Chris Dunn Ch. 07

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Chris could not stop thinking of Paul on her way home. She was giddy about the advice her clinical supervisor had given her. As long as Paul has the ability to agree or not, any sexual activity between them was okay. He is an adult and he is acting at his mother’s direction to be her model, so this is really an artistic endeavor, she rationalized.

She stopped at the florist and got herself a large bouquet of daisies for her apartment. Chris then stopped at the liquor store and selected a bottle of sweet white wine for herself. She was going to enjoy this freedom from the weight of anxiety she had been carrying.

When she got home there was a message on the machine from Eve, excitedly telling her that she had three new clients and each had been taken by the nude portfolio she had created. She could not wait to tell her about it. Call me!

Chris put the flowers in a vase on her table and cut four for the bud vase she kept in the bathroom. She set the flowers on the edge of the tub as a reminder of the fresh feeling she had. Returning to the kitchen, she poured herself a class of Gewurztraminer and tasted it. It was warm, but sweet.

Chris went to her bedroom and quickly slipped out of her clothes. She raced to get the water drawn in the bath. Pulling her hair up and pinning it, she slipped into the water. With only the water splashing, there was no distraction to occupy her mind. She could simply melt into the water.

The water was rising and she felt the sting of its heat as it lapped against her skin. She washed herself and when she was all clean, she leaned back letting anadolu yakası escort the water soak her cares away. Now unwound, Chris began to rub herself. Her pussy throbbed with the heat of the water and her lips were full and pouting. She rolled her clitoris under he middle finger and felt the soothing wave overcome her. Patiently, she let her arousal build. She dipped first one, then two, then three fingers in her vagina. She could feel the slickness of her own moisture and how different it was from the bath water.

With her other hand, she caressed her breasts. Her nipples responded to her touch. Chris pulled at breast flesh and pinched the nipples hard. The feeling of pleasure and pain shot through her. If she had clothespins, she would have attached them to her nipples. She would have liked the feeling of constant sharpness as she became aroused.

Looking again at the flowers on the edge of the tub, she smiled. She thought of Paul. He was so innocent seeming, yet he was all man. He got aroused around her. He liked showing off his cock to her. And she encouraged him. That there were pictures to remind her of the events was even better. Now others would be able to see what had happened and share in the excitement.

She was amazed at her own openness to letting Eve direct her as a model for her photo experiments. When she told Chris that she wanted to photograph her peeing, Chris was excited and at the same time, quizzical. What puzzled her most was her eagerness to do it.

As a therapist, she was trained to listen to her reactions. ankara anal escort They were the best way to get a handle on what her clients were thinking. If she felt angry listening to a story, then chances were pretty good her client was feeling angry as well. So, when she found herself eager to let her sister shoot her in such a personal act, she wondered if there was more Eve wanted of her as well.

Then her imagination took over and she let her self-analysis slip away. She was thinking of seeing Paul and of his watching her. The object stares back, she knew.

Her thoughts of Paul settled in and she rubbed herself more intently. With her nipples stinging from being pinched, Chris reached for her wine glass. It now tasted cool in contrast to the water in the tub. Chris poured a little on her tits. The cool wine trickled over her nipples. Lifting her breast, Chris licked the wine away. Then she downed the rest of the glass in one gulp. The sweetness ran down her throat and she could trace its course almost to her throbbing pussy.

She recalled Paul staring at her as she peed in the barn before her sister’s camera. She stood up in the tub as if to re-enact the scene. Water cascaded down her skin. Spreading her legs, she tried to pee. As the first trickle came, she held the wine glass under herself to catch it. It hissed into the glass and swirled around as it filled. Even when it threatened to run over the brim, Chris allowed herself to keep pissing into the wine glass.

She filled the glass and it ran over, spilling into the tub before she was finished. ankara anal yapan escort Chris looked in the mirror at herself holding the wine glass beneath her spread legs. She liked what she saw. Then raising the glass to her nose, she smelled its contents. It was earthy and strong. She held the glass to her cheek feeling her own warmth. She did not taste it, but the thought was strong.

Instead, she watched herself in the mirror pour the wine glass full of her urine down her chest. It ran in rivulets across the skin. Her full globes splitting the flow into four distinct falls. It sounded like spring rain as the urine met the water in the tub.

She smelled like urine and it did not displease her. The soap she had used to wash herself was sweet against the primal aroma of her piss.

Chris set the glass down and herself down in the tub once more. She let the water and urine wash over her covering her in the diluted fluids of her own making. It felt dirty and fun all at once. And at the same time, strangely cleansing. No wonder people have fetishes about urine, Chris thought. It was an insight that she never expected.

She reached down and massaged her twat. Her clitoris throbbed and she mashed it hard as she made small circles with her hand. The smell of the water aroused her, as did the thought of pouring the glass full of urine over herself. She could not wait to tell Eve of the idea for a shoot.

Chris worked herself into a fury and splashed water all over the floor as she writhed in her orgasm. When she relaxed again, she lay back in the tub and saw the flower sitting on the edge of the tub. She smiled thinking of her feeling of being refreshed and the new chapter that had opened in her life.

She dried herself and put on fresh pajamas, cotton ones. She wanted to feel comfortable. She was asleep in no time and forgot to call her sister. The call could wait. She needed to dream, instead.

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