Chloe, My Love Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: The Throat Fucking Odyssey Continues

When I think back about her now, I remember Chloe as an active, vital young woman involved in many different pursuits. She attended classes at DePaul University, and was very close to getting her Masters degree in English. She painted also, and was pretty good, too-she had openings in some of the galleries downtown. She even acted for a while in Community Theater. I remember when I first met her. She was a lovely girl-slim and tender with short brown hair and brown doe-eyes. She was not classically beautiful, but was somewhat boyish looking with a cute, little, turned up nose and lovely rose-petal lips– the picture of a wholesome, healthy, happy, young woman. But what I remember most, what I’ll never forget about Chloe, is looking down at her, sprawled out on our bed, her long, thin, ivory neck stretched out over the edge, and my cock buried balls deep in her throat. I’ll never forget watching her neck swell as my cock moved through it, and I’ll never forget the intensity, and number, of orgasms she had. Sometimes I cry when I think about her.

Chloe was very oral and had very physical reactions to any type of oral stimulation. I’ve never seen anything like it. She would actually salivate when aroused. We had regular sex when we first met; we also tried anal and I went down on her for prolonged periods of time. It was nice-hey! -But our sex life went off like dynamite when we discovered “Our Thing,” throat fucking. Just let me kiss her on the lips, or touch her neck or hell, just look dreamily at her mouth and she turned on like a torch. The first time we did it was so intense for both of us, but especially for her, that we never had any other kind of sex again. When I was exhausted or wiped out, she would masturbate using one of the many dildos she collected. I have awakened many times in the night and listened to the squishy, guttural, gulping as she fucked her own throat.

As I left for work one morning, Chloe kissed me goodbye saying,

“I’ll have a surprise for you this evening, babe.”

“What kind of surprise?” as if I had to I ask! I loved her surprises-they left me drained in such a pleasant way.

She lifted up to my ear to whisper, but she didn’t whisper-she swallowed! A loud, gulping, very exaggerated swallow, and I got an instant erection. This was her signal that she wanted to fuck.

“A taksim escort very nice surprise. And a treat for me, so don’t be late. Now go!”

It was a very long day, punctuated by periods when I couldn’t get up because of my raging hard on. I couldn’t help but think of her-of us-and what we do. She knew every vein, every feature, every little detail of my cock, and I in turn knew her throat thoroughly. In fact, Chloe and I both were well versed in the anatomy of her throat. We read up on it so we would know exactly what was going on as we fucked. First she would salivate; as I pushed my cock in her mouth her cheeks would implode and her powerful tongue would flatten, pushing my cock back to her throat. She would swallow and I would push, and my cock would slide against her soft palette and enter her pharynx-we considered this coitus, her gooey warm throat yielding to my advance; her neck beneath her chin would swell. As she swallowed, her throat muscles tightened and her epiglottis folded over her larynx, protecting her trachea, her airway, guiding my cock down into her esophagus. Here, the smooth muscles would begin their series of rippling contractions sucking me down, pulling me deeper. With her tongue still pushing, and with a little help from me, my cock would be buried behind her windpipe, deep in her neck, an inch or so above the notch in her sternum. If my cock were longer, I could go deeper-there is nothing to stop it. (When we have played with one of her monster dildos, I have watched it pass below her collarbone-I could see and feel the bulge as the thing went into her chest– we figured it must have been somewhere down between her breasts.) I couldn’t wait to see what Chloe had in store for me, and I made it home in record time.

“I’m up here!” She yelled as soon as she heard me come in.

I ran up the stairs and down the hall to our bedroom. She was on her knees on the floor with her legs spread apart. She was striking, so incredibly erotic! She was wearing the garment she always wears when we fuck at home, a simple white slip. Her mouth was open, her lips circled, but something else-she was wearing a wrap around her neck.

“What’s this?” I asked, as I moved in front of her.

“You’ll see, love!” she hissed.

She was quite worked up already, all the little telltale signs were present-the beads of sweat şişli escort on her forehead and the flush that spread up from her shoulders, golden rose; the corners of her mouth glistened. I loved this part of our ritual. I loved teasing her. I took her chin in my hand, lifting her face to gaze into her eyes; I traced my finger slowly around her mouth, lingering on the soft, fine down of her upper lip, plump, puffy, perfect little lip. I slowly took my pants off, and she gaped at the tent in my drawers. As I slipped my shorts off, I pulled her into my crotch and pressed my cock to her face. She nuzzled into the base of it, the tip falling against her forehead. She was in full-blown heat, chest heaving, mouthing little suck motions, drool seeping onto her chin.

I studied the thing around her neck-it stretched from her jaw down to her sternum, and resembled nothing if not the collar of an elegant Victorian dress. It was made of what looked like thin spandex material and I could see that it was fastened with seven Velcro straps. It was a corset for her neck!

I placed my cock to her lips and began our strange little version of sex. Chloe held her hand up,

“Wait a minute, love,” she whispered. She quickly reached to her neck and one by one, pulled the straps, cinching her throat down tight.

“Now!” She could hardly speak; her voice was raspy and urgent.

I bent to her and whispered,

“Look at you! God I love you!”

She nodded impatiently, beseeching me to hurry.

I pushed my cock between her lips, into the delicious splish I have so come to love. I savored the moment, never wanting it to end. I pushed into her luscious maw and she came. The area below her chin always ballooned at this point, and we took turns rubbing and massaging the thick, milky bulge. I pushed again but nothing happened-my cock didn’t move. I pushed a little harder. Still nothing. Chloe wrapped her arms around my ass and pulled. Hard! Just as I was getting ready to say something, she reached up and loosened the first strap. My cock sank an inch down her throat and stopped! She was tight, her throat constricted by the corset! We both were pushing against each other, me trying to impale her, she trying to consume me, but the little sphincter, tight as an asshole, wouldn’t give! She loosened the second strap and my cock descended another inch! I wrapped my arms şişli escort around her head and pulled her to me, my cock stuck in the middle of her neck.

I reached to feel her throat, only to find her hand probing the deep tissue behind her windpipe. She took my fingers and led them to the exact spot where I could feel my cock inside her, right through the fabric! Still pushing, Chloe loosened the third strap and my cock plunged all the way down her throat! I could feel it slide past my fingers, her neck inflating like a soft bubble, straining against the straps! Chloe came again, her cock stifled cries loud nonetheless, and we held the moment between us, both of us reluctant to let go. The smooth muscles of her esophagus began contracting, rippling up and down my length, trying to swallow me. I had been in her throat for four or five minutes and she signaled me to withdraw. I pulled out and tilted her head up to me. She was gasping for air, and oozing globs of spit. She fixed her eyes to mine, her face grimacing, leering and lustful, her features wanton, almost hideous, and so very, very beautiful! She pulled my cock to her mouth, and still looking me in the eyes, re-fastened the corset.

Again we struggled against each other trying to force my cock into her tight little throat, and again one by one, she loosened the straps and let me thrust into her gullet! She swallowed desperately, frantically, gulping down my cock, coming constantly, gorging herself! Over and over we repeated this, each time pausing– her for air, me to hold back my orgasm. When finally I could take no more, I shouted,

“Oh God, Chloe! I’m coming! Now, babe!”

I held her head in my hands and pushed my cock till it absolutely would not go deeper and she re-fastened the straps on the corset, pulling them as tight as she could! My cock was locked in her neck, involuntarily pumping cum into her and her throat contracted involuntarily as she swallowed.

Later, as we lay on the bed together snuggling, she asked.

“Did you like that, babe?” The soft tones of her little-girly voice belied the powerful, muffled grunts that came from the same place just a few minutes ago.

“Did I like it? That was the best orgasm I ever had! How do you do it? Where did you get that thing?”

“I made it,” she said, unable to hide her pride, “I dreamt it up and made it out of an old girdle I found at the thrift store.”

“You’re something else, babe. How do you think up these things?”

“Mmmm, I think of lots of things,” she said.

She reached over my waist and closed her hand on my cock, gently kneading me.

“Do you know what I’m thinking now?”

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