Cheryl’s Holiday Bonus

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Arriving at her grandparents’ house, Cheryl was glad to get out of the car. Because her parents’ house was full of other relatives, everyone agreed it would be best if Cheryl would stay at her grandparents’ condo rather than compete for space at her old home.

She had driven nearly four hours straight and needed a good stretch. The trip from Houston to Dallas wasn’t bad, but this time she had to go alone. Her husband Mark had to work and couldn’t take off until Friday, but he would be there until Wednesday to join in the holiday fun.

She was a little annoyed that he still had to travel so much for work. He had worked there for the last three years and had hoped he would have been moved up in the organization by now and making a little more money without the travel. But with the economy and now with the Christmas season in full swing, they’d have to wait a while longer to see if it happens. She was ready to start a family, but they decided to wait until his schedule improved. Both were tired of using condoms when they made love, but it was the preferred option as far as they were concerned. The few times they had gone bareback, it was only out of luck that they didn’t get a nine month surprise.

This was Cheryl’s first Christmas as a married woman, though she and Mark had been together pretty much since high school. Cheryl felt very lucky to be married at twenty-two to her first and only love.

Cheryl decided to drive down a few days early since Mark was still away and so she could hang out with her family and maybe visit some friends she hadn’t seen in a while.

The weather so far this winter had been a little warmer than usual. In fact, when she left Houston, it was in the upper sixties outside. In was only slightly cooler in Dallas.

Exiting the car and approaching the door, the house looked deserted. Both grandparents are semi-retired but seem to run around more now than when they were working. Walking up to the door and ringing the bell, there was no response from inside.

Fortunately, Cheryl had remembered to bring the spare key and was able to let herself in. Needing to go to the bathroom badly, she made a mad dash to the nearest restroom only to run into her grandfather stepping out of the shower reaching for a towel.

Frozen, she stared at her grandfather while he stared back at her with a look of shock on his face. Before backing out, Cheryl’s eyes darted downward at her grandfather’s dangling member, before turning away and leaving the bathroom.

Grandfather had just turned sixty-five but didn’t look it. He had lost most of his hair, so he mostly kept his head shaved. He was just under six feet tall and was still fairly muscular. He still would go to the gym and lift weights and swim. He was a little thicker in the middle than when he was younger, but not by much.

Mumbling, “Sorry ” she rushed down the hall to the other bathroom, sat down and relieved herself. After finishing, she slowly exited the bathroom. Seeing her grandfather buttoning his shirt she blushed and stammered out a weak apology.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said smiling. “I’d hoped to be finished before you arrived.”

Trying to shake the image from her mind, she asked, “So, where is everyone?”

“Your grandma went shopping with your mother, as for the rest, I guess at your folks’ place or doing their own things, and I’m about to head to the office for a few hours to finish some stuff up there.”

“Well,” Cheryl replied, “I won’t be here too long either, promised some friends I’d stop by when I arrived, since I probably won’t get a chance to see them again with everything else going on. I just want to grab my stuff out of the car then go.”

“Sure, I’ll help you.”

“Thanks,” Cheryl answered, then unconsciously glanced down at her grandfather’s crotch.

Bringing her bags into the house, they continued chatting about what they’d been up to and other mundane things. Yet Cheryl couldn’t help but picture him standing in the shower without a stitch on.

With that finished, Cheryl called her friend and told her she had just arrived and if she was available to get together. Unfortunately, she was busy, but they’d try again later.

“Well, looks like I be hanging out here for a little while.”

“That’s fine,” said Grandfather. “Make yourself at home, I won’t be too long.”

“Bye,” she said as he closed the door and started up his big truck.

Turning on the TV, she sat there reflecting on what had just happened. Closing her eyes, all she saw was him standing there stark naked. That wasn’t troubling by itself, her parents didn’t hide their bodies when she was growing up, so nudity was no taboo in her mind. It was the fact that he seemed to be so much better endowed than she would have thought. Sure, it was only a brief glance, but she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Sitting on the sofa, she thought about him and his package. She then realized that her hand had moved between her legs and was rubbing herself through her jeans. Shaking her head in her seat with a mix of revulsion and disgust bursa eskort she moved her hands and to her sides. Wiping the thought away, she tried to think about Mark instead. She focused on their last love making session a few days ago before he had to leave for his current business trip. This had the desired effect, as she thought of them in bed. Of course, this only made her wetter and hornier and it wasn’t long until the image of her grandfather reappeared. Shaking the thought from her mind again, she got up, went to the kitchen for a snack..

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before her grandmother and mother showed up along with her sister and she was able to take her mind off it as they talked and planned. Still, when her grandfather did show up, she couldn’t resist stealing an occasional glance at his crotch.

After a late lunch, they all sat in the living room casually chatting. Eventually, they began leaving until it was only Cheryl and the grandparents. Shocked that it was already nearly ten, grandmother announced she was ready for bed. After she left, Grandfather looked at Cheryl and asked if everything was ok.

“Sure,” she said suddenly feeling nervous and jumpy. Grandfather obviously noticed and asked if she’d like to go out into the sun room for some fresh air. Not wanting to make him feel bad, Cheryl agreed. Sitting on the swing they rocked for a while before anyone spoke.

Eventually, he broke the ice.

“You still feel bad about walking in on me.” It wasn’t a question.

Looking at him, she smiled and quietly said yes.

“You’re getting too worked up about it, really it’s no big deal, it’s just a body.”

“No, that’s not it,” Cheryl replied.

“What then?”

“It’s just …”


“It’s just … you have the biggest one I have ever seen,” sh said, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks.

Taken aback, Grandfather was unable to reply.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said.”

“No, I’m glad you told me, it’s just it’s really nothing special…definitely average.”

“No ” she said with more emphasis than she intended. “It’s huge and I really can’t stop thinking about it.”

“Oh please,” he said dismissively looking at her with a slight smile.

“I don’t know, I’m just very confused right now.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it, what can I do to make you feel better?”

“I guess … nope, never mind.”

“No, what?”

“Can I see it again?” Cheryl asked very meekly.


“I don’t mean to be weird or anything, it’s just, I really just can’t get it out of my mind, and maybe if I see it again it won’t be a big deal.”

“I don’t know,” replied Grandfather, “That seems kind of messed up.”

“I know, but I just can’t seem to get it out of my mind, I’ve only seen Mark’s and the guy’s at the strip club for my bachelorette party in person and I swear you seem to have the biggest one. Maybe if seeing it’s just another wiener, I can get it out of my mind.”

“If we do this, do you promise not to bring it up again.”

“Yes,” Cheryl replied.

Sighing heavily, Grandfather nodded his head. “So, when and where do you want to do this?”

“Can we do it now? I know I won’t be able to sleep if we don’t get it done with.” As Cheryl said this she looked between her grandfather’s legs and saw that he was hard.

Seeing Cheryl’s eyes drop he said, “Sorry, I can’t control it.”

“I’m sorry,” she replied sheepishly but inside she was excited.

“Lets go in the computer room, your grandmother never goes in there.”

Slowly and reluctantly, Grandfather got up from the swing and followed Cheryl who was literally bouncing up and down, anxious to get into the computer room.

Entering and closing the door, Grandfather had a rather sour look on his face while Cheryl beamed with anticipation.

“I’m really not comfortable with this.”

“I’m sorry,” Cheryl said without meaning it. “Look, it’ll be fast then we can forget about it.”

Slowly, he undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. Next, he removed his briefs that were unsuccessfully trying to retain the growing bulge.

Cheryl dropped to her knees and was staring directly at Grandfathers manhood. She couldn’t believe her eyes. While Mark was a healthy man who was not disadvantaged in that department, Grandfather still had a couple of inches on him plus some added thickness.

“My god,” whispered Cheryl, “you are way bigger than Mark.”

“Really?” he replied with a sly smile spreading across his face.

Reaching out to touch him, she hesitated, pulled back her arm and quickly stood up. Realizing the inappropriateness of what she was about to do, she mumbled, “Thanks, but I should probably head to …”

Before she finished, Grandfather grabbed her shoulders and pressed his lips against hers. Shocked, Cheryl stood there as a strange, yet familiar tongue penetrated her mouth. As she began to return the kiss, a door down the hall opened and they heard footsteps coming from the master bedroom. Horrified, both backed up from bursa escort bayan each other as Grandfather fumbled with his pants. Fortunately, the steps went past the door and continued into the kitchen. Grandfather got his pants back on as they listened to Grandmother get a glass and fill it with water then return to her room.

Cheryl took the opportunity to leave as Grandfather stood there with a disappointed but relieved look in his eyes.

The next morning, after a fitful night of sleep, Cheryl went out to the kitchen. Here grandparents were already at the table, drinking coffee and reading the paper.

Her heart pounded as she approached the table and was greeted with hello and morning.

Acting like everything was perfectly normal, she went about her normal routine. Grandfather also acted like everything was perfectly normal.

Sitting at the table and talking, Cheryl had almost been able to convince herself that last night was just a strange dream.

Grandmother finished her coffee, then went to take a shower.

As soon as she was gone, and the bedroom door was closed, Grandfather whispered, “I think we need to talk.”

“Can’t we just forget it?” Cheryl pleaded.

“I can’t … please, just come with me and we can discuss this.”

Taking a deep breath, “Ok, what do you want to talk about?”

“I just want to go somewhere where we won’t be interrupted, after my shower we can go.”



After Cheryl finished getting dressed, and left the bedroom, walked into the kitchen to see Grandmother cleaning up the breakfast dishes.

“Your grandfather says you’re are going to the airport with him to pick up aunt Sharon?”

“Yeah,” Cheryl stammered unaware of the plans.

“Well, don’t forget your aunt’s airplane arrives just after one.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be sure we gets there, com’on, have time to stop at the bookstore on the way,” Grandfather said entering the kitchen with a smile.

Getting into her grandfather’s pickup, Cheryl felt very nervous, but tried not to let it show. They backed out of the garage and went around the corner, and headed towards the mall. Pulling into the parking lot, he parked the car far from the door away several spaces away from any other cars.

As he leaned towards her, pulling away she said, “We can’t; it’s wrong.”

Sighing, he replied, “Is it really?”

“Yes,” Cheryl replied.

“Who says?”

“Everyone, beside we’re married, we can’t do this.”

“We’ve always been close, haven’t we?”

“Ummm, yes.”

“Well, just consider this moving our relationship just slightly to the next level.”

“But … it’s not right, it’s …”

“Shush,” Grandfather said. “Just relax. How can something that makes us feel so good be wrong?”

Cheryl sat shaking, unable to respond.

Turning off the motor, unbuckling his safety belt, he moved closer to her.

“You know, you saw me … I think you owe me at least a peak.”

In a daze Cheryl sat there feeling that she was caught up in a whirlwind of emotion and desires. She knew it was wrong, but wanted it so badly.

Grandfather was now watching Cheryl, waiting for a reaction.

What?” she gasped as what he just said registered with her.

“I want … no, I need to see you naked.”

“I can’t … this is going too far.”

Without taking his eyes off her, he reached over and proceeded to pull her shirt up over her head. Next, he reached around and unhooked her bra. Admiring her pert B cups, he took a deep breath and reached out and touched them. Becoming bolder he massaged them, causing her to move back and forth with his motion. Receiving no resistance he next moved his hands to her pants and proceeded to unbuckle the belt and unbutton the fly. Removing them along with her panties then sat back in his seat and watched for a reaction.

She had no wish to stop and was thrilled that he wanted her as much as she wanted him right then. Without taking her eyes off him, she leaned in and kissed him. As he fumbled with his own pants she worked on unbuttoning his shirt.

When his massive penis was freed, she gazed in amazement at the size of the thing. While she looked, he leaned his seat back as far as it could. He then proceeded to crawl into the pickups extended cab, lifted that seat and asked, “Would you like to join me sweetie?”

Without hesitating, Cheryl quickly climbed over the seat and joined her grandfather in back of the cab sitting on the floor.

When settled, she grabbed his rock hard member and slowly opened her mouth as she leaned forward. As her lips touched the tip of his cock she glance up to see him staring down at her, his eyes burning through her with passion. Feeling the warmness of her mouth sucking him, it was all he could do to keep from ejaculating instantly.

Gently sucking his massive cock, she lapped at his thick shaft with her young, soft tongue, tenderly tickling and licking the shaft with the occasional lick of his

Grabbing his relatively görükle escort firm ass she drove him even deeper inside her throat as she fingered his anus and messaged his balls

Suddenly, as his breathing picked up and his prick flexed, signaling a climax was near, he pushed her away from him.

Feeling his hands placed under her arms, he guided her back against the side of the truck. With her back against the door her feet on the floor and knees in the air with legs spread, reversing their positions Grandfather dropped his face down to her womanhood.

As his rough yet strong hands on her outer thighs, Cheryl spread her legs as far apart as the confined space would allow.

Shaking with expectation, she held her breath as she felt his tongue run up and down the small, well groomed landing strip of hair that accentuated rather than covered her wet mound.

After teasing her for a bit with flickers and some insertion she felt his rough tongue brush her swollen, tender clitoris.

Instantly, bolts of electricity shot through her entire body, causing her to moan loudly. Grunting with pleasure, she put her hands on the back of his head and pulled him closer. She couldn’t believe the sensation that was pouring forth from her hot, wet pussy. Even before her orgasm subsided she felt another one build as Grandfather continued to manipulate her expertly.

As she was approaching her second climax, Cheryl suddenly felt two fingers enter her. Holding her breath, she tried to resist screaming for fear of alerting people outside to what they were doing. As one finger withdrew then made its way to her tight asshole she lost all control, grinding into his face as his hand probed her while his tongue continued working. As her spasm continued her legs tightened around his waist almost like a vise.

Refusing to stop he continued working on her now electrified orifices, as her body shook and writhed.

Finally, after another juicy burst of sexual energy, her body went limp as her legs relaxed and loosened their grip. Looking up at the worn, spent thing before him, Grandfather wasn’t sure what to make of it. Sitting up on his knees above Cheryl he watched her as her breathing slowed down. Watching her young, pert breasts heave, he reached over and gently massaged them, moving back and forth, leaning in to kiss and suckle them.

As Cheryl slowly returned, she looked at her grandfather as he appreciated her hot tight body.

When Grandfather noticed her watching he smiled lustfully.

“That was incredible,” was all she could say.

“I have never seen such an intense orgasm in my life,” was his reply.

“I’d never had one like that before either.”

“Really?” he said with a broad grin.


“Well,” still on his knees. “It’s not over yet.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments as the tension between her legs grew unbearable again. As Cheryl slid down the side of the truck and Grandfather moved in the opposite direction to give her room, they eventually got into the proper position.

Rubbing his huge cock head against her waiting lips, Cheryl felt ready to explode …

“I want you inside me,” she said. “I want to feel your large penis inside me.”

Happy to oblige, he thrust himself into her well lubed hole.

Once again, Cheryl’s eyes rolled back into her head as she fell into a pool of intense pleasure.

With each pump a guttural screech escaped her throat. Forgetting where they were and that there could be people right outside the truck watching she completely gave into her passion. Tears of pleasure streamed down the sides of her head as he pushed even further. As he continued in and out, she barely realized he had begun to tense. Burying himself with a powerful thrust, he let out a big moan as he emptied his fluid into her waiting cunt.

Collapsing on top of her both were spent. They stayed that way until his member slowly withdrew and fell out of her sopping wet pussy. Sitting up, the sat on opposite ends of the truck, she against the door as the looked at each other. As if a light switch was turned on she suddenly became aware of what had happened.

“SHIT You came inside me “

Looking at her, he smiled contentedly and said, without much sincerity, as he moved his eyes up and down her glistening body, “Sorry, next time, we’ll just be more careful…consider it an holiday bonus.”

Looking at the clock on the dashboard, Grandfather said, “We better get going. If we’re late for the airport we won’t hear the end of it.”

For the rest of the holiday, Cheryl and Grandfather were not able to have any alone time together. They did make plans to meet halfway between Dallas and Houston when the time allowed.

It wasn’t until nearly four weeks later, with Mark on another business trip, that Cheryl and Grandfather had planned to meet at a little hotel just off the highway. She had just finished making the bed and getting dressed just to waste some time before leaving. After enough time had passed she went back into the bathroom and looked at the plastic case that was currently sitting on her sink. Still feeling a little nauseous, it only confirmed what she already knew when she saw a little plus sign on the display screen. Returning the condom to Mark’s night stand she smiled as she got into the car and drove.

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