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From Behind

You and I have been working in the same office for over a year. The sexual tension has been building over time, yet neither of us knows how the other truly feels. The sexual comments between us could be taken as flirtatious or just having fun.

At the last minute, your schedule frees up and you join me for a dinner with clients. Towards the end of dinner I whisper to you that I’ve had quite a bit to drink and shouldn’t drive myself home, so I’m going to call a cab. You discreetly volunteer to take me home instead. After a year working together, I trust you and know you won’t try and take advantage of the situation (although I secretly wish you would). We share some laughs at the music in the car – seems the radio station is playing club music, which has us both thinking secretly about sex with the other person. You drop me off at my house, and walk me to my door to make sure I get in safely. After I get the door opened, I turn to thank you for driving me home. Our eyes lock together, both of us trying to read what the other is thinking. I don’t want to say goodnight, but I’m afraid it would be inappropriate to ask you to come in. Although there seems to be a mutual attraction, I’ve been wrong before and don’t want to mess up a friendship.

You mention something casual about how well dinner went with the clients, to break the silence. I agree with you. You take my hand in yours, and say, “I’m glad I could join you.” I take a step inside, still holding your hand, and say, “Me too.” You ease your way into my front door, and close it behind you.

Words weren’t needed for the moment. The sexual tension of the past year melts between us and increases at the same time. I move closer to you, staring into your eyes, anticipating your kiss. You lean down to me, your lips softly brushing against mine. Enjoying the moment, I inhale and take in your masculine scent. I reach for your face, as your hands run through my hair. We kiss softly at first, slowly feeling each other out for what’s next. I’m excited as you kiss me deeper, more passionately. It’s exactly what I wanted tonight, but was afraid to expose my fantasies. I’ve thought a lot about what it would be like to kiss you. My fantasies weren’t even close, as it is so much better in person. My tongue traces your lips, then deep kisses, tasting you completely. My body aches for you, antep escort the overwhelming desire to feel your cock inside of me. But I don’t know what you’re thinking, and if something is going to happen tonight, I want to enjoy every moment. I don’t want to rush it. As we kiss, my hands slip through your hair, down your neck, to your back, pulling you closer against me. My lips leave yours, as I kiss your neck and behind your ears. You groan softly with pleasure.

“I want you,” I whisper in your ear. As I do, you tilt my head back, kissing my exposed neck. I take this as your answer, your way of letting me know you want me to. It sends tingles down my spine, right to my pussy, which is growing wetter by the moment. I look back at you, our eyes mischievous with passion. I feel your cock through your pants pressing against me, getting harder as we continue to kiss.

I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. You lift me up against the wall, your hands on my ass, my arms around your neck, and my legs wrapped around your waist. Your cock presses against my pelvis as we kiss again, so deeply and passionately. Our bodies pressed together, grinding together as one. You take me over to the bed, gently lying me down on top of the sheets. You slip my shirt over my head, exposing my breasts cradled in a light pink bra. Your fingers trace the outline of the bra against my chest. You lean down and softly kiss my chest and right breast, as your hand cradles my left breast. Your lips trace back up my chest, along my neck, to my lips. As we kiss, you reach behind me and in one snap, unhook my bra. Mmmmm, sexual confidence oozes from you. I get even more turned on, anticipating what will come next.

As you lean above me on the bed, my hands slide across your chest, feeling your muscles through your shirt as I go along. I want more. I need to feel your bare skin against me. I unbutton your shirt, sliding my fingers along your skin as I work my way down. As I undo the last button, my hands wander from your rock hard abs up your chest. I slide the shirt over your shoulders and arms, exposing your chest to mine. God you’re hot. The shirts you wear in the office conceal your rock hard body. You lean down for another kiss, your bare chest pressing against mine. I arch my back to push my breasts further against you. You slowly work your way down from my lips, tracing my neck, along my chest, paying attention to each breast. Then your mouth wanders from my chest down my stomach, kissing along the edge of my pants. In most situations, my stomach is so ticklish it’s off limits. But with you, it’s different. The rush of adrenaline, the anticipation, I am so aroused that it just feels so good. You unbutton and unzip my pants, sliding them off. You are turned on by the black lace thong that I’m wearing. You kiss my pussy through the lace, noticing how hot and wet it is already. You pull it to the side, exposing my swollen clit to your tongue. You drive me wild as you suck and flick my clit with your tongue, while you finger my pussy at the same time. Damn it feels good, like no one has ever done before. It doesn’t take long, and you have me writhing with pleasure, my hips thrashing around. You eventually take my panties off, admiring the full view of my shaved pussy, glistening with wetness. You continue to suck my clit while you slide your fingers in and out of my pussy, pushing up against my g-spot. I have my first orgasm for the night, a small one, knowing there will be a lot more tonight.

I push you over to your back and lean over to kiss you. I can taste my pussy juices in your mouth as we kiss. My cheek slides against yours, as I kiss behind your ear and your neck. I work my way down, and my tongue traces the shape of the muscles on your chest. I circle one of your nipples and playfully bite it, causing you to gasp with excitement. I slowly work my way down your torso, my warm breath and kisses teasing you all along. I unbutton and unzip your pants, and slide them off to the floor. I settle on my knees between your legs, one hand on your thigh and the other hand encircling your cock. I feel you stiffen as I stroke you. My tongue circles your tip, and I look up at you as I take your hard cock in my warm and wet mouth. You groan with pleasure as my mouth moves up and down along your shaft in rhythm with my hand. My mouth alternates between slow and deep, then faster, then letting my hand slide to the head of your cock, circling it with hard pressure. My tongue makes its way along the bottom of your cock to your swollen balls. I take your balls in my mouth and suck ever so gently. My tongue works its way back up your cock, circling the tip. I press my lips against the head of your cock, letting them spread apart as my mouth plunges down on your cock, sucking you in. Your hips involuntarily thrust toward me, wanting to be deeper.

You pull me up towards you, your hands sliding down to my hips, guiding my wet pussy to your hard cock. Your cock rubs against my clit, creating extra wetness in my pussy. I want your cock in me so bad, the anticipation is almost too much. I lean down to kiss you, and as I do your cock slides into my warm wet pussy. I ride you with slow, intent motions, savoring the feel of your cock in me, FINALLY. You thrust your hips forward, pushing your cock deep into me. I lean back, allowing your cock to glide repeatedly against my g-spot. That sends me over the edge, and I lean down and kiss you fiercely, our sexual desires at their peak. I softly say in your ear, “Fuck me Trev. Come on, deep.” All of my inhibitions are gone, and I am truly in the moment. You can feel my muscles start to contract around your cock. Knowing I’m on the verge of cumming, you drive up inside me as eagerly as I bear down against you. My eyes roll back with pleasure, and my back arches deeply, begging your cock to go deeper, harder. I moan and gasp with pleasure as your cock thrusts into my pussy.

But you have total control of your cock and orgasms, like I’ve never known from a guy. Just when I thought you were going to cum, you throw me over onto my back, my legs still wrapped around your waist. You pump me harder with your cock, then put my ankles up on your shoulders, giving you even deeper access to my wet pussy. You love to look down and see your cock thrusting in and out of my pussy. I start playing with my clit as you’re pumping me, which sends another wave of orgasms through my body. I feel you become harder and bigger as you push your hips down onto mine, thrusting your cock deeper into me. I stare back into your eyes, my pussy muscles contracting and squeezing your cock as you cum, milking all of the cum out of it.

My body goes limp, not from exhaustion, but from pure exhilaration, the sexual high I have wanted for so long. You collapse next to me in total bliss. I look and you and say, “I have a confession.” (You get a concerned look on your face, not knowing what I’m about to say.) I continue, “For all of the sexual fantasies I have had about you during the past year, nothing could compare to this.” Relieved that was my confession, you say, “So you had fantasies too?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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