Cleaning Up

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This story is for 2021 Nude Day Contest, and I hope you enjoy it. As always, your votes and comments are much appreciated.

Carla was so hot, she felt like she was burning up.

Normally she could handle doing the final clean up on a new house on her own. But working from top to bottom without the benefit of air-conditioning in the middle of July, had her clothes sticking to her body, and her feeling almost sick, sure she’d never felt so sweaty in her life.

Looking longing out through the French doors from the kitchen, the long rectangular pool seemed to be beckoning her from the big, spacious unfenced yard. But she knew if she wanted to go in and cool off, she’d have to take her clothes off and go in in her birthday suit, so she’d have dry clothes to wear when she left to go home.

Then she laughed to herself when she remembered hearing on the radio on the drive over that morning that today was International Nude Day, so she imagined she should be able to get away with it. If she got caught, she’d just tell anyone who asked that no one should be wearing anything on a day that was meant for showing off your body — especially on a real scorcher like today.

After she’d shed her shorts, T-shirt, panties and bra in the kitchen, she folded them and placed them on one of the high-backed chairs that sat around a beautiful new matching wooden table.

Carefully unlocking and opening the back door, she took a few tentative steps outside, took a look around and couldn’t see anyone. All she could hear was some hammering probably on another property, maybe off in the distance somewhere. Because it was hard to tell where the noise was coming from with the way the sounds echoed with so many empty lots on the street. So she decided just to go for it and dive in.

She’d just got in the water, and it felt so good on her overheated skin, that she came up smiling at the feel of the sun on her face as she surfaced. Until she looked up at the house next door, that was still under construction, and realized the hammering had stopped because the roofers were practically hanging off the roof watching her swim around naked. As she looked up at them, they all started cat calling, whistling and grabbing their crotches, and making lewd gestures with their tongues.

Afraid they might come over and try something, or snitch and tell the owner that they’d caught her in the pool, she quickly made her way up the ladder and rushed back inside, still dripping.

After she’d dried off and put her clothes back on and finished cleaning the rest of floors in the house, even after that quick dunk in the pool, she felt sticky and hot again. And she knew with the guys working next door overlooking the pool, there was no way she’d be able to go back out for another swim to cool off.

Though she’d never made use of anything in any of the houses before, she realized she’d have to have a shower to cool off, or she was afraid she might actually collapse.

After she’d pulled her long brown pony-tail into bun, and twisted it onto the top of her head, she stripped off her shorts and T-shirt again. Then she reached in and ran the water in the shower pretty cold, more interested in cooling off her hot skin now than washing.

Inside the glass enclosure, soaping up her big, heavy breasts, she smiled at the enticing little zip that shot between her legs as she roughly tugged and twisted at her nipples. Though what she really needed was a man, as she breathlessly licked around her lips, remembering how she loved the taste of a long, thick, hard one sliding over her tongue. It had been so long since she’d had anyone in her life, at least anyone who knew what she liked.

Ever since she and her cheating, rat-bastard ex-husband Eddie, had split up at Christmas, when he’d walked away from both her and their cleaning business to take up with some young slut he’d met at a strip club, she’d had no one to satisfy her needs.

Sliding a finger into her pussy and closing her eyes, she whimpered, imagining what it would feel like to be filled up nice and tight with the real thing — preferably, eight or nine long, solid inches of pussy-melting heat.

Softly moaning, rubbing circles around her clit, with the water pelting down punishingly hard on her nipples, as she worked two fingers in and out her squelching pussy, her breathing coming in short, sharp gasps, she could feel her whole body starting to shudder, as the most delicious sensation she’d ever felt washed its way through her. Throwing back her head, she cried out as she made herself come, every inch of her shaking, all the way down to her toes.

“Hmm, so good.” she smiled to herself, as she struggled to catch her breath. What a perfect way to cool off, coming harder than she’d come in years under a nice, refreshing cool spray.

Finally taking a moment to appreciate her surroundings, her smile grew even wider, as she enjoyed the splendor of using such a gorgeous bathroom, both to cool off and to get herself off. All Şişli escort done in tasteful shades of white; decorated just the way she’d have chosen, if she were lucky enough to be the lady of the house.

After she’d dried off, she took a critical look at herself in the wall to wall mirror. Turning on her heel, she thought she still had a pretty tight booty for a woman who’d just turned forty. And her breasts, as full as they were, still looked fairly perky, with her big, round pink nipples still achingly erect, after the merciless tugging she’d just given them in the shower.

Considering the fact she’d already stepped over the line by using the facilities, since the house was clean, with nothing left to do but tidy up the bathroom, she let her long, damp hair down to dry and decided maybe she’d lie on her back on the bed for a minute or two. After all, nude day was only going to last for a few more hours, so she couldn’t see any point in getting dressed before she had to.

As her lids fell shut, she told herself that she just needed to rest her eyes for a minute or two. And then she’d get up and finish off what she had left to do, before she got dressed again to head home to an empty house.

Spread-eagle on the big, white linen-covered king sized bed, her pussy was still nicely humming after the little work out she’d given it. But she felt so blissed out, and suddenly so tired, she didn’t hear the tall, handsome young man walking into the carpeted room and stopping dead in the doorway. His eyes popping when he saw her naked on the bed, with her arms and legs spread open wide.

The way her pussy was still gleaming and her big, beautiful breasts were heaving, she looked like she’d just been ravaged, and taken hard.

His heart starting to pound, without even thinking, he tugged down his fly, fished out his cock and began to slide himself through his fist. It had been months since he’d gotten laid, which made him wonder if he was imagining the gorgeous, naked woman in his bed.

Looking down at the bead of pre-cum leaking out of his slit, seeing as she looked like she’d just been fucked, he wondered what she would think of sliding him over her tongue.

Just then, she turned her head and opened her eyes and both of them froze as they stared at each other.

“Oh, my god, who the hell are you?” she asked, getting up on her elbows with her eyes darting around, trying to see if she could sneak past him and get away before he tried anything with her.

“I’m Cade, and I own this place. So, I think I’m the one who should be asking who you are, and what you’re doing naked in my bed, don’t you? “

She swallowed hard, feeling more guilty now, than scared. Looking up at the tall, dark, handsome stranger, she told him, “I’m uh… the cleaner, Carla. And I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be in your bed. But after I’d cleaned the house, I got so hot working without any air-conditioning that I just had to have a shower. And I felt so wiped out after working all day in the heat, I thought I’d rest my eyes for a few minutes, before I finished up and left to go home.”

“Yeah, I noticed the house looks great, I guess thanks to you. And I’m sorry about the mix up, probably should have scheduled you for another day, because the air-conditioner is supposed to be installed tomorrow,” Cade explained, with his eyes still glued to her body.

As he slowly raked her over, he could feel his cock lurching as he stared. She had such big, beautiful tits, with such tasty looking long, hard nipples that he could almost feel them sliding over his tongue. An absolute fantasy come true for a guy like him, who’d always loved the sight of a woman’s breasts. Especially big, mature beauties like hers.

He imagined she maybe had about fifteen years on him, if his guess was right, and she was somewhere in her late thirties or early forties. But right now, he could have cared less if she was older than his mother, because he could hardly believe he’d been fortunate enough to walk into his bedroom and stumble across this beautiful, sexy woman just lying there without any clothes on.

His hand still fisted around his cock, steadily stroking, he noticed she wasn’t doing anything to hide her body. And seemed as fascinated at the sight of his cock hanging out of his pants as he was, enjoying the sight of her naked on his bed. And since he could actually smell her arousal from the doorway, he knew she had to be as turned on as he was.

As her gaze held steady on his cock, with an obvious look of longing in her eyes, he took a chance and muttered, “You want a taste of this?”

When she nodded and quietly whispered, “Yes, please,” he smiled and walked over to the bed, with his cock in his hand. And he let out a groan the instant she reached out and wrapped her hand around him, lashed out her tongue and started licking all around the red, angry head.

“Oh, you’re so big, and so hard,” she murmured, softly moaning, as she slid her tongue Sultangazi escort bayan down along his shaft, and made his dick twitch even harder as she obviously savored the feeling of licking all around his balls.

After he’d whipped off his T-shirt, and kicked away his pants, he crawled onto the bed, naked. Pushing her onto her back, his knees straddling her head, he stared down awestruck at the erotic sight of this gorgeous woman eating him up as he thrust his hips and fed his cock into her mouth.

“Oh, yeah,” he muttered, as she squeezed him in her fist, sucking back the swollen tip. “Just like that, suck it hard, suck it back,” he instructed her, groaning at the feel of her hot, wet tongue sliding over his tender flesh. “Harder, baby, deeper. Take it all the way down, just as deep as it can go.”

“Oh, you feel so good,” Carla murmured, half-wondering if she was dreaming. How could such a thing be real? One minute she was wishing with everything she had for a man to come and remind her what it felt like to be a woman. And now here was this gorgeous young man probably only somewhere in his early twenties, sliding his cock over her tongue, pumping in and out almost to the back of her throat, making her pussy ache with the need to be filled.

Though he was probably way too young for her, right now, with how good he felt sliding over her tongue, and considering how beautifully long and thick and hard he was, the difference in their age was the last thing on her mind.

Carla tried not to gag as he flexed his hips, driving his cock a little deeper into her mouth with every thrust, till she could feel his thick cockhead broaching her throat, nearly cutting off her air. Still, no matter how tight he felt, she loved it. She’d always the loved the feel of having a man in her mouth, and this man was so well hung, she felt like she’d won a prize with him. Especially since he could have gotten her cleaning contract cancelled for using both his pool and his bathroom, and for being naked in his bed without his permission, instead of getting her off like this.

“I’m not gonna come in your mouth. Because I want to shoot in your pussy,” he told her, as he dug his fingers into her hair, staring into her big, beautiful brown eyes, blissfully staring back up into his as she kept sucking him off, while he kept pumping into her throat. “I’m clean, so we won’t need a condom, if you are, too.”

She nodded to let him know she was good, because she couldn’t really talk with a mouth full of cock.

Oh, but he just felt so good, she almost hated to have him pull out. He was so incredibly well-endowed, he was like a fantasy come true, for girl who just loved to give head.

But then again, she smiled around his cock, knowing that her pussy would never forgive her if she were to pass up a chance to have this much man pushing its way inside her, if she refused to let go.

Letting out a deep groan, Cade finally pulled out. Then smiling down at her, he wrapped his hand around the base and used his cock to paint her lips with an erotic mixture of his pre-cum and her saliva. As she smiled back, and happily lashed her tongue out to lick it off and have a taste of it, he said, “Looks like you’re really into this, aren’t you? You like giving head?”

She whispered breathlessly, “Hmm, there’s almost nothing I love more.” She grinned. “Well, except for maybe the feel of man sliding between my legs.”

Hardly able to believe his luck, he moved back and stared down at her big heaving breasts. “Well, I’m a breast man. And I gotta say, you’ve got to have the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen.”

As she smiled, looking pleased, he pushed them together, and both their mouths fell open as he thrust his cock between them and used them to enjoy a juicy little tit-fucking.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” he said, as he watched his cock slide up and pop out between her big, luscious mounds. When she bent her neck to lick his cockhead as it slid up between her breasts, and pushed against her mouth, he smiled, chuckling. “I am so glad I decided to drive by and check on this place today. Or I’m sure we wouldn’t be here now, enjoying this together.”

She grinned up at him, nodding in agreement as she lapped at his swollen cockhead with her flattened tongue, making him groan and squeeze her tits a little harder.

“As good as this feels, I think I’d better stop, or I’m going to be giving you a facial. And now, after that little titty-fuck, you’ve really got me wanting to get inside you.”

Carla just shivered, eager to feel him sliding between her legs, especially since he had to be the biggest guy she’d ever seen.

After he’d crawled off the bed, standing beside it, Cade took hold of her by the ankles, rested them on his shoulders and rolled his eyes at the sight of her sweet, pink pussy glistening between her legs, just begging for a good hard fucking.

“I hope you like it hard,” he warned her. “It’s been so long for me, that Escort Taksim once I’ve got my cock planted in you nice and deep, I don’t think I’m going to be able to hold back.”

A little thrill raced through her at the thought of him taking her like that, and she flashed him a naughty smile. “Well, I like it good and hard. So don’t hold back, give me all you got.”

His eyes flared and his cock lurched, now that she’d given him the green light to fuck the living hell out of her. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he said, as he took hold of his cock at the base, lined it up and drove it deep into her trembling pussy with one good thrust.

Carla gasped, and instantly clenched around him as he began to flex his hips and slam his cock into her ruthlessly hard, over and over again. Tunneling in and out of her like a man possessed, with his jaw clenched, and sweat dripping down his face, she’d never seen anything nearly as hot, as watching this man taking total control over her body.

“Ooh, yes, just like that,” she cried out, fisting the sheets in her hands, “take me nice and hard, and fill me up. Fill me up till I ache.”

He was so lost in the feel of her, as he pummelled her as hard as he could, he could feel his brow beading with sweat, and his legs starting to tremble. “Like this,” he asked, till he could feel his cockhead bottoming out against her womb as he went balls deep, with his thighs flush against her ass. “Holy shit, you feel good,” he told her as he swiveled his hips, loving the way she clamped her inner muscles tight around him, trying her best to milk him dry. “You feel like a nice, warm glove clenching around me, you’re just so damn tight.”

“I think it’s because you’re so big… and so thick and hard. You feel amazing.”

He smiled into her big, brown eyes. “I never imagined when I left for the office this morning that I’d be balls deep in the sweetest pussy I’ve ever dreamed of, by tonight.”

She laughed. “And I never imagined, as I vacuumed your house that you’d show up to reward me like this, with a good hard pounding.”

He dropped his gaze and groaned at the sight of them joined together. “Look down, Carla” he said, “tip up your head and try and look between your legs. And see how good we fit together. The way I’m stretching out your pussy to fit me, and how it’s still sucking me in, like it can’t get enough. I’ve gotta feeling this was meant to be.”

She nodded, slightly gasping. “It could be. I was hoping as I got myself off in your shower, that someday soon, I’d find a man who could make me feel like this. But I never dreamt it would happen so soon, that today of all days, on Nude Day that you’d find me naked on your bed and ravage me like this.”

“And I’d been hoping for a woman who could handle me, without telling me I was too big for her. Because this just feels so good with you, I’ve got a pretty strong feeling that I’m going to want more. And I haven’t even come yet, and given you everything I’ve got.”

She clutched his arms grinning, as he pulled back, swivelled his hips and sank into her nice and deep, filling her right up. “Then fuck me till you come, Cade. And then I’ll get on my knees and you can take me from behind and give it to me nice and hard all over again. Because you just feel so good, I can’t get enough.”

He chuckled, smiling into her eyes. “You know, you’re my kind of woman.”

His pretty, blonde fiancée Caroline wouldn’t say shit if she had a mouthful. She was raised to be a lady, who would never get off on anything like this. Sex with her had to be tame, boring missionary, with the lights out, or not at all.

And when his fiancée finally told him the truth; that she thought he was too big for her, and she really wasn’t that into sex, that ended it. Considering he was only twenty-four, he enjoyed a healthy sex life. And he couldn’t imagine marrying a woman who told him from the start, that she wasn’t that interested in sharing any kind of fun with him in bed.

Yet here was gorgeous, sexy, Carla, straight up telling him that she loved the way he fucked.

So now he was moving into his new house on his own. And maybe, just maybe, if this little hell cat was willing; he’d have someone to share his bed, who seemed to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh as much as he did.

Clutching her hips, with her legs wrapped tight around his neck, as he kept pumping, steady and hard, pounding her ass into the mattress, the way his balls were starting to tighten, he knew he was close. “Is it okay if I come in your pussy? Because I’m really getting close now.” he warned her, just to be sure.

Carla nodded, starting to tremble. “Oh, yes. I love the feel of a man shooting off inside me. Though, in case there’s a next time, I love it any way I can get; on me, in me, really anywhere you want to put it.” She grinned. “Just so you know.”

Cade rolled his eyes skyward, as those lusty thoughts filled his head, as he imagined shooting his load and coming all over her soft, warm body, till he had her dripping.

He let out a growl as he reached up and gripped her ankles, spreading her open just as wide as she could go. So he could enjoy watching the beauty of his cock fucking deep into her swollen pussy, as he grunted and groaned and worked hard at getting them both off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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