Chemistry Help Ch. 02

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(Author’s Note: This is the second in my foray into the Mature genre. Everyone is of legal age. Check out the first chapter for background about the characters.)

Ty was still shaking when he walked into his house. As he slowly walked towards his room, he heard his cell phone go off. He looked on the display and saw his girlfriend’s name. One quick moment and the decision was made. He answered.

“Hey darlin, what’s going on? ” The voice at the other end was her cheerful self as usual. Good ole Brittany always knew how to be peppy.

“Hello, lover. Just got home?”

“Yeah, had to fix a problem from Chemistry. Where are you? ” Immediately, Ty felt himself screw up because now he knew she knew where he was before he got home.

“Just sitting here in my room wondering when my boyfriend would be coming over for some ‘homework help’. Interested? ” Ty was torn. Part of him knew that she would probably smell the cum off his jeans and underwear after Mrs. Milton’s blow job. But there was a part that knew he felt deeply for Brittany as well.

“Give me a few minutes, I ripped my jeans and I need to change first.”

“Okay, but hurry up cause I really need your help right now. Bye.” Ty felt relieved. As he ran upstairs to change his clothes and take a quick shower, he was wondering if he was doing the right thing.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Milton just finished her own brand of clean up and was walking towards her car when her own cell began to ring. Part of her was hoping it was Ty since she was still a little turned on . She felt a little disappointed when she saw it was her husband. She then answered.

“Honey, I’m not going to be home for dinner tonight. Looks like the boss has me going with him to talk about the Armstrong account. Think you’ll be okay?” Mrs. Milton thought to herself that it figured that she sent away a hard dick just to go home to an empty house. She tried to hide her disappointment a little.

“Sure darling, I’ll be okay. What time will you be home? “

“Probably around 10 PM. No doubt the boss will be wanting to make the adjustments tonight instead of giving me peace. This will pay off soon, you’ll see.”

“I trust you, love. Think I’ll go out for some Chinese then.”

“Sounds like a plan Ang. Have as good a night as you can. remember we have the boat trip this weekend with the Samuels this weekend.”

“See you soon hun.” As Angie hung up the phone, her mind was already working to come up with a plan how to tied her over. There was just one more part to her plan she needed to start. It started with a quick dinner at the local burger place so she could sneak over to the local adult novelty shop for a few trinkets. As she walked out of the store, she felt dirty. The kind of dirty a night of fierce fucking was the only cure for.

By the time Ty was done with Brittany, she was breathing heavy and her long blond hair was strewn about the bed. Ty was looking at her knowing full well the possible damage that could be done if he told her about the blow job from Mrs. Milton. For the moment, everything was in harmony and the universe was balanced. That changed with the ringing of his cell phone. Ty quickly leaned over and saw the display with an unfamiliar number. Instead of answering, he pushed a button to silence his phone before he started talking and holding Brittany closer.

Angie Milton was a little perturbed. She knew casino siteleri she had the right number based on the card her students filled out at the beginning of the year. She then decided she would give him a half hour, then try to call again. She then proceeded to grab the new vibrator she bought and caress her clit slowly as she remembered the action that took place in her office only hours earlier. She was imagining that young dick pulsating inside her mouth. She remembered the yummy taste of that fresh spunk as it eased over her tongue down her throat driving her clit beyond its normal limits. She was about to climax again when she heard the ringing of her cell phone. Cursing out loud, she grabbed the phone and answered it without looking at the display.

“Mrs. M.?” It was Ty’s voice.

“Oh, hi Ty. Everything okay?” Her voice was breathy and partially pitched since she was so close to her personal climax.

“Mrs. M., you called me first.” The senior had her there. She was seeking him for a fuck before her husband would be home. However, when he didn’t answer, she was taking matters into her own hands.

“I did and I was wondering what you were doing tonight.” She said it and at this point, there was no real turning back.

“Mrs. M., I’m scared. What if your husband finds out what you did today or if my girlfriend finds out? I’ll be screwed.”

“Awww come on, Ty. Afraid of a little danger. That wasn’t what you said after that prank today.” She decided to use that trump card even though it might be a dangerous thought. She could hear the silence over the phone as she could reason that he was debating how much that prank was actually worth. His answer was quick.

“I’ll be honest, Mrs. M. That blow job was dynamic. I can only imagine what fucking you would be like. So what’s the address so I can try it out? ” Angie was already dripping as she thought about what she was gonna make this senior stud do to her.

Ty was about to turn the corner to reach her house when his cell phone rang. It was Brittany.

“Hey,darlin. What’s up?” He was careful to control his breathing to not alert her of the sin he was about to perform.

“Still glowing from your help, lover boy. Wishing you were here for round two.”

“I know, darlin,”he paused for a sec.”I have to finish that punishment Mrs. M. gave me for that prank I pulled today.”

‘Damn, what’s that wench have you doing?” Ty had to think fast.

“Would you believe copying the periodic table by hand? She’s rough. But I did screw up.” Ty held his breath to see if she bought it.

“So will you pick me up for school tomorrow then?” Ty was excited that Brittany bought it.

“Sure, baby. Pick you up at seven?”

“Why seven? “

“Breakfast, darlin. Breakfast.”

“Okay, lover. I’m in for breakfast at seven. See you tomorrow. Kisses.” The phone disconnected and Ty proceeded to pull up to the front curb of the house. He parked his car. then walked up the wooded walkway towards Mrs. M’s house. He took a look for a moment at the size of it and realized that Mr. M. probably had a really good job to afford a house like this. At the door, he considered knocking or ringing the doorbell when Mrs. M. opened the door.

“Bout time you got here,” she smiled. She stood at the door wearing a pink T shirt and a pair of gray sweatpants with a pair of cute pink slippers. güvenilir casino Her hair was up like a cheer leader’s ponytail and her smile was a genuine Texas sized one. It reminded Ty of Brittany’s in a way. He started to have second thoughts.

“Come in, the wooded walkway does grant us a bit of privacy, but I don’t want nosey neighbors,” Mrs. M. said as Ty shuffles in. She could tell he was having second thoughts, so her mind started working on a way to loosen him up a bit.

“Did you want a soda to drink?” Ty heard soda and thought it sounded juvenile. But he played along.

“Sure. Nice house Mrs. M.”

“Tyrone,”God he hated being called by his full first name, but he bore with it.”Please call me Angie. Mrs. M. makes me feel so old. I’m only twenty years older than you. Younger than your parents I believe.” Ty then realized that Mrs. M. did her homework. It explains how she tried to call him. Then he remembered that one of his past offenses had a conference attached where both parents met with her.

“Um…Mrs. I mean Angie. So…..”Any person could tell that Ty was nervous as a virgin, again. “How long will it be until Mr. M. gets home.” Angie looked at him before flashing a grin.

“Hours,” she answered. “Listen, Ty, I don’t want you to go through with this if you feel threatened or uncomfortable.”These words shocked Ty as he sat there. He was thinking that Mrs. M. was gonna be some nympho he read about on the different porn sites he had been to, but she seems to be reserved. Perhaps she was having second thoughts.

“Angie, if you don’t want to…..”he never go to finish that thought as Angie walked over and placed her lips over his, blowing softly. Ty could taste the familiar bouquet of chemicals that make Dr. Pepper on her breath as her lips opened causing his to open involuntarily. He could feel his arms reaching up and wrapping around her as much as she was able before she straddled his lap. Even through his underwear and jeans and through the sweatpants he knew she was wearing, he could feel an enormous amount of heat from her privacy between her legs that quickly awakened the sleeping trouser snake hidden in his jeans.

For a split second, they were joined as a cosmic entity, neither knowing where one being finished and another began. As Ty slid his arms lower to secure them around her waist, he slowly slid up to hold Mrs. M.’s lithe body as he walked, briefly releasing his lip lock on her to discover where to go in the house. It was then Mrs. M. allowed her legs to release his waist and drop down so she could show him exactly where she wanted him to take her.

Ty wasn’t focusing on the artwork on the walls nor the pictures presumably of her and her husband as he followed. He was dead set focused on the really tight ass of his chemistry teacher encased in gray sweatpants as she led him towards her room to play in. As he walked in, he could see the various packages she bought from the adult store. A quick glance at the wrappings indicated that they were of various lubrications and a new pocket rocket. He turned to see Angie’s arms lifting up her T shirt to reveal a turquoise bra. But unlike a normal one like Brittany loved to wear, this one seemed to be missing parts as the tops of her big round areolas and the erect nipples were showing.

Angie could see that even though she was a thirty eight year old, the sight of her breasts canlı casino with some enhancement by her new lingerie was having the desired effect on Ty. As she slowly sauntered closer to him, she allowed her arms to push him onto the bed between the packaging from her adult store trip and slowly crawled onto him. She allowed her chest to rise to where his mouth was and hovered there to allow Ty to take the bait. Ty’s tongue snaked out and touched the nipple on her left before he allowed his arms to surround her again and pull her towards him to allow more of his lips to surround and absorb as much of her breast flesh as he could. It was pure pleasure to Angie as she felt his member growing inside his jeans and her own mound of pleasure already throbbing for want of attention. It took a bit of strength to roll off of Ty to release the hold he had on her breast as she laid on the bed.

Ty seized the opportunity to lean up and began to place his fingers under the sweatpants she was wearing to pull them down, dumping the pink slippers on the floor as he did. The sight of the same color panties as the bra with her clit exposed excited him greatly as he allowed his left point finger to slowly rub her already moistened place. Angie pulled in a breath, stifling the moan she hadn’t felt in a while as Ty expanded his probing to two fingers. There were parts of Angie’s mind that wanted him to continue his exploration, but there was more of an urgent need. One of pure animalistic primal origins.

“Ty, pull your dick out. I need to be fucked now,”she growled. Ty was taken aback. Part of him wanted to savor this vintage of woman, to enjoy her complexities. In his mind, though, he realized that this would be part of his punishment although it really wasn’t as punishing as he could wish. In a flash, his zipper was undone and his manhood was already stiffened and producing it’s own lube ready to operate. He crawled back onto the bed and slowly placed his member between the fabric of her crotch less panties before sliding in. Unlike Brittany’s area which was noticeably looser due to his constant probing for the last six months, he noticed that Angie’s was tighter, almost virginal in it’s structure. Ty surmised as he slid into Angie and she shrieked loudly that it had been a while since she was suitably fucked by anyone and that he should consider himself blessed in a perverted way.

Quickly, Angie placed her legs up so they could lean against Ty’s broad shoulders while she felt herself reopened for the first time in a long while. She could feel the heat of her loins mingling with his, his member stretching out her cunt as she started whispering a little before yelling for him to go in deeper and harder. In the recesses of her mind, she knew she would have a hard enough time walking tomorrow after the pounding she was being given.

Ty’s throat cleared as he began to slow down his pounding. Angie looked up to notice the tell tale sign on his face that he was unsure where his climax should happen. Angie cured that inquiry by sliding down so she was on her knees before him, his hand grasping his dick and pulling it while she took her own hands to slide her breasts together. She felt sexy and dirty as his young cock began to spurt it’s pay load onto the flesh of her breasts, her tongue hanging out like it was going to be photographed to be placed on some DVD cover. Ty opened his eyes to see his chemistry teacher liking remnants of his seed off of her breasts as well as the remnant on his own member. His dick felt sore, but a good kind of sore. Angie looked up at him and smiled. She thought to herself that she indeed had found her new play toy and he would be used quite well.

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