Clothed Female, Naked Sam

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Hello, everyone, Zoe here. My favourite author on – ValerieK51 – doesn’t post here anymore. I miss her stories so much because the same sort of things turned us both on – her kinks were my kinks.

Her story ‘School For Girls’ is like THE handbook to the way I feel. Everything that happened in that story I would love to happen to me. I even made myself a uniform just like she described.

For this story, I’ve taken my cue from Valerie’s ‘Grandma Effie’ where a conservatively dressed older woman with an uninhibited kinky side takes control of a young male who is (temporarily) kept naked. Then I’ve gone a different way. I’ve basically written this story for Valerie, to appeal specifically to her, but that’s not to say others won’t enjoy it too!

It was a common theme in her stories to use her own name and that of her son, Sam, with whom she was having an incestuous relationship (at least, in her stories – I can’t speak for real life).

So as both an homage to ValerieK51 and as a plea to her, begging her to reconsider leaving and come back to us, I have borrowed the names of two of her characters – Valerie and Sam Knight, for my story.

Please come back Valerie. I miss you.


p.s. Just one other thing. I wasn’t sure what category to ask to have it placed in. It is basically a CFNM story, so I guess that gives it a strong exhibitionist/voyeur slant. There’s an incest element, but I think the incest is mild and the other elements too strong to be truly at home in the incest/taboo category. So I ultimately chose fetish, as that is a theme which runs throughout. I’m not interested in having a large readership, I’m more concerned with the calibre of those readers. 😉


Zoe and Sam had been dating for three weeks. They’d met at a concert, where Sam had accidentally spilt his drink over Zoe. He’d been such a gentleman, offering her his own top, but Zoe had told him not to worry about it; it was fine. She was just a little damp, she’d dry out soon enough. Grabbing a drink at the bar afterwards, the two exchanged numbers. Hop, skip, jump. Dating.



“What turns you on?”

“You do.”

“No, really.

“Really. You do.”

Zoe lay flat on her stomach on Sam’s bed. She was nude. They’d just had sex. He was on his back, cock soft and facing the ceiling. Zoe seemed to go away in her mind for a minute or two, then she came back to the physical realm.

“Sam? I don’t want you to be afraid of sharing your fantasies with me.”

“I’m not afraid.”

“So tell me one.”

“What? Now?”

Zoe grinned through her teeth. “Sure!”

“Okay, um? Uh…”


Sam laughed, “Yeah. I mean there’s so many, where do I begin!”

“Nooo! Seriously. You can tell me Sam.”

“Zoe, you turn me on. You’re so pretty.”

“You don’t think my boobs are too small?”

“I think your boobs are perfect. Small yes. But I like small.”

“What else?”

“Do we have to do this? I like you Zoe. I like your face, I like your eyes. I like the way you smell. Your boobs, the way they fall back and you just have these nipples sticking up. I like that you don’t shave your bush, that it’s like a forest down there. I like your legs, your inner thighs. That beautiful bum of yours, your sexy toes. I like holding your hand Zoe. I like feeling you beside me, knowing that you’re there, that I can just turn and say something and know that you’ll hear me. And that it’s me that you’re listening to, that I have your attention. I like the way you dress.”

“You do?”

“I do.”

“How? What in particular?”

Sam sighed. “Just anything Zoe. I like the way you dress, you have a nice style. Kind of classic and plain. I like that you don’t wear bright colours, you know, flashy and mixed. I don’t like mixed colours.”

“What colours do you like?”

“Just, you know. Blue, grey… white and black. Just the classic colours.”

“How would you dress me?”


“You know. If you could pick out my wardrobe for the day, how would you dress me?”

“Oh Zoe, do we have to? You can dress any way you like and I’ll still love you.”

“You love me?”


“You said you loved me.”

“Zo-eeee! Why, why do you have to mess with me all the time? Yes, I love you, okay? I’m in love with you. I think you’re beautiful and I want to be with you. But girl, you don’t half mess with my head at times!”

Zoe smiled and bounced up onto her knees alongside Sam. She took hold of his cock, just lying there motionless and began playing with it. She let go and lay down on top of him, feeling his cock harden between them. She kissed him on his lips and gazed into his eyes. “I love you too Sam.”

Sam breathed a sigh of relief. He rolled over on Zoe and began kissing her all down her body, quickly finding his way between her legs.

“Do you want me to shave for you Sam?”

“Hell no. Frankly, I can’t wait for this whole silly shaving phase to end. Women just look better with a bush.”

“Really Sam? You look at other women?”

Sam squirmed.

“It’s escort okay baby, I’m kidding. We’ve only been together a few weeks. I know you looked at other women.”

“I only looked at them because I hadn’t found you.”

“Oh Sam. You say the sweetest things.”

He ran his tongue through her bush, finding the entrance to her warm moist cavern. He licked his finger and pushed it into her backside. Zoe moaned. He began to work her clit with his tongue while he finger fucked her ass. She soon began lifting her backside off the bed to meet his touches.

“Enough Sam, enough. Come up here. I want you inside me.”

Zoe ran a condom down the outside of Sam’s shaft and guided him inside her.

As he began to thrust in and out of her, he maintained eye contact. “I do love you Zoe. I really do.”

“I love you too Sam. Oh! God!” Zoe’s orgasm was already here. Her pussy clenched around Sam’s cock and she arched her back, pushing out her breasts.

Sam slipped out of her and let her roll over into his arms, where he just held her.

“You didn’t cum.”

“But you did. That’s all that matters to me.”

“Oh Sam, let me suck you off.”

“No babe, let’s just lie. It’s nice, isn’t it?”

“So nice Sam. So nice.”

They lay like that for much of the afternoon, Zoe with her head on Sam’s chest and Sam rubbing his fingers up and down Zoe’s arm and shoulder.

“You never told me Sam.”

“Told you what?”

“How you would dress me. Tell me now Sam. Please.”


“Would you like me in a skirt? A dress? Trousers, shorts?”


“Okay. What colour?”

“I don’t know, grey or black I guess.”

“Long, short, straight, pleated.”

“Knee length. And pleated for… ease of access.”

“Ooh, kinky! Alright. What sort of top?”

“A blouse.”

“What kind? Low cut, round neck, V neck, collar.”

“Yes. Collar.”



“Mmm, I see where you’re going with this.”

“You do?”

“You’ve got a school uniform fetish. You want me to wear a tie and a jumper? A blazer maybe.”

“No. No, I wouldn’t go that far. And I don’t think it even is a school uniform I’d want to see you in.”

“What is it then?”

“I don’t know Zoe. I’ve never dressed a woman before.”

“So now’s your opportunity. I’ll be your real live Barbie girl.”

Sam smiled and kissed Zoe on top of her head. “Um, Zoe?”


“Would you dress like an old fashioned woman, you know, like 50s, classical?”

“Oh, you mean like an old fashioned school maam, all buttoned up, prim and proper.”

“Yes!” Sam was a little too eager with his response. Zoe smiled.

“Should I wear glasses?”

“I wouldn’t go that far. You could maybe wear a brooch if you like.”

“A brooch?”

“Yeah, something simple, like a gem or something. Something to wear between your collar.”

“Sam! That’s really kinky. You got an old crone fetish, don’t you?”

Sam laughed, somehow at ease, but blushing nevertheless. “You started it. I didn’t ask you, you asked me.”

“I know. I’m just teasing.”

“Stockings? Shoes?”

“Whatever. I don’t mind. High heels. Bare legs, no stockings.”

“You changed your mind fast. What else? A jacket, cardy, sweater?”

“Yeah, something woollen. Cardy, sweater, either.”


“Grey. Grey for wool, black for jacket or waistcoat.”

“Ahh! I see, you plan on dressing me every day!”

“Would you let me?”

“I’d have to think about that. You’re going to have me walking around like a little old woman.”

“In heels!”

Zoe bit her lip. She had an idea.


The next day, Zoe showed up on Sam’s doorstep. His mother answered the doorbell.

“Oh, I’m sorry… Mrs. Knight, I was…”


Zoe blushed. Whatever must Sam’s mother think of her dressed the way she was?

“What an adorable little get-up you have on dear. Please, come on in. Sam just popped to the store for some groceries. He should be back by now.”

The two women walked in and sat down at the kitchen table. It was all Zoe could do to maintain eye contact. She felt so awkward, her hair up in a bun to go with the outfit. She even had on a pair of clear glass spectacles, really old fashioned ones.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Oh no thanks Mrs. Knight.”

“Please, call me Valerie.”

Valerie Knight was a good looking woman. Sam had mentioned that his mother was in her early fifties, but she could easily pass for a decade younger. She was about 5’7″ with long dark hair cascading over her shoulders. Her breasts were a still pert 36C or thereabouts and her waist was slim. She had beautiful big green eyes and spoke with the hint of a French accent, though her English, like her skin, was flawless.

The back door opened and Sam walked in, carrying two bags of groceries. “Zoe!” He looked at her, still blushing in her costume. “Zoe! Wow! Hi!”

He walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek. “Here you go Mum, can you put it away, or do you need some help?”

“I’ll bursa eve gelen escort manage. You two kids enjoy yourselves.”

“Thanks Mum. Love you.”

“I love you too baby.”

Sam took Zoe by the hand and led her upstairs to his room. “Wow, look at you!”

“Oh God Sam. I’m so humiliated. What must your mother think? I look like a Granny!”

“You don’t Zoe. You look amazing. Wow. Wait, wait there. I’ve got to take a photo.”

“Sam, no!”

“Please baby. I just… you did this for me and I love you for it, I really do. But I’ve got to have a photo.”

“So you can jerk off?”

“Is that so awful?”

“I’d rather you kept all your sperm for me.”

“That can be arranged. Dress like that all the time and there’ll be no shortage of sperm. I guarantee you that.”

“You’re really turned on by this, aren’t you?”

“Oh Zoe. Like you wouldn’t believe.”

Sam took the photos as Zoe posed. She had worn a white blouse with a collar and buttoned it all the way to her neck. She’d worn a grey knee-length pleated skirt like she’d been asked and a matching grey cardigan, round neck, with just the top button fastened. Her shoes were black and the heels were three inches. Her hair was tied up in a bun and of course she had the glasses. And then there was the brooch, some kind of amber jewel that she wore over her blouse’s top button.

It was only a matter of seconds after putting the camera down that Sam was on his knees between Zoe’s legs, her skirt completely covering his head. She hadn’t worn any panties, none had been requested. Sam’s tongue lapped at Zoe’s bush which was already moist and leaking fluids. His hands reached behind her and cupped the cheeks of her bottom and he used them to pull her towards him so he could service her clit.

“Oh God!” Zoe yelled out. “Oh Sammy. Oh God, yes! Oh fuck! There, right there, yes, oh! Oh! A little bit more. Oh FUCCCCKKKK!”

Zoe’s orgasm hit her like a freight train and she could feel what juices Sam was failing to lick up, trickling down her thighs. Sam came up for fresh air and kissed Zoe.

She was still stood in the middle of his room, fully clothed. Her face was flushed but it wasn’t from blushing any more. It was from the best orgasm she’d had all year. These clothes, they weren’t just doing something to Sam, they were doing something to her too.

“Sam. I want you to listen carefully to me. I want you take off all your clothes and put them on the bed. Then I want you to go get a condom and bring it to me.”

Sam’s clothes were off in a flash and he was standing nude in front of Zoe with a condom between his teeth, his hands up in front of his chest, begging like a puppy.

“Good boy” She patted him on the head and took the foil wrapper from his mouth. Tearing it open, watching Sam, his eyes never leaving her, just scanning over her body and the clothes she was wearing.

“I love you Zoe.”

She smiled and holding the unrolled condom to the tip of his rock hard boner, she felt it surge and a moment later, he was shooting his hot load all over her.

“Wow! You really are turned on baby.”

“Oh God, I’m sorry.”

“Baby why?”

“I spunked on you before we even did anything.”

“Do you have any idea what a compliment that is to me? You’re not a premature ejaculator Sam, you’ve never failed to satisfy me with that cock of yours. To have you shoot off like that, just from looking at me, I’m so touched. That was fantastic,” she said, holding the back of her hand to her mouth so she could lick his semen off it.

Zoe took hold of Sam by his penis and led him to sit next to her on his bed. “Look at us, eh! A prim school maam and a naked boy, both of us satisfied within minutes of coming into your room.”

“Uh, Zoe?”

“What is it Sam?”

“It’s not going down.”


“My cock. That’s the first time that’s ever happened. It always goes soft after I ejaculate. It’s not going soft.”

Zoe began to stroke it. “Does that hurt? Is it still tender?”

Sam shook his head. “No, it’s fine.”

Zoe stood up and took her glasses off and reached behind her head to unclip her hair.

“What are you doing?”

“Undressing. So we can fuck.”

“Leave it on. Please.”

“All of it?”

Sam nodded. He lay back on his bed and Zoe took the unused condom and slid it down Sam’s still erect penis. She kneeled over his cock, took it between her fingers and sat herself down on it. She began to thrust up and down on top of him.

Looking up, the sight before Sam’s eyes was one that he had only ever harboured in fantasies inside his own head. And now Zoe, the girl he loved, the girl he found more beautiful than any other, had got him to reveal his fantasy and was actively partaking in it.

Sam slipped his hand under Zoe’s skirt and began playing with her clit as she bounced up and down on his cock. “I love the way you look Zoe, you’re so beautiful, my every dream come true.”

His words made Zoe’s brain find her moment and her vagina began to expel görükle escort fluid at an increased rate. Slapping down onto his cock and balls, she started to cum. “Oh God!” she hummed, biting her lower lip in ecstasy.

Sam’s face tightened and Zoe knew he was pumping his load into the little baggy.

Zoe collapsed fully clothed onto Sam and just let her lips slide all over his face as his did the same to her.

“Sam? Zoe?” Mrs. Knight shouted up the stairs. “I forgot eggs, so I’m just popping back to the store. I’ll be about twenty minutes.”

“Okay Mum, drive careful.”

Zoe looked up at Sam. “Is that your Mum’s way of saying we have the house to ourselves for the next twenty minutes, so if we want to have sex, now’s the time.”

Sam smiled back at her. “I think so.”

“God, could we?”

“I don’t know if I could do it again Zoe. Two in quick succession. I might break it if I tried.”

“Try it for me Sam. But not here.”


“You ever walked nude around your house Sam?”

“No. Never.”

“Well there’s a first time for everything.”

The door slammed downstairs and they heard the car engine starting up.

“Come on Sam. Follow me, I’ll check that the coast is clear.”

Clothed Zoe led naked Sam out onto the landing, then slowly down the stairs. Zoe popped her head around the corner to see. “Oh! Mrs. Knight. I thought you’d gone out…”

Sam scarpered back up the stairs to his room faster than his legs would otherwise carry him. When he returned to his room, he could hear Zoe laughing.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I’m only joking, your Mum’s not here.”

Sam came out of his room, his cock dangling between his legs. “That’s not funny Zoe. My Mum’s never seen my cock.”

“Oh, I’m sure that’s not true Sammy.”

“You know what I mean. She hasn’t seen it since it’s…”


“Yeah. And had hair.”

“Come on down here baby, I’m sorry. We’re all alone.”

At the bottom of the stairs, Zoe held out her hand for Sam and she took hold of it in hers as she led him into the kitchen.

“Now then, let’s see what we can do. Sammy? Will you open the fridge door and stand in front of it, facing it?”


“Because I asked you to. Do you need another reason Sammy?”

“No. That’s reason enough.” Sam did as she asked. And then realised. That was some pretty cold air spilling out onto his cock.

Zoe took that opportunity to explore some of the other rooms, make sure there was no one else home. As she walked into each room, she lifted the hem of her skirt up and flashed her bush, showing herself off to the furniture. It gave her a thrill. When she’d been to every room, she went back to the kitchen and put her arms around Sam, feeling down to his penis.

“Oh Sammy! What happened?”

“It’s cold in there Zoe.”

“Well, let’s see if I can warm it up a little.” Zoe dropped to her knees and sucked Sam’s soft cock into her mouth. “Wow, it really is cold.”

“Mmm,” was the only sound she got out of Sam, his cock rapidly hardening in Zoe’s mouth.

She plopped off him and caught hold of his penis, then led him into the living room.

“Have you ever masturbated in here Sammy?”


“Do tell.”

“Mum went out for dinner with some of her friends. I kind of wondered what it would be like.”

“And what was it like?”

“As it turned out, a lot of hassle. I gooped on the carpet and spent ages trying to clean it up, then even longer trying to dry the wet patch before Mum got home.”

“Aww, poor baby! So you never tried again?”

Sam shook his head.

“Until now.”


“Jerk off for me Sam.”

“But, what if I make a mess? We don’t have much time.”

“You can cum in my mouth Sam. I just want to watch you watching me while you jerk off. When you’re close, I’ll get ready to swallow.”

“Zoe… my Mum could…”

“If you really love me Sam, you’ll do it.”

Sam started to rub his penis. It was already erect from the feel of Zoe’s mouth. And now it was going to feel it again. And he was going to get to cum in there and she’d swallow. And she was dressed the way she was. He was so horny.

Zoe walked around Sam. She felt a rush from the way she was getting to control him. Ever since she dressed this way and saw his reaction to her, the way she could make him do things outside his comfort zone, it was giving her a thrill. She had no idea she would feel this way, but she was most definitely getting off on the sense of power over him.

“I want you to cum in my mouth Sam. I want you to fill me with your sperm. That’s the way. You’re such a good boy, aren’t you, jerking your cock for me. Do you like the way I’m dressed Sam? Do I turn you on when I dress this way?”

“Oh God, Zoe. Now, now, quick.”

Zoe dropped to her knees as Sam began to ejaculate, his first spurt of cum hit Zoe in the face, on her cheek just below her eye. She opened her mouth wide to capture Sam’s cock, but it was exploding with such vigour and moving about of its own accord, that the second spurt went straight up her nose. By the third, she’d managed to contain it and Sam blasted his spunk down her throat.

Then Sam heard the car pulling up down the side of the house.

“Zoe, that’s my Mum. We’ve got to go.”

“Wait Sammy. I want to get all your spunk off my face first.”

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