Co-worker’s Man Ch. 29

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I went back to my desk and sorted out the information and files Lori had given me to take with me to The City. I checked my watch again and couldn’t believe how fast the morning had gone. Well, you know what they say, “Time flies when somebody’s riding your face”……or something like that. I checked my recent e-mails and then checked my watch again. It was another five minutes until lunch but I figured nobody would notice and I was so hungry for Mr. Wolfe’s cum that I decided to go early. I speeded to the elevator and headed down. I moved in a hurried walk after I spotted his van parked at the curb. I was anxious to get some more of his cock in me somewhere. Servicing Lori had been absolutely wonderful but I was really craving his big meat and a load of warm thick cream. I opened the passenger door of the van and climbed in.

“Well cocksucker, you’re a little early,” said Mr. Wolfe as he looked up from a magazine he’d been reading. “A little anxious, are we?” he asked with a leer.

“Yes sir,” I said sheepishly.

“Hmmmmm, I bet you wish this was you, eh faggot?” he said as he passed me the page of the magazine he had open. As he started the van, I looked down at a picture of a young guy lying back on a bed. There were about five guys kneeling around his upper body. You could only see them from about the waist down. They all had big cocks that looked heavy as if they had recently cum. It was easy to tell why as the guy’s face below them was almost completely hidden under their loads of cum. His eyes were closed and his tongue was licking around his lips in the picture. My God…..yes….I wished this was me. Mr. Wolfe gave a hearty laugh as he saw me staring intently at the picture.

“Stick we me, faggot. You’ll get as much cum as you can handle. If you want something like that, I can arrange it, no problem.” He looked at me with a questioning look as he continued to drive.

“Ummm…..I don’t know sir,” I said as I looked once more at the guy’s tongue licking into the mass of cum on his face.

“Oh, I think you know. I think you know that is what you’d love to do. You need as much cum as you can get, right cocksucker? The more you get to swallow, the happier you are, right?” He looked at me knowingly as I felt myself turning red again.

“Yes sir.”

“So, do you think you’d like to try that sometime?” he asked again.

“Yes sir. If you think it would be okay with you sir.” I answered as I looked up into his eyes.

“Oh yeah, it would be just fine with me,” he said with a wink. “I’ll let you know. Hey, here we are at your favorite sausage place.” I looked outside as we pulled into the mall parking lot again. He wheeled the van around the side and went towards the large empty parking area near the back. There was a large dark sedan parked near where we were yesterday and he pulled alongside. I looked out as two men got out of the car. I could see they were both around forty-five to fifty and had that similar military bearing as Mr. Wolfe and Dutch. One guy was about average build and white while the other guy was a big burly black man. The both went towards the back of the van.

“C’mon kid,” Mr. Wolfe said as he took my shoulder and turned me towards the opening into the back of the van. As I moved between the seats the back door opened and the two men climbed in. The van seemed to drop significantly lower when the big black guy climbed in.

“Hey Wolfe,” said the white guy as they made their way forwards. “Is this the guy?” he said pointing to me.

“Yep. That’s him,” Mr. Wolfe said with an arm on my shoulder.

“So, he takes it at both ends, right?” the guy asked as he looked me up and down. It seemed at this point that this guy was doing the talking for both of them.

“Absolutely, no problem.”

“And you said twenty bucks each right?” the guy said as he reached into his back pocket.

“That’s for a blowjob. If you want some of both ends, it’s gonna be thirty each.”

“You’re a fucking pirate, Wolfe. Always have been and always will be.” The white guy started laughing out loud, the black guy and Mr. Wolfe soon joined in. They both reached into their wallets and started passing some bills to Mr. Wolfe. He slipped the money into his own wallet.

“Okay cocksucker, I’d like to introduce you to two friends of mine. This is Reg,” he said nodding towards the white guy, “and this big fella over here is Tank.” The big black guy simply nodded in my direction. “Now faggot, remember what we talked about on the way over. Well, if you want that to happen sometime, it’s likely that Reg and Tank here will be there. So I want you to be real nice to them now, you hear?” Mr. Wolfe asked me.

“Yes sir,” I said meekly.

“Good, now get your clothes off,” he said as he took a spot in one of the captain’s chairs.

I quickly shed all my clothes while Reg and Tank did the same. Reg was pretty lean with a mostly hairless body and a nice looking cut cock. It seemed to be about half hard and I would Sakarya Escort guess that it was going to be around 7″ when fully hard. Tank was absolutely massive. I guess that’s where he got the name. He had a big hairy body and his cock hung big and heavy with a huge mushroom head. He wrapped his hand around it and started leisurely stroking it.

“Get on your knees, fuck-face” said Reg as he started stroking his cock as well. I dropped to my knees and they moved forward until they stood side by side right in front of me. “C’mon now queer, show us how sweet that pretty mouth of yours is,” Reg said as they started sliding the ends of their cocks around my cheeks. I turned first towards Reg and opened my mouth. He was quick to slip the end of his cock between my parted lips. I quickly clamped my lips behind his protruding ridge and slid further down as my tongue instinctively started to bathe the spongy membranes of his crown.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I purred as I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and reached up with my other hand towards Tank’s heavy manhood. Oh fuck….I thought to myself… hand didn’t even close around it and it wasn’t even hard yet. I started shucking my hand back and forth as I continued sucking away at Reg’s hardening dick.

“His turn,” said Reg as he pulled his stiffening cock out of my mouth with a resounding “PLOP!” I turned towards Tank and lifted the big head of his cock and wrapped my lips around it. It was like trying to stuff a whole apple into your mouth! I stretched my lips around the spongy head and started sucking. I was pumping the loose sheath of his cock back and forth towards my mouth as I kept my tongue busy on the sensitive membranes of his head. I felt his shaft rapidly filling and hardening under my fingers. My other hand was busy shucking along the length of Reg’s cock and soon it was fully hard in my hand.

“You’re right Wolfe. The queer’s a natural,” said Reg. “Now let’s see how he does with Tank’s cock.” I felt my lips continuing to stretch as Tank’s cock continued to thicken and extend. My fingers were being pulled even further apart as the blood continued to fill that massive rod. I was moaning with enjoyment as I felt some precum ooze forth from his huge gaping eye.

“Back here, boy,” instructed Reg. I slid my wide open mouth off Tank’s wide cockhead and turned my head towards Reg. He quickly filled it with his hard erection and started sawing it back and forth between my lips. My other hand was busy pumping away at Tank’s cock which was now rock-hard. Fortunately for me, it got a lot harder than when he was soft but did not change in size as much as most cocks. It was still huge though, probably about 10″ and almost as thick as Frank’s. The big mushroom head made it look like a big angry club. After a couple of minutes on Reg’s drooling dick, I switched back to Tank’s huge weapon. I was loving the feel of his thick black dick oozing precum into my mouth as my hand….

“BANG! BANG! BANG!” We all froze at a pounding on the back door of the van. “OPEN UP, POLICE!”

“Oh shit,” Mr. Wolfe whispered. “You guys keep quiet. I’ll see what’s going on.” We kept dead still as he made his way to front of the van and went out the driver’s door. The disturbance didn’t seem to bother Tank at all as he kept sawing his huge erection back and forth between my stretched lips. We listened intently, my hands full of two beautiful cocks and my mouth stretched wide open by a big black one.

“What’s the trouble officer? Oh fuck! Wilson, you asshole! You scared the shit out of me.” Mr. Wolfe exclaimed.

“I thought this was your piece of shit Wolfe,” the other person said laughing. “What brings you out this way?”

“Remember that hitchhiker last year?” said Mr. Wolfe.

“Do I remember? Fuck yeah!”

“Well, I’ve got something even better inside. Reg and Tank are in there with him right now.”

“You’re fucking kidding me!”

“No, c’mon in,” said Mr. Wolfe as he opened the front door and climbed back in. I tried to turn my head to look but Tank grabbed my head and held it firm as he slid his cock deeper into my mouth.

“Holy shit!”

“See, I told you Wilson. The kid is good as gold. Go ahead, help yourself.”

“Fucking right!” said Wilson as he moved behind Tank and Reg. I could see a police uniform on a dark-haired white guy about thirty-five.

“Tank…..Reg….I haven’t seen you clowns in awhile,” Wilson said with a smile as he started to remove his uniform.

“I thought I recognized your voice,” said Tank with a big booming bellow. This was the first thing I’d heard him say. “Try out this guy’s mouth Wilson, it’s like buttery velvet.” I was surprised but pleased at Tank’s eloquent description. By this time Wilson had all his clothes off and took a place next to Tank. Tank pushed my head off his cock and I turned towards Wilson. His cock was a beautiful piece of cut meat. It was perfectly proportioned with a nice mushroom head and a smooth Adapazarı Escort shaft crisscrossed with a maze of blue veins. I slid my mouth over the end and started sucking lustfully. I wrapped my hand around his thickening shaft and within a minute I had a beautiful mouthful of 8″ hard cop-cock. I still had one hand sliding on Reg’s dick while I could see Tank’s own hand jacking away at his rigid member. With Wilson’s cock now rock-hard in my mouth, I took my hand off his cock and wrapped it back as far around Tank’s cock as I could. I started bobbing my head up and down the length of Wilson’s rod as I pumped the other two towards my face.

“I’m ready to try out his pussy,” said Reg. “I want him on all fours.”

“Here, faggot. You better get ready. Here’s your favorite stuff,” said Mr. Wolfe as he passed me a jar of Vaseline. I scooped out a gob of the lube and applied it generously to Reg’s surging cock. I then reached down and spread some right on my asshole. I got on my hands and knees as Reg moved behind me and Tank and Wilson got on their knees in front of me. I reached out for Tank’s big cock and popped the head into my mouth. I started bobbing my head up and down on his thick shaft as I took Wilson’s velvety-smooth hardness into my other hand. I felt the hot head of Reg’s cock press against my asshole and then felt that now familiar initial pressure as he forced the head into me.

“Aaaahhhh,” I moaned as the head slipped past my clutching ring. I felt him flex backward slightly and then he thrust forward, driving his full hard length all the way into me.

“Ooooohhhh,” I moaned around Tank’s mouth-filling cock as Reg started a fierce pounding back and forth in my hot ass. I wriggled my ass back and forth as he hammered it in and out.

“Oh fuck, this guy is good,” said Reg as he continued impaling me on his turgid member. I switched over to Wilson’s beautiful cock and felt the hot warmth of it invade my mouth. I rolled my tongue all over the full length of it and then started to let it slide deep into my throat. I took him all the way down a few times as he looked on and gasped for air.

“Motherfucker! This guy’s got me all the way down his fucking throat! Holy shit! It feels incredible. C’mon Tank, I want to see you tickle this guy’s tonsils.” Wilson pulled his cock out of my mouth and Tank took his place in front of me. I could feel Reg’s cock sliding back and forth over the sensitive tissues of my prostate and my cock was hard and slamming up against my stomach with each of his strokes.

Tank took up the position right in front of my face and pressed his huge cockhead against me lips. I opened as wide as I could and he slipped the big head right in to the opening of my throat. He put his two big hands on each side of my head and gripped firmly.

“Here we go, pussy,” he said as he pressed forward while pulling my head towards his groin. I felt my throat stretch and stretch as his wide crown slid inch by thick inch into my throat. He kept pulling my head towards him as he pushed himself forward. I concentrated on relaxing my throat and the next thing I knew, I felt his thick black pubic hair scratching against my stretched lips.

“Aaaaaahhhh, fucker’s got it all,” said Tank as he held his cock to the hilt within me. I swallowed and swallowed so the muscles of my throat would massage his cock. “Time for a little throat fucking,” he said. He drew back until the head was just inside my lips and then thrust forcefully into my throat again.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned as he started a thrusting rhythm of feeding the full length of his thick massive shaft. Reg was watching intently from behind as he continued fucking me.

“Holy shit, I’ve gotta try that throat. Wilson, get over here and keep his pussy filled.” Reg then pulled his surging cock out of my clutching ass and crawled around to the front. Wilson quickly took his place behind me and I felt his cock slide easily into my waiting ass. I pushed back against him and he started a forward stirring motion with his cop-cock as he touched every part of the hot walls of my ass.

Tank pulled all the way back out of my mouth and Reg quickly slipped his hot slimy cock into my mouth. I tasted the masculine flavor of his cock combined with the warm juices of my ass on his cock. I quickly licked his cock as I savored the taste on my tongue. Reg was in no mood for foreplay though and I felt his cock pressing into my throat. I angled my head and it slipped in. He thrust forward and his groin slammed against my lips. He started a rapid back and forth motion as he fed the full length into me.

“Okay Wilson, my turn,” said Tank as he moved around behind me. Wilson pulled out of my ass and moved back around in front of me.

“C’mon queer, get your hand working on my cock,” he said as he held his iron-hard rod out towards me. I put my hand around his cock and started milking it back and forth. Tank pressed the huge head of his cock against Serdivan Escort my rosebud and I almost felt like I was going to tear in two as he pressed it into me. It finally popped in and I gasped for air around Reg’s cock as Tank paused with the head locked inside me.

“Okay asshole, get ready,” Tank warned and I concentrated on relaxing my sphincter just in time because he flexed his hips and pounded his thick massive rod all the way into me in one shot. I moaned in pain around Reg’s cock as the initial feeling of being filled with that huge cock coursed thru me. I held on and drew deep breaths of air thru my nose and soon the feeling of pain subsided to be replaced by that wondrous awesome feeling of being completely filled. Tank knew I was fully into it as I wiggled my ass back towards him and used the muscles within my ass to massage along the length of his rock-hard shaft.

“Oh yeah, the fucker’s really into it now,” he said to the others. My hand was sliding rhythmically along Wilson hard cock as I continued moaning with lust around Reg’s throat-filling erection. I was being filled at both ends with another cock in my hand and I was loving every second of it.

For the next fifteen minutes or so they kept switching positions taking turns with my mouth, hands and ass. After a while, they flipped me over on my back and started fucking me missionary style while the other two took turns feeding me their cocks. I was soaked with sweat and precum and my ass was gripping and massaging at one cock after another. As soon as one would pull out, my pussylips would be gasping and clutching for the next one. My prostate felt like it was on fire and my own cock was lurching and drooling precum all over my stomach.

“Why don’t you guys give the faggot a treat and cum all over his face,” suggested Mr. Wolfe.

“Fuckin’ A!” said Reg as they all kneeled around my face and started stroking their cocks. I watched with my mouth open as drips of their precum rained down upon me. I saw Reg’s cock start first as the piss-slit gaped open and the first blast of his semen sped forth to shoot down across my lips. As his second thick rope spewed forth, Wilson’s cock erupted and a geyser of milky cream rained down across my nose and cheek. They kept milking away at their cocks as wad after creamy wad of cum started to cover my face. Tank gave off a big growl and I looked up as he pointed his huge cockhead downwards and a powerful blast of thick hot cum splashed against my upper lip, across my nose and down my cheek. The next blast seemed even bigger than his first one as he pointed it lower and it fell across my lips and all over my chin.

That second blast from Tank was all it took and I felt the semen speed up the shaft of my cock and I started moaning and gasping as my climax overtook me. My cock had remained untouched but started shooting as I luxuriated in the feeling of being buried under their cum. My chest and stomach were becoming covered with streaks of my own jizz as my cock lurched and spit out gob after gob of cum.

“Holy fuck!” said Wilson. “The queer came just from us painting his face!” All three of them gathered close together and kept pumping at their ejaculating cocks until they had fully unloaded all over me. I heard the click of a camera and saw the flash go off as Mr. Wolfe started taking pictures of my cum-covered face surrounded by their spent dicks. I knew it would look very similar to the picture in the magazine he had shown me earlier. He took about ten photos from different positions as the guys recovered with their deflating cocks hanging over me.

“Okay assholes, show’s over,” said Mr. Wolfe. I lay still with my face basking in the warmth of their loads of cum as they exchanged idle chit-chat as they got their clothes back on. When they were ready, Mr. Wolfe let them out the back door of the van, closed it and came back towards me.

“Just stay right there, faggot,” he said and I watched him strip off his clothes. He took everything off and I saw his magnificent cock was rock-hard as he stood over me. He took his hand and flicked a drop of his drooling precum down to joint the rest of the cum load on my face. He knelt down and took his cock in his hand and pushed the tip of it into the mass of semen on my face.

“Open up,” he said as he used his cock as a snowplow to push the cum into my open mouth. I was purring as I savored the musky masculine flavor of their combined loads as his pushed gob after gob into my waiting mouth. When he had cleaned as much of their seed off my face as he could, he straddled my chest and pulled my head up.

“I’m gonna fuck your face now, cocksucker. Here we go,” he said as he gripped my head in both hands and started rapidly sliding his hips back and forth. I suctioned my cheeks inwards on his invading cock as I vacuumed the end of his cock. It was hot and rock-hard in my mouth. I was loving the comfortable feel of the upward curve of his cock sliding against the roof of my mouth. I had already become wonderfully familiar with it and didn’t want to ever have it taken away from me. He fucked my face hard and fast as he must have been turned on watching the other guys give it to me. I felt his cock harden and saw his balls drawing up as he started to moan and groan.

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