Classified Ads Ch. 01

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Alissa White

Let me give you a better understanding of who I am. I am in my late twenties, tall, long legs, big full lips, green eyes, blond hair down to my gorgeous round ass, and some nice C cup tits, and I have lots of money. Daddy owns a few oil rigs here and there. By now you have probably figured out that I am a little bit conceited, but hey you would be too if you looked like me and had my money.

I don’t work much because I don’t really have to. I own a rather nice home in Malibu, no kids, no pets, and no significant other, and I enjoy it. I love the California life style. The parties, the shopping, and oh my God the sex!

A while ago I got bored with the random sex with stranger thing and decided I wanted a more permanent fuck, but not a relationship. I was having brunch with a girlfriend of mine, and by brunch I mean a few martinis before lunch, and that’s when I had a brilliant stroke of genius. Here she was going on about how it was hard to find and keep reliable house staff, and bam! It hit me. I’ll just hire someone. A permanent live in fuck toy with no strings attached.

That afternoon I took out an ad in the local adult section of the classifieds . The ad read; “Looking for single straight Male and bisexual Female staff for nude house keeping, must be mid twenties to early thirties and good looking with a body to match. Please email resume and photo.”

It didn’t take long for my in box to fill up. I skimmed through the emails, mostly looking at the pictures. A few men had even sent pics of their hard cocks, and boy did that get my juices flowing, I kept a few dozen sex toys, lubes and dildos around the house, and had one in my desk. I pulled escort bayan out a rather thick 10 inch cock out of my desk and started teasing my pussy with it. Barely entering and turning it slowly, then not moving it at all and pulling it out to look at the next photo, resisting the urge to pound my pussy with the phallus, still teasing until I was sweating all over and leaving a nice big puddle on my chair. Finally when I couldn’t take it any more, I rammed the cock into my pussy again and again until I was exploding with ecstacy. On the final thrust I pulled it out enough to squirt half a gallon of juice all over my desk.

Still shaking, I lit a cigarette and fixed me rather large glass of wine before resuming my work.

I chose a few hot hopefuls and emailed them back asking if they could come for and interview starting that Monday. All of them said yes.

That weekend was the horniest of my life. I spent most of my time in my basement, or my “fun” room as I call it. At first glance it looks normal. A few big screen T.V.’s, a bar, and some pool tables. But when you look closer you see chains and cuffs on the walls, chairs with dildos attached to them, I even had a few “torture” tables with dildos hooked up to machines, and of course stripper poles and club lighting. I even had a hidden room where the kinkier stuff went on. I fucked myself more times than I can count that weekend.

Monday finally rolled around. I spent all morning trying to find something sexy but not too sexy to wear. I finally settled on a tight black pencil skirt with a red patent belt and a white blouse unbuttoned enough to show ample cleavage and a bit of my leopard bursa vip escort print bra and some red heals. I was excited for this interview in particular. He was 6’2″, tanned, dark hair and the body of a god, with a few scars and tattoos, my kind of guy.

He was ten minutes early so I had to cut my self pleasuring a little short which left me horny slick and wet. It took all I had in me to not jump this man and fuck him crazy. I welcomed him in and made us some vodka and lemonade and began the interview process.

At first I asked simple questions like where are you from and so one. Once I got the small talk out of the way, I went straight for the big one. I told him I wanted someone to clean up after me, naked of course and fuck me when I needed fucking and whatever else I needed done, I had no time for jealousy and nothing was off limits, I was in control and offered him a great wage. Of course this would be a live in job.

I can still see the shock one his face as if half expecting the camera men to come out and say he had been Punk’d. I assured him I was serious and told him I would need a sample of his work before either of us said yes. I urged him to stand up and remove his clothes. As he did I could feel myself start dripping at the sight of his abs, it took all of my will to not touch myself. My eyes grew wide with surprise as he took off his pants.

His cock was magnificent. It was soft but big. I could barely wrap my hand around it. I slowly got off my chair and knelt down in front of him and started softly kissing his manhood gently tracing my tongue until it stood at attention. Once he was fully bursa elit escort hard I stood up and directed him to the fun room. I caught the look of surprise in his eyes as he looked around the room.

Without saying a word I sat him down on the leather sofa and grabbed a condom out of the table next to it. I put the condom n my mouth and knelt in front of him and slowly started putting the condom on him with my mouth. Soft manly moans escaped his lips and made me more wet. Once I had it on I slowly kissed him all the way up his body making my way to his mouth. We sat there for a while just kissing, and man was he a good kisser.

In the blink of an eye he had stood up and slid into me and slowly carried me over to the pool table, while very slowly moving his cock in and out, making my whole body quiver. I was sopping wet and could feel the wet spot building up under my ass. The louder I moaned the harder he thrust, and the harder he thrust the louder I moaned.

Just as I was beginning to reach my climax he pulled out and knelt down and began teasing me with his tongue. He traced his tongue along the inside of my thighs and my lips. I could feel the warmth of his breath brushing against my clit. When he finally ran his tongue down my pussy, it sent shivers down my spine. Finally he dug his tongue into my pussy and licked sucked and lapped at my juices until I came all over his face. I thought he was a good kisser, but holy shit that was the best face I have ever had.

Still breathing hard I decided to go back over to the sofa and give him a little kiss of my own. I grabbed him to push him down, but he grabbed me and bent me over the couch and rammed his cock into my still dripping cunt again an again until he had me screaming in another orgasm. We came at the same and just lay there sweat pouring off our bodies and still trying to catch our breath. I got up to the bar and made us a couple of stiff drinks and told him he was hired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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