Chris’ Adventures Ch. 04

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Sunlight streamed through windows and played across Christy and Patty’s bodies as they lay there in bed. Christy’s arm was draped over Patty, cupping one of her large breasts and Patty was curled up in a fetal position next to Christy. Christy stirred and rolled over stretching out and trying not to wake up Patty. She rolled over to see what time it was, 9:00. All that sex last night must have worn her out, she usually never sleeps this late. She couldn’t believe what had happened last night and it wasn’t just a dream, Patty was here in bed with her. And Rob was in bed with Chris in the guest room. Last night was a whirlwind of pleasure, everyone got with everyone in some way last night. Emotions ran from anger, happiness, disbelief, acceptance, ecstasy, and pure lust. She lay there in bed thinking how things were different now, both between her and Chris and between them and the neighbors, all for the better, she hoped.

She sat up and stretched. She needed a shower before heading downstairs for breakfast with everyone else. She reached into the shower to turn on the water to let it warm up and then grabbed a towel from under the sink. As she tested the water she thought about what to say to Chris this morning. Stepping into the shower she let the hot water cascade over her head and pert breasts, rivulets of water ran down her body, tracing lines over her not so flat stomach and continuing on through her bush and over her mound. She soaped up and rubbed herself all over. Luxuriating in the feel of the water on her body while thinking about all the things she could do with Chris, and with Patty. Being with another woman last night opened a whole new world of possibilities. One she never really thought she would be into. Yet what happened last night was incredible.

As she sat there washing up a cool breeze wafted over her and she heard Patty’s voice.

“Hey there lover.” Patty said as she poked her head into the shower, giving Christy a kiss on the shoulder.

Christy smiled and sighed a bit at the sound of Patty calling her lover. “Moring, lover.” Christy looked at her and kissed her back. “Want to join me?” She motioned to the empty spot in the bathtub behind her. “There’s plenty of room.”

“Mmmm, I’d love to.” Stepping into the shower behind Christy, she wasted no time and started rubbing Christy’s curvy, soapy body all over. She paid special attention to her breasts and pussy, snaking both hands down her sides from the rear and cupping her pussy in her hands.

Christy moaned as she felt Patty’s breasts press against her back as her hands explored her body. “You keep that up and we’ll never make it out of here.” Christy giggled. She turned around and pressed her soapy body against Patty’s. Their breasts slid over one another as they held each other, ground their bodies together, and kissed under the steamy water showering down on them.

“Well, I don’t see a problem with that.” Patty said as she broke their kiss.

“Neither do I but I want to get washed up and downstairs before the boys wake up. So we can tell them what we’ve got planned or them.” Christy kissed Patty. “At least where we’re going to start.”

“Oh you little devil you.” Patty exclaimed. “So what are you going to do with Chris then?” She asked as she broke her embrace to actually wash up.

Christy stood under the shower spray and washed off the soap. “You’ll see.” She said with a devilish grin. “I think you’ll like it. Especially since it involves you and Rob.”

Patty beamed with happiness and squealed. “Ohhhhh I can’t wait to hear. So last night wasn’t a fluke? You still want me?”

“Yes.” Christy turned off the shower and kissed Patty on the cheek and tossed her the towel she had gotten out and grabbed another for herself. After drying off Christy grabbed two robes, handing one to Patty and keeping one for herself. Once they had them tied up she spoke up.” Let’s go see what the boys are up to.”

Patty followed Christy to the guest room behind Christy. Chris and Rob were lying on the bed naked and spooning. Chris was behind Rob holding one arm around his chest and the other was draped lazily over Rob’s flaccid cock. Christy found that she wasn’t shocked now to find Chris lying in bed with Rob, spooning with him and his hand over Rob’s half hard cock.

Patty looked around Christy, “Aw, they look so cute.” She giggled. Beside her Christy let out a muffled laugh. Chris began to stir at the noise and absentmindedly started stroking Rob’s cock. They both watched as his cock began to grow right before their eyes.

“Seems you two are raring to go for another round.” Christy said. “But not today.” She sat on the bed as Rob and Chris both began to open their eyes as they realized what was happening. Chris smiled sheepishly and let go of Rob’s cock. Christy leaned in and kissed both of them as Patty looked on from the bedroom door.

“Today I have something fun planned for Chris.” She looked at Rob and then Patty, “Sorry Rob bursa escort and Patty, but it won’t include the two of you this time.”

Chris rubbed his eyes. “This time? What do you mean? What did you two plan last night?”

Patty smiled. “Oh you’ll find out.” She sat on the bed next to everyone and kissed Rob and then Chris. Christy watched as Chris slipped his tongue into Patty’s mouth for a bit of a lingering kiss. “Christy didn’t tell me everything but I know some of what’s in store for you. I think you’ll like it.” She turned to Christy and gave her a long wet kiss in front of their husbands.

Rob and Chris looked at each other and smiled as the girls broke their embrace. Wanting to test the waters Chris leaned in and gave Rob a kiss too, slipping his tongue into Rob’s mouth and pulling him close. He heard both of the girls sigh and figured that whatever Christy had planned she was okay with him and Rob. “Mmm. Thanks for last night Rob.” Chris said as they pulled away from each other. “It was fantastic.” He looked from Rob to both Patty and Christy. They were smiling and holding each other’s hands.

“Now why don’t you two get dressed?” Patty suggested. “Christy and I are headed downstairs why not join us in a few minutes.” Patty got up and headed out the door and Christy followed.

When they left Chris hopped off the bed went to the bedroom, grabbed a pair of shorts and hopped into them. He grabbed a pair of shorts for Rob, seeing as how the girls were wearing both robes and Rob’s clothes were downstairs, and headed back to the room to let Rob slip into them. “Seems we may be in for a few surprises in the weeks to come.” Chris said as he watched Rob slip on the shorts and tuck his cock inside.

“Maybe you more so than me.” He said as grabbed Chris’ ass on the way out the door to head downstairs.

Chris followed Rob. They found the girls in the living room picking up clothes from last night. Patty was stuffing her clothes in the bag she had brought over and Christy was handing her the dildo and strap on harness.

“You sure you don’t want to keep this for a while?” Patty giggled.

“No. We’re going to do some shopping today.” Christy chuckled as Chris came walking down the stairs. Chris looked at her with a big grin on his face.

Chris wondered what else they were going to do. “Oh we are?”

“Yes. For a few things.” She handed Patty the strap on harness and picked up her clothes. She handed them to Chris. “Here take these upstairs for me. And do not go slipping into any of it! I don’t want my good lingerie stretched out.” She admonished him and smacked his ass when he turned to head up the stairs.

Chris hurried upstairs to put the clothes in the hamper and then came bounding back down, wondering what was next. His cock was tenting his shorts in anticipation.

“Good boy.” Christy said as she kissed him. She could feel his hard cock as they embraced. “Mm seems someone is ready to go again. Well, not right now. You’ll have to wait until tonight. Then I will control what you get.”

“Mmmm I can’t wait.” Chris gushed. He glanced over at Rob and Patty and smiled.

“We won’t be joining you tonight.” Patty intoned, eying Chris. “It’s just going to be you two lovebirds. I have some plans for Rob myself that I want to ‘discuss’ with him today and tonight.”

Rob sighed and wondered what Patty had up her sleeve. ‘Just what did those two talk about last night?’ he thought to himself.

“Well then maybe we should get going.” Patty nudged Rob to help usher him out of the house. She’d collected their things from last night and was headed for the back door in the robe Christy had given her with Rob in just a pair of running shorts. “We’ll go out the back. Less likely to attract attention dressed like this.” She motioned to both of them and opened the back door.

“We will give you two a call sometime to get together and have some fun.” Christy said as they walked out the door, waving.

As the door shut Chris looked at his wife and asked, “So just what did the two of you discuss last night?”

Christy looked at her husband with a stern look on her face. “Well for starters I’m going to keep you in panties all the time now. You want to wear them so bad I think you should wear them all the time.” She had an almost evil grin on her face as she told him this. She saw that Chris didn’t even flinch at that. “So,” she casually asked, “just how long have you been indulging in wearing my things? I saw the pile sitting on the floor of the bedroom last night.” She asked while digging in the fridge for some breakfast. She came up from behind the door with some milk and fruit and grabbed the cereal off the counter.

Chris moaned and was lost in his thoughts at what Christy had said. Panties, all the time, how fun. “What? Oh, um, well since before we met.”

“Seriously?” She looked at him with eyes wide. “And you’ve been able to keep this from me bursa escort bayan the whole time?”

“Well not really. You know I’ve slipped into your lingerie a couple of times while you were gone on a business trip. Remember?” He asked. “We were having some hot phone sex and I said I missed you so much that I slipped into your panties and cami.”

Christy dwelled on this for a moment, her pussy starting to warm at the thought. “Oh yes. I remember telling you that I wasn’t too thrilled at that. Not at the time, but now, I’ve had a change of heart now that I’ve actually seen you in it.” She thought for another minute, collecting her thoughts. “So you’re telling me, that every time I’m on a business trip, you’re here at home prancing around in my lingerie getting fucked by the neighbor? After last night I have a hard time believing that was the first time you’ve had Rob’s cock in you.” She gazed at him with an accusing stare.

Chris chuckled. “Well no. Not exactly.”

“What do you mean not exactly? By other men?”

“Well,” Chris paused, wondering how much he should tell her. “No, no. Not that. I, um, I use your toys and chat online with other guys who think similarly to me.”

Christy’s eyes flashed with a mixture of anger, arousal, and curiosity. “You what?!”

“Chat with other guys who are in the same boat as me. They want cock, but never have. Love to wear lingerie, sometimes their wives know, other times not. So we talk about our fantasies. Sometimes play them out.”

“I knew about the toys. You know I like that. But I had no idea that you were playing online in chat rooms. Play it out? What do you mean? And just how long has this been going on?” She asked in a huff.

“We roleplay a scene like what happened last night in the chat room. Typing what we would do to each other. I’ve been doing it a few years now.” He answered, eyes cast down to the table “And yes. That’s all it’s ever been. There have been few times where I’ve chatted through the mic in chatrooms and sometimes on video.” he admitted. “But never in real life.” He added hastily.

“Video?! Oh my God! What if someone recognized you? Then what would you have done?” She exclaimed.

“I always set it up so they couldn’t recognize the background of the room. And I never showed my face. Until last night that is. That’s how Rob ended up over here. We had a hot chat session Friday night. Then Saturday we played again on video this time and he caught a glimpse of me. I slipped up.”

“You got lucky I guess. Or rather, we got lucky, seeing as how things turned out.” She smiled a bit, suppressing a bit of anger at him. “But I guess you’re not gay. I was beginning to wonder about that last night since you didn’t make a move to fuck either me or Patty. And if you’ve been doing it for a few years now and you still love sex with me and can get it up with me.” She laughed. “I guess that means you’re bi.”

She chuckled to herself. “After last night though I guess it means I’m bi too. Maybe I just never wanted to admit it to myself.”

“So you liked what happened last night? Everything?” He moved closer to her at the table. “It was hot but I thought that maybe you were doing out of revenge for what you caught us doing. You actually said so at one point.”

“Well,” She paused, “at first yes I was angry. Angry at you for doing this behind my back, and angry at myself for not seeing it in the first place, and getting it on with Patty and Rob was revenge. At least at first.” She admitted. “The more she did things to me the more I loved it. Fucking Rob was definitely revenge. If you were going to get that cock, then so was I.”

“Though now I am a bit angry at you for doing things on video in chat rooms. That’s a big risk honey. Especially the way you do your makeup.” She laughed, trying to see some humor in this. “I may have to teach you better techniques if you want to pull off looking like a woman.”

Chris’ eyes widened when she said this and his cock started to harden. Just exactly what was she planning on doing with him? Whatever it was it sounded like it could be very exciting.

“Making you take Patty’s large dildo was also revenge. But fucking Rob and you were incredibly hot. As Rob and I fucked I got turned on by the fact that you were watching just as much as the fact I had a huge cock in my pussy and later that Patty watched me fuck you with her strap on.” She continued, “There were flashes of jealousy and anger as we went through all of what happened last night, but also love and lust at the end. After going upstairs with Patty we talked and I realize that, now, all the signs were there. You liking my toys, stroking with my lingerie, liking to eat your cum out of my pussy and getting off giving yourself a facial in bed. All of which I’ve always liked by the way.” She squeezed his thigh under the table. “I’ve found my things on the floor and wondered but just brushed it off. I should have bursa escort kız realized that more was going on.”

Chris interrupted her. “I guess I should have told you sooner. Maybe it would have turned out differently. Who knows, we could have been having fun with others years ago.” He paused and looked at her, a gleam in his eye. “At least I think that’s where this conversation is headed.”

Christy reached across the table and squeezed his hand. “Yes it is. At least with Patty and Rob. A couple of boyfriends have asked about a threesome in the past, I always turned them down. But last night Patty made a move on me in the hotel room. We were relaxing in the hot tub, naked, and she kissed me.”

Chris sat there and took it all in. “Really? She did?” Chris’ cock stirred at the thought of the two of them getting it on in the hotel room. “You’ve told me about your past boyfriends, that’s why I never brought it up. I mean, what guy wouldn’t want to get it on with his wife and another woman?” He chuckled. “I’m happy with just you, but if you want to go that route I’m not going to complain. So Patty came on to you in the hotel?”

Christy smiled. She giggled. “And yes she did.” She replayed what happened in the hotel room in the hot tub with Patty and finished with the two of them walking in on Rob and Chris. “Well apparently I’ve just been denying what I really want. You know? ‘Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’, kind of thing. Patty coming on to me was a bit of a shock but it did get me thinking a bit. Then seeing you and Rob, and Patty urging me on last night,” She sighed. “I just went with it. It was even better the second time after we went up to bed. We talked and made love. It wasn’t just a fuck, it was making love, slow, sweet, and sensual. Like the two of us, but with a woman’s touch. And it felt so good.” She shivered a bit thinking about the pleasure she and Patty gave each other away from the boys.

Chris sighed. Hearing about her and Patty like that made his cock twitch. “Mmmm. You and Patty making love sounds so erotic. Rob and I took our time in bed last night too. Took a shower together and talked about what the two of you were planning. Eventually we ended up making out and sucking each other off one more time, nice and slow.”

“So are we just going to be with Rob and Patty?” Chris asked.

“Together or alone, one on one. Yes.” She admitted. “Patty and I decided that the four of us could fool around any way we wanted with each other, without the other’s partner present included.” She looked over at Chris to see what his reaction was.

Chris sat there with a shocked look on his face. He’d always thought of sharing Christy with another guy, but only with him in the room with her. Not just her by herself. That was a bit different, but it was with Rob, someone they both knew well. “Um, uh, oh wow.” Chris said, shocked. “So I can get it on with Patty if I want?” He paused. “Without you there?”

“Yes. If I can get with Rob you can get with Patty. She was actually perfectly fine with it. Seems she can’t handle Rob the way I did last night. And she’d appreciate something a bit smaller from time to time.” Chris looked injured at this last statement. She giggled. “Not that you’re small. That’s not what I meant. She reached down and squeezed his hard cock in his shorts. “You’re just right, for Patty. And me.” She leaned in and kissed him hoping to smooth his feelings out.

“But it seems both you and I can handle him.” She sighed, and smiled thinking about how full she felt with him in her. “So I said Patty could have you when she wanted. Who knows? I might join you, or just let you have her to yourself.” She paused, “As long as I get to hear about it afterward.” She added.

“Okay.” Was all Chris could say, with a huge grin on his face. He was getting incredibly turned on having this discussion, and they hadn’t even gotten to other questions he wanted to ask about toys and lingerie. He reached out, parted the robe she was wearing, and began to slide his hand up Christy’s thigh. She responded by spreading her legs and letting him continue his venture upward, not stopping him. His hand reached her pussy and she sighed. His finger slid right in, she was dripping wet. Apparently she was just as turned on. “Ohhhhh my, someone is turned on with all this talk.”

“I’m not the only one.” She countered, rubbing his cock through the sorts he had on. “What say we take care of this, problem, before we go out today?”

Chris didn’t say anything he just lifted her up, onto the table, undid the robe to get between her legs, and dove right in. Christy tossed her head back and her face tightened with pleasure as he began to lick and suck at her folds. His tongue licked up and down her cleft, sliding his tongue as deep into her pussy as he could go with every pass over it. Over and over he went, up and down, in and out. She squeezed his head between her thighs as he continued his assault on her pussy, and based on the moans he could hear she was thoroughly enjoying it.

Chris closed his lips around her mound and sucked while he slipped his tongue in and out of her dripping hole. He knew this drove her wild and today was no exception. She was breathing in short gasps and thrusting at his face, urging him deeper.

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