Christine Ch. 02

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This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is quite coincidental. This story contains graphic incestuous mother and son relationships, which includes sexual intercourse and other taboo subjects. All characters are over 18 years of age. Please enjoy in the comfort your own home, with family or friends.

A special shout out for Don who helped edit this chapter.


While I continued to sleep in my own bed, and my mother in hers, I could not wait for Sunday to arrive where I could share her bed with her. Last week’s revelation about our love and carnal lust for each other weighed heavy on our minds. Loving her was the easy part. For me it was the sex between us that was hard to fathom, as I am sure it was for her too.

Incestuous sex with my mother, Christine, has been the hottest sex I have ever had during my short adult life. I have been with a few different women, but none could compare to her which makes my enjoyment of my mother all the more poignant. Only nineteen years between us did not seem such a vast difference. I was conflicted between the utmost joy i felt with having sex with my mother and the consuming guilt of committing the insidious insestuous act of sexual intercourse with her.

Perhaps I am overplaying it, over analyzing things. Perhaps this was good. We loved each other both carnally and spiritually. We enjoyed each other’s company. My mother seemed to have adapted to our new lifestyle. There was nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. Was there?

We have no family to contend with. When she became pregnant with me, her pious holier than thou parents kicked her out of the home and abandoned her as did her siblings and relatives. My mother suffered much because of me. The young man who impregnated her also abandoned her, he said he was to young for fatherhood and responsibilities. At nineteen she had to struggle to get by, worked until she was close to giving birth, then finding daycare for me while she worked as a waitress and eventually earning a college degree as a paralegal and now works at a prestigious law firm. It was just she and me.

I was resolute in my purpose to make my mother happy in any way I could. She deserved to have a happy enjoyable life. Even if she did or did not remarry, I would take care of her into her twilight years and beyond.

Sunday arrived none too soon. I got up and went to the kitchen where my mother was preparing breakfast. She looked up at me and my heart melted. The smile she gave me could not be ignored. I walked up to her and placed a kiss on her lips.

‘Good morning mom.’ I said to her as I caressed her ass before I moved away to sit at the counter.

‘Good morning Richard.’ She replied, her eyes sparkling as she looked at me and my heart raced. It’s been a week since our last intimate communion and I wanted and needed her badly.

“How was your week? Was school okay? How was work?’ She prattled. ‘I got a raise in pay at work, not a lot but it’s enough to be happy with.’ She commented.

‘Congratulations mom. I am sure you more than earned it. It’s nice that you have a job you enjoy.’ I said. ‘As for me, school is school and work is work. I can’t wait to get my degree and get a real job where I can make a significant contribution to the household.’ I added.

I looked at her as she set out the plates of food and the finally sat beside me. There were questions I had to ask.

‘Mom, are we going to be okay with this? I feel that perhaps I have taken advantage of your naivety. I love you, I enjoy being with you and I enjoy sleeping with you, but I do not want to hurt you.’ I said to her.

‘Richard, I may have been sexually naive, but I am not stupid. I know full well what we are getting into. You are my son and I love you unconditionally. To share my body with you makes the love I feel for you become even greater. I am sure you must feel the same of me. You and I share a very special bond that very few people can identify with. I am not ashamed of having sex with you.’ She replied as she began eating her breakfast.

I looked at her, feeling an overwhelming love for her. I knew now that it did not matter that she was my mother.

She gave me that smile that gets me weak in the knees as she got up. Dressed in jeans and shirt, she moved around the kitchen with a sensuous sway to her hips. She kept glancing at me, a smirk like smile on her face. She was up to something, I could feel it.

Church was painful. The sermons seemed to drag on for an eternity. I kept having salacious thoughts of my mother and then regretting it after when I started developing an erection. She did not help when she crossed and uncrossed her legs under her knee length dress which climbed ever higher above her knees. I wanted her so bad, I could taste her. I was excited at the prospect of performing cunnilingus on her. I salivated at that thought and almost drooled. I wanted to give her the best experience with my mouth.

Then I began to think about teaching poker oyna her to suck my cock. She had never had oral sex in her life. She had previously always thought it to be an immoral and unhygienic. But the thought of my mother sucking my cock caused my cock to drool pre-cum. The mental image of her sensuous lips around my cock was almost too much to take.

Suddenly I felt a nudge on my shoulder and was brought out of my reverie as my mother stood up for the final hymn. I quickly stood up and my head swooned from a blood rush. I looked at her sheepishly. She smirked at me. Yes that was definitely a smirk.

After church, we walked home at a leisurely pace. It was a bright sunny spring day. There was a slight chill in the air which felt refreshing.

‘Were you having lewd thoughts about me in church?.’ She asked

I looked at her and tried unsuccessfully to suppress a blush that burnt my face. An answer was not necessary.

When we got into our apartment, I pulled her into my arms and attempted to kiss her. She pushed me back.

‘Steady on my hormonally charged son. Let’s not rush into things.’ She said with giggle as she held me at arm’s length.

‘But mom, I want you. I need you now.’ I said to her.

She patted my cheek. ‘All things in good time, my son.’ She chided me as she turned and went to her room.

I was left standing there feeling foolish and childish for losing my cool. I went to my room feeling chagrined. I changed out of my church clothes.

I came out with my arms full of my laundry and dropped it into the basket in the utility room. I almost ran into her as I came back out. She had changed into a pair of Daisy Mae shorts that accentuated her ass and hips beautifully, and a snug halter top that clung to her bra-less breasts and showed her hard nipples, with her midsection exposed. God she was looking so fucking hot.

I walked past her and I could hear her giggling. Fuck, she is toying with me, my mother is fucking toying with me.

Furious, I looked back at her just as she bent over to add her bag of laundry to the basket, her ass looking spectacular. Fuck, I groaned inwardly.

When she came back out she had a smug look on her face.

‘Have I reached bitch status yet?’ She asked.

‘What?’ I looked at her appalled.

‘You know what I said.’ She said.

‘Yes, I know.’ I said tersely. ‘Yes, you are getting there.’ I continued.

‘Good.’ She said as she brushed past me.

I smacked her ass as she passed which caused her to let out a yelp, followed by a giggle as she walked away sassily.

At dinner I stared at her over the rim of my wine glass as I took a sip. She ignored me which added to my frustration I ate sparingly as my thoughts dwelled on her. My blood was simmering with a desire for her. It was time for me to take back control of this situation, I thought. I was operating on a half boil, my cock ready to spring to an erection at the smallest provocation.

When we finally retired to the couch I looked at her with a deep sexual desire. She looked back with eyes that told me she wanted me in the same way.

I took her into my arms kissed her deeply. My tongue flowed into her mouth and salaciously danced with hers, the kiss becoming a conduit for our passions which simmered at the edge. I felt a rush rip through my body, my cock had become harder than a rock.

As we broke our kiss, I pulled off her shirt to reveal her very beautiful breasts. I looked at them in awe and found myself reaching up to them and cupping them, and weighing their firmness. She looked at me proudly.

‘Do you like them?’ She asked.

‘Yes I like them, they are spectacular .’ I said as I leaned down and buried my face in her breasts and began to kiss and suck on her nipples. She let out a moan as she thrust out her chest proudly as I took great pleasure giving her pleasure in this way.

I then pulled off her shorts down her very beautiful legs, followed by by her panties. I look up between her legs and I am shocked at what I saw.

‘Holy shit.’ I exclaimed as I gawked at my mother’s bald vagina.

‘You don’t like?’ She asked disappointedly as she placed her hand over her vagina and tried to close her legs.

‘No mom, I love it. You…you shaved. Damn! I have never seen a pussy so beautiful. I nearly had an orgasm just from the sight. You are gorgeous.’ I gushed with excitement.

‘Do you really like it?’ She asked sounding unconvinced as she hesitantly withdrew her hand from between her legs.

‘Mom, you are so freaking beautiful down there. It looks like an exotically succulent rare orchid. It’s hard to believe that I popped out of there.’ I said to her as I continued to gaze upon my mother’s exquisite sex.

‘Trust me when I say you did not pop out of there. It took me almost twenty hours to push you out. You did not want to come out.’ She said as she visibly relaxed.

‘Can you blame me? Damn, if this is what the front door looks like, can you just canlı poker oyna imagine what the interior looks like?’ I said to her as I ran the palm of my hands up the inside of her smooth thighs.

‘Richard, you say the sweetest things.’ She replied as she glowed with pride.

I have seen a few vaginas, real and from porn videos. My mom’s vagina is amazing, there was no question about that. Now I was about to orally gratify my mother. I lowered my head between her legs, then as I opened my mouth, my salivary glands released two thin streams which sprayed across my mother’s exquisitely gorgeous vagina. I was in heaven. She let out a gasp.

I am not sure which of us was going to get the greater pleasure as I began to lick and kiss my mother’s very wet vagina. Her body trembled at my touch. I placed kisses on her mound, followed by a circuitous licking around it, enjoying the subtle saltiness of her skin.

I glanced up for a moment to see her looking down at me with love and adoration. She let out a sigh and relaxed her body, her legs falling further apart.

I then kissed her frilly petal like labia edged a sepia color which changed to a light reddish pink deeper in. Then I explored her petals with my tongue which caused her body to quiver, delving through her channels and then through her slit and to her opening. Her taste was divine.

She let out a gasp as she ran her fingers through my hair and then moaned in delight as I dined on her. ‘Oh Richard that feels so wonderful.’ She purred lustfully.

Yes, I dined on her, she tasted like a virgin. I felt intoxicated by the sight and taste of my mother’s vagina. I could not resist her more than I could resist taking my next breath. I took her hardened clitoris into my mouth and suckled her. This brought greater moans of pleasure from her as her hips began to undulate agitatedly.

‘God Richard, that feels so incredible.’ She moaned deliriously.

I continued unabated to enjoy my mother by bringing her a pleasure that she had not experienced before. I explored the very opening from which I was born, probing and tasting her with an unnatural lustful hunger.

I returned to her clitoris and sucked it while I inserted two fingers into her and found her spot and worked it. Then her body tensed, a deep gurgle like cry came from her throat and she grabbed my hair painfully tight in her hand and pulled my face hard against her sex.

‘OH GOD..OH GOD …RICHARD…RICHARD…’ She called out in alarm before letting out a glorious cry.

Her body bucked and spasmed against my face, her legs closed and opened around my head a number of times before she just pushed my head away.

Wet faced I looked up at my mother’s face who looked back at me with utter astonishment. She blinked a number of times as if trying to focus on me. I had to admit I have never brought off a woman like that before.

‘You okay?’ I asked with a wet grin.

She looked at me as she tried to focus. ‘Oh my god, that was truly amazing. Do you do that to all your women?’ She asked breathlessly.

‘No, just you.’ I admitted as I tried to suppress a blush. ‘I get them off, but not the same intensity.’

‘Now I really do feel special.’ She said as she gingerly touched herself.

I moved up beside her on my side, tilted her head toward me, then kissed her deeply, my lips locked on hers and my tongue invaded her mouth in search of hers. She placed her hand on the side of my face and kissed me with the same deep intensity. We both floated away on cloud of mutual love and adoration.

As we broke our kiss, she lovingly looked into my eyes as she caressed my face.

‘You have grown into a beautiful young man. I am very proud of you.’ She said to me and then leaned closer and kissed my lips.

She then reached down and took my hardness into her hand. ‘Can you teach me now, teach me how to use my mouth on you?’ She asked me as she gently squeezed it.

‘You don’t have to, if you are not ready.” I said to her.

‘I am curious. I have never even seen a real penis up close, let alone touch one, other than your peanut when you were a baby which does not count.’ She said.

I rolled onto my back, my upper back and head on pillows stuffed up against the headboard and looked down as she moved downward.

She took my rigid circumcised flesh back into her hand a began to examine it. She explored it from all sides, casting glances at me. She cupped my scrotum and kneaded it gently in her hand. Then she looked up for guidance.

‘You can kiss it from tip down to my sacks, and then lick them and my penis as well. Touch them how you feel to touch them. There is nothing you could do that would be wrong or shameful.’ I said to her.

She smiled nervously at me and then placed a tentative kiss on the tip of my cock which twitched in her hand. She glanced at me and then proceeded to place soft kisses down my length until she reached my scrotum.

‘There’s a strange musty odor. I find it pleasing, makes internet casino me hornier.’ She said as she nuzzled and explored my sacks.

‘You can try sucking them into your mouth.’ I said to her, which she did from one to the other, looking up at me proudly as my cock bucked and a moan escaped my lips.

Emboldened, she then took long licks around my burgeoning length as she moved back up my length before stopping at the bulbous tip. She glanced at me once more.

‘Now take the tip into your mouth and suckle and lick it. Be careful not to touch it with your teeth, it is sensitive there.’ I said to her as I prayed I would not orgasm at the sight.

I steeled myself from the expected pleasure as she took me into her mouth. I felt her tongue swim around the tip as she sucked it. The sight of just the tip between her lips caused my cock to buck and another moan of pleasure. She looked up at me for assurance.

‘You are doing quite well. You can take more into your mouth as you comfortably can and then pull it in an out of your mouth as you suck it. Use your tongue as well to keep contact with it.’ I said to her.

She did as directed, taking about three inches into her mouth and then pumping it in and out of her mouth. My body shook at the sight. I felt her teeth from time to time but overall it looked and felt amazing. I could feel my orgasm building in my sacks. I began to develop as strong desire to release into her wonderful mouth.

‘Oh god mom, that feels so wonderful. When I say I am cuming you can take me out of your mouth, okay? You may not be ready to swallow my cum.’ I said as she brought me closer and closer.

I clenched my fists, clenched my teeth and curled my toes. ‘Mom, I am going to cum.’ I said urgently.

‘Oh fuck I am cumming…NOW MOM.’ I said in a panicked cry. Instead of stopping she continued and I could not stop the inevitable.

‘Mom,’ I groaned as my body bucked as my cock vigorously spat lengthy ropes of my semen into her beautiful mouth.

She continued sucking as my cum spilled thickly into her mouth. She gagged and a large wad of my cum spilled from her mouth. She tried again and swallowed a substantial amount of cum while more spilled from her mouth. Just the sight and her efforts caused me to deliver more than I could ever remember. My body shuddered violently until I was spent.

She finally stopped and lifted her dripping mouth from my cock, Her mouth and hands were thick with my semen. She looked up at me wild eyed. Then she did something I did not expect from her on her first time. She licked her fingers and then cleaned her mouth with her fingers before then sucking them clean again. She then cleaned my cock and balls with her tongue.

I was beside myself. Not many women I knew were that engrossed into doing it all the way like that, but my mom was.

‘Was that okay?’ She asked shyly.

I had to blink. ‘Fuck mom, that blew my mind, it was incredible.’I really did not expect you to take my cum in you mouth the first time. Its an acquired taste, I thought. I would have been okay if you did not.’ I told her..

‘I had a little taste soon after I began and I liked it. But I was just not prepared for that amount. There is nothing wrong with liking it is it?’ She asked.

‘Hell no. You did fine, more than fine. You are a natural cum slut.’ I said to her.

‘I hope being called a slut is a good thing.’ She giggled as she move back up to me.

I grabbed her head, licked up my sperm she missed from around her mouth and then kissed her deeply.

‘Mmmm, Mom you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met.’ I said as I placed another kiss on her lips.

She took my face between her hands and kissed me with passion which sizzled between our lips. My cock awoke in an instant and was eagerly pressed against her pubic mound as I moved on top of her.

‘Make love to me Richard,’ she said as she looked into my eyes, ‘I want to feel you inside me, I want to you till fill me with your seed..’ She said softly with a look I could not ignore.

God my mother is so fucking beautiful. She would be the woman I would envision marrying, having a family with, and spending my life with, I thought as I slowly entered my mother’s wonderfully receptive body.

‘I love you Richard.’

‘I love you mom.’

I moved slowly, pumping my swollen cock in and out of heaven which is my mother. I savoured each wonderful stroke. We become lost in each other. I could see the love in her eyes, the cry of her voice, the way she held me and the way she opened herself to me. There was no restriction, nothing held back, she was mine and I was hers.

Through her cries of joy, a woman’s body never felt as complete as my mother’s body felt at that moment. Our union could not have felt more true as it felt now. There was no wrongness to what we felt.

‘Richard.’ She cried as she rose up to meet my thrusts.

She clung to me as if her life depended on it, as if she was about to fall off a precipice. She had a look of wonder and amazement as her myriad of emotions and sensations coalesced into a new and wild soul shaking orgasm and then let out a long protracted cry of utter fulfillment.

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