Chris Ch. 02

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It had been two weeks since Chris and Donna had sex for the first time. He loved fucking her. The way she moaned with each thrust, how she screamed whenever she came. The different positions that Chris forced is sister into. It wasn’t only the fact that Chris got to have sex whenever he wanted, but because it was from his sister. Fucking his sister gave him an extra burst of excitement.

Suddenly Chris found himself obsessed with the idea of incest. He started looking at the women in the family in a different way. Hazel was more beautiful than normal. Even his mother was a lot more attractive that she usually was. Chris pictured all Hazel and his mother naked and wanted to get them into his bed.

The only person he didn’t think about it such a way was Lena. Lena was like a little sister to him even though she was older. He wanted to protect her from guys like him who wanted to fuck from day to night. Chris felt guilty for keeping such a secret from his beloved sister. Every time he looked at her, he had guilt and hated that he kept this secret from her. Chris wanted to tell her, but every time he tried, he couldn’t find the right words that would sum up the feelings he had for Donna and the rest of the women in the house.

Chris was sitting at the dinner table hardly half way through his dinner. Everyone else had finished and continued their usual nightly activities. Hazel was getting ready to do her normal routine and Lena went upstairs to finish her homework. Chris didn’t move, but instead he was playing with his food with his fork. He was so deep in thought over what has been going on in the last two weeks that he didn’t realize everyone had gone.

Donna finished rinsing out the final dish and sat down beside Chris, at the dinner table. She reached across the table, holding Chris’s hands into hers. “What’s wrong, baby?”

Chris looked up for the first time in what felt like ages. He didn’t know what to say. Chris felt so bad for keeping such a big secret from Lena, it was eating out inside of him. Looking into Donna’s beautiful green eyes, he spoke. “Nothing. I’m ok.”

“Chris!” said Donna smiling. She knew something was up. Donna knew him too well to fall for such an old trick. “You hardly touched your dinner and you have been quiet all night. What’s wrong?”

Chris knew that he wouldn’t get away from telling Donna the truth. He took a deep breath. “Its Lena. I feel bad for keeping our secret from her. I mean we tell each other everything. I’ve never kept anything from her before.”

“I know, hon. But if you feel that she would understand and you trust her, then I won’t object to you telling her the truth.” Donna said as she smiled at Chris. “But don’t you think that she will want the same thing? Do you think she would want to sleep with you too?”

Chris never thought of it that way. He always thought that Lena would be grossed out by this occurrence. Chris was afraid to tell her because what if Lena kicked him out of her room and never spoke to him again. That was something that Chris would not be able to live with. Lena was too good of a sister to lose over some sick, incestuous secret.

On the other hand, Donna had a good point. What if Lena wanted to join in? Would she? Would Chris be able to handle sleeping with two women in his house.? Would Chris even have sex with Lena? He always thought that he wouldn’t have sex with her because she was so close to him. As he thought about it he tried to picture Lena in his mind. It was no doubt that Lena was a fox. She was a healthy girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes, with a tremendous body. Lena wasn’t the type to date, not like Hazel who dated every guy she could control. People got annoyed with her because she turned a lot of guys down. Lena dated very few men and went months without having a boyfriend. Chris wondered why. Would he be able to break that record and actually get into Lena’s pants?

The thought really aroused him. The only question that Chris had on the subject was if he would actually go through with it and have sex with his best friend?

As Chris was going to open his mouth to talk more on the subject, Heidi came in through the front door. She was the last person that Chris wanted to know about his sexual relationship with Donna. She came right up to them, putting her purse on the table. “Hey guys! Is Hazel ready?”

Ever since Chris’s outburst on Heidi outside the diner, their relationship continued on as normal. It was as if she was treating it like it never happened. She still smiled at him and treated him like a friend. Chris was relieved because he really did want to be her friend, despite his feelings for wanting to fuck her brains out, but who wouldn’t. Those enormous D-cup breasts clinging to her chest and that ass that would make any man and some women scream.

Chris felt that it was time to go get ready for bed. Seeing Heidi got him thinking about her again. He didn’t want to have more on his mind than he casino oyna already had. So Chris excused himself and went upstairs. On his way upstairs he passed by Lena on the way to his bedroom. She had a toothbrush in her hand, smiling and said “Goodnight Chris!”

What was going on here? Chris looked at Lena as if she was the sexiest thing in the world. He was noticing things that he never noticed before. For one Lena had a fantastic body. She was a little tall about five foot six, long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders. Lena didn’t wear any perfume and she smelt fantastic. Chris even thought that her voice was very appealing.

Chris felt his cheeks turn warm, knowing that his face was turning red, before waving goodnight to his sister. He rushed into his room without another word. Walking to the closet, Chris thought about what he had done in the hallway. It was really strange to act that way around Lena. He had never been so shy around Lena before. She was the one person that she confided in his whole life. Now everything was backwards. Donna was the closest sister to him now, Lena was behaving weird since she broke up with Jake, and even Hazel was being nicer, well at least stayed out of his way a lot of the time.

After changing, Chris decided to finish up on some homework. Since starting his sexual relationship with Donna, Chris’s grades have been slipping. He was so distracted, wanting to fuck Donna every chance that he got, that Chris was neglecting his school work. Luckily it was senior year and he had enough credits to really screw off, but since he was on the football team, a certain gpa had to be obtained.

It took about an hour or so to get everything finished. He had a lot of it considering all the make up work that he had to do over the weekend. Once everything was done and Chris put it in his bag ready for Monday morning, he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth before going to bed. As Chris was exiting the bathroom, he saw a pair of hands stretch out from total darkness to grab him. The bathroom was right next to Donna’s room as she grabbed Chris and yanked him into her room. She pulled him in and shut the door behind them. Donna leaned her body against Chris who was forced against the back of the door. She kissed him on the lips long, and hard, slowly rubbing her tongue on his lips. Chris granted her access as he stuck his tongue into her mouth. Chris slowly trailed his hands down Donna’s body and was surprised to find that she was already naked. Her soft skin felt great on his rough hands as he grasped her ass, giving it a tight squeeze. Donna started walking towards the bed without breaking the kiss. Chris followed her not wanting to separate from Donna’s lips for a second.

“I’ve wanted you all day long!” cried Donna as she broke the kiss and sat down on the bed in front of Chris.

“Your always say that before we have sex.” Chris laughed in reply. Ever since Chris and Donna had sex two weeks earlier, they had sex every single night and sometimes during the day when Chris got home early from class or everyone else had plans. Every time that they had sex at night, Donna would always say something like “I wanted you all day long!” or “Your slutty sister needs your fat cock in her right now!”. She liked to talk dirty because she knew it always urged Chris on every time they did it.

“Yea well, I mean it every time!” Donna raised her hands to the waste band of Chris’s sweats and them down a long with his boxers. Chris’s hard on sprung from its cloth prison, pointing straight up at Donna. Chris’s pulled his shirt over his head as Donna started stroking his cock, leaning in to spit on the head rubbing some natural lubrication onto his member. Donna let go of Chris’s cock and stood up in front of him. “Sit down so I can better accommodate your cock.”

Chris sat down without a word. He spread his legs slightly so Donna can get into position. She continued to stroke it with her hands covered in spit and pre-cum. Donna lowered her head to put one of Chris’s balls into her mouth and she sucked on it. The feeling was amazing. Chris’s loved having his balls sucked. It gave a slight amount of pain considering how delicate the man’s testicles are, but it also brought some tremendous amount of pleasure. Donna continued to stroke Chris’s cock as she switched to the other one and licking the sweat underneath his balls. “Oh god Donna! I love it when you do that!” cried Chris as he brushed her hair out of her face so he could get a better look at her.

“What about when I do this?” asked Donna as she licked up the length of Chris’s shaft.

“Oh yea! I like that too!” Chris replied and decided to fall silent. Donna had a job that she loved doing and who was Chris to stop her from doing it. Donna guided Chris’s cock up to her face and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She sucked on the head of his cock while using one hand to stroke the base of his cock and massaging his balls with the other. canlı casino Donna really knew what she was doing.

Chris watched as Donna was now bobbing her head up and down on his cock. She was sucking hard and every so often his cock would pop out of her mouth. He loved to hear the squishy sounds coming from her mouth as she sucked. Donna loved to suck cock and was a pro at it. Chris wasn’t going to last much longer and Donna sensed it. It was unknown to Chris how she could sense his orgasm building, but she always managed to stop at the right moment so he could fuck her. Chris wondered if all women knew this technique or was Donna special.

Donna stood up, leaned forward and gave Chris a passionate kiss on the lips inserting her tongue into his mouth. With one quick taste of each other, Donna withdrew from Chris’s mouth. “Alright, now its time for you to fuck your sister!”

“I thought you would never ask.” smiled Chris.

Donna got onto the bed, laying on her back and spread her legs. Chris got in between her legs, getting into position. It was impossible to resist the beauty of Donna. She looked so gorgeous with her long brown hair, green eyes, with those puffy lips that Chris loved wrapped around his cock. Even if Chris met a girl and got married, he would still come to see Donna and fuck the living hell out of her. Chris didn’t know if she felt the same way, but that is how he felt. Deep down, Chris knew that they would not stop fucking each other. It was too meaningful for them, too much fun for them to ever stop having sex together.

“Oh yea! Fuck your slutty sister!” cried Chris as he slowly inserted his hard cock into Donna’s pussy. It was Chris’s favorite part of fucking, when he first entered Donna’s pussy. There was nothing in this world that was better than when Chris first inserts his cock into Donna’s wet cunt as it wrapped around his cock inch by inch until he couldn’t go in anymore. Chris started to thrust his body into Donna, slow at first, but picked up speed as she gradually started thrusting her hips back into him. Their bodies were at a stead rhythm as the sound of their flesh smacking against each other echoed through the room. Chris lowed his head down towards Donna’s chest as he grabbed her right breast and brought her hard nipple into his mouth, sucking on it, as he fucked her.

“Oh yea, baby! Suck on my tits! Oh god yes!” moaned Donna, rocking her hips into Chris harder. As Chris predicted, Donna was now in her state of dirty talk as she was plowed by her little brother. “Yes little brother, fucking your slutty sister’s cunt! Make her your bitch!” “Only a real man with a cock like this in my pussy could tame this whore!”

With every dirty phrase that came out of Donna’s mouth gave Chris motivation to ram into her pussy harder and harder. It was time for Donna to cum because her dirty phrases turned into mumbling sounds and her body was trembling terribly. Chris was now fucking his sister as hard as he could. He wanted her to ooze all over his cock as he plowed into her. Over time, Chris had build up a lot of stamina. It was normal for Donna to have two orgasms to Chris’s one. Tonight was no different. Donna was about to cum and Chris wasn’t even near his orgasm yet and he was plowing into his sister like some crazy animal chasing it’s prey.

“Oh god, Chris!!! I’m going to cum!! Fuck me!!! Fuck your sister!!!!!”

Chris knew she was about to cum and wanted to give her an extra edge. He leaned forward towards her face and slid his cheek against hers as he put his lips to her ear. “After your done cumming on my fat cock, I’m going to fuck….your….tight……..asshole!”

“Oh goooooooooood Chhhhhrriiissss I’m cummmming!!!!!!!” cried Donna as she was oozing out of her pussy with her back arching underneath Chris. Chris knew this would create such an affect on her. It was no mystery to Donna that she wanted to get fucked up the asshole. Every time Chris would eat Donna’s pussy, he would finger her or stick his tongue in her asshole and she would go crazy. He wanted to fuck her in the ass, but wanted to wait until she was begging him to do so.

It didn’t take long for Donna to decide. She tapped on Chris’s chest, which was a little signal that they worked out which meant change position. Chris backed off as Donna got on her hands and knees. She looked back at her brother seductively and said “Do it brother. Fuck your slutty sister’s asshole!”

Chris was overwhelmed. He wanted to fuck his sister’s big ass more than anything in the world. Even more than tittie fucking Heidi enormous tits. Chris got on his knees and aimed it at his sister’s asshole. He slowly stuck it in. Donna’s asshole was incredibly tight. Slowly he fought his way through her fighting anus as it got used to every inch that he stuck in.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” cried Donna as she felt her brother’s cock inch its way into her tight ass. Chris was all the way in, resting his hands on kaçak casino her hips. Her asshole was completely different from her pussy. The only lubrication that he had was the juices from her pussy, the cum that oozed out of her and the saliva from the incredible blow job that she had given to him previously. Donna’s asshole was gripping at her cock as he began to thrust. It was so tight that Chris couldn’t move. He looked at his sister with an evil smile on his face. “Do you like being fucked up the ass by your little brother?!”

“Oh yessss! Fuck your big sister up her tight asshole!” cried Donna as she pushed her hips back into him getting more penetration until her ass touched Chris’s stomach.

As Chris fucked Donna in her ass he noticed that there was a mirror right in front of him. He could see Donna’s entire body with her gigantic boobs hanging down as he fucked her. Chris had an idea. Donna was on her hands and knees with her eyes closed feeling the new sensation in her butt hole.

Donna was loving every minute of her brother taking advantage of her. She loved it when he took control.

“Donna! Open your eyes.” Chris demanded. Chris watched as she opened her eyes. There was enough light to make out what was going on in the bedroom. She saw Chris in the mirror thrusting into her. “I want you to look in the mirror and see how much of a slut you are. I want you to watch yourself as if you are slutty porn star!”

“Yes, little brother!” said Donna as she watched herself in the mirror being fucked in the ass. No matter how good it felt to have her brother’s cock in her ass, she never took her eyes off of the mirror for a second. Chris was now so into it he was pounding into his sisters ass. Her asshole was gripping at the most sensitive parts of Chris’s cock. Chris was now thrusting harder and harder into Donna’s asshole, feeling his orgasm building.

“Fuck me little brother. Fuck your whore sister’s asshole! Yessssssss!!!!!” cried Donna as she started moaning. “OOOHHH UHHH UHHHH AAAAHHH!!!”

Chris felt the tingle in his balls that he knew so well. He knew it from masturbating, but hasn’t done it in a while considering he could fuck Donna whenever the urge arise and it was about to. “Donna I’m about to cum!!!!”

“Cum in your whore’s asshole!!!!!!!!!! Give me all your cum!!!!!!!!” cried Donna as she was thrusting her hips into Chris as hard and as fast as she could. Chris was thrusting into her matching the rhythm that she was giving him. It didn’t take much time at all to burst into Donna’s asshole. It was like all the energy that Chris had in his entire life time going into a single orgasm. He started squirting load after load into his sister’s ass. He didn’t think it would ever end as his heart was pumping a hundred miles an hour with every wave of cum that entered his sister asshole.

“Yesssssssssss Chris cum in your whore sister!” cried Donna. It didn’t take much longer after Chris that Donna actually started cumming down her and Chris’s legs. “Ohhhh I’m cummmming!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!”

After what seemed like the greatest orgasms of their lives subsided, they collapsed onto each others bodies and fell asleep. Chris loved fucking his sister Donna and wondered how different it would be to fuck his sister Lena too. Maybe he would get Hazel in the process.

When Chris woke the next morning he escaped to his room without waking up Donna. He took a shower and got ready for school, meeting his family downstairs for breakfast. Donna had been up and making some breakfast as Chris entered the room. Lena and Hazel were at their usual seats at the table. Chris’s mom already left for work as usual.

Chris sat down looking at Lena. It must have been the talk that Donna had with him earlier that made Lena more appealing. She had her hair in a ponytail wearing a red shirt with some tight jeans that accentuated her body beautifully. Her face was a natural beauty with no make up on. She was smiling at Chris with her dimples shown greatly. When Lena wasn’t looking, Chris scanned her body and noticed that Lena had some massive breasts that were pushing at the material of her shirt. With the way that she was sitting, her ass was extended and Chris could see the blue thong sticking out the top of her jeans. Chris was getting a hard on just thinking about it.

“How is football practice?!” asked Lena as Chris broke his concentration. Lena was looking at him, holding her head on her hand looking at him. He was caught looking at Lena’s ass. Chris looked away blushing, but answered. “Its going ok. We have a game on Friday which I am starting running back. We need to win this one to stay in the running of the playoffs.”

“Well with you being running back, you guys should win.” winked Lena.

“Yea I hope. Last time we went to the playoffs we got creamed in the first round.” Chris said with a look of disappointment on his face thinking back to his sophmore year.

“Yea well, I think it will be better this year.”

“I hope so!”

“You guys will lose! You guys have a terrible team!” mocked Hazel as she put her mirror down.

“Yea well not as bad as the look of the mask that you have on!”

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