Claiming Isa Ch. 01

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“Well, how is your search going on Kush?” Isa smirked deviously, her mouth twisting into a rueful half-smile.

“Still haven’t found a place to move in. That is why I wanted to see you.” I said shaking my head.

“Kush” Isa smiled brightly, “do you want to rent my place then?”

“I do. But I will pay what you asked for only after you get that place fixed.” I said calmly, not wanting to argue with Isa this time. The previous time we talked about rent, there was a huge difference of opinion on the amount; neither of us wanting to lose ground and the deal was off.

That was a month ago when I had plenty of time to find myself a new place. Now I only have 2 days left before local authorities evict me and bring down my current apartment building because it was illegally built. This road reclamation and expansion drive will make me homeless if I don’t find a new place to move into soon.

“The place is being fixed. You know how hard it is to find workers now that construction work is running in all neighborhoods throughout the city.” Isa said, smiling brightly.

“Mind to show me around again then?” I asked, unsure how much is actually fixed.

“Meet me here at 5 in the evening. We can go check out my place together.” Isa had a mischievous smile before walking back to her workstation.

Knowing Isa, I didn’t think she had gotten that place fixed but I was simply out of options and I had to make it work until I found a new place or be homeless.

It was end of work, I found Isa waiting for me in the lobby. She was out of her work outfit and was wearing tight black jeans, a low cut white blouse and black heels. God she looked beautiful. To be honest I did have a crush on my would-be Landlady.

“Someone looks lost!” Isa knew instantly I was checking her out.

“Lets take my car to your place.” I said, before walking out of the door and heading to the parking lot.

Isa followed, I opened the door for her and watched as she wiggled her sexy butt inside. That was one delightful sight. I got in myself and soon we were out in the roads.

“So how much of it is fixed?” I asked.

“Well, I got the bedroom sorted myself.” Isa replied.

“That was already okay if I remember.” I nodded.

“Yes, but I got in a new bed.” Isa said smilingly.

“That sounds good.” I was still checking her out.

“I like how you multitask.” Isa smiled beamingly. “Most men are just dumb quiet while staring at my breasts.”

“What? I was not staring…”

“No need to lie!” Isa shut me off. “I don’t want to get in an accident. Look ahead and drive carefully.”

The rest of the drive went insanely quietly. Isa was busy with her phone. I was trying hard not to look at her.

Soon we reached the place. It was Isa’s old apartment. It had got minor damages from the big Earthquake last year. Luckily it was not red coded, which would have prohibited it from living due to safety hazards.

We got out of the car and inside complex A. I was reluctant to get in the elevator but we got into it and up to the 7th floor smoothly. “Well your elevator is fixed.” I said, remembering how I got stuck in it for almost half an hour the last time I was here.

Isa smiled and headed for the door, unlocked it, and gestured for me to walk in. “Well, do you think you will live here Kush?”

The place was still a mess. The place still needed a new paint job, new flooring. I didn’t know what to say. I just stared at Isa.

“Look I know I haven’t got the living area restored but the kitchen is usable, the bedroom and bathroom is livable. Give me one week and I promise I will get it done.” Isa was trying hard to make me take it. Then she took some courage and boldly stated, “I heard you will be evicted from your current place in a matter of days. This is your last option. You can’t find another green coded apartment that soon. I know this place is a mess but at least it is safe from earthquake.”

I was mad at Isa for lying to me but she did make a good point. It is this or living in my car for me. I was simply out of options.

“Okay. But I need your word that you will get it fixed in 1 week and we need to settle the rent.” I said with bleak voice.

“The rent will be the same as we discussed before, plus I need 12 months advance payment.” Isa said with a chilling voice.

“What? Advance payment for a full year? Are you fucking joking?”

“No! I am serious. Take it or leave it, your choice.”

I wanted to just walk out but then in the back of my mind I was expecting it. I took a deep breath and said, “Show me the bedroom.”

Isa walked through the hallway, unlocked a door on the far left and step in. I followed.

“What the fuck?” The room was a mess as well. It Escort needed new wallpaper and carpet and there was an unassembled bed lying in the corner.

“You need a place to live. I feel guilty tricking you but I promise I will get it fixed. Here let me give you a little something else to change your mind.” Isa makes a sultry face as she turns around. Her blouse is unbuttoned halfway through, showing a sexy lacy white bra.

“I know you have always wanted me Kush.”

“Are you trying to seduce me so that you can trick me?” I snapped at Isa.

“I need the money Kush.”

“Why do you need it Isa?” I barked angrily.

“Well I haven’t been able to pay mortgage for this apartment since ages. My debts are piling and my credit cards are maxed out. I wanted to make some money by renting this place out so I went to live with my classmates. But nobody wants this place. You are the only person desperate enough that could accept my conditions. Now if I don’t pay up soon, the bank will confiscate this apartment and put up fraud charges on me. I have no other option left.”

“What? So you being on the verge of trouble is justifiable for you to drag an already troubled man into more problems? I am going to be homeless in days, you want me to move into a place from where I am going to evicted again?”

“Well, don’t worry. The advance payment you give me will settle the bank’s debt. Then I promise I will get this place fixed. Plus you get to have me around as well. I know you like to peek at me.” Isa states in sexy way.

“So you are going to be homeless soon as well then?” I smirked.

“Yes, I might even end up in prison! I admit I am in as much trouble as you Kush.” Isa begins to plead, “Help yourself and help me as well.”

“If I help you I am going to want more than just peeks from you.” I snarl back.

“What do you mean Kush?”

“I know how big a tease you are Isa. I have heard how many guys you have teased to do your bidding and in the end leave them high yet dry. You just tease but give nothing.” I say boldly, and then add, “I will clear your mortgage but in return I want ownership of not only this apartment but of you.”

“What the fuck Kush? You are asking me sleep with you for your money. Do you think I am a whore? ” Isa screams angrily.

“Yes, I am asking you to sleep with me and much more, I am asking you to be my personal whore. But to our friends we will act like a normal couple. And you are not doing it just for money my dear; you are doing it for your future. You don’t want to be involved in legal charges do you?” I smiled as I continued, “Just like me you don’t have a choice Isa.”

Isa is staring at me, her eyes fuming.

“An advance for 1 year would help you but it definitely wouldn’t be enough to settle all your debt would it?”

Isa let out a sigh and said, “I would probably need 5 years worth of rent for that.”

“I am giving you the opportunity to clear all your debts. I have the money. I will buy this place than rent it. It is a mess but it is safe and can be fixed. But you will have to do more than being a tease and showing your cleavage to earn that. Think about it Isa.” I spoke slowly while gazing deep into Isa’s hypnotic brown eyes.

Isa brings out tears in her eyes, her pride is at risk, her world has fallen. She has been such a tease. Every guy in the office wanted her, they would do her bidding to get her attention but she never gave anyone what they actually wanted. Now she was at a perilous state.

“Give me time to think it through.” Isa said with watering eyes.

“You have two days. If the answer is yes then, take that time to fix this place. I am wiring you some money. It should be enough to get this place fixed.” I left there leaving Isa shaken and crying.

The next morning, I got a text from Isa, it read, “YES. I have called people to put on wallpaper, a new carpet, and to fix our furniture. I am on leave today. Come by after work.”

I put up a big smile on my face. I have always wanted Isa since I first laid eyes on her and now she has agreed to be mine.

The day at work drags on to be probably the longest ever. Every minute seemed to be lasting for hours.

Finally end of work and I rush on to my new apartment. I knock on the door and wait impatiently.

Isa opens the door. She is wearing a pjs and tees.

“I just finished cleaning our room. The wallpapers are up, carpets come on tomorrow and the bed is made.” Isa feigned a smile.

I just grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the bedroom. That room was all cleaned and very livable.

“Strip.” I said dominantly.

Isa started having a terrified look, “I was hoping we could take things slow. No guy has ever seen me naked before.”

“What? I know you have dated a lot.” I was confused by Isa’s reply.

“Yes I have but I have never reached at that state in any relationship before. Like you said, I am used to teasing and tempting guys for my benefit but that’s all. I am still a virgin.” Isa said shyly.

“What?” I mumbled. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. The hottest girl I know, the biggest cock tease is a virgin.

“Yes. I have never had sex before. Nobody has seen me naked before.” Isa is blushing deeply.

“Well, today is that then.” I lunged forward and kissed Isa. As our lips met, I could feel a bulge growing in my pants.

Slowly Isa parts her lips and my tongue enters her mouth, exploring every part of it. My hands firmly grabbing and squeezing Isa’s bum as I held her tightly.

We broke the kiss and caught our breath. I looked into Isa’s eyes and we stood holding each other for what seemed like ages.

Isa was smiling, she seemed happy. I held on to her t-shirt and pulled it over. I unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground. My eyes glued to her breasts, Isa has one of the most magnificent pair of tits I have ever seen in my life.

I grab both her breasts and fondle with them while kissing Isa deeply again. Her nipples are getting harder with every passing moment. Soon they are standing up and I am pinching them, making Isa break our kiss and moan in a delightful mixture of pleasurable pain.

I kiss my way down through Isa’s neck and chest and reach between her breasts. I kiss her right breast in circles revolving around till I reach the top. I take her nipple in my mouth and lick it. I start sucking on it gently before biting it hard.

“Ahhhh, Fuck!” Isa screams but I continue playing with her nipple.

I move on to the other breast. Isa seems to be expecting the same treatment for her left breast but she is surprised when I go straight to her nipple and bite it.

“Ouch!” Isa screams.

“Who owns these breasts Isa?” I ask.

“You.” Isa states coyly.

I pinch on her left breast hard enough to leave a mark. “You will use the term ‘Master’ when replying to me.”

Isa nods her head.

I pinch harder and say, “Understand?”

“Yes Master, I do. You own my breasts Master.” Isa replied.

I smile, remove my finger, and lick her breast.

I remove my coat then say,” Unbutton my shirt Isa.”

“Yes Master.” She fumbles with my shirt buttons.

I pull in Isa for another kiss after my shirt hits the floor. As Isa embraces me tightly her firm nipples push into my chest. I feel my dick ready for action.

My hands grab Isa’s butt yet again and squeeze them before my right hand slips inside her pajamas. I feel Isa’s crotch through her panties and it is silky smooth.

“mmmhhh.” Isa purrs breaking the kiss.

Isa comes back for my mouth while my finger finds its way inside her panties. My fingers explore the secluded area and soon I find her clitoris. A slight touch on it makes Isa to jump and squeal in pleasure.

Watching that reaction on Isa’s face is heavenly. I let go off her and say, ” Strip.”

“Yes Master.” Isa removes her pajamas and hurryingly pulls down her panties.

“Next time you do it slowly and seductively, just inch by inch, turning around and bending. Be the tease that I know you are.”

Isa was completely shaven clean. I like that in a girl. Her pussy lips were puffy and almost covering her vulva.

“Get on the bed and spread your legs.” I ordered.

“Yes Master.” Isa did as told.

Isa’s pink pussy was glistening with her juice, her clitoris peaking up beyond its hood and her hymen covering her vaginal opening up.

“I need to keep this for memory.” I took out my phone and was about to snap a photo.

“No.” Isa shut her legs and covered up her breasts and crotch as much as she could by her hands.

I pull out my belt and whip Isa across her abdomen in a flash. The belt cuts through the air and stings Isa’s delicate skin leaving behind a red stripe on where it landed across her abdomen.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Isa screams in pain and writhes around in bed. She is facing the bed with her towards me.

I whip Isa’s ass with my belt and there is a linear red mark on her beautiful ass.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Master please stop, I am sorry I disobeyed you.” Isa screams in pain.

“You are a quick learner. I thought I needed a few more attempts to make you realize that.” I laughingly said.

I let go of my belt and picked up my phone. I took plenty of photos Isa’s ass before saying, “Spread your ass cheeks.” Then I continued to take photos including detailed pictures of Isa’s virgin pussy. “Turn around.” I ordered.

Isa complied and I continued with my photography session admiring how much wetter Isa’s pussy had gotten while neglecting the wails of tears flowing from her eyes.

“You liked that didn’t you Isa?” I smirked.

“You just whipped me Master, it hurt as hell.” Isa sobbed.

“Either you are lying to me or your pussy is lying to you. Look how wet it has gotten.” I laughed.

Isa just blushed. She loved the spanking and now I know that too.

I pull Isa to the edge of the bed, spread her legs then kiss her pussy on her clit.

“Mhhhh.” Isa moans out loudly.

I lap at her pussy all the way and my tongue picks up more and more juice every time I do so. Isa tastes wonderful, just like pineapples. I push my tongue deeper to taste Isa. I feel like I am already getting addicted.

“Mhhhh… Ahhhhhh… Yeahhhhhh…” Isa’s moaning is getting louder and louder. She is shaking and trembling, raising her body up in the air, pushing her pussy deeper in my mouth, rubbing her crotch in my face. “go go go go fasterrrrrrrrrrr… Iiiiii ammmmm cummming…” Isa shouts while catching her breath.

I stop abruptly. Pull my face away from Isa’s pussy. Isa tries to rub herself to orgasm. I hold her hands and say loudly, “No.”

Isa stares at me for what seems like ages, catches her breath and shouts, “What the fuck, why did you stop?”

“I own your orgasms now, you cum only if I allow you to cum.” I smiled.

Isa stares at me in disbelief. She realizes what being owned includes.

I slap her thigh hard to bring her back to reality. “I own you bitch.” I say proudly.

Isa starts crying, wondering what she has gotten herself into.

I pull down my pants and my trunks relieving my dick from its confinement. It springs out, rock hard and ready for action.

Isa looks like she is going to be sick. “Will it hurt?” Isa asks softly.

“Yes, a little, but the pain will be over soon and you will start to enjoy it, I promise.” I reassure Isa.

“Here, take a closer look, I walk towards Isa’s head. My dick is going to be your favorite toy.” As I stood inches away from Isa’s face.

Isa nervously touches my dick.

“Don’t be scared. It won’t bite.” I say laughingly.

“It is huge, are you sure it won’t hurt when it goes inside me Master?” Isa anxiously asks as she explores my dick.

“In time and with practice you will be able to take it entirely inside all your holes I promise. You definitely are going to get a lot of practice.” I smile and say, “Give it a kiss.”

Isa timidly kisses my dick. It is going to take a lot of training for her to learn to suck me like I love it. Well that’s for another day.

I head between Isa’s legs and spread them open then position my dick at her entrance.

Isa takes a deep breath and psychologically prepares herself to be impaled.

I take my time, rubbing my dick up and down her slit before slapping her pussy with my dick. Then pushing it in, stretching her hymen and then backing away right at the moment when Isa felt like her cherry popped. This is frustrating for Isa. I can see it in her eyes. Then I lead in and kiss her.

After teasing Isa for a while, I suddenly push in rather unexpectedly for Isa and she shuts her eyes and cries out in obvious pain. Her body tenses up and she grabs me tightly. I feel wetness in my dick. I am halfway inside her and hold there, giving Isa the time she needs to let the moment of her defloration sink in.

Isa opens her eyes and says, “That really hurt.”

I laughed and kissed Isa then withdrew my dick from her. The top of my dick and Isa’s pussy is covered in blood from her ruptured hymen.

“You are finally a lady now!” I grin before pushing my dick back in her.

Isa continued to shout in pain and soon as I slipped into a rhythm, her screams of pain evolved into moans of pleasure intensifying with every pump of my dick inside her pussy.

I cannot remember how long it lasted as the both of us were in euphoric heaven. Isa would scream harder and her body would go in a sort of spasm with her torso arching up, head bending over and eyes rolling up and her pussy gripping my dick like a vice every awhile. Isa’s orgasms would slow me down but I would pick up my pace again and to be paused by a stronger orgasm from Isa.

I sense myself getting hotter, breathing harder, my heart beating faster and faster and sweat drenching my skin. I feel getting closer to my climax and with Isa’s xth orgasm I blew my load deep in her pussy as well.

I fell into Isa’s waiting arms and we continued to hold each other tightly.

Next thing I remember I wake up in bed with a sexy hot nude Isa beside me. I smile to myself and relieve yesterday’s moments of claiming Isa as I watch her sleep peacefully all the while eagerly waiting for her to awaken.

**********THE END**********

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