Christmas Break

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It was late; he’d been drinking and had fallen asleep on the lounge. Matt was home for Christmas break. He’d been off at college for three years and this was the only set of holidays he came home for a visit; all the others he spent away with his friends or on campus.

He was snoring lightly and reeked of strong spirits. I guessed he’d probably be out for the duration; and would probably wake up with a headache.

It was nearly two thirty in the morning and I was standing beside the couch looking down on him thinking wicked thoughts! I’d heard him come stumbling in. He thought he was being quiet but he could have woken the dead with the amount of noise he made. Mom and Dad seemed to sleep through it; but I couldn’t, and I was kinda peeved at him for waking me up.

I poked him in the ribs. He was passed out cold. Oh the things I could do to him! I thought with glee.

I ran on tiptoes back to my room and grabbed my marker pen off my desk; then I stopped by the bathroom on my way back and grabbed the shaving cream. What was it they said about falling asleep at a party and not doing it? Well this technically wasn’t a party, but hell I could overlook that fact, my sleep was precious to me!

I was smiling like a fiend; trying my hardest not to giggle as I put down the shaving cream, opting to draw on his face first, thinking that that might be the easiest one to start off with, a nice moustache and small pointy beard, and maybe some nice big freckles! I smiled, removed the cap and leant forward.

I’d barely gotten within six inches of his face when his hand shot up and grabbed my wrist. I sucked in a breath of surprise — too damn surprised to even squeak out a sound. His eyes had flicked open and were staring me right in the face.

“Hey sis!” He whispered with a grin. “Planning on doing something naughty with that?”

“No.” I whispered back lamely, knowing I’d well and truly been sprung!

“Liar!” He whispered back with another grin and then yanked me towards him.

I fell sprawling on top of his hard body with an ‘oof’ and he quickly twisted so I was halfway on my back and he was half on my front, pinning me down. He had my hands held together above my head. He freed the marker pen from my grasp. “Hey!” I hissed angrily.

“Shhh!” He admonished as he moved a little more atop me. “You’ll wake the olds! Then you’ll be in trouble.”

“Why me? You’re the one making all the noise.” I said squirming under him. My heart rate had jumped a little and I was feeling strangely tingly all over.

“Yes but you’re the one that was going to deface — my face.” He smiled wickedly at me and then rubbed noses with me. “Besides I’m a better liar than you are!”

“Arsehole!” I breathed indignantly, though my insides quivered.

“Oh tut tut, such language!” He patronized, staring down at me. His breath still stank of hard liquor, and perhaps it was making me a little giddy, but I felt a small thrill shock through me as I looked back up into his grey eyes.

“Oh shut up and get off me. Let me up.” I told him quietly though firmly as my young, hormonal body began to react to his manhandling and teasing.

“No I don’t think I will.” He said with a chuckle. “You have to apologise first.”

“Apologise? What for? I didn’t do anything.”

“No but you were going to.” He said with a raised brow and crooked grin. “Admit it.”

“Never!” I whispered.

“A pity.” He said cryptically and then smiled as he transferred the grip he had on my wrists to one hand. With his free hand he trailed it along my raised arm and down towards my smooth armpit. “You know we have ways of making you talk!”

“You wouldn’t dare!” I breathed, my eyes going wide.

“Oh wouldn’t I?” He teased some more as he lightly ran his fingers across my armpit making me squirm and jerk even more underneath him.

“If you do you know it’ll wake up mom and dad.” I tried not to sound desperate, I hated being tickled.

A thoughtful look passed over his face. “Hmm, that’s true. And we wouldn’t want that would we Mandy?” (Our parents hadn’t been very imaginative.) “Well I guess I’ll just have to think of another way.”

He shifted again and his leg pressed down between my thighs and hard against my mound, as his hand continued to trail downward along my ribs and over my waist. I bit my lip and tried not to groan or let my eyes roll up into my head like they wanted too. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop my nipples tightening up into hard little nubs. Which Matt noticed almost instantly I was sure as I wasn’t wearing a bra. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining things but I could have sworn I felt Matt grind his pelvis against my hip on purpose. Was it just me or was that something hard digging into my thigh?

The hand he was trailing down my body held the marker pen and I wondered what on earth he was going to do? “Please Matt.” I said swallowing at the sensations shivering through my body. “Let me up.”

“Ah-uh.” He chuckled. “Not just yet.”

“Please Matt.” I said again, squirming even more against poker oyna his grip. He just smiled at me; this time biting his bottom lip a little and letting his eyes close for a moment.

“Nope. Turn around is fair play.” He said.

“What the hell does that mean?” I hissed beginning to worry.

“It means baby, that since you were going to tag my ass, I get to tag your ass!” Matt replied with a smug grin as I felt his fingers dip beneath the hem of my bed shirt.

“No way!” I nearly yelled, but Matt must have known I was going to do that because he covered my mouth with his hand and smothered the sound. I bucked and jerked and kicked around but I couldn’t get free and only managed in working myself into a more restricting position. I was nearly but not quite, lying face first on the couch now, my head and shoulders trapped under Matt’s left arm and armpit and he had his right leg thrown over the backs of both of mine, effectively pinning me down. “Matt stop it!” I whined; my hands now trapped against my chest.

I felt him slap me lightly on my exposed butt which made me jump a little as a shock of sensation rushed through me and I could feel myself getting damp between my legs.

“Not on your life.” He told me. My bed shirt had ridden up in the struggle and exposed not only a goodly portion of my back but also my panty covered bottom.

I felt his fingers as they slithered against the sensitive skin across my lower back and it made goose flesh rise up. I shivered and then gasped as I felt his fingers dip under the waistband of my panties. “MATT!” I hissed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing baby sister? I’m going to tag your ass!”

“No fucking way Matt!” I growled struggling again. “I’ll tell mom and dad!”

“Go right ahead. Then I’ll have to tell them how you’d planned on coming out here and doing the same to my face, and worse — that you were planning on shaving my eyebrows off.”

“I was not!” I denied vehemently as I stopped wriggling about. (I really wasn’t going to go that far). “I was only gonna put it in your hand and then tickle your nose!” My breathing was a little fast from the exertion and my heart rate was up, but it wasn’t entirely due to my struggles. Matt’s fingers were still under the top of my panties and the backs of his knuckles were stroking back and forth across my skin. It was maddening, and thrilling and not a little disconcerting!

“Well I wasn’t to know that! Besides; you know they’ll believe me over you. I’m the favourite after all.”

I ground my teeth. It was true, Matt had always been the favourite, but he usually didn’t use that against me! “You know Matt sometimes you can be a grade-A prick!”

“Now is that any way to speak to your big brother? You know I ought-a wash your mouth out with soap!” He replied calmly; his fingers still stroking back and forth just under the waistband of my boy-leg panties; driving me crazy, making my skin tingle and my young body ache like never before, I could feel the betraying throb at the centre of my thighs and I swallowed hard in desperation. What was I going to do?

The very tips of his fingers were just (and I mean just) brushing against the top of my butt crack and it was taking all my concentration not to wriggle around some more so his fingers would dive deeper.

I knew I was young, and as a result, hormonal, but what in the hell was wrong with me? I shouldn’t be feeling this way about my older brother. I could get horny at the drop of a hat, but now? With my brother pinning me down to the couch? What was up with that! And to make matters worse, I was now positive that that wasn’t his keys — or a misplaced torch if you catch my drift — digging into my thigh either. The prick had a boner, and he was using every opportunity I afforded him by wriggling about under him, to rub it against me!

And the sick thing about it was; I kinda liked it.

It made me hornier knowing that Matt was horny, go figure! I was young and legal after all, eighteen and at that ripe age, that right age to be sexually burgeoning, discovering what made me hot, experimenting, testing the waters. He was twenty two and if I was honest, kinda hot. Tall, athletic, like most guys these days — body conscious and fit! I’d seen him with his shirt of the other morning and God Damn! Even then I’d thought, shit if only he wasn’t my brother! I would so jump his bones — or boner as the case may be.

Well it looked like it might be heading that way regardless of him being my brother.

I felt his hips grind against me again, and I knew he was doing that on purpose. I could feel the hard length of his cock as it pressed against my thigh. I bit my lip to stop from groaning and buried my face in the sofa cushion. “Fine if you’re going to do it, get it over and done with already!” I mumbled giving in, it was no use, I knew I was beat.

I felt him pause and then his hands retreated. I raised my head in confusion as I felt him shift and he rolled me onto my back again; though he didn’t let me canlı poker oyna up. He rearranged himself, his thigh pressed once more between mine, his hard cock pressed against the top of my thigh and hip, stomach to stomach and nearly chest to chest. He resecured my wrists above my head in his one handed grip and stared down at me; marker pen forgotten.

“What?” I queried a little harshly, feeling incredibly self conscious under his intense grey eyes. “Aren’t you going to tag my ass now?” The question was heavy with sarcasm.

“Nah, you gave up. It’s no fun when you don’t put up a fight.” Matt said with a half smile. “You know sometimes you really do give up too easily.”

“Yeah well I know when I can’t win a fight.”

Matt was still staring, and still making me uncomfortable. “What?” I asked flustered.

“Nothing.” He replied with a crooked smile, knowing that that would piss me off.

“Matt, quit staring!”



“Because is not an answer.” He said.

“Just… because!” I said again unable to fully form thoughts let alone words. All I could concentrate on was the feel of his hard dick pressed against me, his chest half pressed against my breasts and those eyes of his as they stared at me. I was feeling very exposed, very vulnerable, very horny.

He shifted, maybe to get comfortable, maybe just to tease me more, but whatever the reason, it made his thigh press harder against my young aching pussy and I bit the inside of my cheek hard to stop the moan as I let my eyes close. I felt his hips shift towards me, grinding himself into me and it made me shiver. I opened my eyes and saw that he was still staring.

“What?” I whispered breathlessly.

“You know you get prettier and prettier every year I come home for Christmas. You make it hard on a guy to ignore certain things.” Matt told me as I felt his thigh flex between mine, his knee moving to make the contact between our bodies more intense.

“Wha… ah, what do you mean?” I managed to squeak out.

“I mean baby sis, that if you weren’t my sister…” Matt left the sentence hanging as he licked his lips, he leant in and rubbed noses with me again before drawing back and looking down at me once more.

“If I weren’t your sister — what?” I asked knowing full well what he was getting at but wanting to hear him say it. This time when he shifted his thigh between my legs I flexed my pelvis up to increase the pressure against my pussy hoping it would help to ease the ache. It didn’t; it only served to make it that much more intense.

I saw his eyes flutter and he bit his bottom lip a little. I could hear his breathing. It was as laboured as mine. I could see he was holding back — just barely.

“I mean baby sis, that if you weren’t my sister…” He paused, drawing out his answer just to tease me. He used his free hand to stroke along my raised arms and towards my armpit and the side of my young breast, down to my hip and the back up again. On his return trip, I felt his palm brush purposely against the side of my breast and it made me shiver; my nipples pulling yet tighter on my chest. “If you weren’t my sister, I’d be all over you like a rash!” He whispered as he stared down at my chest, taking in my peaked little nipples.

I felt his hips grind down against me and this time I let mine grind up to meet his. I bit my bottom lip and looked up at him. I could feel myself blush before I even opened my mouth because I couldn’t believe I was going to say this. I swallowed and whispered quickly, “I don’t mind a good rash every now and again.”

His hand had stopped beside my breast and his thumb was stroking back and forth over the side bulge of my boob, making the nipple remain peaked. “Don’t tease about such things baby sis. You’ll give a guy the wrong idea.” Matt warned gently, with maybe just a hint of hope in his voice, his thumb incessant in its stroking.

My eyes fluttered as I took in a shaky breath. My nipple was aching to be touched and I was wishing he’d hurry up and move his fingers over and just squeeze it for me! “Who’s teasing?” I stated in a quiet whisper as I opened my eyes and looked up at him again.

He stared at me for a long moment, trying to judge if I was telling the truth or not I guess, if I was really giving him permission to ‘be all over me like a rash’. He was taking his sweet time though and I was getting impatient. “What? Are you gonna chicken out now?” I said and cocked an eyebrow at him. I even sneered a little because I knew he hated when I did that to him.

“I’ll show you chicken!” He breathed heavily as he shifted his hand the last few centimetres and let his palm close over my shirt covered breast. His fingers scissored over my nipple and squeezed it tight. I bit my lip and smothered a low groan as my spine arched high forcing my boob harder into his hand. “Oh fuck!” He whispered when he saw and felt my reaction to his hand — and I think that was the end of the teasing on both our parts.

It happened fast…

His lips were suddenly on mine, internet casino his tongue delving deeply, possessively, into my mouth, demanding entry and not bothering to wait for an invitation. The kiss was hot and wet, and tasted of bourbon, but God I didn’t want him to stop. I couldn’t believe it, my brother, my big brother, was kissing me! His hand was groping at my breast, his fingers pinching the nipple between them, making me whimper against his mouth as hot shocks arced their way along my belly and centred in my throbbing clit! Each time his fingers tweaked at my nipple, my spine snapped upward forcing my fleshy orb harder into his palm.

His teeth nibbled at my lips and I nibbled back, sucking at his tongue, licking at his lips, feeling our teeth as they clashed against each other again and again. I didn’t think it was possible, and I never once in my life thought about this happening before tonight; but damn I was horny; hornier than I’d ever been and that was all due to my big brother. I was surprised, amazed and dumbfounded by the situation; by this overwhelming sense of sexual yearning and wanting I could feel growing inside of me. But mostly, I was just horny and damn but it showed.

I could feel my pussy slick and wet, hot and aching, crying out to be touched, stroked, petted, fingered! I clamped my thighs harder around Matt’s one that lay between them and humped against it moaning softly as his mouth, lips and tongue punished mine; as his hand continued to grope and fondle my eagerly swelling breast and my hard nipple.

I broke the kiss, turning my head, trying to catch my breath. Matt continued, his lips trailing a hot path along my jaw and down my neck. I stifled another moan as I felt his hand slide away from my small, pert breast, glide lower over my tummy and then I gasped as I felt his fingers slide under the hem of my shirt, this time with real intent. I shivered and my skin broke out in goose flesh as his hand began to slowly inch its way higher once again. My spine spasmed almost constantly under his touch and I gurgled as his mouth, lips and tongue, nipped and licked and sucked at my neck and shoulder.

As his hand trailed inexorably upward, it drew with it my shirt and I could feel the cooler air as it caressed my skin, making me shiver even more as the chill followed the heat of my brother’s touch. When his fingers finally reached their destination, I was hard pressed to keep my moans down to a quiet whimper. I wanted nothing more than to cry out in ecstasy as Matt’s palm slid into place and those wonderful fingers of his rolled my tight bud between their tips. I was dry humping his thigh harder now, trying to ease the ache that was burning between my legs. My pussy was soaking wet, my panties saturated, and I was sure there was going to be a huge wet patch on the leg of his jeans when he cared to look. But for right now, I wanted him to hurry up.

While I was totally engaged with what was going on, a small part of my brain still realised that we were out in the lounge room; and that it didn’t really afford us a lot of privacy and in fact made it entirely too easy to be caught by our parents. I think, in all honesty, that fact alone made the whole encounter that much more intoxicatingly addictive, that much hotter. That sense of danger, that sense of furtiveness that was required, that we may be caught at any given second, only served to increase my sexual arousal and it made my breathing even shallower as I strained my ears.

Matt pushed my shirt up those last few centimetres and eagerly exposed both of my young, small breasts to his eyes. He drew back and looked down at my chest. I watched him lick his lips. “Damn sis! You’ve got pretty little titties!” He whispered before he dropped his head down.

At the moment his lips touched my nipple, my eyes rolled up into my skull and I couldn’t help the loud long groan that escaped me. Matt quickly released the hold he’d maintained on my wrists and used that hand to cover my mouth, never once breaking contact with my sensitive bud. I arched my back, trying to push more of my boob into his hot, sucking mouth. His tongue swirled over my aching nipple, my flushed skin, my fleshy orb of girlie breast and it drove me wild. My hips were humping against his leg constantly now with more vigour, and Matt was reciprocating in turn; his thigh crushed against my pubis employing great friction while he ground his thick engorged cock against the top of my thigh and hip, hunching his hips against me like he wanted to root my leg — hell like he wanted to root me!

I opened my mouth beneath his smothering hand and licked at his fingers. He broke away from sucking at my breasts long enough to lean back a little and stare at me. His hand shifted, sliding away from my lips just a fraction as he turned it and let his fingers dip inside my mouth. I licked and sucked at them; imagining it was his cock I was blowing and not his digits and I knew he was thinking the same thing, or at least thinking how much he wished it was his cock I was blowing. He watched with avid interest as he slid his forefinger over my lips and into my willing mouth. His eyes fluttered closed for a second when he felt my tongue curl around the underside of his finger and undulate along its length.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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