Chicago Part 1 – when I lived there

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In the early 90’s I lived in the Chicago area and found that bathhouses for gay fun really do exist. I had only heard of them in books and movies before moving to Chicago. There were three of them that I visited when I was there, I am not going to name them so I’ll just call them BH1, BH2 and BH3.

My first trip was to BH1 (which is now closed) because it was the closest to my home and the least expensive to enter. I only had the vision of what I read or saw in movies so I was nervous and excited at the same time. It was kind of strange from the outside, just a small sign and when entering this large old building I had to go downstairs. I paid my entry fee and received a room key and a smallish well used, but clean, towel, the door buzzed and I entered.

It had dim lighting so it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust. When they did I started to wander around trying to find my room. In the process I saw several guys walking around with only a towel around their waist. Finally I got to my room, entered and found a single bed with a sheet and pillow, small end table, mirror and hook for my clothes. I stripped totally, slid on my sandals and towel then nervously headed out to wherever because I didn’t know what to expect.

I found a pool which was empty, small hot tub with 1 guy in it, a TV room with gay porn and several guys watching. I kept walking and finally got to the steam room which had visions from the movie running through my head. It was just a simple square steam room, unlike what I expected. Three guys sitting and watching a couple go at it, so I also decided to sit and watch. He was getting a blow job and it was “hot”. Suddenly and unexpected a hand was placed on my leg – I instinctively moved away. Yep that ended that encounter and I was disappointed.

I left the steam room and walked around to see what this place was like. I found a few cubbies, lots of open room doors with guys on the bed and saw a few more blow jobs. The nerves were building so I left but I did return a few days later when my courage returned.

The return visit was a lot easier when I entered, I found my room easier, got “changed” and headed out. I headed to the TV lounge to watch some porn and I found several guys there and a radio softly on with the hockey game. I sat close enough to the radio to listen casino siteleri to the game and see the TV. It didn’t take long before someone sat next to me and asked the score. We had some chat about the game then he put his hand on my thigh, gave is a squeeze and said wow, rock solid, are you an athlete? I chuckled and said not professionally.

He kept rubbing my thigh and slowly working his way up under my towel and began to play with my cock. As I took a breath he gave is a little squeeze which felt great. I looked around the room and saw there was that a hand job was happening so that gave me the OK to let this happen.

So here I am, trying to listen to the game, watch the porn and this guy is playing with me and he asks this question. Can I put a condom on you, it’s less messy. I said sure and he did. The playing continued and as I got nice and hard. I saw the TV continually show hot action and the number of hand jobs in the TV lounge increased to three. I finally started cumming and filled the condom. Now here is the strange part.

He took the condom off and tied the end closed. I asked him what he was doing and what he told me was wild. He said I’m taking this home so when I’m alone I can remember this night as I taste your cum, I guess I can have 3 or 4 nights of tasting from what I collected.

That was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me as I have continued to visit bathhouses when I travel around the country and on a trip to Austria.

So, after a few more visits to BH1 I decided to try BH2 and I am glad I did. It was newer and had a better lay out. More fun areas, glory hole wall plus glory hole rooms, and TV’s with great gay porn playing.

The fun areas were all around the place basically a little bigger than a normal bedroom scattered in the rooms, glory hole wall basically every where. There was also one large fun area about the size of 4 / 5 normal bedrooms.

I went into one of the smaller fun areas and sat about a foot away from a guy and began watching the TV and the two blowjobs that were taking place. It was interesting how guys would stop look around and maybe watch for a minute or so then leave.

I reached over and placed my hand on this guy’s leg and initially there was no reaction. Then I started to rub his leg getting closer to his towel each canlı casino time until I went under and began playing with his cock, He then slid closer to me. It was one of those real smooth feeling cocks and I was thinking it would be on the thick side when it rose to the occasion.

Well it was time and I decided to copy what was happening in this room. I got on my knees in front of him, lifted his towel and took his beautiful cock into my mouth. It was smooth and still soft but with each time I sucked it in it was getting harder. I continually sucked it in and out as deep as I could because it was hard as a rock now. I moved one of my hands from his leg and began playing with his balls – he took in a big sigh. He placed his hands on my head and began to control the speed and depth of my sucking, which I like. I could feel him tensing then came a mouth full of his warm cum followed by several more squirts. It tasted great and I kept it in my mouth for a while before swallowing every drop.

When I stood up I looked to the other blow jobs, they were gone but there was one guy watching TV. He took my hand and asked me to sit down with him and I did. He thanked me and I told him it was very much my pleasure.

He asked me if I liked being watched when playing here? I said that I never really gave it much thought then he asked if I came into the small area for less of a chance of being watched. You didn’t see that while you were sucking me a few guys stopped and watched for a while and I like being watched. Never gave it any thought and when I was walking I just picked this room.

Then he asked, would you let me suck you in the big room so I can be watched sucking you? I said that sounds exciting so let’s go.

The TV was the only light in this room so it was darker and took my eyes a little time to adjust to see about 10 or 15 guys watching TV and / or playing. We headed to one of the back corners and as we got closer there were 4 guys all playing with each other so we went to the other corner and 1 guy was in that area.

He got in front of me, took off my towel and draped in over my shoulder. He leaned forward and started licking one of my nipples which lead to sucking and gentle biting. He went back and forth between both nipples and occasionally reaching down and playing with my cock.

He knelt kaçak casino down and started about mid-thigh licking up the inside almost to my balls. He was going back and forth between both legs and sometimes licking my balls. I was standing there with my eyes closed enjoying every second of this sensation. I opened my eyes and saw 2 guys watching so I just closed them again. He began to fondle my cock and now I was getting harder. When he got me fully hard he held my cock and took his tongue and started licking the slit on the end of my cock. Finally he started to take my cock in his mouth but he stopped after just getting in the head, he then began flicking the head of my cock with his tongue in his mouth. I took a peak and saw three guys now playing with their own cocks.

I closed my eyes and put my hands on his head, he then took my cock all the way into his mouth. He began with a nice rhythm of sucking me all the way in and out to the head where he would flick on the tip of my cock before reswallowing. I felt a hand on my ass and it felt really good, matching what was happening to my cock. The hand applied a little more pressure ( not hard or hurting ) then one the fingers slid down the crack of my ass. I then felt 2 hands on my thighs so I opened my eyes and those hands belonged to the guy sucking me and the hand on my ass was someone else. I looked and a small crowd of onlookers had assembled. I thought what the heck I can’t stop now so I decided to enjoy people watching.

I finally started to cum and he put his hands on the back of my legs to hold me as I pumped his mouth. As I am pumping his mouth and beginning to cum I feel a finger on my asshole, it feels great. I unload into his mouth as my ass grabs that finger.

I have completely emptied into his mouth and feel fully satisfied I give a relaxing exhaling breath. The guy behind me wraps his hands around me and gives me a hug and leaves. My guy says lets go take a shower.

As we walked away I heard a few comments about how hot it was to watch. I had no idea that being watched could feel the way it did.

We shared a shower washing each other from head to toe. When we were dry I thanked him for such a good time and he said he enjoyed it too. Before leaving I had to hold his cock for a few minutes then give his ass a squeeze.

So that was a couple of my experiences in 2 of the 3 bath houses in Chicago in the early 90”s I plan on writing another post about a trip to Chicago last spring.

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