeling. “Tell me you love eating my snot!”

“I love it!” Linda shrieked. “I love eating your snot!”

She slurped Booger’s nasty fingers into her mouth, unmindful of the disgust that welled up inside her. He pummeled her with his cock so savagely that the bed collapsed beneath them. When the mattress hit the floor and Booger’s big body landed on top of her, Linda passed out. She woke up an instant later with the fiery agony of Booger’s lava-like jism squirting deep inside her tattered pussy.

“Cumming, girlfriend!” he shouted, grabbing at her heaving tits and mauling them savagely. “Cumming!”

Re filled her up with his spunk, and when strands of pink-tinged jism strewed back out over her bruised pussylips, he filled her up again. There was no end to his jism. Her cunt was full by the time he pulled his monstrous cock out of her, and he was still spilling fuck slime. He scooted up over her body and smashed her tits around his cock, staining the camisole with jism up the whole length of her squirming, sultry body. Then he showered her face with some more.

A rope of cum striped Linda’s left cheek. A thick gusher burst off the cute little ball of her nose and clogged her quivering nostrils. A final wave of jism spurted all the way up into her right eye, then cascaded down her cheek and into her hair. Linda had never felt so completely soiled, so utterly defiled. She had never imagined it was possible for a girl to feel so dirty.

“Clean my cock, slutty whore,” Booger said, scooting up higher on the cheerleader and slapping her soiled face with his slimy cock. “Clean me off good!”

Linda felt a chill of revulsion pass through her as she looked at the sticky mix of blood, jism and cunt-cream that dripped from Booger’s soaked cock. But she still came as she lapped submissively along the ugly prick, gathering up every bit of the filthy brew. She came again when Booger jerked her mouth open and stuck the head of his cock between her lips. She gave him the lingering, wet kiss she knew he wanted, playing her tongue over the deep cleft of his piss-slit.

Her reward was a mouthful of piss.

Linda choked and spluttered as Booger pissed down her throat, but she didn’t try to get away. She swallowed as much of his piss as she could, and what bubbled back over her lips she rubbed into her skin with her bound hands. She wished for death when she climaxed again while she was guzzling piss, but mostly she just thought of ways to please her masters. She accepted the fact that she was a slave now, and she wanted to be a good one.

“Good show,” Jerry said as Booger pulled away from the degraded cheerleader. He stepped toward her, his hard dripping cock in hand. “Now it’s time for the main event.”

Booger had fucked her to exhaustion, but after looking at Jerry’s long, wet cock, Linda couldn’t help climaxing again.


They pulled Linda into the Lawson barn and tied her up before they continued with the gang bang. Linda let them pull her into any position they wanted, her will shattered by the depth of her submission to Booger. When they finished, she cried at the shameful way they had bound her.

The kids had looped a lasso around Linda’s waist once more. This time they staked it into the dirt floor of the barn, leaving no more than a foot of leash for the enslaved cheerleader to pull on. They had wrapped rope around her arms too, leaving her hands untied but binding her arms together from her wrists to her elbows. The most degrading thing of all was what they had done to her legs.

They had spread Linda’s knees wide and fitted a stick between them. The stick was forked on both ends, and the kids fit the forks around Linda’s legs and then tied the stick in place with ropes. After that they looped rope around her ankles and connected her feet to the center of the stick with another, even shorter leash. They had left Linda just short of being hog-tied, but the degraded beauty knew that it wasn’t any thought of her comfort that had kept the kids from completing the bondage. This way they had much easier access to her pussy and asshole, and this way her hands were still free to serve them. She was bound completely, helpless to do anything but assist the kids in ravishing her.

The last thing the kids did was pile straw up all around Linda so that they would have a cushion while they abused her. The straw poked painfully at the roped cheerleader’s creamy skin. It tangled in the slinky blue lingerie and twisted in her lustrous brown hair. Lying in the cushion of straw in the blue camisole and garters, Linda knew that she must look like the world’s most lurid slut.

“I want your ass,” Jerry said, stepping up to her. He was still dressed, only his zipper open and his cock bared. “Get on all fours, you bitch!”

With the bar between her legs and her arms tied together it was almost impossible for Linda to roll over onto her stomach. She grunted with the effort, and the kids laughed at her as she tumbled helplessly over onto her face. Slowly, painfully, Linda rose up on her hands and knees, proffering her ass to Jerry and his long, dripping cock.

Linda’s lacy blue panties had been soaked with cuntjuice and cock-cream during her fuck with Booger. Jerry grabbed at the strap and ripped them off her hips, then leaned across her body to wipe them over her face. Linda moaned with shame, her punished pussy twitching with excitement as Jerry smeared her face with the dirty panties and pushed his throbbing cock through the crack of her lush ass.

“Open your mouth!” he growled, then shoved the tacky panties between Linda’s full red lips. “Suck on those while I fuck your slutty little ass into the dust!”

Linda groaned with pain when Jerry pried her full asscheeks apart. It felt as though he was trying to tear her creamy ass into two pieces. Linda jumped when she felt the cool wetness of Jerry’s spit slapping into her asscrack. She tensed her helpless body, knowing that he was going to fuck her ass at any moment.

“Take it, whore!” Jerry screamed, plunging his big cock into Linda’s ravaged shitter. He grabbed a handful of her silky dark hair and pulled back on it as he fucked his cock up her ass. “Fuck me, you whore! Give me a ride, slut!”

Linda groaned in pain and lust, grinding her ass back against Jerry’s punishing cock. She arched her back, her head pulled back by the grip Jerry had on her hair. She felt a rush of air just before his hard stomach slammed into her soft ass, and she knew she had taken every inch of his throbbing prick.

Linda’s ass was still sore from the reaming it had already taken, but she squirmed her hips in Jerry’s grip and hunched herself back at his ravaging cock. He pulled out as quickly as he had thrust in, and the second time he thrust into her, Linda slammed her ass back to meet him. Her silky asscheeks quivered with the force of the concussion, and her hands slid out from under her but Linda scrambled right back up to prepare herself for his next battering thrust.

She sucked cm the panties, tonguing them until she had drawn every taste of cunt and cock from the material. Then she spit them out. She wished they had been dirtier, or there had been more of them to suck. Jerry’s battering of her asshole was enough to make her cum, but she wanted more.

“Fuck me!” she gasped, shaking her big, luscious ass while Jerry fucked her shitter. “Fuck me harder! Fuck me faster! Fuck me until I die!”

“Bitch!” Jerry screamed back, tearing at her hair with one hand and slapping her jiggling ass with the other. “I’ll fuck you to death myself, you whore! I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk!”

Linda moaned with pain-drenched pleasure as Jerry fucked her tight asshole with his big cock. Every clash of their bodies left the sexy cheerleader dazed and battered. Every time he slapped her ass and yanked her hair the pretty girl writhed against the stinging pain. Still she urged her soft ass back against the brutally hard thrust his cock was dealing out. She clamped her asshole so tight round his cock that it felt to Jerry as though she was trying to squeeze it off.

“Whore!” Jerry screamed, collapsing over Linda’s back and smashing his hands up into her dangling tits. “You’re making me cum, you tramp! I’m going to fill you up with cum!”

Linda jerked and twisted and screwed. Jerry fucked his cock into her so quickly and savagely that the sultry cheerleader couldn’t hope to meet his hinges. He played with her big tits, slamming them back up against her chest and then jerking down on them until they were stretched painfully from her body. Her hands slipped out from beneath her again, and this time Jerry rode her down into the straw, fucking her so furiously that she didn’t have a chance to get back up.

Linda scooted through the hay as Jerry fucked his cock up her asshole. The hay dug into her pretty face, and when she reached the end of her leash, the rope cut into her stomach like a wire cord. Jerry kept thrusting his cock inside her and slapping her tits savagely, oblivious to the pain he was causing her. Then he started filling her asshole with his cum.

“You big-assed, bit-titted slut!” Jerry screamed, rising back up off Linda as his jism shot deep inside her injured shitter. “Shake that big ass, you sleazy, scummy little bitch! Shake that ass like the tramp you are!”

Jerry slammed his fists into Linda’s back while he pounded his cock up her shitter. Time lost meaning for the sexy young girl as Jerry abused her tender body. It seemed that it took him forever to shoot all of his cum up her ass, to finish attacking her with his fists and prick. She was barely conscious when he finally pulled away, and she felt hardly any shame at all when he wiped his cock clean with her silky brown hair. She hardly even wondered what they were going to do to her next.

“Tits,” Peter said, stepping up beside her. He nudged her face with a dirty boot, “lick my shoe, then flop over on your sexy little ass.”

Linda scooted her face painfully through the hay to reach Peter’s boot. She pecked at it quickly, but something came over her as her lips brushed the dirty leather. Her second kiss was after deeper and longer. On her third kiss, she brushed her tongue over the tip of the boot. She moaned with passion as she flicked her tongue over the dirty leather. Finally, she opened her mouth and sucked the toes of the boot into her mouth. Her ass wriggled dreamily and pussycream dripped in dew-like droplets as she slurped at the filthy leather.

“Enough!” Peter shouted after a few moments, kicking the squirming, sexy girl over onto her back. “Hands over your head, whore, ’cause I’m going to fuck those big, juicy tits!”

Linda groaned with the effort of pulling her bound arms over her head. With the rope joining them from wrist to elbow, it hurt terribly for her to lift her arms. A moment later she squeaked in surprise and anguish as Peter straddled her chest. He laid his cock in the silky valley of her enormous tits and ground his ass into her until her face got pale from the agony. “I’ll probably never see a bitch with tits as big as yours again,” Peter said, grabbing her luscious tits from the sides and slamming them brutally together around his big cock. “I’m sure as fuck not going to let you get away without fucking the shit out of them!”

Linda gasped in pain as Peter smashed her big tits together. The passion that she had felt while she licked his boots kept growing though, and fanned to new heights by his mistreatment of her sensitive tits. She could barely breathe with his full weight settled on her, but that didn’t seem so important now that his hands were mauling her tits and his fingers were tearing at her nipples.

Linda’s thighs squirmed against each other as Peter fucked her big, satiny tits. Pussy-cream bubbled down over the quivering mouth of her cunt, and her pussylips snapped back and forth like the wings of a butterfly.

Peter laughed at the look of passion in her big, brown eyes, and he leaned forward over her and spit directly into her open, gasping mouth. Linda swallowed his spit and opened her mouth for more. There was nothing the kids could do to her now that wouldn’t turn her on.

The sensation of having her tits fucked was driving her insane. It was as though her tits were more sensitive than her cunt and asshole. Tickling fingers of pleasure were racing all over her squirming, sultry body, driving her wild with a relentless, itching lust. She pushed her tits up into Peter’s punishing hands, twisting from side to side to bounce the silky mountains of flesh against his tit-reaming cock.

The cool drip of his fuck-lube was making the silky channel between Linda’s tits slick and delicious. Peter smashed her tits even tighter around his cock and fucked her faster, running a red groove between her satiny tits. He picked at her nipples while he fucked her tits, pinching and twisting them into full, painful stiffness. He ground his ass into her chest and hugged his powerful thighs against her sides, wanting to punish her.

Linda gasped with pain and passion as Peter bounced up and down on top of her. Pussyjuice squirted from her cunt like piss, soaking the straw beneath her and making her creamy thighs and lush ass sparkle. Peter’s pre-cum was drooling down between her tits and into the soft hollow of her throat, and Linda tucked her chin against her chest to lick the slippery, salty fuckjuice. He was smashing her ribs and tearing her nipples, but having his cock sliding between her big, sensitive tits was driving her wild with passion.

“You whore!” Peter shouted as he plunged his cock through the lush, silky valley of her tits. “You’re driving me crazy, you sweet little slut! You’re making me fucking cum.”

Peter went wild as his orgasm neared. He dug his hands into the soft, bountiful flesh of Linda’s tits. He picked her up by his handfuls of titflesh, drawing his cock back until only his dripping red prickhead was still stuck inside the satiny valley. Then he slammed his cock back through the creamy tunnel of flesh, slamming Linda back into the straw as he drove his cock home.

The world tilted and turned crazily for the helpless cheerleader as Peter picked her up and smashed her down. Her head bounced into the hard ground under the straw, almost knocking her out. Her tits blazed with the most horrid pain they had yet suffered from being used as handles to move her whole body. The pain his jerking and crushing caused felt like it might never go away. The bouncing of Peter’s weight atop her drove the breath from the sexy brunette’s sultry body, and she could feel her ribs giving way under the hellish assault.


“He’s going to kill her,” one of the kids said, and took a step forward to stop Peter.

Suzy grabbed one of his arms before he managed a second step, and Jerry stepped in front of him.

“So what?” Suzy asked, a smile on her pretty face. “If he doesn’t, somebody else will. She’s a slut. The only way a slut can die is to get her trampy little ass fucked off.”

Linda heard the horrific, degrading words, but they seemed to be coming from far away. The only thing that seemed close was Peter, smashing her body and tearing at her tits. It felt to the girl like he was fucking a cunt — a cunt that had suddenly appeared between her big tits. The thought turned her on so much that she jerked her ass high off the ground, thrusting her cunt up into the air and drooling pussy-cream all over the hay beneath her.

“Tits!” Peter screamed. He stopped slamming Linda up and down and just fucked his cock wildly through the silky tunnel of her titflesh. “Tits! Cumming! Cumming all over these beautiful tits!”

The first blast of Peter’s jism exploded through the satiny valley of Linda’s tits, slapping into her chin and soaking the graceful curve of her throat. The second burst looped even higher, drawing a line straight down the center of her face. After that Peter drew back and soaked Linda’s luscious lolling tits with his cock-cream, firing jism down on the silky mounds until her heaving tits were completely covered with cum. The last thing he did before he stepped away was to wipe his cock clean on her stiff nipples.

“Cunt,” Brett said simply, then dropped between her legs. Before Linda had recovered from the beating Peter had given her, Brett was fucking his cock inside her ravaged cunt. “Fuck me, whore! Get that big ass to shaking!”

Linda moaned in pain and lust as Brett fucked her cunt with his big prick. She had thought that after the fucking Booger had given her, no cock would ever stretch her pussy, but her resilient cunt had tightened back up, and now Brett was wrecking it again. Even the fuck fluids that overflowed her swampy cunt couldn’t ease all the pain of Brett’s hammering. Linda gasped and whimpered as he fucked her pussy with a relentless fury.

“Asshole,” Neal said, standing over Linda and jerking off his cock into her face. “Turn her over, Brett. I want another crack at that big, sexy ass.”

Linda gasped in disbelief as Brett rolled her over and Neal pulled her lush asscheeks apart. She gasped in pain and fear a moment later when Neal fucked her reamed out shitter with his fat cock. Two boys were going to fuck her at once now. She guessed that there really wasn’t any limit to the things they would do to her.

Linda had never felt anything like the double fucking Neal and Brett dealt her. They quickly fell into a brutalizing in and out rhythm, both boys pulling their cocks back at the same time and fucking them in with savage thrusts. Linda squirmed helplessly between them. She had never felt so clogged with cock, so full of fuckmeat. It was as though one giant cock, bigger even than Booger’s, was fucking both holes at once.

It became a game between the two boys to see which of them could fuck Linda harder, and they fought each other through the brutalized cushion of the girl’s sexy body. Each shattering thrust left Linda a little more dazed than the last. The agony of having their hard, muscular bodies beating against hers was even worse than the double fucking of her sex-holes.

“Fuck us back!” Neal rasped, biting the back of Linda’s neck so hard that he drew blood. “Squirm that slutty body around a little!”

Linda cried out in despair as the, boys pounded her back and forth between them. She tried to hump her ass back against Neal and grind her cunt down on Brett, but it was hopeless. Every time she tried to move, the two boys would crush her tender body between them, smashing the breath from her lungs and the strength from her muscles.

They rolled Linda over onto her side, and then the two of them really went to work on her. They threw themselves at her, timing their thrusts so that they smashed into her at the same instant. Linda was jolted back and forth until she was almost unconscious. Her cunt and asshole were just so much swollen meat by the time the two boys started cuming.

Linda woke up a little, when Neal and Brett started shooting their loads. She wriggled helplessly in a vain attempt to escape their crushing bodies. Brett clamped his mouth over hers, and he chewed on her lips while he filled her swampy pussy with another load of jism. Neal bit her shoulders and the back of her neck until Linda’s creamy skin was covered with red welts.

When Brett and Neal pulled away from Linda, she lay motionless and silent in the hay. Dirty white jism flowed from her fucked-out pussy and asshole. More cock-cream dried on her big, silky tits. Only the rise of her chest and the fluttering of her cuntlips proved that the two boys hadn’t fucked her to death.

“Right leg,” Suzy said, and winked at Debbie.

“Left leg,” Debbie said.

Linda moaned when the two sexy blondes turned her over onto her back. She shifted slowly as they lay down on top of her, and her eyes fluttered open when they locked their thighs around her legs and started sliding their cunts all over her creamy skin. When she saw the two sexy blondes, Linda cried in desperate fear.

“Like this, tits?” Debbie asked, her eyes sparkling with lust and cruelty as she rubbed her cunt over Linda’s satiny thigh and worked Linda’s pussy over with her knee. “Give me a kiss, you dirty tramp!”

Linda kissed the tall blonde, moaning in shame and fear as her cunt began to buzz once more with pleasure. Debbie sucked Linda’s tongue into her mouth and teased it horribly, sucking and biting it until Linda was sure she was going to tear it out. At the same time, Suzy was playing her tongue all over Linda’s pretty face. Her hands worked on Linda’s big tits, pinching and pulling at the helpless cheerleader’s stiff nipples until the girl squirmed with passion.

Debbie and Suzy effortlessly brought the girl back to life. They played their knees over her ravaged cunt until Linda whimpered in pain from the number of climaxes they had brought her to. They sucked and teased her tits until Linda’s nipples stood out from her chest. They took turns raping her mouth with their tongues until Linda’s lips were bruised and swollen. They covered her legs with their sweet pussycream, reaching orgasms of their own while they teased their helpless slave into condition fix more of the boys’ gang-banging.

“Please don’t leave me!” Linda whispered as the two beautiful blondes pulled away.

“Tits!” a boy shouted out before she could plead again, and he straddled her chest the way Peter had and fucked his cock between her huge, silky tits.

“Tits!” another boy yelled, dropping to his knees at Linda’s side and driving his cock into the side of one of her soft, firm tits.

“Tits!” a third boy said, and followed the second boy’s example on the other side.

“Oh fuck!” Linda moaned, staring up wide-eyed at the three strange boys who were fucking her tits. “What are you doing to me?”

Nothing she had felt in her whole young life had prepared her for the sensation of having three cocks fucking at her big, soft tits at the same time. Six hands were pawing at the full, sensitive mounds at the same time, twisting them first one way and then another, plucking at her nipples and scratching her tender skin. Three cocks pushed against her tits, rubbing over the silky flesh and pushing deep into the yielding cushions. Linda arched her back, making her big tits swell up even more. They were driving her crazy with their triple fucking of her big tits.

“Stop that!” she groaned, then giggled as though she was drunk. “Stop that right now! You don’t know what you’re doing to me! Oh, more! More of you fuck my big, juicy tits!”

Boys dropped down all over her in answer to her pleas. A boy sat on her face and Linda sucked his asshole. Boys straddled her shoulders and she hugged them tightly. Boys crowded in on her from every side, pushing and shoving each other so that they could touch their burning, dripping cocks to Linda’s hot tit-flesh.

Linda couldn’t stop cuming. Her ass danced a foot off the ground. Pussy-cream poured down over her quivering asscheeks like water from a faucet, and her lush legs trembled with the fury of her passion.

Eight cocks fucked Linda’s pliant tits. They scooted over the big mounds, poked deep into the slopes and slid slickly between them. Linda’s tits were soaked with fuck-lube, sparkling with the layers of fuck-slime the boys were leaking.

A boy groaned and started spurting his jism all over Linda’s full tits. His orgasm was contagious, and within a few moments, all eight of the boys were slopping their jism over Linda’s big, silky tits. The frenzied cheerleader urged her tits up into the jism storm, one orgasm after another assaulting her sexy young body.

By the time the boys pulled away from her, Linda’s heaving tits were buried under a coating of cum. Her cunt and inner thighs were frosted with pussy-cream. She writhed sinuously in her bed of hay, staring with glazed eyes at the boys and girls who were still waiting to take a turn on her captive, burning body.

“Tits,” Melody said, stepping forward and licking her lips. “Tits!”

Melody licked up the eight loads of fuck-slime one mouthful at a time, and after gathering up each cheek-bulging load, she moved up to kiss Linda and share the jism with her. Linda couldn’t stop cumming as Melody forced one jism-wet kiss after another on her.

Linda was sure now that she had reached the very limits of perversity. Melody fed her huge globs of jizz, whipping her tongue deep into Linda’s captive mouth. After a while, Linda felt Melody’s hands on her swampy pussy, but she couldn’t climax any more quickly or powerfully than she already was. When Melody had cleaned the last of the cum from Linda’s perfect tits, the skinny redhead straddled the huge mounds and rubbed her cunt against Linda’s stiff nipples. By the time she got up, Linda’s tits were as gooey with pussyjuice as they had been with jism.

Linda climaxed continuously, laughing insanely at all the different ways the kids were defiling her.

After a dozen more boys had taken turns on her, Linda’s pussy and ass were so sore that the slightest brush of a cock sent waves of agony pulsing through her. Her lips were bruised and her tits were raw. The rope around her waist bit so tightly into her flat tummy that she could barely breathe at all. She still climaxed, cumming even when her sultry little body had been gang-banged to ruins, cuming even when awareness slipped away from her and her eyes flickered shut.

Linda woke up when Booger came back for another round, and the kids made sure she stayed awake all the time the fat boy with the freakish cock fucked her asshole to shreds. He pulled out of her ass to cum in her mouth, and Linda screamed in terror when she saw how much of her blood stained his monstrous cock. Light was starting to filter into the barn as she cleaned the blood, along with her shit and Booger’s jism, from his big prick.

“Now we boys have a surprise,” Jerry said, picking up Linda’s purse and smiling cruelly. “We better hurry, because it’s almost time to get home.”

Linda stared at Jerry. And then she saw her cheerleading costume, and what the boys had done to it, and somehow she found the energy to cry.


They had to untie her ankles so that Linda could stand up, but they left the hobble stick tied between her legs. They untied her wrists, too, but they tied a noose around her throat to keep her under control as they walked her out of the barn. Linda followed them submissively, her head bowed and her shoulders slumped. She belonged to them now.

Peter and Jerry stripped her of her camisole and garters, pulling the lingerie roughly from her curvy body. Linda offered not the slightest resistance as they stripped her naked in the middle of the barnyard. But she started crying again when they dressed her in her cheerleading outfit. She couldn’t stand the thought of what they had done to it.

Being a member of the cheerleading squad had always been one of Linda’s greatest ambitions. There had never been a prouder moment in her life than the day she had first been given her uniform. Now these evil country kids had taken even that pride, away from her.

The boys had altered her, sweater until it reached down only as far as the upper slopes of her big tits. They had altered her skirt until it was little more than a wisp of fabric, sheathing barely half the curves of her full asscheeks. The most humiliating thing of all was that they forced her to wear her cute little cheerleading shoes, and her white cheerleading socks.

“You bastards!” Linda sobbed, staring at the kids with a mixture of hatred, and sadness. “Haven’t you done enough to me yet? Can’t you just leave me alone?”

“Not for a long time,” Jerry said, his voice low and dangerous. “Not for a long time more. Now lead a cheer far us, big tits. Shake your ass for me.”

“Do a cheer for us, slut!” Suzy screamed, throwing a rock at Linda. “Let’s hear what a fucking Eastport cheer sounds like!”

Linda screamed in pain when the rock hit her right tit. A moment later, another kid threw a rock at her, hitting her in the back, and Linda screamed and jumped again. After that all the kids were pelting her with rocks and demanding that she do a cheer for them.

Linda realized that she had no choice. She had never had a choke. Jerry and Suzy and the others were the masters, and she was the slave. Slaves, never had any choice in the things they had to do.

“Eastport, Eastport, you’re okay!” she sang slowly, wiggling her shoulders and doing a clumsy two-step with the hobble between her legs. “Feed these hicks a little hay!”

The kids heckled her and threw more rocks. One hit Linda in the head, almost knocking her out. She cried harder and started into another routine.

“Sexier!” Peter screamed. “Shake those big tits, you dumb cow!”

Debbie jerked on Linda’s leash, almost knocking her to the ground, and a couple more rocks hit her helpless, captive body.

“Cheer for some fucking!” Debbie yelled, wiggling sensually as she choked the sexy cheerleader. “Come on, pig-tits, cheer to get fucked!”

“Fuck!” Linda cheered, rotating her lush ass in a wide, sexy circle and shaking her big tits. “I love fucking any way!”

“Boo!” Suzy shouted, bouncing another rock off Linda’s tits. “A child could do better than that!”

Linda gasped with pain when the rock hit her. She gasped with art even deeper feeling as she did a slow bump and grind in front of the jeering kids. Something was happening inside her cunt, and after all the horrid, delicious orgasms that had battered their way through her voluptuous body, Linda knew what it was. She was getting hot. Even as the kids defiled the one thing she really cared about, she was getting excited.

“I need pussy and I need prick!” she rasped, running her hands down over her big, trembling tits and juicing, swollen pussy. “Something sweet and nasty I can kiss and lick!”

“Not bad,” Suzy said, holding back on the next rock she was going to throw.

“I’m a dirty, scummy, big-assed slut,” Linda’s voice was a throaty moaning now. She flipped her hips and shook her big tits, tearing at swollen cuntlips with both hands. “I’ll suck your asshole, I’ll lick your nuts!”

Linda squirmed and writhed like a seasoned stripper, humping her ass and grinding her luscious hips. She lifted first one shoulder and then the other, making her big tits bounce and sway sensuously. She even broke off fingerfucking her pussy to stretch her arms high above her heady making her full, firm tits stand up even higher and prouder on her chest.

Debbie was pulling on her leash, and Linda followed the tall, sexy blonde, still putting on a brazen display of her lush, curvy body. None of the kids were throwing rocks now, and there was even a smattering of applause from some of the boys. Linda flashed them a smile and stuck her ass out in their direction.

“Fuck me bow-legged, then fuck me more!” she moaned, pawing at her drooling pussy with one hand while she showed off her tits with the other. “I’m just your sexy little whore!”

“Not bad.” Jerry nodded. “Dump her in, Debbie.”

Linda squealed when Debbie jerked on the leash and tumbled her face first into an empty tough. She started to pull herself up, but before she could, Jerry and Peter had stepped in and bound her securely. They looped her leash around the end of the trough and tied it there. Then they unfastened the hobble, spread her lush legs even wider, and hooked them over the sides of the trough.

Linda wriggled and twisted, but even with her hands free she was unable to move more than a couple of inches in any direction.

“Time to go, people,” Jerry said, walking up to the side of the trough and staring down at the beaten, beautiful cheerleader. “One last shot, though. Who wants to get jacked off by a big-city cheerleader?”

The other kids cheered in unison, and Linda started trembling. She grabbed at her swollen pussy with both hands, dragging her fingernails over the inflamed red lips of her cunt. Pussycream flowed down aver her fingers in thick, milky rivers. Linda knew that the boys were going to be spilling their jism on her, one after another, and that this time they would be soiling her cheerleader outfit along with her. Somehow that made the degradation more complete, the disgrace more final. It made Linda cry, but it also made her cum.

“Here, tits,” Peter said, leaning down over the squirming girl and fitting a pair of sunglasses over her eyes. “I want you to see every second of this, and I think you might need some goggles.”

Peter grabbed one of Linda’s hands away from her cunt and wrapped her delicate fingers around his throbbing, dripping cock. Linda didn’t hesitate in curling her hand around his prick and starting to massage him. A boy she didn’t recognize wrapped her other hand around his cock, and Linda moaned with passion and shame as she beat them both off.

It didn’t take long for the boys to shoot. She pumped their cocks briskly, teasing their balls with her fingernails and smearing their fuck-lube all over the bulging heads of their cocks.

The boy she didn’t recognize was the first one to lose his load. It spurted high into the air above Linda’s sexy body, then splattered down over her stomach. Linda writhed in lust as the jism burned its way into her creamy flesh. She pumped the boy’s cock even harder, screaming with passion at every wet slap of jism against her buxom body.

She was still jerking Peter’s cock when another boy stepped up on her other side. She grabbed his cock in her jism-drenched fingers and before she had pumped him a dozen times, his prick was jerking in her hand. His first blast of cum splashed all over the tiny remains of Linda’s cheerleading sweater, pasting the material against her silky skin. Linda aimed his cock up and down her body as it spouted huge geysers of jism. His cock-cream splattered over her tits and stomach and ass, and the last weak spurts trailed down Linda’s slender arm in gooey streams.

Peter started cumming just as the second boy reached his climax, and he splattered her sunglasses with gummy ropes of cum. Linda blinked her eyes as the jism slithered stickily over the slick glass, then jumped with surprise when his next spume of fuck slime splashed right into her open, gasping mouth. The beautiful cheerleader rolled the jism around on her tongue before she swallowed it, and while she did, a climax pounded through her luscious body.

Staring up through the jism-stained sunglasses made everything seem surreal. Only the boys’ cocks seemed solid, pulsing hotly in her hands, jerking when she teased them toward climax, finally jumping and lurching as they delivered their loads of spunk all over her sexy, captive body. By the time she had jerked off a dozen boys, she thought that the line of cocks was never going to end. After a dozen more she couldn’t remember any time when she hadn’t been lying in the dirty trough servicing horny boys.

Some of the boys gave her instructions, telling her to jerk them off into her mouth or onto her tits or over her legs. A lot of boys wanted to shoot their loads on her tits or all over her pussy. Even more wanted to soil her face with their cum. Linda did whatever they asked, and she came more than all the boys combined. The kids had taught her to love being degraded and despoiled, and this was the ultimate in desecration. They weren’t even fucking her now, just using her for a cum depository.

Before long, Linda’s fingers were webbed together with sticky strands of cum, and her arms were painted a solid coat of white by the cock cream that the boys had spilled down them. It started to hurt when she moved her arms, the drying jism pulling against her skin, but Linda didn’t mind the stinging pain.

“Shit,” Debbie said, staring down into the trough. “I wouldn’t have thought you guys had it in you.”

Linda was swimming in a pool of cock-cream. The trough was filled over an inch deep with jism, and Linda’s creamy skin was plastered white with cum. The sunglasses Peter had given her were painted a flat shade of dirty silver. The rest of Linda’s face was plastered with slime. Her tits looked like twin snow-capped mountains. The shuddering pain of her stomach was awash with cum, and her cunthair was dyed white with jism. Even her long, lush legs were striped with cum. Trails of jism traced snail tracks down her trembling thighs and shapely calves.

“Here, honey, beat me off too,” Debbie said, grabbing Linda’s jism-crusty hand and placing it over the golden-furred mouth of her pussy. “Play with me a little bit. I want to cream all over you.”

Most of the boys had shot their loads over the squirming cheerleader. Now the girls moved in, making Linda play with their pussies and fingerfuck them to one climax after another. They were harder to please than the boys, wanting to cum four or five times instead of just once before they moved away. Linda didn’t care. She loved the feel of squishing pussy flesh around her fingers almost as much as she loved playing with hard, dripping cocks. The only thing that made her cry out in frustration was that she didn’t have enough hands to play with all the kids at once.

Finally there was no one else for her to pleasure. Linda twisted her heed from side to side, her hands pawing at the empty air. After a moment, she clapped both her hands over her pussy, fucking four fingers deep inside her poaching, jism-soaked cunt. She moaned in delirious orgasm as she stuffed her fingers inside her swollen pussy.

“Move those scuzzy little hands off that sleazy little cunt!” Suzy growled, stepping up to the trough with a long, thin stick in her hands. “I’ve got something real good to keep you company!”

“Noooooo!” Linda screamed when she caught a glimpse of what Suzy had in her hands. “Noooooo! Pleeeaaaassseee! Nooooooo!”

“Sure, you say that now,” Suzy said, “but sooner or later a tramp like you loves anything.”

Suzy drove the end of the mop into Linda’s pussy as though she were stabbing a spear into an enemy. The rounded wooden handle easily pierced the swollen lips of Linda’s cunt, slicing deep inside her battered little pussy. Linda cried out in involuntary passion when the coarse wood rasped over the wriggling bud of her clit. Then the end of the mop started pushing at the back of her cunt and she screamed.

“Hardly a foot,” Suzy said with a lust-drunk giggle. “Come on, pig-tits, you can do better than that?”

Linda moaned with relief when Suzy pulled the mop handle back out of her cunt, but she screamed again when the cruel little blonde slammed it back inside her.

Linda grabbed at the mop handle, trying to hold it back. Suzy screamed with anger at the enslaved cheerleader’s act of defiance and leaned all her weight onto her end of the mop. Linda gasped in agony as the thin wooden handle fucked its way deeper inside her.

“Give Suzy a hand,” Jerry said, watching his girl ravage the helpless cheerleader with the handle of the mop. “Piss on the slut. Everybody take a turn.”

The other kids took up the chant, and a moment later, Linda’s hands were jerked, off the mop handle and wrapped around two limp, slimy cocks. Their owners told Linda where to point them, and an instant later, hot piss was pouring all over her writhing, cum-drenched body.

One of the boys made Linda guide his stream of piss all over her pretty face, and the cum that had pooled and crusted on her features was quickly washed away. The other boy pissed all over her tits, and it was as if spring had come to melt the snow from the full, fleshy mountains. The cum slithered off Linda’s heaving, creamy tits.

“Keep your slutty mouth open!” Suzy shouted, plunging the handle of the mop deeper and deeper into Linda’s pussy. “Drink piss, whore! It might make your tits grow even bigger!”

Linda opened her mouth wide as two more boys stepped up to fill her hands with their cocks. Both boys made her aim their cocks right at her parted lips, and they filled her open mouth to overflowing with their stinking piss. Piss cascaded all over Linda’s pretty face.

Other boys stepped up to piss on her, showering her legs and cunt and stomach with their burning yellow waste. Linda squirmed in a piss drenched agony as Suzy fucked the mop handle over a foot into her pussy. There was nothing the tortured beauty could do to escape the hideous agony. She wondered if Suzy intended to fuck her to death with the mop handle.

Something snapped inside Linda and she screamed as a sudden rush of sensation overpowered her sultry body. The head of the mop had fucked into the girl’s womb. Now Suzy really pounded the hideous mop handle inside her, fucking Linda deeper and harder than anyone would ever fuck her again. The pain was so intense that. Linda climaxed.

“Yesssss!” Linda hissed, turning the pair of cocks she was holding away from her mouth for an instant so that she could urge the savage little blonde on. “Fuck me harder! Fuck me to death! You’re making me cum so good!”

“Am I?” Suzy asked, grinding the handle of the mop almost two feet inside the degraded cheerleader’s battered pussy. “Then I guess I better stop.”

Without another word, she dropped her hands from the mop handle and walked up to the end of the trough. Linda screamed and cried incoherently, but when she tried to reach down to plunge the mop deeper inside her cunt, Suzy grabbed her hands and pulled them high above her head. Jerry tied Linda’s hands to the edge of the trough, and the passion-crazed girl writhed in frustrated lust.

“Bastards!” she screamed, tears pouring down her pretty cheeks as she tried vainly to fuck herself on the mop handle. “Make me cum, you motherfuckers!”

Boys were still hosing the twisting, maddened beauty with their piss. The level of the stinking yellow fluid had risen almost to Linda’s chin.

Most of her squirming, sweaty body was submerged beneath a jism-seasoned pool of piss, only the twin mountains of her tits and her bound legs poking through the stinking yellow surface.

Jerry pulled out his cock and pissed right into Linda’s wide-open mouth, silencing her screams with a hard stream of piss. Linda choked and coughed on the burning piss mouthwash, but before long she was drinking it down like the world’s sweetest nectar. Her hips surged through the lake of piss, trying to fuck her cunt on the mop handle. Every kid in the barnyard knew that the city slut was cuming again. Most of them knew that any orgasm she had now would just drive her lust up another notch, drive her even more insane for the plunge of the mop handle inside her.

“Please!” she whimpered when Jerry zipped his pants back up. “Make me cum! Just fuck me with the mop a little bit more! Suzy, you wanted to fuck me with the mop! Just a little bit more! Just a tiny little bit!”

“Don’t worry, pig-tits!” Suzy hissed, unzipping her own jeans and straddling the sides of the trough right over Linda’s gasping face. “We’ll be back tonight. Tomorrow at the latest. We want to play with you for a long time.”

“Noooooo!” Linda shrieked, twisting and jerking in the lake of piss. “No, you can’t keep me here! I’m not a slave! You can’t just leave me here like this!”

“Not like that,” Suzy said gently, an evil light gleaming in her eyes. “Like this.”

Jerry braced Suzy as she squatted down over Linda’s face. The broken cheerleader opened her mouth as a river of piss rushed out of Suzy’s pretty pink cunt, accepting the foul shower as part of her new life. After the stream of piss subsided Suzy grunted, and only then did the horrified young beauty begin to suspect what was really happening. Only then did she realize that her degradation could keep getting worse forever.

She didn’t try to turn her head or close her mouth. She knew that Suzy or one of the others would punish her terribly if she did that. Instead, she watched as Suzy’s asshole dilated and a long turd pushed its way out between her asscheeks. When it broke off and slapped against Linda’s cheek, the desecrated cheerleader exploded in orgasm.

The second turd plopped down right over the bridge of Linda’s nose, and her hips kicked all the way up out of the piss as she climaxed. But the third turd was the one that sent her over the edge. The third turd was the one that made her understand how correct it was to wait all day in a bath of piss and jism for her masters to come back to her. The third turd was the one that made her realize that if they wanted her to suffer with a mop plunged two feet inside her, she should feel honored to have it piercing her cunt. The third turd was the one that made the luscious cheerleader a slave forever.

It slid right down between her parted lips.

“Me next,” Debbie said, giggling like a schoolgirl as she got out of her tight jeans. “This is so gross! I’ve just got to bomb the cheerleader!”

Linda smiled, her pretty face soiled with shit and piss and jism. She wondered if Debbie’s shit would taste different than Suzy’s. She couldn’t wait to find out.


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