Closet Gays Torment by School Bully

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Liam was like your regular 18 year old male. He would go to school, have a kick around at lunch time, avoid answering questions in class and then rush home to play with himself multiple times in his bedroom. He knew he was gay, he had accepted it a long time ago. It was always gay porn he would look for: ‘gay porn straight man cheating’, ‘gay porn sub used’ would be his go to searches.

In an effort to make his school life as easy as possible, his desire for cock was something he had kept to himself. I mean, at 5 foot 11 with brown wavy hair, an athletic build and a deep voice, you wouldn’t know. He even had a girlfriend, Lucy, who he decided to start dating 4 months prior as an attempt to disguise it even more. Lucy was nice enough looking, not a popular girl, someone who was just happy to be able to update her Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’. They didn’t have sex much, but when they did, Liam would often find himself fantasing about her older brother. He always had the same thought – Liam stayed over one night, Lucy went to her Saturday job and the brother ended up sitting on his face, before being fucked like a bitch; the best part of the fantasy is when Lucy comes back and catches her brother plowing her boyfriend, but they’re enjoying it too much to stop.

Gym was the subject that Liam didn’t like in college. Not due to the sport aspect of it, but the changing rooms. They were quite small changing rooms as it is, but when filled with twenty one 18 to 19 year old men all getting changed, stripping down to nothing but their underwear, it got a bit it and sweaty for Liam. He tried desperately to not to look, to control his penis, but he has always been attracted to underwear – it is his turn on. The tighter the better and all of the boys in his year wore boxer briefs, different colours, all showing off their (mostly, he imaged) virgin tight asses and big packages. What he feared most was when the boys messed around, as boys do. Spanking each other and pulling their friends boxers down – showing bare ass. When it got too bad, Liam would go to the toilet quickly to hide his excitement.

There was one boy in particular that was everything Liam would want for in a man. Liam always made an effort to get dressed as far a way from him as possible, but today he was out of luck and they were changing opposite each other.

He met by the name of Matty and was extremely popular with the ladies, he has bursa escort a new one every week and it was no secret that he fucked most of them in the back seat of his car in a local nature reserve. Rumour has it that he is a good shag, and it’s easy to believe by looking at him. He was of muscly build, having being a regular gym goer and always made sure his uniform was a size too small, showing off his biceps, bum and package. He had a perfectly chizzled jaw, brown quiffed hair and a winning smile. Despite all this, he wasn’t a nice man. He knew he was fit and was cocky with it, if you weren’t in his gang then you’re the butt of his jokes – like me, I guess.

There he was getting changed in front of Liam and he tried so hard not to look but kept catching glimpses. Matty took off his shirt first, revealing his smooth six packed torso with a V line going straight down to his penis. Almost like he was showing his body off to everyone, he stretched his arms above his head, empathising the sheer size of his arms and revealing his hairy armpits – the same armpits Liam would like to lick.

Liam turned away quickly, pleading with his penis to not get hard and reveal he is a ‘queer’, ‘fag’ or ‘gayboy’. The sound of trousers hitting the floor made Liam turn around he, he couldn’t help it. There was Liam stood in nothing but small, tight white Calvin Kliens. So tight that you could see the inprint of his bellend. He had a big penis, as Liam suspected.

Shit. Liam began to get hard. He couldn’t tuck it up inside the waist of his pants because it might look like he is playing with himself. Liam grabbed his bag and held it over his crotch, as if he’s looking for something.

“You alright man?” Matty asked from across the way, a grin across his face.

“er,” Liam began nervously, “yeah I’m good cheers mate”.

“You excited?” Matty asked

Did he know? Has he seen Liam’s boner? Liam was going red.

“Erm, er, what?”

Matty laughed, “coach said it’s hockey today. Are you excited?”

Liam was relieved, he thinks. Was he goading him? Or was it a genuine mistake?

During the game, Liam tripped over a hockey stick and coach said he is to go get changed back into uniform in case he is injured. Liam was secretly relieved, it meant he can get changed before the sweaty lads came back in. Liam stripped down to his boxies, also tight briefs, but just a shops own brand bursa ucuz escort and not designer.

Minutes later, the changing room door opens and in enters Matty. Alone.

“Alright bud. Coach said I’m to get changed and sit with you.”

“Er. You don’t have to do that pal”

Matty came up to Liam and playfully hit him in the torso a few times, “not a problem pal, I’m going the gym tonight anyway.”

Matty was stood looking at Liam, leaning on the wall. Liam felt very uncomfortable, Matty, his dream fuck, stood staring at him chewing gum while he was stood in nothing but his boxers.

“Bigger cock than I thought you’d have.” Matty said.

Liam couldn’t believe it. He was blushing and could feel the blood stirring in said cock.

“Calm down lad doesn’t mean we’re gay. Just lad banter”. It was as if Matty knew, and he was doing it to frustrate Liam.

Matty began to get changed and stripped down to his boxers, due to exercise, you could see the sweat on them now. He was facing his back to Liam, Liam trying hard not to look at the perfect ass stood in front of him.

“Are my boxers clean mate?” Matty asked, one hand on his bum.

“What?” Liam asked, confused.

“My calvins. Are they clean or shall I change them?”

“I dunno”

“Well look then mate!”

Liam looked quickly. The boxers were so tight that they rode up bis crack and you could see two perfect cheeks.

“Er yeah. Clean”. Liam had a semi in his underwear. Shit.

Matty smiled. “Well you can’t always tell if they’re cleaning by looking. Me a mate and smell them for me?”

Liam laughed awkwardly. “Ha fuck off mate I’m no fag” he lied.

“I know that mate. Just one boy to another – fucking do it.”

Liam senses Matty getting angry and he had seen that before, gingerly Liam quickly put his nose by Matty’s bum and sniffed.

“They’re fine”.

Before he had chance to pull away, he grabbed the back of Liam’s head and shoved it so that his nose and mouth were pressed against his ass with force. The smell was extrordinary. Sweat, guilt, proper man. Liam smelt, sniffed and sniffed again. Without realising, his cock was rock hard, and not only that, his underwear wet with pre cum.

Matty let go and turned around. “Well?”

“Er no they’re sound mate” Liam replied, coming back to his senses.

Matty bursa elit escort looked at Liam’s raging hard on, flustered face and pre cum and laughed.

“You fucking dirty boy. I knew you were a homo.”

“I’m I’m not” Liam said.

Matty pinned him against the wall, his package pressed against Liam’s. He began to thrust himself, rubbing their penises together. Matty’s lips were on Liam’s cheeks.

“Like this batty boy? Look at your cock fucking oozing. Dirty boy. What are ya?”

“Stop it please”

“Fucking what are ya?”

Liam was mortified. “I’m a dirty boy”.

Matty laughed. He was loving every minute of seeing Liam, stood with a bonor, pre cum dripping. “What do you want me to do?”

“To get off. Pl pl please” Liam said.

Matty grabbed Liam’s cock through his boxers and wanked it. Liam moaned like a bitch, head tilt back.

Matty pushed Liam onto his knees, turned around and pulled his boxies down. He shoved his naked bum into Liam’s face and made Liam lick it like a dogs does a bowl.

“Look at you. Fucking fag. Licking another mans dirty hole.” Liam heard a camera click but was too into it to care. Matty was taking photos of Liam on all fours, with a hard on, eating the ass like his last meal.

Matty stood up. “No please I” Liam started, but stopped himself.

“Oh you want more you fucking disease carrier?”

Matty shoved Liam into the showers and pulled his boxies off. “Wank yourself. Now” so Liam did. He had to do it slowly or he would have cum quickly.

Matty began taking more photos, but Liam didn’t care. In fact, it turned him on more. Matty shoved his penis inside Liam’s mouth and throat fucked him. Liam gagged and gagged somemore, but that only turned him on more.

When he was ready to cum, he pulled out and cum all over Liam. Liam lay there taking every drop while wanking himself.

Matty got down on the floor and shoved his two fingers up Liam’s ass and fucked him. Liam has never felt anything like it and cum a bucket full all over his chest. Matty laughed and shoved the two fingers in Liam’s mouth to clean, spat on Liam and then retrieved all of Liam’s belongings.

“What what are you doing?” Liam asked.

Matty threw all of liams clothes and bags on top of him and then pissed all over his face, body and clothes.

“I’ve got you eating mans ass, I’ve you sucking dick, and I’ve got you being fingered, moaning and cumming. You can’t see me on the pictures, you can see you. They’re being sent to your fucking girlfriend and family if you don’t do what I say”

“Shit. What do you want”

“You’ll find out. Be in the nature reserve at 7pm tonight. Time to embarrass some fags”.

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