Cindy’s Last Tease

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He’d been eyeing her since she first enrolled in his class. Cindy was the type of girl who took the first seat at the front of the class for two reasons. In reality, she wanted to learn. But, there was no denying her eagerness to please. Early in the semester he had noticed her tendency to dress provocatively. Unfortunately for the rest of the boys, he was the only who had the pleasure of sneaking a peek under her skirt. Mr. Jones would lavish her with compliments. Mostly he did so because she was truly a good student. But, there was something more. Something he couldn’t pinpoint.

As time went by it was obvious that she was teasing him. She’d often lean over and flash him a little breast or accidently drop a book and bend to pick it up in front of him. It was hard to lecture with such distractions. Well, that was not all that was hard. Mr. Jones was looking for opportunities to either scold the young lady for her lewd behavior or he wanted to teach the girl, if she was to behave lewdly, there was a time and place for it.

An opportunity presented itself rather nicely. Mr. Jones on one occasion took his class to the computer lab to show them how to access the school’s article database. As always, Cindy sat near the front of the class. Early in his lecture Mr. Jones noticed that Cindy was preoccupied with something else in the computer. She obviously was not chatting because she stared intently into the monitor. Whatever it was she was looking at was definitely more interesting than his lecture.

While the students were searching for articles, Mr. Jones went to his computer Bostancı Ukraynalı Escort and using his monitoring software pulled up the webpage Cindy was so intently staring at. What he found was the sex-story-based website, Literotica. Mr. Jones quickly called her up to talk to him.

“Cindy, could you please come up here for a moment” His voice startled her but she quickly left the website and went to see him.

“Yes, Mr. Jones?”

“Cindy, I have to see you about something later on today. Could you be in my office at four o’clock? And, Cindy, don’t be late.”

“Yes Sir” she replied. What could he possibly want her for? She had turned in all assignments and received great grades on all of them. She didn’t know what to think. Nevertheless, she arrived promptly at four.

“Come in and shut the door behind you, Cindy. I want to be very curt with you young lady. This afternoon I found you engaging in activity that is against all regulations.”

Mr. Jones gave her a print out of the stories that she was reading.

“You were visiting these story websites with very adult content. What is worse is that you were doing it while you were supposed to be listening to my lecture. Do you have anything to say, Cindy?”

She was scared. So, she did the one thing she knew to do when she was frightened, she lowered her head and pouted. “No, Sir. Just that I am sorry, Sir”

“Cindy, each day I see you come into my class with the tiniest of skirts and the most revealing blouses,” he was closing in on her now. “Why do you do that? Do you Bostancı Üniversiteli Escort know what a bad girl you are being? Do you know how badly that teases me?” He was whispering in her ear now. “Do you know what that makes me want to do to you?”

To his surprise, she nodded her head. “Yes, sir. I do.”

“You do? And, still you do it. Shame on you, girl. I think you need to be taught a lesson. I will not tolerate such behavior.” He grabbed her from the waist and doubled her over his desk. “You are going to get a nice oldfashioned spanking, Cindy. Maybe that will cure you. It will sure as hell leave that ass of yours pretty red.

He bent her over his desk and yanked her mini skirt up and over her ass. Then in one hard yank he pulled her panties down and around her knees. Jim took a minute to admire her ass. He ran his hand over it, pinched it a bit. He took notice that her pussy was dripping wet and she was slick down her thighs.

“Ok Cindy, I will give your thirty swats. You will count them as they come. Do not move or try to close your legs.”

He spanked her hard and slow and she counted each and every one. He noticed that after each swat she’d arch her back and ass back at him both waiting and anticipating the next blow. By the time he was done with the spanking she was soaking wet, sweating and out of breath. The next words out of her mouth surprised him.

“Please, Sir. Fuck me.”

“Excuse me, young lady?”

“Please, Mr. Jones. Please fuck me. I need your big cock in me. I’m soaking, horny and I need it badly Bostancı Vip Escort Sir. Please don’t make me go home like this. Please fuck my pussy. Fuck my ass. I don’t care, but I need it.”

What could he do but oblige. He spread her dripping wet pussy lips and slid a finger in her pussy. When he slid it out he slid the finger in her mouth.

“See how wet you are. Taste yourself. You are a little slut, aren’t you?”

“Oh god yes. I can’t help it Sir. I know I’ve teased you but I’ve wanted you for so long and so badly. I’ve dreamt about you at night, Sir. I’ve thought how I would seduce you. I’ve imagined it so many different ways. I’m sorry for being deceitful and devious but I wanted you Sir…so badly. Please take me.”

Jim couldn’t resist that. There he had this young beautiful girl practically throwing herself at him. He plunged his cock in her small pussy and heard her cry out in ecstacy. Cindy had gotten what she wanted. Jim buried his face in her pussy and licked up her sweet delicious juices. He fingered her as he sucked her clit. Cindy was bucking and thrashing and begging.

“Please, your cock. Please make me cum. I want to cum.”

Jim shoved his cock into her sweet tight pussy and fucked her hard and good. He grabbed a hold of her ass and pounded into her. He spanked her ass as he was fucking her. It was all a blur to her. She was so wrapped up in the moment all that she could do was moan and pant. When he pulled out of her to cum, she quickly got on her knees and opened her mouth. She wanted to taste him. She had dreamt about that for weeks. She wanted to eat his cum. He didn’t dissapoint her. He rewarded her with a full load and she swallowed it all and smiled.

“Mr. Jones, shall we make it a weekly tutoring session? You know, so I don’t revert to my old ways?”

“Yes, Cindy. I’ll see you here every Monday. We’ll make sure you stay nice and on track.”

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