Clarabelle part 1

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Clarabelle part 1

For anyone who might not know, this is a sequel to shawnababy’s story ‘Mama Cow’. It was a story I particularly enjoyed, and felt compelled to write a sequel. With her blessing, this is my take on the theme.


When the fog begins to lift, the first thing that comes to me is that I’m cold. There’s metal pressed against me. Straining to open my eyes, I at first think I’m staring at the ceiling. The weight of my head tells me I’m actually looking at the floor. I’m on a metal table with a hole for my face. Metal table? Do I own a metal table? A number of questions shoot through my mind, and I try to answer each in turn, but it takes time.

Where am I? Who am I? What’s going on?

Long minutes pass while I try to remember anything I can. I would panic, if I could move. There are restraints on my wrists, I can see them, but they’re not needed. My muscles don’t answer my mental commands.

My name is Chris Morgan. I’m a university student from Soho. Is this the university? I don’t think so. The last thing I remember is a girl crying. Why was she crying? I broke up with her. That’s right.

I’m…I’m a dick. I break girls hearts for fun. I come on all smooth and charming, fuck them and dump them. It’s a laugh riot. I call it the game. I don’t remember a metal table in my games.

I hear a metal door screech open. Someone walks into the room, closing the door with a clank. It sounds like…are those high heels?

“Awake yet, fucker?” A woman’s voice asks. She walks around into my field of vision as I lift my head somewhat.. She looks like a dominatrix, all leather and latex. Her leather apron and latex gloves freak me out. This isn’t the kind of thing I’m into.
“Whr mmmeye?” I mumble.

“Awake it is. Good, I was hoping you’d be. It’ll be so much more satisfying for you to experience everything.”

As she talks, I begin to take in more of my surroundings. From the feeling of things, the table I’m laying on has more cutouts than just the face hole. My pecks each have a cutout as well. I try to stand up, but I can’t. There’s some type of strap across my waist, keeping me down. Hang on a second. I’m standing, not laying down. I’m bent over at the waist onto this table. I feebly flail around, but whatever drugs I’m on make me too weak to get out. I feel more straps along my legs fighting against whatever effort I can muster.

“Wht’s going on?” My thoughts are becoming sharper. “Who are you?”

“I’m your worst goddamn nightmare is what I am, loser. I’m the pissed off sister of one of the girls you’ve tossed away like yesterdays garbage, you piece of shit. Remember Cindy?”

Cindy? The name rings a bell…3 weeks ago. Cute blond thing, first time away from home. She was a virgin. I broke up with her while I was still insider her and she cried. It was awesome.

“Cindy?” I ask.

She jabs something into my ass cheek and I scream out. Before I know it, some type of gag is put into my screaming mouth.

“Yeah, Cindy. She called me and told me everything. You sick fuck. How many girls do you do this shit to?”

I try to talk, deny everything that little slut said, but the gag stops any sounds from escaping. The gag. It’s too long to be a gag. Oh my god, this bitch strapped a dildo into my mouth.

I start to gag at the realization.

“Not again. Pieces of shit like you, they don’t get to walk around hurting innocent girls. I should kill you. But why should I let you off so easy?” The woman tells me as she sticks something else into my other ass cheek. I think she’s injecting my with something.
“Twenty years ago, a very interesting paper was circulated in some underground circles. A sort of success story. It was about turning a useless cocksucker like you into something moderately worth while. Really sick and degrading shit. But profitable. I think I can do better.” She tells me.

Over the sound of my thrashing, I hear what sounds like switches being flipped and the sound of some type of machinery starting up. She walks around the room, flipping more switches and turning dials. I crane my neck to see what she’s doing, but I can’t make out much in the poor lighting. Nearly ten minutes pass before she returns, wheeling gölcük escort over what looks like a dialysis machine.

“This is a catheter. It goes up you’re urethra. It’s going to hurt.” She briefly holds up the catheter before disappearing below the table. My head sinks into the hole, and I watch upside down as she takes hold of my dick.

She can’t really intend to…I mean it’s so long.

Because she gets in the way of my line of sight, I can only tell when she’s putting it into me by the sudden burning pain I feel. Like molten lava, I spreads through my lower abdomen. Jesus Christ, my dick feels like there’s broken glass in it.

“And we’ll just clamp these in now.” She hums. I buck at a sudden sharp pinch in each of my testicles. When she moves away, I see a tube going into each of my balls. What the fuck is she doing?

Coming out from under the table, she makes her way over to the machine and pushes a green button. Suddenly a warm flow goes through my genitals. Unpleasantly warm.

“Since this is my first time testing my own experiments, I’m not sure how everything will turn out. What’s flowing through your sad excuse for dick and balls right now is my own little recipe of a bovine lactation formula, artificial estrogen hormones and re sequenced stem cells. While that’s happening, I’m going to start on your tits with the original formula. That way, not matter what, you’ll produce. Hopefully, though, you’re udder will be nice and huge. Maybe too big for you to even walk.”

I scream obscenities at her, thrashing against my restraints. I do nothing more than make her laugh. With two more needled tubes in her hand, she squats down under the table again.

“Don’t squirm too much, you might rip something out. And THAT could hurt.”

Suddenly afraid of what I might tare, I settle down. Yippy. I get to calmly watch her insert to long needles into each nipple. Done, she comes up and flips on a different machine. I watch a milky fluid run up through the tubes into my chest. I think I’m going to be sick.

“That’ll do it for that. The record for this procedure is a double F cup. I think we can do that big easy. Some big saggy milk udders? How’s that sound. Now the most important part. We gotta prep the whole body to ensure it doesn’t reject anything.” She turns away from me and starts working on something just out of my line of sight.

“I designed this one with you in mind. So many years, fucking girls and making them sick with regret and sorrow. I think it’s time you felt some of that.”

When she turns around, she’s holding what can only be described as a 7 inch steel dildo. For everything that she’s done to me so far, I raged and cursed and swore. Now, I cry.

“Awwww, poor baby scared of being penetrated? Suck it up fagot, time to take it like a woman.”

She walks around behind me and starts doing whatever it is she has in her sick mind, all the while explaining.

“The probe will alternate removing your waste and pumping you full of of chemicals. In essence, it’ll piston in and out of you either sucking or spurting. Won’t that be fun? Don’t worry though, the machine that does all the work is bolted to the floor, so there’s no chance of it coming out of your colon. Now all of this is going to take some time, so the dildo in your mouth is hooked up to a water dispenser. Well, it’s not just water. There’s more hormones and chemicals. And semen, because the thought of you drinking cum just makes me laugh.”

She presses the giant dildo to my clenched asshole. “Alright, let’s get this up in there.”

I thought the catheter was bad. My back and neck strain in agony against the straps, and I scream myself hoarse into the dildo. Nothing’s ever been up my ass, and this is so big. As she inches it up, she laughs. Tears stream down my face as more and more enters me. I feel more than stretched. It hurts so bad. I find myself wishing for something to tear inside me, maybe then there will be a little give, which might offer some relief. Instead, it pushes more and more of my colon out of the way, forcing my around it. Through it all, I can feel every inch of it press against me from the inside out. After what seems like forever, gebze escort it stops moving forward.

“You took that like a real pro there Chris. Are you sure you haven’t had any practice?” She laughs at me, all the while sounds of tubes being connected and switches flipped waft over to me.

“Now this first round will clean you out. After that it will alternate between giving you hormone treatments and cleaning you up. Now, you may feel some discomfort.” She toggles a switch, and a warm liquid floods my bowels. As I begin to fill up, the shaft pistons back by about 4 inches before sliding back up into me. Christ, she wasn’t joking when she said what it would do. I’m being raped by an enema machine. My face flushes in shame at the realization. The relief of having the giant dildo pull out is a tease, as it jacks back into me with all the gentleness of a drunken frat boy. Each time it moves forward, it feels like I’m being ripped in half anew. All the while my bowls are filling up to the point of agony. I start to beg and plead, but only muffled whimpers escape.

At first I try to fight it off by clenching my ass as tight as it can, but when it jacks back into me, the pain is too much. I try to remain as loose as possible. It offers little comfort. Long minutes pass as she watches the machine methodically drill my virgin ass. Despite the incredible pain, I am acutely aware of her eyes on me the entire time. Long past the point where I don’t think I can take anymore, the dildo stops flooding me with the colonic. When the whirring takes on a different tone, the liquid ballooning my insides begins to be sucked out. I drop my head into the table, exhausted. While the dildo continues to fuck me, I resign to be nothing but thankful that so much of the pressure is gone.

Oh god, it hurts so bad, but I’m thankful? Am I getting used to it?

“Good boy. Let’s check on your progress, shall we?”

Her hand reaches beneath the table and takes hold of my chest. The sensation is so odd. Her fingers feel like they’re touching something other than my abs. I keep myself rock hard. For a long while I’ve kept my eyes shut tight throughout the things she’s been doing to me, trying to deny everything that’s been happening. Now, as I open my eyes, I see she has two handfuls of my breasts. My chest has swollen into a set of tits. As she squeezes them over and over, testing them, I get nauseous. This can’t be happening.

“Very nice Chris. Real bitch tits. And what about number three?” She reaches down between my legs. Oh god, I can’t see past my hanging tits, but from the feel of her hand on my ball sack, something similarly fucked up is going on.

“Oh yeah. By tomorrow, your testicles should be completely replaced.”

My head spins. This is wrong. I hurt some feelings, so this bitch decides to mutilate me?

“Well, you have a goodnight Chris. I’m going to bed. I’ve had a long day kidnapping you. Have a good night, Chris.” As she leaves, she turns off the few lights. The darkness is broken when the metal door swings open, spilling in light before closing again. Now it’s just me and my torture. In total darkness.

Alone, I completely loose my shit. I pull against the cuffs and straps holding me in place, straining to find the smallest amount of give. It’s no use. There’s no give, and every time I squirm the dildo digs painfully into the side of my colon. I can’t fight anymore. Going limp, I ,lay there and take it. My chest strains as it continues to slowly expand. My sack feels so heavy. And all the while I’m being raped by a machine that’s doing god knows what to me. I sob into the dildo and start to cry again. Each thrust forward emasculates me more and more.Unforgiving and unrelenting, it forces it’s way up into my poor tortured ass. The chugging of the machine begins to sound like laughing. As it continues to take my anal virginity, I’m suddenly seized with the thought that it’s doing to me what I’ve done to so many girls in the past. As it presses into me again, I sob into the dildo in my mouth again. God, please stop this. It hurts. Even though I’m alone, I’m more ashamed at this violation now that I’m left alone to my own thoughts. Ass in the air being force fucked, darıca escort bayan chest swelling into tits, I’m so disgusted. I don’t know how long it takes, but I eventually fall asleep, crying and being fucked.

When I wake up, I’m in so much pain. My muscles scream in pain. Being strapped to this table for so long is it’s own kind of torture. My ass has gone a little numb from the constant fucking, but the machine still gyrates me forward with each thrust. God I’m so thirsty.

I try sucking on the dildo, not sure how to take a drink. Sure enough, a strange tasting water spurts into my mouth. I swallow several mouthfuls before remembering what she said was in the water. Hormones and semen. I gag several times, desperate not to throw up. I win this one small battle. Laying my head back into the hole, I’m greeted with the vision of 2 hulking tits hanging nearly to the floor. They hurt so much, swollen and tender. I can’t even bring myself to try and struggle free.

I’m a freak.

As if the thought summoned her, the metal door opens and closes. Her heels click along the stone floor, walking up to me.

“Well, someone had a good night. Those look like double F’s easy, probably a large G cup. And that looks like you’ve got a basketball between your legs.” She pats what used to be my testicles with a gentle hand. Walking around to the front of me, I raise my head, pleading with my eyes. She eyes me, not with the rage from yesterday, but more with a pity.

“Okay Chris. Time to fill you in on what’s happening. You are no longer a man. You’re a cow. You’re tits are now producing a high quality milk, and will need to be drained regularly. They probably hurt like hell right now, right?” I nod.

“We’ll get to that in a moment. Your scrotum is also a milk udder now. Your cock will act as the udder to be milked. This presents an interesting problem for urination. For now, I’ll be tapping you bladder through your taint, so it will bypass your cock and drain directly. Also, you went through 12 anal treatments last night, good job on taking it all. Your body has absorbed nearly 8 litres of hormones. I’m going to replace the anal dildo with a larger one. It will speed up the delivery system, and hurt like hell. It should also make you permanently incontinent. For the rest of your life you’ll just empty yourself wherever you stand.”

I indulge myself by crying anew, letting my heard sinking into the table again.

“Oh, stop being a little bitch.” She says, walking around the table to the dildo machine. I feel a sudden emptiness as it stops penetrating me and is fully removed. I gasp at the sudden withdrawal. I gasp again, this time in pain, as I’m spread horrifically wide again. The new dildo feels like a telephone pole decided to bend me over and have it’s way with me. I figure the first must have done a number on me, but still it is a fight to force it all the way into me. I scream in pain, biting into the dildo in my mouth to try and deal with the pain. Finally it stops pressing forward, resting deep in my tortured ass. A moment later, it turns on, jacking forward. My torture starts anew as it violates me again and again.

“Now, I’m going to attach these milkers to your nipples. It’ll stretch out your nipples, but should give you some relief. How’s that sound?” She asks, picking up more tubes.

I weakly nod. She ducks under the table and removes the needles from my breasts. What feels like a vacuum is attached to each nipple. Immediately, the pressure is eased as it starts to remove the milk I’ve accrued. Satisfied, she stand back up and starts to remove the straps and cuffs holding me down.

“Since you can’t get out, no reason to keep these on.” The little relief is welcome, as I stretch my muscles as best I can.

“All right. I’m going to tap your bladder now. I’m not going to lie, it’s going to hurt like a sun of a bitch, but it’s the only way to ensure you can go to the bathroom. Then I’m going to leave and review some of the tapes from last night. You take care, my little Clarabelle.”

What feels like a hot knife enters my taint. I let loose a muffled howl as it cuts deep into me. She pats my ass before leaving.

“I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

Alone again, my mind goes blank. I can’t process everything that’s happened to me, or anyway I can make it better. Only one thought surfaces once in a while; My life is over.

I let the piston continue to rape me and the machine to milk my breasts.

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