Cindy’s Favorite Candy

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She had seen him before in town, while she was

shopping. His long dark hair was in a pony tail. He had on the same leather jacket and jeans. She wasn’t sure his age, but now he was across the street from her home. Mom would have called him a hoodlum. She laugh, thinking he was to old to be one. As she watch him, she saw that he was walking up her steps. As he got closer she knew it was her father, a picture her mother had showed her. {the door bell rings}

Opening the door.

“Hello is Sara Knoll home?” he asked.

“Come in dad.” she said, showing him into the living room. She sat in the chair and motion him to sit on the couch.

“Would you like a drink?” she asked. He said no.

“How did you know I was your father?” he asked.

“Mom showed me a picture of you and told me that she made sure you’d stay away from us. When I asked her why, all she could tell me was that something happen and it wasn’t possible for us to stay with you.” she told him.

“Your mother misunderstood something and I didn’t have the money to stop her. I did tell her that when you turned 18, I would come and see you.” he said.

“Are you staying long?” she asked him.

“I guess that would depend on you. Do you know of a motel or a boarding house in town I can stay.” he asked.

“You can stay here I have plenty of room.” she said.

“What will people say with me living here?” he asked.

“I don’t care, nobody in this town thought well of my mother. They called her names and she always told me that I must hold my head high and not let the old farts push me around. Besides I’ve had my boyfriend living with me until I caught him fucking my best friend.” she told him.

She went into the kitchen and fix them something to eat.

“Where do I put me gear honey?” he asked when came back in.

“Come with me and I’ll show you.” she said. They went up stairs and she put him in the room right next to her.

“Cindy did your mother ever tell you why she took you and left?” he asked.

“No she wouldn’t even when repeatedly asked. Will you tell me the truth?” she turned to him and asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe.” he said.

“Supper will be done in about 30 minutes you can get a shower or just relax.” she told him.

She just set the last dish on the table when he walk into the dinning room.

“Mmmm, something sure smells good.” he said.

“Your just in time, sit down and eat.” she said. They ate and talk, caught up on each others lives. He help her do the dishes, and clean up. She went in and turned on the TV, they sat and watch the news. At 11 she said she was going up to bed. Closing her door she strip off her clothes and step in the shower. She took her time, the water was cool on a hot day and she hadn’t had time to go for a swim today. Standing in front of the mirror drying off, she thought it felt familiar having her dad here with her. It was still hot she thought she go for a swim. She hurried and dressed in her bikini and went to find her Dad to ask if he wanted to go for swim. She knock on the door and open it.

“Oops, sorry but I was wondering if you would like to go for a swim?” she asked.

“Uh I didn’t bring anything to swim in.” he said.

“That’s okay go in your birthday suit I don’t care, oh our pool is secluded.” she told him. She waited for him out at the pool.

“Where are the lights?” he asked when he came out.

“I like swimming without them. It’s cooler and no bugs.” she said. She drop her cover up and jump in. He watch her and when she had her back to him, he dropped his clothes and jump in. she went to the side of the pool and grab her brush.

“Could you brush out my hair and braid it?” she asked him.

“Yes I can do that. We’ll need to go over to the steps, and you can do mine when I’m done.” he said.

She sat on the bottom step and he brush out and braided her hair. She stood up and move behind him. She touched his shoulders.

“Your so tense. Would you like a massage, I’m told I’m good?” she said. He nodded his head, not trusting himself to talk. He felt her hands on his shoulders again. She pressed, kneading, and rubbing him to the point that he was stroking his cock under the water. In a husky voice he asked her to move lower. She move to his ass cheeks and rubbed. His body stiffen and his cock exploded. She didn’t know why he stiffen, but she told him to relax. She finished doing his hair. They went up to they separate beds.

She toss and turn,trying to go to sleep. She couldn’t, she went out on her balcony. She heard her dad talking to someone.

“Yes I found her. She’s a spectacular beauty. Long,cascading brown hair. She has a delightfully wicked body. Her titties are much larger than her mothers were. She gave me a massage and I got so turned on that I had to jerk my cock and cum went into the water. izmir escort Yes I know You want to meet her. I don’t know if she’d want to move out there Dad. Okay I’ll asked her. I’ll let you know. bye.” She saw him walked back inside. She went back to bed, thinking about what she had heard. Her last thought before she fell asleep was that she had a grandfather somewhere.

The alarm woke her at 7. she went downstairs to fix breakfast, but he had beaten her to it.

“Good morning Daddy.” she said stetching. He watch her arching her back, his eyes were drawn to her tits. His cock was hard again, he didn’t think that he’d ever be soft again. Sitting at the table he told her that she had a grandfather and that he wanted to meet her.

“When can we go?” she asked.

“We can leave after breakfast, it’s only an hours ride from here.” he said.

“Could we ride your bike?” she asked.

“Yes.” he said. They finish and she changed into jeans and a T-shirt. She never did like wearing a bra. He climbed on and told her to get behind him.

“Oh Miss Cindy, where are you going with that hoodlum?” the old lady from next door asked.

“Hello Mrs. Gerard, We going out to the old mine to fuck.” She told her. He started the bike and she put her arms around his chest. When they made it out of town he pulled off the road.

“Honey you’ll have move your hands down lower.” he said. He dug his cell phone out and place a call.

“Hello yes Dad we on our way, we should be there in time for lunch. Yes she sitting behind me now, okay.” he said handing her the phone.

“Hello grandpa, yes I would like that. okay I’ll see then.” she said. She slide the phone between his thighs, with her hands against his hard cock. She rubbed him a few times. He pulled onto a dirt road that lead up to the mountains, he pulled off and turn the bike off. He place his hands over hers.

“Baby if you don’t stop, daughter not I’m going to take you right here on this bike. It’s been a very long time sense I’ve had a woman to fuck and your slowly making me crazy.” he said rubbing her hands harder on his cock.

“Why don’t you take it out and I’ll suck it.” she whispered in his ear, rubbing on his cock. She move up and unzipped his jeans and reach in and rubbed. He put the kick stand down and told her to get off and he pulled out his cock.

“Suck me baby. You have driven me crazy all the way here.” he said. She bent over and put his cock head in her mouth and suck him hard. He didn’t have all his cock out of his jeans but she could tell he had an enormous cock, judging by the size of his cockhead.


“I told you I would. Mmmm, did you like that, I love sucking a man’s cock.” she said.

“I think you know how much I like that you little witch.” he told her.

“Oh Daddy I’m not a witch, I’m a horny little devil.” she whispered.

“Oh baby, how do you feel about having two cocks at your beck, and call 24 hours a day.” he said.

“Why do you asked?” she asked him.

“Because when you were younger, your grandfather and I were jerking off when you walked in asking us what we were doing. We told you we were playing with ourselves. Your mother walked in when you reach out to play with our cocks. She hit the roof, and wanted to know why we were jerking off. I got mad and told her that she had walked out after getting us hard when her mother call saying she needed her.” he told her.

“lets go see grandpa.” she said.

“What took you so long son, I heard the bike turn onto the road?” the old man asked.

“Oh I made him stop grandpa. You can blame me.” she told him.

“Dad I’d like you to meet your granddaughter Cindy.” he said. She ran up and gave him a big hug.

“It’s great to meet you grandpa.” she told him. He hug her and told her it was wonderful to meet her after all this time. After lunch grandpa show her his home. The cabin looked small from outside, but from inside it had three bedrooms and a huge kitchen and living room. The bedrooms were upstairs, He took her into the bedroom that was in the middle.

“This room is yours while your here Cindy.” grandpa said. She walk in and saw it was a huge room, with a big glass window that took up most of the far wall. It had a wonderful view of the mountains. She loved it and Then she turn and saw the bed. It look like a man made bed with a huge headboard. She walk over and laid down and stetched out.

“Mmmm. It’s wonderful I love it.” she said.

Her dad walked over and laid down next to her and kissed her.

“So what have you decided?” he asked. She reached out and pulled his alsancak escort shirt up and bent over,she lick his nipple pulling it in her mouth. Her other hand move down to cupped his cock.

“I want my favorite candy.” she said, rubbing and squeezing him. He unzipped his jeans.

“Are you going to join us grandpa?” she asked.

“Hell yes, I haven’t had a woman, well not sense your mother let me fuck her. He undressed and was on the bed real quick.She saw that he was already hard and wanting. She stood up on the bed, looking at them she slowly she striped off her shirt and dropped it to the floor. She move her legs to stand and she unzipped her jeans and slowly peeled them down, lifting one foot she held it to her dad, and he pulled it off. She held the other to her grandpa, and he pulled it off,tossing them to the floor.

Her eyes traveled down their bodies, they had the same build, and both had long hair. They’re cocks were unusual, the cockhead curves down instead of straight. And both were enormous.

“Oooo, I’m going to enjoy having them inside me.” she said. Cindy leaned over and lick her grandpa’s cock, she put him in her mouth and suck him. He couldn’t hold it he exploded.

“Sorry Honey, it’s just been to long. I’ll last longer next time.” he said.

“I know you will grandpa.” she told him. {someone knocks on the front door}

“Danm I’ll have to go get that.” grandpa said. She reached for her Dad’s cock, he was hard and ready.

“Oh daddy your ready for me.” she teased him.

“Oh baby I’ve been ready for you, come up here and sit on daddy’s big boy.” he told her. He held his cock as she slide down on him. Buried deep inside her she leans over and kisses him.

“Daddy could I take your hair down and run my hands threw it?” she asked.

“Maybe when it’s just me and you fucking, Dad doesn’t think it’s right. And don’t ever ask him to take his hair down for any reason.” he told her.

“Okay we’ll wait till we get back home tomorrow.” she said. She move her pussy up and down on his cock. and was getting into it when grandpa came back into the room. She look up to see him and told him to get up he and get his cock up her ass. She went back to kissing her dad. She felt grandpa’s cock sliding in her ass and she broke the kiss long enough to tell him to squeeze her titties while he fucked her ass.

“Now baby I’m going to make this hard on last for hours. And boy did he. She wasn’t sure how many orgasms she had, but when he finely came she truly had been fucked.

“Thank you baby, I enjoyed that very much, now I’ll leave you with your father because this old man is going to go to bed and sleep real good tonight.” grandpa said. She layed there not able to move yet.

“Would you like to go for a swim with me my horny little devil?” her dad asked. She nodded her head. On the walk out to the lake. He told her that she didn’t have to move out here, but it would make grandpa happy, that he didn’t have long to live.

She wasn’t sure if she wanted to, but again she did love that bed, it is the most unique, imagery screens of nude men and women sucking, kissing,and fucking in every position possibly and some she didn’t think seem possibly. thinking about that got her horny. She looked up and saw her father, standing in front of her bedroom window nude, and stroking his cock. She met his eyes, she needed to be there with him. She took a step and shaking his head no. She went back to the chair and layed back.

She spread her legs and closed her eyes, thinking the discovering the headboard after dad and grandpa, EARLYER. She caress her tits, rubbing hard she move down her stomach, down between her legs, as she brushed her clit, her hips arched up. He was watching her and pumping his cock faster now, keeping in time with her he grab the window frame and started jerking his cock faster. With a one last pump he erupted all over the window. He looked down and saw Cindy had lounging half in and out of the chair.

Cindy told them the next day, she needed to go home and put the house up for sale,and pack her stuff and move in here. Her dad drove her back and he help her get everything ready to move. The next day they had the truck loaded and someone had purchase the house and she was ready to leave. As they drove out of town, she knew she had made the right choice. He pull over to the side of the road when they reach the county line.

“Cindy I want to tell you something I couldn’t before. When we get home you will find the bed had been moved. and that on the night of my fathers death I will come to your bed with my hair down. Only in that bed will I let my hair down for you, and each time we’ll try a new position from our headboard.” he told her.

“It’s a family heirloom isn’t it?” she asked.

“That and a lot more.” he said. He pulled buca escort back on the road.

They pulled into the driveway around mid afternoon. She help him get everything in the cabin. She went upstairs and put away everything, She turn to look out the window and noticed that the bed had been move up against the glass wall, not thinking about why just the foot of the bed was against the glass. She finishes unpacking.

“DINNER’S DONE” she heard the shout. Running down, she almost ran into her dad.

“Where is grandpa at?” she asked.

“He went up into the mountains, he’ll be back soon.” he said. After dinner Candy went out to the lake. She layed there and watching the sun set and turned into night.

“Hello, granddaughter of mine, no don’t get up I want you to spread your legs, I want to make love to you with my mouth.” he said.

His kisses made her hot, but when he flicked his tongue on her clit she dug her fingers in the sand. She felt him slip a finger in followed by his tongue. He sucked on her pussy, holding her down and she arch her back and exploded. As she layed there, her grandpa told her that he was glad she had decided to move in with them.

“I’m happy you and my son are here with me. I know that your mother didn’t understand our beliefs and customs. I wish I had time to tell you about them, but I’m drying. I love you very much, and I am happy you’ve let me be with this way.” he said.

“Grandpa could you tell me about that bed, Who made the headboard, and the custom behind it.” She asked.

“Well your great, great, great, great, grandfather build it, and the story goes something like this. One night he saw a beautiful lady with flowing blonde hair, she was doing magic, he went up to her, and he fell in love, but her father didn’t like his kind of people so he locked her in her room. He hired someone to kill him, but they failed. When she found out she put a spell on her father’s house, and she took with her the family marriage board. With her maid and nanny she traveled the land to her love in the next kingdom. There before her father in law the get married. That night her father in law and her new husband took her to the master bedroom, and each place inside her their seed.

When her father found her she was 9 months pregnant, and he put a curse on her and her children. The curse backfired on him, and he and his wife died that night, while she gave birth to two boys. When she saw them, she said over them that they would find theirs daughters and bring them back to this bed, and here they would make the next generation of this family. We are the last of our family left, and I hope you will have babies so our family lives on.” he told her.

“I’ll do the best I can grandpa, I hope you have place your sees inside me.” she said.

“I can’t give my seed to make a baby.” he said. She watched him walk away. She stay there and looked up at the night sky making a wish that he felt on pain when his time came.

Her dad watch her for hours, it was almost midnight and he would have to go and tell her that her grandpa had passed away after leaving her. He walk down to the water, asked her to join him. They went into the water and there he told her. She was surprised she felt no tears. She put her arms around him, hugging him. He put his lips to her and together they went under water. They were still kissing when they came back up. His hands were on her ass, pulling her closer.

“It’s time to go to bed baby.” he whispered. He carried her up to their bed. He sit her down and turned her around he undid her braid, then he put her in the bed.

“I’ll be back with our dinner.” he said.

Carrying the tray he sit it down on the stand by the bed. He sat down with his back to her.

“Take my hair down.” he asked. She unbraided his hair. It was longer than hers. He straddle her chest and ran his fingers thru her hair.

“Your are more beautiful than your mother was, and I want you more than I ever have wanted her. I want to make life so good for you.

“You do make my life better, I have your love and your body at my side whenever I want it.” she said.

“You have made me so happy Cindy I want you to know that, because tonight we will be making love all night long.” he said.

She reach for his cock, using her tongue she lick at his cockhead, leaving kisses. She reach down, and put his balls in her hands, moving his cock to his tummy, she licked his balls, and suck each one into her mouth. When she was done there she move back to his cock. She lowered his cock to her mouth, and sucked him deep into her toarth. He tried to hold back, but he couldn’t, he exploded, and she drank every drop his cum.

He moved down to lay on top of her. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his back. Reaching down she put his cock in her pussy, and he pushed deep inside her. He lifted her up and push a pillow under her ass. She kissed him, and put her hands on his ass cheeks squeezing them and pulling him to her. He thrust into her. She move her hands up to touch them headboard, pushing against it as he thrust into her harder. They both moved, and twisted and then they climax together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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