Cleaning the Boss Ch. 04

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Sunday certainly dragged. I couldn’t wait to get back to work on Monday and check out the cameras properly! I was sure Karen would be fucked at least once and I couldn’t wait to watch and then quickly join her to eat a nice fresh Cream Pie from that sexy pussy of hers.

Finally it was Monday morning. I showered and then slid on a new pair of panties. White of course, the ones with pretty red roses on the front. Straight away I got hard just thinking about the day ahead and Karen seeing my new panties. It was a case of a prick between 2 roses again!

Before I reached the office I got a text from Karen:

‘Panty Inspection today will be by video! Straight to your office and remove everything but your panties before sitting at your desk.’

Of course I obeyed.

So five minutes later I had the computer powered up and was sitting in front of it. My cock was straining against my panties. I knew Karen could see me (as she controlled the cameras and I can’t turn mine off) and the icon was flashing meaning her cameras were active too. I opened the application.

On the screen I could see Karen sitting on the couch with her fingers buried in her pussy. On the TV screen I could see my own cock straining in my panties. Karen kept fingering herself for a few more minutes and then slowly licked her own fingers.

We both saw the damp spot appear on my panties as pre-cum leaked out.

Karen typed something on the laptop at her side.

The message popped up on my screen:

‘Play with yourself through your pretty panties. DON’T cum.’

I reached down and slowly stroked my cock through the cotton panties. This has always been one of my favourite ways to masturbate. I continued the slow rubbing, making the wet patch grow even bigger.

Another message:

‘That’s enough. Get in here and lick my pussy. Nobody else in office yet so grab clothes but don’t waste time dressing.’

I obeyed instantly. I ran to her office since there was always a risk someone would arrive and I really didn’t want anybody else seeing my panties. Karen was all the woman I could handle or wanted to handle.

I shut and locked the door then was instantly between her legs. I love the taste of her pussy! Not quite as good as when it has a lovely big load of cum in it but still fantastic. I drove my tongue in and she instantly came. As I continued she told me, “Busy day today. I’ve got meetings at 10:00, 11:00, 2:00 and 3:30. At least I don’t have to travel. They are all right here!”

My cock throbbed and leaked more pre-cum at the knowledge I would be watching four men fuck her and then eat all of that nice fresh cum! I wondered how many loads I would get through before I blasted my own into my panties. I knew I didn’t have a hope of lasting as I watched Karen for the first time.

Luckily she pushed me away before I lost control before even one man had fucked her. “Get back to your office. You can put your pants on but when you are sitting at your desk I expect them to be undone so that I can see your panties and state of your cock whenever I want!”

I quickly dressed then returned to my office. As soon as I sat down I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants so that my panty covered cock would be clearly visible to the cameras. At the same time nobody who walked in would see I was exposed. I could no longer see her and I knew I wouldn’t until her first visitor arrived.

The idea that at any time she could be looking at my panties kept me semi erect for the next hour and a half. I didn’t dare touch myself though — I hadn’t received an instruction to do that and Karen owned my cock now.

At about one minute past 10:00 the icon flashed and I quickly clicked and my screen was filled with multiple angles of her office. This time I had my headphones plugged in and could hear everything too.

Mark was on her office. I had met him a couple of times but now I was going to see him! Karen asked him, “So is there anything we need to discuss or are you just here for a fuck?” She slowly spread her legs revealing her naked and hairless pussy to him.

Mark smiled. “I think you’ve answered all of my questions by e-mail. So all I need to do is sign on the dotted line … and then we fuck! After all Business before Pleasure!”

Karen laughed and stood, walked to the desk and pulled over the contract she had prepared. They both signed. Karen removed her dress and lay back on the couch. “Now for Pleasure!”

Mark quickly dropped his pants and boxer shorts and then his shirt was off. He was already hard. He started to slide down between her legs to lick her, but she told him “No. I’m a bit short of time today and I’m already nice and wet just at the thought of you fucking me. Hard and fast please and I won’t think you rude if you leave as soon as you finish!”

He had no objection to that. The look on his face I thought looked like he was glad … that licking her pussy first was a duty rather than something to be savoured. Quickly his 7″ cock disappeared casino siteleri into Karen. I could zoom in and watch as he did as he was told. Hard and fast is just what she got. Karen was so hot that she was coming already.

Mark kept up the hard fast pace … I knew that when I finally got my cock in her I’d never be able to do this so I was glad she had plenty of men to do her this way. I could see a new wet patch start growing on my own panties as I looked down at myself.

If it was this good with a cock smaller than my 8″ one, I wondered what it would be like when she had a lover with a huge cock.

Suddenly Mark’s back arched and his pumping stopped for a few seconds. He was coming! Filling Karen’s pussy with his lovely cum! He started a slow fuck as the last of his cum oozed from his cock and into her pussy.

He collapsed onto her.

She pushed him away. “That was wonderful, but I need to get ready for another meeting…Not as much fun as this one I’m sure.”

Mark took the hint and quickly dressed and left.

Karen looked straight into one of the cameras, “You’ve got 15 seconds to have your tongue in my pussy.”

I was already zipped up and standing in any case. I quickly locked my computer (I certainly didn’t want anyone walking into my office and seeing what I was about to do!) and raced to her office. I had the door locked, pants and shirt off and was between her legs with a few seconds to spare.

I slid her pussy lips open with my fingers. His white cum was about to start oozing out. Quickly I drove my tongue in and licked up the excess that was leaking out. Then I drove my tongue into her and tasted that amazing combination of his and her cum juices. I had always loved the combination but this was the freshest Cream Pie I had ever eaten.

The only disappointing thing was that relatively small cock had only delivered a small load compared to some I had already experienced. The good thing I suppose about that was fairly quickly all I could taste was Karen and I hadn’t cum in my panties. I knew I was safe for now. At least I had got through the first one.

Karen pushed me away. “That will do for now. And I can tell you now, it wasn’t the thought of him fucking me that got me so wet but of you doing this! And none of the men do such a good job licking pussy as you so there’s no point in wasting time with them doing that either. Be ready at 11:00 for your next job!”

I dressed and headed back to my own office to wait for the next session. Of course my pants were undone and the pre-cum stains on my panties would be clearly visible to Karen if she was watching. I hoped she was!

I kept working … or at least trying to … until 11:15 when she activated her cameras again. Karen was pulling the clients pants down — I didn’t recognise this one. Again his cock was smaller than mine. But still, I would see Karen being fucked again.

He quickly stripped Karen’s dress off leaving her totally naked. She told him, “I’m so wet just thinking of you (but looking past him at the camera and me as she said it) that I don’t need foreplay. Just come over here fuck me!”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. He quickly mounted her short plump body and his cock disappeared into her. I swapped angles and zoomed in again so I had a close up of his cock and her pussy. He was fucking her with long slow strokes. She had plenty of time before her next meeting this time!

As I watched the screen I could see the cock getting nice and wet as her cum juices started to coat his cock. I a smaller window on my screen I watched her face. I knew she was cumming right now! Pre-cum leaked into my own panties as I watched.

Now Karen demanded, “Fast now. I want your cum in my pussy!”

The man on the screen now started madly pounding Karen’s pussy. It didn’t take long now. Again I watched another man spurt in her pussy! Again as soon as he had finished she got him to leave.

This time I didn’t wait for him to leave. I was out of my door and waiting for her door to open and him to leave. I was in her room and between her legs before he got out the front door!

For the second time that day I got to taste a lovely fresh Cream Pie. He has at least delivered a nice big load. I kept licking away at her wonderful pussy until she was nice and clean for her 2:00. My panties had some nasty pre-cum stains on them but I had still held off. Maybe I would get through the day after all.

2:00 arrived and again her cameras were activated.

This time she was still behind her desk and there was a guy I certainly had never seen before in her office. He was about 6′ 6″ tall and black. He was saying, “I really don’t think there is anything your company can do for me.”

Karen replied, “No probably not. But I’ve never had a black man fuck me and that’s why I asked you here today. So would you like to fuck me?” With that she stood and pulled her dress up to reveal her naked pussy.

The guy smiled. “Well, I’ve never had a short fat canlı casino white girl so why not!” He dropped his own pants and both Karen and I gasped. What they said about black men at least in this case anyway. His cock was not only long — 12″ or so — but also so thick.

“Get over here and spread your legs and see if you can handle this!” he told Karen.

Karen didn’t hesitate. She pulled her dress off and slid onto the couch. She didn’t need to tell this guy not to bother with foreplay. All he wanted was to fuck her. He aimed the huge pole at her sopping wet pussy. I was scared for her.

But her pussy just swallowed it! The whole 12″ just disappeared from site! “Oh my God that’s so GOOD!” Karen exclaimed. “It feels like it will come out of my throat!”

“You’re not too bad yourself! Your pussy is so wet and I love the way you grip me with your pussy muscles!” He added.

It was fantastic from perspective too! I loved the way that huge cock spread her pussy so wide … and I loved the sight of those huge balls that looked as if they were very full … and then she started Cumming! Her cum juices started coating his cock, a lovely creamy white coating all over the black flesh. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be in there with them and have him pull out and have me lick it clean … and maybe try to take that thing in my mouth! I very nearly came in my panties at the sight and thought.

I had to close my eyes for about 30 seconds to regain control.

When I reopened them all I could see was 12″ of thick black cock sliding hard and fast into Karen’s soaking wet pussy. Then he started cumming … and cumming … and cumming! It seemed to go on for a full minute before finally he slid his softening shaft from her pussy.

He stood and started to dress, “Let me think about it. Maybe we can do more business together. Maybe I’ll make another appointment in a couple of weeks!” With that he walked out leaving her lying there.

“Now!” she told me as she looked into the camera.

Again I was between Karen’s legs. All I could taste was her. “He was so deep! It will take ages before you get it … but don’t you dare stop licking until you have eaten every drop of that huge cocks juices from me!”

She wasn’t wrong either. I kept lapping away for at least five minutes before suddenly this massive load of cum flooded out of her pussy and into my mouth! I had to lick and swallow fast to get every drop and make sure none slid down her thighs and onto the couch.

My own cock was now throbbing.

As I kept eating her she told me, “If he does come back maybe I should ask if he wants you to blow him! I bet he’s never had a Panty Boy suck his cock and I reckon he’s the type who would try anything once! Would you like trying to suck that big black cock?”

By now of course the TV was showing me between her legs so she could see me eat all his cum out of her. And she could also see my cock spurting into my panties.

“I’ll take that as a yes!” she said.

Finally her pussy was clean although by no means dry!

I stayed with her in her office until 3:25. I licked her pussy a few more times in case any more cum oozed out, but I had cleaned her perfectly. She told me, “That last one was so amazing I don’t think I want another fuck today … I’ll give him a hand job though … so do you want to lick his cum off of my tits or pussy?”

“I hope he has enough to spread about a bit. I would love some here,” I said, brushing her big tits, “and then the rest here” I added as I stroked her plump stomach. “Not on your pussy though … I like it in there not on there!”

Karen smiled. “I’ll see what I can do!”

The cameras were active when I got back to my office.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when a guy who looked about 18 or 19 walked in. As they spoke it became obvious that she was discussing the web site upgrade. It was also obvious that her legs were spread just enough for him to see her pussy. The poor boy was struggling to concentrate.

Karen told him, “Well I’ll send the details and you can get to work on it. But now, since you’ve been staring at my pussy for the last 10 minutes, I need you to drop your pants and let me see your cock if you want the job.”

He went bright red. But I was pleased to see that he didn’t hesitate. He quickly dropped his pants and removed his undies. His cock was nearly as big as mine and pre-cum was already oozing from it.

“Are you a virgin?” Karen asked.


“Well, in that case I think a hand job is in order. You wouldn’t last long enough to satisfy me so we’ll just do you,” she told him. She stood and pulled her dress off revealing her plump body to him.

She reached out and took his cock in her hand. He gasped. I couldn’t help but smile as I knew he was going to cum as fast as I had the first time she touched me.

And he did.

Karen’s aim has perfect. The first spurt coated her tits, and then four more blast completely soaked her big belly! I was growing kaçak casino very hard at the thought of licking her clean.

It wasn’t long before he was leaving and I was heading into her office for my final clean up duty of the day. As I have mentioned quite a few times Karen is nice and plump (many people including the black guy with the big cock call her fat but I don’t like that word) and I love that … all the more flesh to touch, stroke and lick! And right now it was all coated in cum!

I started just above her waist and worked upwards, licking every sexy nook and cranny, cleaning every drop of virgin juice from her body. It made my cock start throbbing again. Yet again Karen read my mind, “I wonder which one of you two will lose his cherry in me first?” she asked. “All he was to do is finish the new web site … you have to last three days without cumming!”

I raised my head. “I think he’ll win. You are just too damn sexy especially when coated in or filled with cum!” I went back to my job as by now I was just reaching those 38DD tits that had a lovely coating of cum. I licked and sucked them, nibbled on her nipples, and finally she was completely clean.

“Thankyou Neil,” she told me. “Well done today! Can’t wait for tomorrow now … three more meetings!”

I smiled as I headed back to my office. I love my new job!

I won’t go into details of the next two and a half weeks … suffice to say that over the 12 work days between then and now I have watched 30 men fuck Karen and cleaned every one of those loads from her lovely pussy. I have cum in my panties 8 times — including twice on one day when she wanked me off at the end of the day for an extra reward — but not for the last two days! If I can get through today I get to finally lose my cherry!

As usual I got to the office before anybody but Karen. Most days now Panty Inspection was by video, but today although the camera was active (and of course my white panties with blue birds were exposed) Karen was behind her desk and asked me to come to her office. “We have a meeting with the two Johns (our biggest clients) so need all morning to prepare.”

The rumour was these two were gay, and a couple, so at this point I suspected it would be a Cream Pie free day. For once the thought excited me as I thought I now had a great chance to last all day then lose my cherry!

I entered her room and as always locked the door behind me. I was already in just my panties as I knew the office was still empty.

Karen stood and walked from behind her desk. I was shocked! Her dress was well below the knees!

Karen smiled at the look on my face. “Sorry, but I need to be properly dressed for these two!” she told me. “After all they are our biggest and most profitable clients.”

“So are they gay?” I asked.

Karen grinned. “Well they are a couple, but not quite gay. Very kinky like you, but not gay! They have a pact that they will only fuck a woman if they can both be there are share her.”

“Is that so kinky?” I asked.

“No. What is kinky is that they won’t fuck me unless I’m wearing this!” she exclaimed and pulled her dress over her head. She stood there now just in a silky white slip. Then she asked me, “Did you cum last night or have you got a three day load for me?”

I smiled. “No, I didn’t cum. If I can last the day I get to lose my cherry don’t I? I asked.

“Well, you would. Except you are not going to last the day. For a few reasons. Firstly, you will be in their apartment with me all afternoon. So seeing me in this … which I can see gets you going (I had a pre-cum stain on my panties by now) and seeing me being fucked from inches away rather than by video would no doubt make you spurt in your panties wouldn’t it?” she asked.

I admitted that I almost certainly would.

“But there is another reason. Wanting to fuck me wearing a slip might be a little kinky, but I said they were very kinky … well at least Thick John is! Long John goes along with it too but it’s Thick Johns fetish.” She paused for effect. Then she told me, “Thick John won’t fuck me unless my slip is cum-stained!”

I nearly lost it right then. I loved that idea too!

Karen continued, “So normally I use one slip for months, after all I only wear it when I see them. The first time they both wank off over me for their first orgasm, then fuck me for their second. Next time Thick John might wank first time, but Long John always fucks me both times. After that they both fuck me twice!”

Her slip now was perfectly clean, not even the hint of a stain.

“But this is prettier than my other slip so I bought it. But I want them to fuck me twice each and then watch you clean me! Long John especially will love that. With his long cock he suffers more from sloppy seconds! But for that to happen, I need you to wank off on me at least twice before our meeting, then again so start proceeding so that my slip is messy enough! So drop your panties and cum on me!” she ordered.

Despite meaning I would need to wait longer to lose my cherry I loved the idea! I quickly dropped my panties and came and stood in front of her as she sat on the couch. My cock was already throbbing so I knew it wouldn’t be long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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