Christine – Pt.2

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It’s been two weeks since we had that afternoon interlude and Susan has called, faxed, emailed or voice mailed me every day with sexual suggestions and innuendoes. So far I’ve resisted the urge to give in to her suggestions. Don’t get me wrong; she was incredible. I’ve never met anyone with a sexual appetite such as hers. It’s just that I have been more than satisfied as of late.

Christine and I sat down that same evening and talked about what had happened. She was both amazed and taken aback by Susan’s directions. “I really had no idea that’s what Ms. Williams wanted to do,” she said, “but I couldn’t stop myself once I got started. I mean, I was so turned on, and you seemed to approve of what was going down, so I just went with it.”

I told her I felt the same way; I was so turned on I couldn’t stop, and I really didn’t have a problem with anything that was done. “You have developed into such a beautiful, sensual woman that I found it difficult to stop what you were doing,” I told her. “I have to admit, you have exhibited an entirely new – and quite alluring – side to yourself.” I smiled and kissed the top of her head.

Christine took my hand and placed it over her heart. “The trouble I’m having now,” she said, “is trying to stop my feelings about doing it again. I mean, you were incredible. All the way home I was thinking about taking you in my mouth and getting you off again.” She even blushed as she said it. I felt her nipple grow hard under my hand and, at the same time, realized I was getting a hard-on all over again. “Would it be such a bad thing to keep going?” she asked.

“No,” I told her, “it wouldn’t. But it’s something we have to keep very private. Other people wouldn’t understand it.”

“Not even my friends?” she asked.

“I doubt they would understand. They’ve probably been taught that this sort of sexual conduct is a bad thing.”

Christine knelt down in front of me and began to stroke my rod through my pants. “I might have a surprise or two on that matter,” she said, opening my pants and taking my cock in her hand. And, with that idea, she sucked me until I came down her throat.

Over the next two days Christine took every opportunity to explore our new sexual relationship. She took to removing her clothing when she was around the house and masturbating several times a day while I watched. Sometimes I would masturbate with her; sometimes she would suck me off. I ate her lovely, juicy young pussy for the first time and brought her to a huge climax with both my tongue and my fingers. And both nights she would come into my bedroom before retiring and suck on my cock until I came either down her throat or in her hands.

On Monday Christine went back to school and I went back to my office. I got done early and decided to head home. The house was so quiet and peaceful I decided to just kick back and relax for a while, so I stripped down and laid back on our couch. I couldn’t help but think about the last time I’d been naked on a couch. I’d had Susan at one end and Christine at the other. The mere thought of that afternoon got me hard, so I closed my eyes and slowly stroked my cock into a huge hard-on.

I dozed off that way. One moment I was thinking about Susan and Christine, and the next I was looking up into Christine’s lovely young face, smiling at me. I felt her hand slide over my tool. “Hey there,” she said, “you must have known we were coming over today.” It didn’t register at first, but when I finally realized she’d said, “we,” I looked past her to see another young woman standing at the foot of the couch. Her eyes were trained on Christine’s hand slowly stroking my cock into life.

“This is Jenny,” she said. “We’ve talked about what you and I do and she’s really interested in it.” I smiled at Jenny, not knowing quite what to say. Christine’s hand tightened around my stiffening cock and her strokes took on more urgency. “She really wants it, Daddy. Do you mind?”

I shook my head, letting my little head take over my thinking.

Christine told Jenny to get undressed and she moved her face down to my cock. As Jenny slowly peeled off her tank top, bra, skirt and panties, Christine began to give me head. By now she knew exactly what to do to get me really hard, and by the time Jenny came over to the couch I was rock hard and throbbing. Jenny’s naked body only made my balls ache even more; her firm young tits must have been nothing less than a 36D, and her pussy was trimmed down to a thin strip running up from her delta. She had slim hips, firm thighs, and a trim body – all the things a man loves to admire. Christine brought her down on her knees and offered her my cock. “Start slowly,” she told her, “with just the head, and then work your way down his shaft. Up and down. Don’t try to take it all in at once. Just relax and enjoy the feeling. And keep in mind the really sensitive areas, and pay attention to them.”

Jenny caught on like a pro. I watched the head of my cock disappear into her mouth, felt her nilüfer escort cheek muscles tighten around it, and then felt her tongue swirl around the rim. It was heavenly. As she began to slowly slide up and down my rod Christine moved around behind her and began to stroke her pussy with her hand. Jenny must have really liked that, and she began to pump my shaft with her hand as she sucked my head. At one point I figured Christine has pumped her fingers into Jenny’s cunt, because she stiffened, moaned lightly, and then went back down with renewed energy. I saw Christine begin to piston her hand in and out of Jenny’s twat and Jenny stopped sucking me off. “Oh, shit,” she moaned, “that’s so good. Oh, God, that’s so good.”

“You want his cock?” Christine asked her.

“I want his cock fucking me,” Jenny replied, breathing harder.

Christine didn’t stop finger-fucking her, but she brought me around behind her. She took my cock and guided it into her tight, wet cunt. “Just start slowly,” she whispered to me, “but then ream her really good. She’s had dildos inside her before, so she’s ready for you.” I began to slowly slide in and out of her pussy, loving the tightness around my tool, and Christine sat down on the couch with Jenny’s face between her thighs. She took Jenny’s face and guided it to her pussy. “Just like you did before, baby,” she whispered to Jenny, “eat me like that.”

Jenny bore down on Christine’s clit and fuck hole with her tongue. “Harder now, Daddy,” Christine told me, smiling, “fuck her harder now. Pound it into her. Really fuck her hard now.” She had this mischievous look on her face that told me the harder I fucked Jenny, the harder Jenny would suck her pussy. I smiled back at her, slid nearly all the way out of Jenny’s twat, and then rammed my cock home. Christine stiffened, smiled, and then looked at me. I began to pound Jenny’s pussy as hard as I could, sliding all the way out until just the tip of my cock was against her opening, and then reaming her hole until my balls pounded her vulva. Jenny withstood about a dozen of these before she gasped, clenched down around my cock buried deep inside her, and climaxed hard.

I was amazed at how wet she got. When I withdrew from her my cock and balls were literally dripping with her cum. Christine sat me down on the couch and Jenny immediately started sucking my cock. Christine went around behind Jenny, laid down underneath her hips, and brought her soaked pussy down to her face. I got to watch and feel Jenny’s mouth sliding up and down my throbbing tool while Christine stroked herself and cleaned up Jenny’s pussy. In a matter of minutes I felt that familiar rush to my groin. “I’m going to cum,” I moaned, “I need to let go.” As if on cue, Jenny bore down on my tool even harder. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and pumped it fast and hard as she sucked the top third of my cock. At the moment of climax I grabbed either side of Jenny’s face, held her head very still, and shot a huge load into her mouth. At first she gagged a bit, but to her credit she never lost a drop. She ate every bit of my cum and then went back for more. By the time she was finished she had taken two loads from my balls and licked me clean. And, in between, she climaxed, again, in Christine’s face.

Every afternoon that week Jenny dropped by our house either after school or in the evening and we enjoyed our threesome. Jenny always wanted me to fuck her from behind so she could have Christine’s pussy in her face, and Christine loved finishing off my cock while Jenny ate her. On Saturday we were planning to have Jenny spend the night when Christine came up with an alternative idea. “There’s this other friend of ours who is really looking for a group thing,” she said. “Would you have any problems if I invited her to spend the night as well?”

“Don’t you think this might get out of hand?” I asked her.

She thought about it and shook her head. “No,” she said, “as long as we keep it just between the three of us and you. I can’t really think of anyone else who would be interested – aside from Ms. Williams, of course.” We both laughed at that; we could both imagine Susan Williams spending the night with three high school girls and a man. “She’d be having one orgasm after another,” Christine laughed.

Saturday evening Christine went out with her two friends and they got home at around 11pm. I stayed home and watched some television in my boxers and a t-shirt. When they arrived I was lounging on my bed. Christine brought both girls upstairs. “Dad,” she said, “you know Jenny. This is Stacy. Stacy, this is my Dad.”

Stacy shyly smiled and waved. She was about the same height as my daughter, with curly red hair, a long, narrow waist, slim hips, and tits the size of tennis balls. The three of them made for an interesting contrast in female development. The three of them standing together also made my dick stir in my boxers. “So,” I asked nonchalantly, “what’s up for the evening? TV? A movie?”

Christine bursa sınırsız escort bayan looked at the two other girls, nodded, and then at me. “We kind of – um, borrowed – this movie from Stacy’s house,” she said, holding out a VHS cassette, “and we thought about watching it here. If you don’t mind, of course.”

“Plug it in,” I told her. “We can watch it up here if you like.”

Christine looked at the other two and they silently agreed. She put the tape into the VCR and turned it on. The title came on to the screen – The Camp-Out – and then the credits. The film looked homemade, at best. I realized right away, of course, that the girls had – borrowed – one of Stacy’s father’s porn flicks. This could be interesting, I thought. The story started out with a young woman and her boyfriend at her parent’s house, making out. Things progressed quickly to her boyfriend getting a blow job, and then to the sex. I watched Stacy as the film got hotter; she blushed at first, but then let her hand creep down between her legs. Christine had her own leg up and her hand between her thighs and was stroking along nicely, and Jenny was playing with her own nipples. I sat back on the bed with my head against the pillows and lazily massaged my dick through my boxers. When Stacy looked over and saw what I was doing, and how hard I was getting, she blushed and looked away. But she didn’t look away very long. Her eyes turned back to me and she licked her lips. I slowly pushed my boxers down under my balls, exposing my hard, thick cock to her, and she smiled. I started stroking my shaft and Stacy edged over. She took my cock in her hand, felt how hard I was, and then slowly took it into her mouth. While she sucked me I reached down and massaged her young tits through her t-shirt.

Jenny noticed what we were doing and she nudged Christine. Christine smiled at me and began to take her clothes off. Jenny followed suit, and soon the two of them were completely naked. When Stacy looked up she saw Christine kneeling over my cock, edging in for her turn. Stacy relinquished her position and took her own clothes off. Her pussy was covered in short red hair. I motioned for her to climb on to my face, and when she lowered her pussy down to my lips I found a thick, hard clit waiting for my tongue. I took it into my mouth and sucked it gently. With Christine’s mouth doing circles around my cock head, I licked and sucked Stacy’s knob until she was breathing hard. I slipped my thumb up her cunt from behind and she rode my face and finger until she began to climax.

Just as Stacy jerked and jolted on my face, Christine grabbed hold of my cock, squeezed, and moaned loudly, “Oh, fuck, yes! Yes!” I turned my head (as much as I could) and saw Jenny’s legs splayed out across the bed behind Christine. I figured Jenny was getting her face wet with Christine’s cum right about the same time I was getting Stacy’s. I thought it was about time to do a bit of directing.

“Jenny,” I said, “come up here and lay back on the bed. Christine, I want you to ride her face. Stacy, come down here and kneel between Jenny’s thighs.” When the girls were all in position, I slid up behind Stacy’s ass and slowly started to ease my cock into her cunt. I gently pushed her face down between Jenny’s thighs and guided her to her pussy. “Lick her,” I said, “and get her clit hard. And she loves it when you ram your fingers up her cunt really hard.” Christine looked back at me, smiled, and then closed her eyes as Jenny continued her assault on Christine’s pussy. As I began to rock slowly in and out I could hear lovely slurping and sucking noises coming from the girls. I reached out and massaged Christine’s back lightly. She took my hands and placed them across her breasts. Her nipples were like two small pebbles. I gently rolled them around and pulled them. Meanwhile, I thrust my cock harder and harder into Stacy’s tight young pussy. It only took a few minutes for her to work up to another orgasm. She began to moan first, then louder, until she started shaking and thrusting her ass back against me every time I pushed in. Finally, she yelled out once and climaxed hard and long. I rolled her to her side and slipped up between Jenny’s thighs.

Taking Jenny’s long, lean legs and wrapping them around my hips, I entered her and started fucking her with long, measured strokes. I held her ass cheeks in my hands and pumped her as hard as I could manage. Each time I pumped her twat I heard Christine gasp as Jenny sucked her pussy with renewed effort. I thrust into her tender pussy and reamed her as hard as I had the first time I fucked her. My balls slammed against her ass and I felt her juices beginning to wash down my sac. Then I felt her tighten up, clamp down around my shaft, and I knew she was about to cum. I slid all the way out and slammed my throbbing tool into her again. As she climaxed I ground my cock deep inside her and flexed it causing her to jerk and twist with a second orgasm.

I took Christine’s hips and brought them back towards me. “I want you to clean Jenny’s pussy up with your tongue,” I told her, bending her over. I took her sweet little ass in my hands, spread her legs apart, and slowly entered her cunt from behind. It was the first time I’d ever fucked Christine, but I could tell she’d had toys bigger than me inside her before. She took my cock and tightened her pussy muscles around it. It was perfect. My cock slid in and out of her with perfect ease, and each time I drove into her she pushed back against me to take my full length. Jenny, meanwhile, was writhing under Christine’s tongue and came again in mere moments. Without a word, Christine moved over and slipped up between Stacy’s thighs. I kept sliding slowly in and out of her, relishing each sensation. Just as Christine had Stacy moaning she turned her head to me.

“Do me in the ass,” she whispered, “just like you did Susan.”

“It’s going to hurt,” I told her. “The first time always hurts.”

She smiled at me. “I’ve been practicing,” she said, “with a dildo. I can take you.” She eased her hips away, drawing my cock out of her, and lowered her hips until the tip of my cock pressed her anus. “Butt fuck me until you cum,” she said. “I want your cum up my ass. Please.”

I pressed the head of my cock into her anus. She was tight – very tight – but in a moment she relaxed and I found the way in easier. I was so well lubricated from Jenny’s and Christine’s juices that my cock simply slid all the way in. Christine let out a huge groan, arched her back, and pressed back against me. “Oh, shit,” she moaned, “it’s so big. It’s so good. Fuck me hard now, Daddy, fuck me hard.” I began to ease in and out of her ass, but she wanted more. “Slam my ass, Daddy, fuck me really hard.” She dove back between Stacy’s thighs and I started to ream her ass. I took her cheeks in my hands and spread them wide. Jenny came over and began to massage Christine’s clit and fuck hole with her hand. I even felt her fingers slip up inside her cunt as I rammed my tool home time after time.

Christine took Stacy’s thighs and picked them up. She bent Stacy’s legs up over her head, exposing her tender cunt to a direct assault with her tongue. I watched as she tongue fucked her over and over again, diving deep inside and then sucking her exposed clit, and then ramming her tongue back inside again. In between penetrations she would grunt and moan with the rhythm of my motion. My cock ached for release; my balls were so full and ready to explode that I had to slow down.

“No, don’t slow down,” Christine groaned, “give it to me. Fill my ass with your cum. Fuck my ass hard now, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt Jenny’s fingers drive deep into Christine’s cunt and I climaxed deep in her ass. I held my cock inside her for a moment, slipped out, and then drove into her again, releasing another load of cum into her ass. At that moment I felt her ass tighten around me and she climaxed. Stacy, too, yelled loudly and came in her face.

The four of us laid there on my bed for a while, panting and breathing heavily and generally trying to recover. Stacy kept muttering over and over again, “Oh my God, oh my God,” and Jenny just smiled at me. Christine was the first one up. She left the room, and then returned a few minutes later with a pitcher of ice water and glasses. It was appreciated by all.

Sometime during the night I awoke to a hand massaging my chest. When I was able to focus I found Stacy lying next to me. She smiled at me, I smiled back, and then she slowly moved down my body, kissing her way down to my crotch, where she proceeded to suck my dick. She sucked me until I was rock hard – again – and then came back up and straddled my hips. “Fuck me slowly,” she said, “until you’re ready to cum. And then I want to suck you off.” She rode me until she climaxed, and then laid down next to me and took me back into her mouth. She sucked and pumped my cock until I was ready to explode.

“I’m going to cum, Stacy,” I whispered, “I’ve got to let go.”

She began to pump my cock with her hand even harder and sucked the head until I pumped out a thick wad of cum into her mouth. She took it all and went back down on me until I spewed out a second load. Then she slid up my body and kissed me, her salty tongue sharing my load with me. And then she left. She was up and out of my bed just like that.

That was last weekend. Today I got home from work and found Christine and Stacy together in Christine’s room. They were naked, on the bed, in a 69 position. I watched for a few minutes as Christine slowly licked Stacy’s hard clit and tongue-fucked her. Stacy, in return, was sucking Christine’s clit and fucking her with a huge dildo with an anal probe on it. When they saw me they smiled and went back to their sexual activity. Jenny just called to ask if the girls were over here, and I told her they were. She said she was actually looking forward to seeing me, that she’d been sitting at home, masturbating and thinking about having my cock inside her, and that she’d be right over.

I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

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