Circus of Darkness 3:Final Chapter

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Damien told Carmen to stay put while he went to investigate. Despite a short lived argument he ran off and Carmen was left alone in a room full of mirrors. It crept the hell out of her, everytime she turned she was expecting to see something else instead of her reflection. Silence filled the room with a bit of wind coming every few minutes or so. Then the length of time he was gone got longer. It had been a full fifteen minutes. She started to get scared.
“Damien!” the Native American born women had black soot like hair and darkened skin, called. Wearing spandex pants and a white tank top with ankle high, high heeled booties she closed her legs together beginning to get cold. Every house has an aura. Every building has a feel. Sometimes if it is strong enough it may manifest itself into a form. This circus house definitely had a physical form. Insanity was one word for it was it slid its way past the pathway behind her gibbering to itself in a dozen different tongues. She spun around staring now seeing her way out. She walked cautiously towards the pathway.
“Hello? Is… Is there anyone there? Dahlia? Izzy?” she was clinging to any hope, right now farfetched hope was better than none. She had to hold to something. She walked into the next room to see a room dimly lit by neon greens, purples and reds on the walls that formed psychedelic pictures of screaming clowns on the white walls. She started breathing heavily being completely freaked out by the room. Suddenly she heard a slimly slushing noise. Her large chest heaved in fear. Her full pink lips were barely open in terror. Her back was arched ready to run that made her butt pop out. She saw a mouth and nothing but a mouth come from the shadows it spoke fast and nothing gibberish.
“lookherecanyouseewhatseehowitfemalesexfuckhaveherwaysmusthaveneedfuck” it came in a rapid succession. Suddenly that voice poker oyna and dozens of voices came just as fast all saying different things.
Suddenly it burst from the shadows, a large blob of flesh in dozens of different colors and forming and dissipating mouths that appeared and disappeared from the bulbous flesh ball. She screamed in terror as she turned to run but it was upon her faster then she could’ve imagined. It had fleshy tendrils wrapped around her legs and waist that hoisted her body into the air and forced her against a wall. She gasped as her breasts were forced against the wall suffocating her chest. She felt slimly, grotesquely soft hands grasp her firm round ass. She gasped feeling a tendrils caress her pussy through the spandex. She heard the gibbering mouths whispering in her ear, felt the talking at her ass her thighs, suddenly they bit at the pants. Ripping bits and pieces of it.
Soon she had a ripped and torn pair of spandex pants, and she never wore panties, they suddenly attacked her shirt tearing the whole thing off and the bra. The flesh surround her waist as two mouths consumed her breasts, sucking harshly and licking with large slimly tongues. She gasped feeling a very large tongue at her asshole licking directly, a pair of teeth biting her plump ass, hard at first but then sensually and tugging with its teeth on her ample butt. She breathed cold breaths as her pussy began to get wet. She closed her eyes in revulsion as she felt a cold slimly and dripping tentacle lightly touch her pussy lips, teasing between the lips. She mumbled a moan between closed lips. She tilted her head up shaking it several times feeling the sucking of her tits, the licking of them, possibly tiny mouths inside of those mouths biting her hard perk nipples, pulling tugging. Slimly hand at her belly and hips rubbing them gently, the tongue at her butt licking canlı poker oyna that naughty little hole that tightened and loosened over and over, the mouth sucking her asscheek and biting gently and seductively. A tentacle touched her lips lining them gently as the mouths kept talking vulgar, sexual and devious things. She gasped opening her eyes wide feeling a tiny mouth bite her clit. The tentacle lining her mouth forced its way into her mouth and down her throat. The one at her pussy slipped in harshly going deep as it could into that pussy. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she forced out a moan. She tried to fight it but this thing was powerful and more importantly not of this world. It pulled in and out savagely. She moaned almost angrily. The tongue pulled from her sexy little asshole as a tentacle slipped between her now tightening asscheeks. But that only made it enjoy the rape more. It started going into her tight little ass hole as she screamed with the thing in her mouth in her mouth. It forcefully shoved its way painfully in. Tears streamed down her face for the pain was great. Soon she had three phallus’ ramming in and out of her sexy body, and mouths everywhere, nibbling on every body part of hers. She felt its tentacle going deep into her tight slick warm ass hole. Her legs began to shiver as another orgasm came to her soaking wet soft pussy. It was shoved down her throat stretching her throat it seemed as it went. It started going faster, she knew what came next. It exploded inside of his, white cum squirted from the sides of her mouth asshole rim and pussy. The multicolored lump of flesh pumped again and again, each pump delivering another heavy load of sperm into her body. She swallowed what felt like a gallon as it pulled out.
“hungryfeedgirlfunoverdeathnomeatdonefuckgrind.” Damien suddenly burst in with a lighter and spraypaint internet casino can he lit the lighter and projectile it at the creature. The monster roared in pain letting her go. Dahlia came from behind with a baseball bat covered in loose clown makeup from the other ones.
“You fuckers aren’t going to rape me anymore!” She screamed smashing it several times before all of them ran. They ran together bashing and burning anything that moved. Suddenly they found the front door. And oddly enough it opened. They burst through the door into the night air. They ran to the car and stood there for a minute looking at each other, not able to believe they just got away from it. They just survived something they thought was impossible. But only problem was, they still had their friends in there.
“We can’t leave them in th—“ Damien began to say when suddenly blood erupted from his throat and a sickly acute jagged edge popped from the now gushing wound. The blade was pulled out as he fell dead. They girls gasped in fear at what stood behind his dead body.
With big black worn steel toed boots and a correspondingly eerie trench coat stood a scarecrow. It walked and moved. The hands seemed molded and were covered with fabric and a steel cast to hold it together. Its face was a potato sack with holes cut out for the eyes and mouth, but it still had real eyes under it. Shriveled and a molding yellowish white. The mouth of the Scarecrow was a black hole but the fabric seemed torn out. This scarecrow wasn’t just some human in a costume it was another monster. Both of them wanted to run, Dahlia just about ran for it watching it menacingly holding the bloody rusted sickle. But stopped seeing Carmen take a step forward. She had gotten an idea from the thing inside and knowing how Dahlia was raped, lifted her breasts with both of her hands and squeezing them together as her beautiful tongue slowly came from her mouth and slid slowly over her top lip.
The scarecrow tilted its head as its hand slowly slid to its pants and unzipped them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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