Chocolate Syrup , Berries Ch. 02

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With the tip of my tongue, I barely touch you. Watching as you twitch to the feel of my hot, wet tongue on you. As you have not yet told me what you want, I tease you. Tracing an outline of your hard, thick manhood onto your stomach. Sometimes touching you so gently with my tongue or my bottom lip. I can feel you continuing to twitch under me, wanting so bad for me to take you into my mouth and give you the release you crave.

Your hands are wrapped in my hair, trying to pull my head where you want it but I resist. Moving lower I begin to nibble and lick your inner thighs, from the top of your thigh to the knee. You can feel my long, silky soft hair caressing you. Sliding on you from your stomach to your thighs, causing you to finally moan out loud. Hoarsely, you ask me to suck you. Smiling in satisfaction of making you break your silence, I slide further up your body.

Gently I take you in my hand and squeeze you. Stroking my hand, still slick with syrup, up and down on the shaft. Slowly I lower my mouth to you. My hair brushes casino siteleri against your stomach, making you shudder. I take the tip in my mouth and flick my tongue back and forth over it, caressing you. I use the tip of my tongue to tease the slit on the head, making you groan in pleasure. Softly sucking you deeper into my hot wet mouth.

Your hands are pushing on the back of my head, forcing your way into my mouth. Arching your hips off the bed until you are touching the back of my throat. For a brief moment, we hold that pose until you slowly push my head back as you lower yourself back onto the bed. Feeling my lips tighten around you as they slide back towards the tip, sucking on you harder.

You are glistening in the candle light from being in my wet mouth and we both watch as more of you is exposed, sliding out from between my lips. You slip completely from my mouth and watch as I use my tongue to lick the head. Suddenly, white pearls begin to appear from the slit, which I quickly collect on my tongue, moaning slot oyna at how wonderful you taste. I lick you from the shaft to the head, trying to coax more of that delicious flavor. Moving all around your thick shaft, tasting, teasing.

I slide back up so that I am able to once more suck your hardness deep into my mouth. Holding your hands down with mine, I slowly rock my head up and down on you, setting my own rhythm. Wanting to make this sweet torture of you last as long as possible. My mouth is so slowly caressing you, slipping up and down so gently.

Suddenly, you pull your hands free of mine and place them on my head. Moving me to a faster pace. My hot wet mouth sliding from the base to the head again and again. Taking you deep with every thrust. I can feel you growing thicker and harder and your excitement is turning me on as well. I begin to moan around you, increasing your pleasure as you feel my mouth vibrating you.

I begin running my nails so lightly up your inner thighs. Staring into your eyes as you continue canlı casino siteleri to stroke in and out of my mouth, faster and harder. I can feel you begin to swell, twitching in my mouth, as you get closer to the edge. I slip my hands underneath you so I can hold you tight, not wanting to lose a single drop when you finally explode.

Remembering how you squirmed when I allowed my tongue to tease your asshole, I slip one hand out from underneath you and slide it down to my pussy. Slowly I insert one finger until it is coated with my juices before sliding it back up to you. Now I can flick that wet finger against your ass as I suck on you, increasing your pleasure. You push your legs far apart to allow me easy access as you moan in delight at how wonderful it feels.

Your hands press my head down as I feel the first hot salty shot hit the back of my throat. I pull back, wanting only half of you in my mouth. Needing to feel each tremor as it passes through you. Feeling your hot cum splashing inside my mouth, coating my teeth and tongue on the way down my throat. You can feel my mouth pulsing around you as I suck harder, trying to collect every drop. Mmmmmmmmmm, you taste so good, baby.

Thanks to BooMerengue for her helping in editing this piece.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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