Claudia’s Night Out

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James leaned back in his favorite spot on the couch. His brother Tom had come over to cook steaks and watch some college football that Saturday evening. He glanced at his watch, and it read 6:18 pm, nearly time to turn on the grill. His imagination briefly flickered to Claudia washing her gorgeous legs and getting out of the shower for her big night out with her girlfriends.

He didn’t know yet if he’d see her tonight. Physically, his body could probably use the recovery and get a good 8 hours worth of sleep. Since they’d met, he was getting half the amount of sleep he normally got. Rolling around in the bed with Claudia was very strenuous activity. His heart ached to see her however, and he resolved to call her later. A familiar stirring in his loins promptly caused him to shake his head and think of something, anything else.

‘So,” Tom looked over at James and asked, “Is she the one?”

“She could be,” James replied, “but we’ve only been together for a little under 4 weeks.”

“Uh-Huh,” was Tom’s skeptical reply.

“Come on dude, let’s go turn on the grill and cook us some steaks!” James suggested.

Two hours later, it was time for another beer from the fridge when his phone beeped for attention from his pocket. He grinned at Claudia’s text. ‘im horrrny baby’ it said. He responded with ‘Having fun, grasshopper?’. ‘need you to fuck me into a quivwerering puddle of happy love’ came back immediately.

He laughed at the thought of his girl getting tipsy and horny. She couldn’t spell after a margarita or two. “Sleep is overrated,” he thought. Knowing her, it wouldn’t take long until she couldn’t wait any more. He grinned and settled back on the couch re-reading her text.

“May need to cut our evening short,” he answered Tom’s questioning look.

“You’re going to have to start taking vitamins, dude,” his brother laughed and shook his head at him.

After another half hour of being peppered with sexy texts, James wasn’t surprised when his phone rang.

“James,” she drawled at him.

“Drunk woman,” he said back to her.

“Come get me, love. I need your cock inside me.”

He heard laughter in the background, and couldn’t help laughing at her himself.

“You are sooooo mean,” she pouted. He could picture those lips. She had such a sexy pout.

“Aw, babe, of course I’ll come get you. At the Interurban still?” he soothed her.

Tom laughed at James and stood. He mouthed ‘have fun bro,’ and headed out.

“Yes,” she responded. Trying to whisper, and failing, she said, “I’ve been talking about sex all night and everyone is calling their men. They should thank me.”

“Wait a minute, you’ve been talking about sex with me? ME?” James asked her in his best righteous indignation voice.

“Well babe, sexy time with my wonderful James is the only thing I’ve done for like a month. If I didn’t talk about that, I wouldn’t have anything new to talk about at all,” she slurred back at him.

“Good point,” was the only response James could come up with to that.

He hung up with her after getting a promise that she’d stay at the entrance to the club with the bouncers and her friends while he was on his way. Downtown Atlanta; while generally considered safe, was still a big city, and he wanted to make sure nothing happened while he was on his way.

James jetted upstairs to change his t-shirt, since he got some oil drops on it while cooking the steaks. “Oh this could be a fun night” he said out loud to himself. He snatched a towel out of the closet as well, just in case she was a little too sloppy.

Fully prepared, he thought, he bound down the stairs two at a time. His heart was beating faster and he had a HUGE smile on his face. “Only 15 minutes” he thought of the drive that shouldn’t take too long, then he’d have Claudia in his arms again.

She was sitting on the ground with a stubborn pouty look on her face that he knew well. A doorman was squatting next to her, gesturing toward the bar’s door, and she was saying no to something. James slipped his keys in his pocket and smiled broadly. He loved this difficult woman, and he was looking forward to changing her “no’s” to “oh yes.”

“Is this lady causing trouble?” he said as he reached them.

Claudia looked up at him, a sultry smile lighting her face. She accepted his extended hand and let him pull her to her feet. Her large breasts pressed up against him as she turned to face the bouncer, “Here he is!” and waved to end their conversation.

Turning to face James, she looked up into his eyes, “There are you are.” She pressed against him, her hand going up around his neck. “You said to wait right here and I waited right here.” She shot a glare at the bouncer. “Despite some people wanting me to move.”

James shot a grin at the bouncer and lifted his shoulders in a what-can-you-do gesture. The man laughed, “Good luck brother. She’s willful.”

“Let’s get you home,” James said. She was sliding a leg up his, her skirt riding dangerously antep escort high. Even through his jeans he could feel her soft center throbbing against his leg.

“Mmmmmhmmmm,” she murmured in his ear. She stopped and stepped back a little. “But I need to pee. Take me to the restroom first, please.” Her eyelashes fluttered at him and he knew she was up to trouble.

“You can wait,” he said sternly. But his cock hardened in his pants, watching her fingers slide along the inside hem of the v-necked dress and baring a dangerous amount of cleavage.

“I can’t wait,” Claudia said as she turned away and danced back through the bar door. James followed her through the noisy bar to the back hall, past the restrooms. She stopped in front of a door at the back, gesturing with her finger to him, her hips cocked in that come-hither position.

“That’s not the ladies’ room, babe,” he said.

She giggled, and pulled at his hand, dragging him into the deep closet. She pulled the door closed and pushed him back toward the wall. She still held his hand and she guided it up her skirt, pressing his hand against her wet pussy, as she kissed him deeply.

James just stood there and kissed her for a minute. He slipped the tip of his middle finger around the edges of her pussy lips, and not only could he tell she was VERY horny, he could tell that she had been VERY horny for quite a while.

He began to move his finger around, exploring the folds and curves and texture of her pussy lips. Her clit was very hard and swollen. He smiled and she gasped a little as he toyed with it. She ground her hips in a circle James kissed her again and slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Looking around to make sure they were in fact alone, James pushed her up against the wall and said “You need to stand right there.” As he spoke, he moved his hands up and hooked both his thumbs around her thong underwear and began to squat down, pulling her panties down with him. He chuckled slightly as he realized her panties were absolutely soaking wet.

She helped him by stepping out of them, and he discarded them there on the floor. Running his hands back up her legs, he hiked her skirt up so he could see his prize beneath. She was clean shaven except for a very small patch of hair right where it should be. Claudia helped him out by reaching down and running the fingers of one hand through his hair, and with her other hand, she held her skirt up to keep the fabric out of his way.

James leaned forward and kissed her all over. With his fingers on both hands, he pried her pussy lips apart, completely exposing her right there in the closet. His tongue came out and began to run up and down her pussy lips and clitoris.

There was none of the teasing that was a mainstay in their lovemaking; this was insistent, I need to orgasm right now, oral sex. His tongue swirled around her clit, applying different types of pressure, some tongue flicking, and even some cool breaths washed different sensations throughout her body.

His left thumb came over to press and massage her clitoris as his tongue moved further down and pay some attention to other parts of her pussy.

Claudia moaned loudly as James drove her crazy. Her fingers in his hair started to clench as she unconsciously pulled slightly on his hair. She moaned, “Oh!, Ohhhhh!!!, fuck!!!!!, ohhh!!!!”

She shuddered wildly and bucked against his face, trying to stifle the cries as her orgasm raced through her needy body. He placed a light kiss on her shaking pussy. Her hands, still tangled in his hair, pulled him up and she kissed and licked and nuzzled his face. She made happy purring noises in his ear and gyrated her hips against him. James groaned into her mouth when her greedy hands opened his jeans and freed his rock hard cock.

“Fuck me,” she said. “I need you inside me now.” She bit at his neck.

He grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She put her legs around him and braced her back to the wall. Her hand on his cock led him right where she wanted him.

James held his breath as he slipped inside her easily. Her warm wetness quickly enveloped him, and he nearly came just from being inside her, here, in this closet! He pulled out of her as far as he could in this position, and she gyrated rhythmically on top of him. Again and again he penetrated her. Her hands were constantly moving, trying to constantly hold herself as close to him as she could.

He could feel her fluids pouring out of her and coating him as he insistently thrust in and pulled out of her. Their pace was furious, and they were both sweating profusely. Claudia pulled him close, and bit down on her lower lip as her pussy started to convulse and spasm as he continued to push himself inside her as deeply as he could. A sensation of raw pleasure began to radiate throughout her entire body, and it came in waves again and again each time he thrust into her. One more stroke, two more strokes in and out, and on the third stroke he thrust up against her as hard as he could.

Claudia was pressed up tightly against the wall, and a muted squeal escaped her lips. She could feel his cock start to flex and jerk inside her. Intensely warm cum began to flood into her as she felt his cock spasm. She relished the feel of his cum as it filled her pussy. Some of it slowly ran down his cock began to drip out.

After a minute or two, consciousness slowly began to return to both of them and they realized they were still in the inky blackness of the closet. Still inside her, James kissed her on the lips and smiled, “You know I love you Miss Claudia….. And you certainly know how to make my life more interesting.”

Claudia fairly glowed in his embrace. He gently slid out of her and held her steady as her legs wobbled. “I love you more, James.” she leaned into him, trying to burrow into his clothes.

“That was amazing,” she said. “When the door opened a crack I thought we were so busted.”

“What?” James jerked back a little to look into her face. “The door opened?”

She giggled and fell forward on his chest. “Got ya.” She giggled harder.

He looked at her incredulously for a second then chuckled. Oh she’d pay for that one. He straightened her dress and his clothes, wincing a little at the wet sticky pants. She watched him adoringly. He was so good to her. She felt like the luckiest woman in the world.

“You be good til I get us in the car, Miss Claudia,” he tapped her nose. She kissed his finger.

“Yes, dear.” Her eyes sparkled.

James quickly steered her through the bar and out onto the street. The doorman gave him a laughing nod of the head as he guided her past and down the street to his car. Opening the passenger door, just as he was tucking her docile body in, she started and cried out, “my panties!”

He laughed. “A forfeit for being naughty, babe.” He buckled her in, closed the door and got in his side. Her hands were on him the minute he got in his side.

“I need more James,” she said, rubbing his chest and kissing his neck. “You said to be good until we got in the car. We’re in the car.”

He took her chin in his hand and kissed her deeply. He settled her back into her seat. “Wait til we get home, darling.”

She smiled at him. As he turned to start the car, she reached for him again. “But wouldn’t you be more comfortable driving without those awful wet pants, love?” she cooed as she pulled at the button on his jeans and rubbed his cock through the fabric. He closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying her warm lips and soft hands. He was tempted to guide her head down to his cock, knew she’d be eager to do it, but he wanted to get her somewhere he could really enjoy her.

He pulled away and got out of the car. He opened the passenger door and she stepped out. “Oh, yes, take me on the car hood babe.” She threw her arms around him. He opened the back seat door and tossed her in. “Stay put.” Her frustrated scream as he shut the door made him laugh.

They made it halfway to his house, with her grumbles from the backseat and his teasing that his girl was an exhibitionist, craving sex where she might get caught.

“Exhibitionist?” she said.

It got quiet in the backseat and James tiled the rearview mirror to check on her. She was stripping. Her dress came up over her head and was discarded into the floor. Her breasts were cupped by a bra just a little small to emphasize her substantial cleavage. He was stunned into silence as the passing headlights illuminated her naked body in his backseat.

“This is,” he stuttered. “Babe, this is a busy highway.”

She leaned forward to run a hand down his arm and grinned at him in the mirror. The she laid down in the back seat. The only way he could see her would be to turn around and look over the seats. She began making little moaning noises and sighing.

“Claudia,” he said. She ignored him. The moans got louder, and she was breathing heavily. James looked around to gauge how far he was from home.

James zipped through his neighborhood and into the garage at his house at what must have been three times the speed limit. He’d endured several moments of erotic moaning and whining. Claudia had had at least one orgasm, and was building her way to a second, and James was sporting the hardest erection he thought he’d ever had. He clicked the garage button, and fairly leaped out of the car to pull Claudia out.

She grinned at him with a devious smile as she exited the car completely naked except for her knee high sexy black boots. She leaped up into his arms with a laugh, threw her legs around him, and started peppering his neck and the side of his face with little kisses. She breathed in his ear, “I have got to have you James.”

He carried her inside and into his basement. He set her down in front of the futon he kept down there as a piece of older furniture. Claudia yanked at his pants to try, needing to get them off of him as fast as possible. She even turned around to try and stuff him inside her as soon as his cock popped out of the top of his jeans, but James abruptly pulled away.

She turned on him with fire in her eyes, about to insist that he make love to her as soon as possible, but James placed a finger over her lips to silence any protest.

“You, need to dance for me, Claudia,” was all he said. James then calmly pulled down his pants and sat down in the chair. Looking at her with a lust in his eyes, he gave her a light spank and caressed her ass. His left hand started to stroke his cock slowly.

Claudia huffed a little bit, but quickly warmed to the idea. She bent over at the waist, looked between her legs to see his reaction and began to sway her hips rhythmically. The bra came off a minute later and her breasts spilled free for the first time in the evening. She hummed a tune she could move her body to, and rubbed her breasts, body, legs all over his body. While James let her caress his cock and he even let her put it in her mouth for some quick suction a few times. She tried several times to get his cock inside her exceptionally wet pussy, but James proved very adept at fending her off.

Finally, she leaned over to whisper in his ear and said, “James, I love you so much, but I have needs, and right now you are going to do what I want you to do.”

The fight to keep from coming all over her dancing body had been worth the effort, he thought. He grinned at her and spread his arms wide, “I’m all yours.”

She smiled seductively and squatted in front of him. She grabbed his pants off the floor and tossed them to him. Placing the tip of her boot on the edge of chair between his legs, she said, “I believe it is customary to tip your dancer for favors, love.”

She swiveled her body and bent her knee to rub her ass against his thigh, keeping her booted leg front and center.

James chuckled and pulled the cash from his wallet. The smoldering look she shot him combined with her ass shimmying as he peeled out a dollar made his cock jump. He tucked the bill in her boot.

She raised a eyebrow. “That was a one dollar dance?” she asked. She stood quickly and turned her back to him with her legs spread. She bent at the waist, her ass high, and gyrated in front of him. Her glistening pussy dipped close to his cock and he moaned and tucked several more bills into her boot. She dropped to her knees in front of him and leaned forward, her large breasts completely engulfing his totally erect cock. She squeezed them together and began to move them up and down his cock. After several minutes of making love to her generous tits, she stood and presented her boot again.

A twenty dollar bill went in and she eyed him lustily. She knelt again in front of him and caressed his cock in her hand. With a quick movement she leaned forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around him and sucked on him gently but firmly. James grunted nearly exploding at this first touch.

James looked up at the ceiling and tried not to concentrate on the sensations emanating from his cock and her mouth. One of the differences about Claudia’s blowjobs was that you could tell she absolutely LOVED to give them, and she was truly an expert at it. She worked her way down his shaft to try and get him entirely inside her mouth.

He pulled his hands and ran his fingers through as much of her hair as he could. Her long hair was smooth, silky and smelled absolutely terrific.

She began taking long and painfully slow strokes while she was sucking his cock, and it was driving him absolutely crazy. She was going all the way down to the base, and as she came up, she was sucking and swirling her tongue around him until his cock popped out of her mouth. Once it was out, she swirled her tongue around the head before diving back down to the bottom and taking him completely insider her mouth once again. It was like she was trying to suck the cum out of him instead of him having an orgasm and shooting the cum out into her mouth.

She was grabbing his ass firmly with both hands to prevent him from pulling away from her. He could feel the edge her nails in his skin.

Claudia didn’t think James had ever been this hard in her mouth before, and she knew she was driving him absolutely crazy. He didn’t normally try and pull away while she was sucking him off, but it was like he could barely control himself. He was beginning to grunt and moan and she knew he was incredibly close to cumming in her mouth. She smiled at the power she had over him at this instant.

She considered stopping her ministrations on him and torturing him some more, but she decided she just couldn’t be that mean. Besides, her pussy was still sopping wet and she was going to make him pleasure her to at least one or two more orgasms that evening.

James flexed again and his little hairs were sticking up, another subtle sign she’d learned about him that he was in the process of orgasm. She could already feel the beginnings of his cum coming out him. She imagined the cum running through his cock and spurting out onto her tongue. She grinned in satisfaction that she could give him such pleasure.

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