Christie’s Summer Job Ch. 02

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Part 2: The Unexpected

Christie stood there in shock; not sure if she should enter the tub, She had no idea what to expect and wasn’t sure what all would be involved, knowing it would be sexual.

After a couple long minutes Nick took her by the hand saying, “Come on hun, its ok.”

He began to remove her clothing, caressing her soft nipples in the process. She looked down almost shaking at Lynn looking up at her licking her lips and starring with her greedy eyes. Finally Christie entered the tub and was seated between the couple. At first there was a long silence as the three just looked around the pool area not knowing what should be done… and to whom.

Nick was the first to make a move like always, he began kissing Christie; ramming his tongue deep in her mouth and touching her tits. For a few minutes they forgot all about Lynn being there who eventually reminded them.

Christie still felt very uncomfortable with the situation and then she felt hands running through her blonde hair, it was Lynn. Lynn was playing with Christie’s hair and then must have gotten bored with that.

She brought up her right hand and started playing with Christie’s nipples saying, “It’s been a long time since I did this.”

Nick just sat back sipping his drink; touching himself a bit watching his wife having fun. Christie was starting to get in the moment trying to forget that it wasn’t a guy who was touching her. She sat there for the longest time until she was told to touch Lynn so within no time the two ladies were playing with each other’s tits letting out little giggles of excitement. They started kissing soon forgetting all about Nick. Christie had lost all fear, she casino siteleri was now a horny little bitch who was on a new adventure and she liked it!

The little foreplay continued for a while until Lynn jumped up on the side of the tub. She separated her legs exposing what she owned. Christie let out a small gasp as she stared at this nicely trimmed pussy with water dripping off it.

Just then she looked up at Lynn who said, “Play with it, touch it, kiss it, lick it…don’t be afraid.”

Both of Lynn’s hands went on the back of Christie’s head and guided her in. She had no idea what she was doing but tried to remember how Nick had done it to her and that was a good thing because Lynn was really enjoying it. Nick who was still sitting out could no longer stay out, he walked over to Lynn and ran his cock over her lips before sliding it deep into her throat.

He was watching the action down below in amazement; commenting on Christies techniques. Within about 10 minutes the loud moans and groans began and Christie found her mouth was being filled with the sweet juices of a convulsing Lynn. Nick too exploded into Lynn’s mouth so much that she couldn’t hold it and swallow it fast enough and a bit dripped out of her mouth running down her chin. The three all relaxed for a few minutes making small talk, Christies mind was still going crazy trying to figure it all out.

Christie left the Jenkins that day thinking she wouldn’t be returning again. A week later her phone rang and it was Nick asking if she would come and help them close up the pool for the winter. She knew it would be more than just the pool closing and agreed to it. It had been a couple weeks and canlı casino the urge was hitting her strong…stronger than ever.

The next day Christie walked up to the house feeling excited; knowing what would happen. Nick and Christie headed out to the pool and began to drain it and then put the cover over it. She didn’t mention anything about the last time she was there and neither did Nick. Lynn called from in the house asking Christie to come inside that she had something for her for being such a good employee,

Christie was happy to hear this and walked into the house.

Once inside she was asked to sit on the couch for a few seconds. Lynn appeared in the door way with her hands behind her back then she walked over to Christie and started with her little speech she had prepared. Then she revealed what was behind her back, a piece of paper. Christie was confused!

Lynn handed her the paper and said, “Read it.”

It turned out to be a receipt for Christie’s college. The Jenkins had paid her tuition! Christie’s eyes watered up and she was speechless. After a few seconds she got the thank you so much out as a tear streamed down her face. But with that there was a small debt and that was that Christie was expected to still come over and play from time to time, which she had no problems with.

Nick entered the room and saw how happy the girls were and thought it’d be the perfect time for a little fun. He sat down on the couch and started kissing and touching Christie. Lynn sat on the other side of her playing with her too. After a few minutes clothes were flying all around.

Christie had never had two people touching her at the same time and this time kaçak casino with Lynn she wasn’t expected to do much more then enjoy herself. Lynn was having an incredible time touching and kissing Christie’s aroused body and decided she needed to go between her legs and taste her. Her ass was up in the air, and an open invite for her husband who began to lick his fingers and placing them in her ass. First one then two. At this point his dick was throbbing and he spread Lynn’s ass cheeks, inserting his penis. At first he moved slowly, but then he started getting more rough causing Lynn to shake and scream a bit.

Christie was feeling her peak coming on and tried to hold off for a bit longer so that the other two could finish their fucking. It was useless she felt her whole body tense up and her pussy lips begin to pulsate and she came in Lynn’s mouth and all over her face.

The entire time Lynn had been playing with herself and she too came, followed by Nick who pulled out and shot his cum all over Lynn’s back rubbing it in with his hands. The trio decided a few minutes later that after a short break they should do it all over again, and so they did for the rest of the afternoon right up until dinner time.

Right before Christie was leaving Lynn asked her if she liked where she was living. Being in a dorm, Christie wasn’t too thrilled about it, but had no choice seeing how she was from out of town.

Christie replied with, “Why do you ask?”

“Well we would like to offer you the guest house while you are here in school. You can even use one of our cars to get back and forth to classes.”

Christie thought that was an awesome idea and very quickly agreed to it. Within two days she was all moved in.

What Christie soon found out was that Lynn’s brother needed to move in a month later. He wasn’t that bad looking either, a little shorter than Nick, but fun to talk to and so they all got along well….

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