Close to Home Ch. 01-07

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CHAPTER ONE: An Education

There are some things about growing up in a small community that can be a pain. When you do something stupid people are not afraid to call your parents and let them know. But, there are advantages as well. You learn everything that is really important in life very early on. Things like the value of hard work, faith, sense of community and patriotism. But the most important thing you learn is the value of family. When it really comes down to it family is the only thing that will matter from start to finish in life.

I learned this lesson in the life from a unique teacher, my uncle Bobby. Bobby is my dad’s accidental brother’ Bobby was born only five years before me. I thought he was the coolest uncle on the planet. While my dad and grandfather worked the fields of our family farm, Bobby would lead me in the smaller tasks that we were assigned thus teaching me about farming along the way. After the chores were done my true instruction began. Bobby taught me to swim, fish, throw football, field grounders, and to fight. Besides Bobby and me, there were other cousins of mine (two boys and three girls ages eight to thirteen) in the same area and we all attended the same school. The community schools sat on the same road, the primary and junior high on one side and the high school on the other. Booby was a senior in high school when he taught me one of life’s most valuable lessons.

As an eighth grader I had decided to try out for the high school junior varsity baseball team and Bobby helped me prepare as he was the starting shortstop on the varsity unit. Things went well and I made the team. The roster was posted and as was tradition, each senior player chose a JV player to be their understudy. That really meant their slave for the first two weeks of practice. Bobby chose me. I thought that I had lucked out; as he was my uncle he would go easy on me. I was so very wrong. Every day it was extra; extra push ups, fielding, batting, sliding, and extra running. I was so sore and tired.

On the last day of apprentice weeks Bobby decided to run the ten extra laps with me. “You’ve done good Andy” he said as we ran. Oh, I guess I should have told you before now; I’m Andy or Andrew Cole Quinn if it’s important. Anyway, Bobby went on to tell me it was a big deal that if I was to lead my team I had to show everybody that I was willing to do the work and not rely on the fact that my last name was Quinn, or that the coach was my third cousin. It was good advice because as an eighth grader I started on the J.V. team at second base. The next year I was on the varsity team as back-up catcher, and my sophomore year I was again starting at second.

By my junior year, Bobby had gone into the marines and gotten married. I had a girlfriend for the first time in my life. Things were going well for me. I had been getting letters from several Division One programs interested in recruiting me for baseball, my grades were good and every Friday and Saturday night I was out doing stuff with my girlfriend Janet. In late Summer I learned that my uncle Bobby was being deployed to the Middle East for a year. He and Aunt Teresa asked me to spend a few weeks with them during the summer. I was eager to meet Bobby’s wife. I had never met her as she and Uncle Bobby eloped during her spring break from university. I knew she had to be pretty because every girl he ever dated was a knock out.

All the arrangements were made and I took the train up to where they live near Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. As I stepped onto the platform that day I was greeted by the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was about five foot four with reddish brown hair and eyes that were the exact same color as her hair. She was incredible! No wonder Why Uncle Bobby married her!

“Hello, you must be Andy!” she spoke before I had really taken her all in, “Bobby talks about you all the time. He keeps up with your scores and stats too. I’m Teresa.”

I was dumb struck and unable to speak. I simply nodded, smiled and hurried past to give Uncle Bobby a hug and a handshake. My palms were sweaty and my heart boomed like a bass drum. From the moment I saw her I was smitten.

Aunt Teresa made a special effort to make me feel comfortable around her, speaking in soft cheerful tones. Since Teresa and I were just over two years apart in age she was really easy to get along with and talk to. She and I had a lot of things in common like music, movies and TV shows that we liked. I guess my job was to keep her mind off of Uncle Bobby and the danger he faced during his deployment. I really was happy to help. Teresa wasn’t’ just a beautiful face, she was also beautiful person. And I truly liked being around her.

The time spent with them in North Carolina passed much too quickly. But we had lots of fun days. We went to Raleigh to see a baseball game, toured the base where Bobby was stationed, had a pig picking’ (that’s a whole hog barbecue), and went fishing a few times. şişli escort It was some of the best times I had ever had. But, it ended much too soon and I was on my way home to the farm.

CHAPTER TWO: Dancing in the moonlight

My senior year in High School went well. I had made a decision to play baseball at Coastal Carolina near Myrtle Beach and only a couple of hours from home so my parents could see me play. As the year went on, things progressed well with Janet and I asked her to the prom. I made plans to make the night a big deal. I rented a tuxedo, and borrowed my mom’s brother, Uncle Mikes old Jaguar to drive. All of my friends were going with their girls and we had planned an after prom party at my friend Matt’s cabin by the lake. Maybe something really big would happen!

On the Thursday morning before the prom on Saturday the phone rang. It was Janet. I could tell she had been crying. She said that her grandmother had had a severe stroke and had been taken to the hospital in Charlotte. Her family was leaving right away to go as the doctors said her grandmother may not live through the night. She said that she would call soon. I told her that I understood and would be praying for her grandmother. She then said a quiet “Goodbye.” Now I hated the news about Janet’s grandmother but I also hated that she would not be back in time for prom. I know it was a little selfish but it was my senior year and I had high hopes for afterward! Besides all of the money I had spent.

My mom asked what the call was about and I told her. Mom was concerned about Janet’s grandmother but also was sad for me too. She asked if there were any other girls that I could ask, or if any of the guys were going stag as she called it. My silence gave all the answer that she needed. She walked out the door saying that she was going to her sewing bee and that she would try to figure something out, and she was gone. The only thing I wanted to do was to wallow in self pity.

After school on Friday I drug into the house and slumped down on the couch still in a pouting mood, when the phone rang. My mom answered in the other room. I was startled when mom called me to the phone. In no hurry to be bothered, I slowly made my way to the phone.

Placing the receiver to my ear I made a weak “Hello.” I was surprised to hear Aunt Teresa’s voice on the phone. “Andy, I heard about your problem about the prom. I’m sorry and I hope your girlfriend’s grandma does well.”

Even when she was trying to be sympathetic she sounded cheerful! “I have an offer for you. I know this girl who is just a little older than you. Because she was home schooled, she didn’t get to attend a prom. I know she would be happy, no thrilled, to go with such a great guy.”

“I don’t know Aunt T.” I whined, “I don’t know her. What if we don’t even like one another?”

“She’s a lot like me. You’ll be fine. Don’t miss your senior prom!” was her response. “By the way, her name is Reese.”

I nearly dropped the phone as I realized it was she that was offering to go with me! A chance to go to the prom with the most beautiful woman I knew, and was a college junior to boot! I went from moping to ecstatic in a millisecond. I got no sleep at all that night, and was up early washing and waxing the Jag! I was more anxious than I could ever remember.

Finally, it was late enough for me to go pick up my “date” from my grandparents. With great anticipation I knocked on my grandparent’s door. I had never had to knock before, but tonight this was Aunt Teresa’s or “Reese” house. The senior Mr. Quinn, my grandpa, opened the door and invited me in explaining that Teresa would be a few minutes yet. Grandpa invited me to take a seat and wait. It was during that little wait that he reminded me that I was expected to remain the consummate gentleman all evening, opening doors etc., and then he slipped me a twenty dollar bill to help with diner while shaking my hand.

As I caught a glimpse of Aunt T at the head of the stairs I nearly dropped the twenty. She was wearing a modest black off the shoulder gown that was snug enough to accentuate her awesome body with flat stomach, narrow hips, curvy backside, and pert breast. It was a good thing mom thought to buy a wrist corsage as there was no way I could pin one to her gown without passing out. With the pictures taken Aunt Teresa and I made our way to the car. After a mile or so in complete silence, Teresa asked me to find a side street and pull over. Being a little confused, I cautiously complied with her request.

Once the car had stopped Teresa turned in her seat and took a deep breath as she spoke. “This is really my first prom and I want to have good time every bit as much as you.” “I want you to introduce me to your friends as a family friend named Reese,” she said, “That’s what my friends at school and Bobby call me most of the time.”

She continued, “If you and Janet were going to an after party I would like to go if, you don’t mind?” She mecidiyeköy escort said softly, “I even brought a change of clothes in my purse.”

I was floored! “Of course I want you to have a good time!” I said slowly. “I just am having a hard time believing that I’m taking such a beautiful date to the prom; even if you are my Aunt.”

“Not tonight,” Reese assured me, “I’m your friend Reese from Jacksonville. Now let’s go and have a blast!”

We arrived at the prom and walked into the hall without anyone seeing us. I desperately wanted someone I knew to see me with this stunning lady on my arm! Janet was a cute girl, but Reese was drop dead gorgeous!

Finally, as we entered the building Mr. Cox, the principle, was there to greet us and welcome us to our prom. He also wanted to check our pockets and Reese’s bag for booze. “Mr. Quinn,” he called, “good to see you see you and your lovely date.” as he looked long and hard at Reese.

As we stepped forward he patted me on the shoulder and said “Good job!”

Our “Starry, Starry Night” went well with all off my friends and class mates gawking at my beautiful date. A couple of guys asked Reese to dance but she always refused politely saying that she wanted to stay close to me. I felt like the king of the world. When a slow song came up I asked if she wanted to take a break from dancing thinking she wouldn’t want to slow dance but was pleasantly surprised when she said no and leaned in close for the dance. It made me very nervous to be so close. I could smell the sweetness of her vanilla and melon scented soap, shampoo and perfume and became aroused. Oh my God! I was getting excited in public over my sexy aunt! How could I explain it away, she had to feel me grow against her. Thankfully the song ended and she said that she needed to excuse herself to the ladies room. Wow! That was so close!

About twenty minutes before the time for the prom to end couples started easing out to the after parties. Reese and I followed suit and headed to the car. Once inside the jag I asked if she was sure that she wanted to go. She assured me that she was looking forward to it. Twenty minutes later we were pulling into the drive at Matt’s parents’ lake cabin.

“I’ve had a great time so far,” Reese said, “but I think this will be even more fun out of the dress and all.”

“It will be more comfortable!” I said; not sure if I really agreed. What will she think about her nephew when she finds out that he is sporting MAJOR wood for her!

We went into the house and changed into our casual clothes. I had brought jeans, a button down shirt, and running shoes that would be easy to swap into. Reese had also brought Capri style jeans and a white tank top that clung tightly to her body. She looked incredible. In the cool night air you could just make out the tiny nubs of her nipples through the tight top and thin bra. My jeans were now killing me. The biggest differences in the after party and the prom were the less conservative music, lack of proper supervision and alcohol! There was a keg flowing and everyone it seemed had broken into their parent’s liquor cabinet. The party was in full force with every one either dancing, gathering around the bond fire, coupled up making out, or some combination. Reese had a plastic cup filled with beer as did I, and we were casually dancing in the glow of the fire. It was so sexy to be close to her but painful at the same time. I couldn’t reach out, take her in my arms and attack her the way that I desperately wanted. It was exhilarating torment! I was still on top of the world as I noticed every guy there was stealing glances at Reese. I was so proud.

In all the commotion of the party no one had noticed the clouds rolling in or heard the low rumbling of the thunder over the music. But we all noticed when a bright flash of a lightning bolt split the night. Then the bottom suddenly fell out. Everyone rushed into the small lake house for cover. We were all soaked by the time we got in. Reese was drenched. Her hair a tangled mess and her eye makeup running. I was looking at her and we were laughing when I glanced down at the tank top. Even with her thin bra the shirt was totally transparent. You could easily see her breast in all their beauty with extended nipples from the cold rain. Reese noticed my staring at her and looked down. She quickly crossed her arms across her chest. I looked at her expecting her to respond in anger but was surprised by her expression. I was still inexperienced with women and couldn’t read her. I in subsequent years found that the look was one of anticipation. Reese knew there was nothing she could do to remove what I saw from my memory.

She was waiting to gauge my expression to determine if I approved of her breast. I must have had the right expression on my face; for as I looked back at her face I saw helplessness for her plight with a glint of a smile peeking out. As my hormonal self-protested, my gallantry began removing my şişli escort bayan button down shirt. I removed my shirt and gave it to her to wear. She thanked me profusely and asked if I would be OK in just my t-shirt. I assured her I was fine and asked if she wanted to wait out the storm or try and make a dash for the car. She looked around at everyone else who was beginning to couple up to wait out the storm. I blushed. “We probably should head home” she said with a soft tone that seemed slightly disappointed. We made it to the car without being lightning struck and slowly made our way home. I was good to drive since I had nursed only one cup of beer through the night but with the rain I was very careful in the old jag.

As I pulled up to my grandparents the rain had become nothing more than sprinkles and I walked Reese to the door. I followed her up the steps trying not to stare the soft curves of her butt. At the door she abruptly turned under the light of the porch light. She was taking off my shirt and thanking me for such a great experience. My eyes could not help but drop to her breast. When I looked back up she was smiling and leaning in.

She kissed my lips softly, smiled again, and said in the sexiest voice I had or have ever heard, “My prom was everything I ever dreamt of, Thank you and. . . Goodnight Drew.”

I have no clue how I got home. No clue what I had for breakfast or anything else that day. I floated for a week. Reese was gone to see her parents before I ever woke Sunday. Aunt Teresa returned to North Carolina later that week and things were back to normal.

CHAPTER THREE: What Do May Flowers Bring?

Funeral wreaths. On May 18th things took a tragic turn. Janet’s grandmother passed but things became worse when the news came that Uncle Bobby was seriously injured in a refueling fire. He was flown to a Navy hospital in Maryland where he survived only three weeks. He was in a lot of pain but was alert. He recognized Aunt Teresa and she stayed by his side every minute. I only got to go to see him for a few minutes. He knew me and smiled at me telling me to watch after Reese for him when he was away. I promised that I would. Pneumonia took him on day twenty-four.

Our family was devastated. Aunt Teresa was totally heartbroken. She moved home with her parents, took a semester off from school, and tried to get over the hurt. As time went by I had less contact with her, as did my parents. She said that staying so close made the pain more intense. We understood, kind of, we were all hurting and had to find our own ways to cope. Mine was baseball and school.

Later that summer I lost my virginity to Janet who I continued to date into my sophomore year of college. Things came to an end when she had the opportunity to study in Spain. We parted as friends and life began to move on along. My college days passed really quickly. When you go to school at one of the most popular beaches on the east coast it is a blast but hard to study. Baseball is what kept me focused. My career in baseball was going awesome and I was signed to a minor league contract after college with the Cincinnati Reds. I never expected to make it to the big leagues. There are so many players with great talent and too few spots on major league rosters. I had a chance, but only about 50/50. Even if I didn’t make it I wanted to give it my best shot and I wanted to play as long as I could. I would be alright as I got a generous signing bonus and I had a degree and a family business to go back to when I was ready.

It was baseball that made the biggest change that I could have imagined and it didn’t happen on the playing field. I was assigned to the Reds double A team in the Southern League, the Carolina Mudcats. It was pretty good for a rookie to skip single A ball and go straight to double A. I was settling in to my apartment when my phone rang, it was my aunt Teresa.

We talked for nearly two hours catching up with each other, she congratulated me on my contract and all that. She also explained how she had returned to school and gotten her degree and had a teaching job only twenty miles from Raleigh and was working on her Master’s degree. Teresa wanted to get together and grab a meal which was fine with me.

The next evening I drove out to meet Teresa. We had a great time and I was in heaven as she was every bit as beautiful as I remembered. To make my head swell further she kept going on about how handsome I had become. She told me about telling the girls at work that the new short stop took her to her prom. She was glowing and laughing throughout the night until it was time to go. Teresa smiled a thin smile and kissed my cheek goodnight. I didn’t know what to say or do. I knew being around each other brought up sad memories for her but not for me. Uncle Bobby was a great influence on me. I will never forget him but Teresa brings me nothing but happiness. I asked shyly if she wanted to see me play. Teresa readily accepted, then confided that she had already seen me play. A few years ago Coastal had played East Carolina in Greenville and she had come out to see me. She said that she had wanted to see me afterward but it was too soon. Of course I understood, but was also kind of sad.

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