C’mon, Let’s Spice It Up Ch. 01

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My wife Tina and I have been married for fifteen years, and we both have absolute faith in each other’s fidelity. She was a virgin right up to our wedding night and, as far as I know, she has never looked at another guy in an illicit way ever since. For my part, I cannot deny having enjoyed a couple of wild flings while in college, but Tina was my first, and last, true love.

We have genuinely enjoyed each other’s company, and we have had no complaints about our sex life, at least not for the most part of our married life. Tina bore me two lovely kids, a boy who is now twelve and a girl who is nine.

Tina is a beautiful woman. She has a very pretty face with large sparkling eyes and very kissable pouting lips. She has a good complexion and hardly needs to apply any make-up. She likes to keep her light brown hair short and, even after tremendous coaxing, will not let it grow beyond the nape of her neck.

The years have been good to Tina, and she has remained very fit and trim. After each delivery, she made a special effort, with a combination of diet and exercise, to get back into shape. And each time, I saw her blossom into an even more beautiful and desirable woman.

Her breasts are a perfect match for her narrow waist and smoothly flaring hips. Her chest and her hips are somewhat fuller now than when I first met her, accentuating her tantalizing hour-glass figure. There are times when I simply cannot resist gazing at her figure, and every time I look at her I feel blessed to have her as my wife.

Over the last couple of years however, there has been a noticeable decline in the quality of our sex life. We are still izmit escort bayan very much in love with each other. We still enjoy each other’s company. But some vital ingredient has gone missing from our sex life. The fire seems to have gone out. The oomph is simply not there anymore.

Maybe it’s because we have been too involved in bringing up the kids. Maybe it’s the pressure at the workplace. Maybe we’ve just started taking each other too much for granted.

Our love-making has turned into a very predictable routine. It has become more of a ritual, to be fulfilled as an obligation for maintaining the relationship of marriage. There’s no more anticipation, no more novelty in the act.

The sex sessions have become less and less frequent. While we used to make love at least three times a week in the early days of our marriage, now we would be lucky to have a go at it even once in a fortnight.

Everything else seems to have started taking precedence. The household chores, the children, the TV, the newspaper, the computer — anything seems to be more important than sex, and anything can become an excuse for not making love.

In recent months, when we are in bed, we always seem to be so very tired and sleepy. We always seem to be so preoccupied with all the things that have to be done the next day. We still hold each other in bed, we still wrap our arms around each other lovingly, but then we just doze off.

That was the scenario until something extraordinary happened one night just recently. Something happened that had never happened before, and it got me thinking. It made escort kızları me wonder whether we, as husband and wife, were missing out on some great things in life by simply not sharing our deeper thoughts and feelings.

It was a warm Saturday night and we had fallen asleep as usual without making any sexual advances on each other. Towards the middle of the night I was awoken by some physical disturbance on the bed. Lying on my side with my eyes half-open, I realized what had disrupted my sleep as an amazing scene unfolded before my eyes.

The outline of my wife’s body was clearly defined against the slightly brighter background provided by the moonlight filtering in through the curtains. She was lying on her back just inches away from me, her body slightly arched back.

The hem of her nightie was drawn up to her chest. Her legs were drawn apart, and her naked thighs and well-formed breasts were clearly outlined. Her right hand was in place over her pubic mound, her fingers working slowly back and forth between her thighs. Her left hand wandered idly over her chest, intermittently cupping and massaging her breasts.

Keeping very still, and even holding my breath, to avoid distracting her, I watched in amazement as she wriggled and squirmed under her own erotic touch and gradually worked herself up to an intense climax. I could vaguely make out the contorted expressions of sexual pleasure on her innocent face as she enjoyed the violent orgasm, a culmination of what surely had to be a secret fantasy.

I shuddered in disbelief. I was stunned. I was in a state of shock. But, to gebze escort bayan my surprise, I found that I was also extremely aroused. The spectacular sight of my seemingly conservative wife masturbating to an explosive orgasm, and the very thought of her having and enjoying a secret fantasy, had given me a rock-hard erection.

As my wife’s heavy breathing settled down somewhat, I stretched my arm out to place my hand on her flat abdomen. She was a little startled as I wrapped my arm around her waist, urging her closer to me, but she did not in any way resist my advances.

I let my lips meet hers in a soft kiss. Then I let my hand move slowly down over her lower tummy to her smooth thighs, gradually bringing my hand up along her inner thighs to her naked pussy.

She was wet, really very wet. Whatever secret thoughts and deep feelings she had just enjoyed must have been very exciting indeed.

I could not take it any longer. I rolled over to get myself on top of her and between her wide-open legs. Then I eased my aching hard-on into her hot dripping pussy. I gave it to her then, pounding her with my stabbing thrusts. She screamed and cried out in excitement as my hard penis moved back and forth inside her. It had been a very long time indeed since I last saw my wife in such a high state of sexual arousal.

It was not very long before Tina’s body tightened up and she began to convulse in her second orgasm for the night. Soon after that, I could feel the surge in my genitals and I began to jerk uncontrollably as my juices began to pour out into her womb.

As I collapsed on top of her, I could not help wondering about the secret fantasies and thoughts that my wife was enjoying while playing with herself. I didn’t know whether I should be worried. I didn’t know whether I should be jealous. Was there another man in her life? Was she in love with another guy? Was she having an affair? Was there something about her that I did not know?

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